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Windows 8 has an option of intelligent restoration

Technology – next the systè me d’ exploitation of Microsoft will propose a function of restoration which will give the PC in its configuration d’ origin while preserving the donné be personal and the ré glages.

Not to have more has  to carry out a tiresome safeguard before restoring Windows… a luxury that Windows 8 will offer to the users via a mode of. Will this one make it possible to return to the rA©glages da?? machines?? OS while preserving the personal donnA©es and the tA©lA©chargA©es on Windows Blind.

All the other applications will be retirA©es but Windows 8 will gA©nA¨rera a rA©capitulative list. Will the restoration mode lay out also da?? an option da?? total obliteration of the donnA©es which rA©installe a copy has “clean has” systA¨me da?? exploitation.

would have? tre prA©sentA©e the next month. But he murmurs himself which could benefit from THESE and of the last keynote of Steve Ballmer to make small before-premiA¨re. (Eureka Press)

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THESE 2012: LG announces its first Google TV

Technology – This té lé sight LCD 3D which will be pré senté with THESE of Las Vegas ntè liking the service Google TV in an interface personnalisé E by LG.

LG took da a little?? advances by annonA§ant its first tA©lA©visor Google TV who will be prA©sentA© the next week to (the 8 at January 13 has  Las Vegas).

BaptisA© LG Smart TV, it thus proposes the service Google TV with an interface personnalisA©e has  ?? image of what?? one connaA®t with (Judicious) or (Touchwiz). It will be controlled with the tA©lA©commande Magic Motion which intA¨gre a keyboard and a microphone to receive vocal orders.

LG Na?? does not have yet donnA© dA©tails on the number of modA¨les, the sizes da?? A©cran and prices. One knows on the other hand qua?? it its?? da acts?? a tA©lA©visor 3D who his?? uses with passive glasses and qua?? he is dotA© da?? a converter 2D-3D. Does LG promise a systA¨me capable of gA©rer the multitA? che for accA©der with the functions TV while being able to make research on the Web or to consult its rA©seau social. (Eureka Press)

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PlayStation 4 paree for a launching in 2012

Technology – C’ is this qu' affirm an Asian source according to which the manufacture of the new console of Sony has é té confié E with the current manufacturers of the PS3.

AprA¨s launching programmA© of laA Wii U of Nintendo, the possible prA©sentation da?? has “has Xbox
720A has” has  ?? Will E3, 2012 see?? arrivA©e of PlayStation 4A?

Da?? aprA¨s the site da?? information asiatiqueA,
Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, the manufacturers of the PS3, would owe dA©buter
production of its remplaA§ante in end da?? annA©e with an objective of 20 million
da?? unitA©s. This PS4 would be dotA©e da?? a technology of recognition of
movements close to Microsoft.

Contrer Kinect

If Sony has confirmA© there is some
time that dA©veloppement of the PS4 dA©butA© had, the durA©e life the PS3 has A©tA©
fixA©e has  10 years. However this derniA¨re Na?? will have that 6 years in 2012. But Sony
will be able it to await whereas its two main competitors
prA©parent major advertisements for?? annA©e prochaineA? The next living room
Could E3 of June 2012 well has? tre a large trA¨s crua? ¦ (Eureka Press)

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Office 2010 B? your is T available in? L? loading for all

Technology – For any owner D `Windows Live ID, the beta release of the office automation continuation of Microsoft is available in remote loading. It will be valid jusqu? at October 31, 2010 and can cohabit (partly) with another version D `Office already installee.

As we had it advertisement,
C `is well Wednesday evening, has it resulting from the conference of presentation made by
Microsoft in Professionnal Developpers Conference that beta D `Office 2010 has
summer officially launched.

It is available in. It S `acts of the version
Professional office Plus Beta which is proposed, and only it.

If them
users go on the site, they
S `will see that the remote loading of other versions N `is not active. It
is necessary beforehand S `to record to create LiveID of which users of
Hotmail or Messenger profits already. The navigators support are Internet
To explore, Firefox and Safari, but not Chromium.

Outlook « relooke »

Office 2010 Beta can cohabit with an Office continuation already
installee. It is necessary for that to select the ” mode; Personnaliser”; at the time of
L `installation. But attention all the same, the previous versions D `Outlook
and of SharePoint Workspace are inevitably updated. The one of
the most visible changes relates to D `elsewhere Outlook which adopts the Ribbon
for its interface and S `enriches by several new functions.

Outlook posts from now on a visualization of the emails by conversation. One also notes arrived it D `a shutter « People » who appears under
contents of the messages to synthesize a certain number D `information on
contact: last messages sent, updates made on networks
social… And this thanks to Social Connector. To save time, it is also possible to personalize fast actions in Outlook.

Not large change on Excel and Word

With regard to Word and Excel, the changes D `aspect
are tiny compared to the version 2007. The button Office east replaces by
small re-examined Fichier and corrects which launches the Backstage mode. This one gathers
all characteristics of the active document: previous versions, control
D `access, division, impression… Word receives also a side shutter of navigation
who presents the detailed plan D `a document with miniature sights of the pages.

With regard to Excel, two new options make their appearance:
“; Sparklines”; and “; Slicers”; . Sparklines are small graphs which
S `integrate has a cell to post seen D `a tendency. Slicers is useful has
to filter and segment the data on dynamic tables cross.

Videos affichees directly in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 directly posts from now on the videos instead of taking them
in enclosures and allows to sort the slides by topics. Microsoft also insists on the addition D `a pallet D `tools graphic allowing D `to carry out operations on images directly since PowerPoint (graph effects, to rout, etc. )

More the collaboratif one with SharePoint 2010

With SharePoint, the companies can reach has functionalities making it possible to work has several …

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Jean-Christophe Piti, Microsoft: We will esprons to install Office Choke 2010 on more than 90% of the PC

Technology – For ZDNet. Fr, Jean-Christophe Pitie, director of division Office at Microsoft France, detailed the main new things D? Office 2010 which will be commercialisee next spring. It reconsiders in particular the operation of the chart D? activation and the insertion of publicity in the version “; starter”; .

ZDNet. Fr – How much versions D `Office 2010 will be commercialisees via the distribution network general public?
Jean-Christophe Pitie – There will be three versions D `Office 2010. First is Office Family and Student (without Outlook, note). The second is a new version which targets the TPE; it is baptisee Home and Business (Family and Small company, note) and integrates Outlook. Third 2010 Pro is Office who contains all the titles of the continuation with Outlook and Access.

Microsoft has advertisement qu `Office Choke was going to replace Works like free continuation preinstallee in the PC. Will you renew the existing agreements with the manufacturers of PC?
C `is our objective, but it S `acts before any D `a commercial discussion. We negotiate with our usual partners who are Acer, Dell, HP and D `others. To give you an order D `idea, more than 90% of the PC sold in France have Works. We hope to obtain an equivalent rocker with Office Choke 2010.
# Office Choke will inaugurate the presence of publicity. In which form it will be presented and will be it regularly renouvelee?
We indeed will introduce publicity into Office Choke but we have day before has what that does not disturb the experiment user. It S `will act D `a rectangular banner situee on the right part of the interface, in the shutter which S `opens when it is called, for example, the function D `assistance of the software. This shutter will remain permanently open and will post publicity but also D `other functions directly dependent on the software uses (Word and Excel are the two titles D `Office Choke propose in versions bridees, note).

For two years in the United States, we have tested the integration of publicity in Works and the return of the users is rather positive. With regard to the automatic update of publicities, it is premature D `to mention this question. But it is certain qu `such a system will never function has the knowledge of the user. C `is advertising agency MSN from Microsoft which will undertake to market the advertisements.

will the manufacturers of PC perceive part of the advertising revenues to incite them has to choose Office Choke?
I cannot answer has this question. Negotiations are in hand.


Which be the disk space uses by Office 2010? Will the users who wish it be able to withdraw the versions preinstallees on the PC?
Currently, beta release D `Office Pro makes less than 800 Mo. With regard to the desinstallation of the image, I can say to you that the versions D `test of Works and D `Office 2007 which are preinstallees in the PC general public can be desinstallees. And there N `is no reason that changes with Office 2010.

Office 2010 could be active with average D `a prepaid card or telechargee with the fast service Click to Run. These versions dematerialisees will be sold less expensive than the versions limps. Under the bar of the 100 euros?
I …

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SAP, Salesforce and Novell dveloppent for Google Wave

Technology – Modeling of process for SAP, support and management of the client relationship at Salesforce. COM, integration with Novell Pulsates, a collaboratif tool for the companies: the professional applications for Google Wave are revealed.

Same if the application of communication in collaboratif mode of Google N `is still qu `in beta, several large actors of data processing S `interest already has and work has applications for the companies.

At the time D `a technical conference has Vienna, made the demonstration D `a news, makes a module for Google Wave of it. Its use is exclusively professional since Gravity east exploits to model processes trade in collaboratif mode in Wave.

As for, the specialist in the services points of disjunction for the companies, it developed a first extension for the management of the customer service. In video of demonstration put on line on, one sees a company there carrying out support for the one of his customers.

In addition to the discussion in real-time between the support and the user, Salesforce proposes an integration of Google Wave directly in its Web platform of CRM. Finally Novell especially laid the stress on interworking between its own application of groupware and that of Google.

Wave is intended above all has a public of private individuals, not has professionals. With, inspires by, but with an architecture adaptee in the world of the company, the editor thus hopes to answer waitings of the professionals interested by the possibilities of Wave.

Envisaged for a launching in 2010, Novell Pulsates is present like deeply just with thanks to Google. Thus, the code and the functionalities of the application will not be points of disjunction on a public waiter of Google but by Novell.

See also our gallery D `images

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Cloud Computing: great refractory groups in public Cloud – Current events – ZDNet. Fr

Plays vidé O of Noë L

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ZDNet France, publié on September 11, 2009


Safety – Blaster, To sift, I coils you, Storm? In do the years 2000, these viruses have for some infects jusqu `has several million D? computers in the world, by generally exploiting a vulnerability criticizes Windows systems.

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; Diaporama: the computer viruses which have sometimes gâ ché our quotidien”; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; Does Blaster, To sift, I coil you, Storm? In the anné be 2000, these viruses have for some infecté jusqu' &worsen; several million D? computers in the world, by generally exploiting a vulné rabilité critical of the systè my Windows. “; ;

zdnetfr_224: http://www. zdnet. fr/galerie-image/0,50018840,39706388,00. htm

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Cisco and Salesforce associate their technologies of center D `call Web – Actualits – ZDNet. Fr

Exit Windows 7 complete records

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Disparition of Francis Muguet, originator of the total mcnat

Disappearance of Francis Lily of the valley, originator of the total mcnat

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; Disappearance of Francis Lily of the valley, originator of the mé cé nat global”; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; Died &worsen; 55 years, Francis Lily of the valley é a militant of l&amp conceals; #039; accè S free and opened with the contents, dé fensor d' an open and multilingual Internet. Derniè rement, its proposal of mé cé nat total has alimenté the dé beats on the alte …

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