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friendly Agreement between Cisco and Free Software Foundation

Legal – the glove amricain sest engag to publish the source code of its wireless router low Linksys WRT54G on Linux and to make to a gift Free Software Foundation in exchange of larrt of the continuations.

the FSF could not it make m&amp of them; ecirc; me with Tom Tom, who uses the free one for his GPS and…

Comment of colonelsmith

Cisco and Free Software Foundation has annonc to have a trouv a friendly agreement to put an end to the continuations in progress for violation of rights D `author. The quipementier amricain S `engages to make available the whole of the source codes of his Linksys products and to pour a contribution the FSF, whose amount N `does not have T rvl.

C `is fine D `an arm wrestling dbut in 2003. With this poque, Free Software Foundation S `east leans on the complaints D `users of, which said not to be able to have the whole of the source codes of the product however low on Linux.

End D `an arm wrestling engag in 2003

Aprs of vain attempts to lead Cisco to respect its obligations in the matire, the FSF has dcid the Anne dernire to carry the business in front of the courts. « Our goal N `is not D `to block the trade or to make of the money. We want the conformit. A company marketing of the free software should not have problme with that » , has dclar one of its spokesperson.

Cisco will name a person charges with taking care what this « conformit » that is to say dsormais correctly applies. (Eureka Press)

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Of the researchers conoivent a DVD of 1,6 To of capacit

Not, hard drive N `does not have trouv&amp yet; eacute; a remplaç ant in this type of technology. It…

Comment of pé pé 75

Three Australian researchers of Universit Winburne developed in laboratory a DVD five dimensions laying out D `a total capacit of storage of 1,6 To.

a DVD doubles face double-layer can contain for the moment 17 Go of give. Port this capacit has storage 50 Go. , Melbourne in Australia, managed to conceive a support which can accomodate jusqu `1,6 To of give.

to reach that point, the researchers have combin several techniques currently use by industry and thus developed a news mthode baptizes optical recording multiplexing. This one makes it possible to store give several times in Mrs. spaces, without interfrence, by recording them diffrentes lengths D `wave.

marketing D `a DVD of 1,6 To N `is not however possible short term. The Australian academics count nanmoins on the low product sales on their invention in the 5 10 next annes.

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