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Microsoft prt to form two million dAmricains

Socit – Lditeur de Redmond has annonc a technical training program destiny two dAmricains million in three years. Part of this program is available in form D `e-learning.

Microsoft has annonc the 22 fvrier a program name « Elevate America » (« To raise L `Amrique ») destiny to ensure of the formations and a certification free, being able to relate to jusqu `two million D `Amricains in the three annes venir.

This program comprises two aspects. The first goes tre set up gradually in L `State of Washington (note: O is the town of Redmond, sige of Microsoft). The second shutter, available ds now, is a Web site destiny L `acquisition of basic comptences like the cration D `one CV and L `sending D `e-mail.

Course of certification

the program of Microsoft intervenes whereas the United States records the destruction of million D `employment, including in sector IT, and that L `ditor him-Mrs. has annonc last month the suppression of 5.000 postes.

Microsoft intends to work with the governments of each State and the White House and espre to give a million “; bons”; for e-learning and courses of certification. The cot of this program N `is not prcis.

That will dpendra number of goods utiliss and on behalf of course and of certifications taken, a spokesperson of L `indicates undertaken. « L `investment includes/understands also donations cash and software of the local organizations for amliorer their capacits technological and to put them level to give these programs. »

With Ina Fried, CENT.

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Vista SP2: Microsoft buckles the version Release Candidate

Service Pack 2 of Windows Vista is entr in its final stage: Microsoft has publi Wednesday 19 fvrier, the version Release Candidate (RC) with the bta-testers having accs Microsoft Connect, according to the site Ars Technica. It S `acts D `quasi a version finalizes of this SP2.

Prcisons which the firm of Redmond has galement livr the RC of Windows Server 2008 SP2.

In next the 24 hours, Microsoft should more largely make available the SP2 of Vista on Windows Update. The numro of the RC is 6002.16670.090130, according to Ars.

With the program of this setting day, L `together of the corrective measures dploys since the launching of the SP1 of Windows Vista, but also of the nouveauts. In particular the native assumption of responsibility of the engraving of the Blu-ray discs; L `intgration of new pilots for the priphriques ones; version 4.0 of Windows Search, L `research tools of the firm of Redmond; the catch of load amliore of the stack Bluetooth 2.1; a better management of the chips 64 bits VIA; a manager of re-examined Wi-Fi connection and new a systme of management of the rights in Windows Center.


If Microsoft refuses to communicate the launch date of the final version, the rumour made tat D `a disponibilit in April, which would be galement the month of the exit of Release Candidate of Windows 7.

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With Alloy, IBM and SAP connects their

Technology – the two groups lvnement have annonc at the time of Lotusphere their first software common, baptis Alloy. It must allow D `to inter-connect the continuation Lotus Notes dIBM the Business Continuation of SAP.

an alliance between gloves to facilitate L `interconnection of their respective products: C `is as can tre dfini Alloy, new jointly software dvelopp by IBM and SAP, annonc this week at the time of L `vnement Lotusphere in Florida (18 – January 22).

Face a keen demand dsireux common customers to divide give them between their systmes D `information IBM and SAP, the two partners thus have Cr a software which makes it possible to connect the tools of the collaborative continuation Lotus Notes D `IBM those of Business Continuation of SAP. According to Big Blue, on its hundred important customers, a majorit uses also SAP.


Marketing prvue in mars

SAP is the world leader of the CRM, before Oracle and, tandis qu `IBM dominates in particular the march of the waiters since many annes. The two groups work in concert since some annes for; launching D `Alloy N `is thus qu `a stone moreover them difice.

Alloy will allow D `to post give them workflow, D `analyzes and of reporting of SAP in Lotus Notes and Domino. It will be commercialis ds next March by IBM and SAP within the framework of their respectives.



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LSI delivers its first contrleurs SAS 6 gigabits/second

Technology – L `amricain LSI starts to provide to the manufacturers bays of storage its first contrleurs SAS 6 Gbps. An advance which could allow rduire dtranglement the necks in waiters of storage bases SSD.


LSI makes pass L `interface SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) 6 gigabits a second (Gbps). The manufacturer amricain comes D `to announce the launching of his first products in conformity this speed, with chips contrleurs Raid-One-Chip (ROCK) intend L `intgration for the bay manufacturers of storage, and two charts contrlor (MegaRAID SAS 9280-8th and SAS 9260-8i) for waiters.

LSI indicates to have dj T slectionn by, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, Intel, NEC and Sun Microsystems for intgrer its chip contrlor in their products SAS; he has commenc, in addition, to deliver his customers OEM the charts contrlor bases on this composant.

SAS, complment of discs SSD for waiters?

Destiny to compete with the interfaces iSCSI and FiberChannel in bays of storages and SAN (Storage Area Network), SAS prsente L `favours D `tre a little less expensive to establish than these dernires.

But especially, by reaching this speed, SAS could become complment the idal discs SSD for the waiters of storage in company. Indeed, the discs moire flash are for L `urgent limits, ct speed, by L `interface SATA. But L `arrives of this new fast interface SAS could dcider certain manufacturers of SSD L `adopt, with an aim of competing with the FiberChannels discs and iSCSI in the field of bays of stockage.

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IBM mixes cloud computing and rseau social in its offer LotusLIve

Technology – the new solution D `IBM has accents of rseau social: Big Blue has sign a partnership with LinkedIn to make available give them its contacts on this rseau, directly since its tools Lotus Notes and LotusLive.

IBM multiplies the advertisements L `occasion of its large confrence Lotusphere which is held in Florida (18 – January 22): aprs launching D `Alloy, its tool dvelopp jointly with SAP, Big Blue has there prsent LotusLive, a unit D `tools Lotus (transport, file-sharing, collaboratif tool, confrence Web) low on the cloud computing, to facilitate the groupware and the division D `information within D `a rseau D `undertaken or with L `extrior.

Aprs the launching of BlueHouse in October 2008, IBM reinforces thus its offer D `tools collaboratifs by signing a partnership with the rseau social LinkedIn professional. Via LotusLive, the members of LinkedIn will be able to obtain news of their contacts and to post their profiles in the Lotus.


IBM intends to touch 400 million D `utilisateurs

Skype also left intgrante L `offers: to always leave the LotusLive tools, the customers D `IBM will be able to connect their Skype contacts and to communicate in VoIP mode, by crit or visioconfrence.

Troisime partner:, spcialist of the client relationship in mode Software ace Service (SaaS), which should use LotusLive to simplify the interactions between its customers and their contacts.

With these three partnerships, IBM espre to touch approximately 400 million D `users in the world. It prvoit also to allow them crer wiki to put on line their information on one or more subjects and to give accs their contacts these donnes.

Sold by module for each application (Meeting, Vents, Notes), LotusLive is available ds aujourd `today, either in the form D `a month’s subscription, or with the payment L `act factur the minute and by user connect.

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SAP launches version 7 of its offer Business Continuation for SME

Technology – Base on the principle of L `intgration by module, version 7 of SAP Business Following intgr 2.800 services dentreprises which correspond to the spcific requests of the majority of the sectors dactivit.

a simpler, easier product to establish and use, but also more in phase with the needs spcific for each customer: such are the promises of SAP Business Continuation 7, according to L `German ditor which L `has prsente hier.

Fruit fifteen month old of rflexion to remelt compltement L `environment and the diffrents tools which compose it (CRM, ERP, SRM, SCM and PLM), Business Continuation 7 target small and medium-size companies.

SAP announces a rduction of the cots being able to go jusqu `50% on dploiement and 30% on the fonctionnement.

Business Continuation 7 rests on NetWeather technology and modules to add to the fur and measures customer requirements, via the systme Enhancement Packages dj introduces into its solution of business package intgr ERP 6. From thirty scnarios D `valuation, L `undertaken can choose the modules which it needs, and implement projects in less than 90 days D `aprs SAP.

All the modules intgrs within D `Mrs. interface

In a prsentation vido, Jim Hagemann Snabe, member of the excutif directory SAP, quotes for example launching D `a new product and the services which can return module PLM (Product Launch Management) of Business Continuation 7 in this case prcis.

« We want to propose an global offer, cohrente and intgre with Business Continuation 7 » , explains Jacques Libeyre, directing Solutions at SAP France. « The goal is to propose our customers a reasoning by process from beginning to end, in each applicatif field. C `is a platform which can tre amends with the fur and measures, with more capacits of personalization compared to the processes mtiers. »

to allow a fast adaptation to the needs for SME, SAP has intgr 2.800 services D `undertaken which correspond to the spcific requests of the majority of the sectors D `activit. Business Suite 7 comprises also 150 new functions, and all the modules are dsormais intgrs within D `Mrs. interfaces common in order to simplify their catch in main.

the volont of diversifier

to gain shares of march on applicatifs fields other than L `ERP and to largir the framework D `use of its offers, L `German ditor setting on L `argument cot: « The concept D `Enhancement Packages allows settings day the chart, via switchs by applicatives functions, for rduire the time the operating burnup (Total Cost off Ownership) and the cots of maintenance of the applications. » explain Jacques Libeyre.

This diversification, apart from the business packages intgre, should also allow SAP of crer growth relays and D `amliorer its commercial offer on applicatives niches.

L `another goal recherch is to exclusively change its image D `a ditor concentr on solutions ERP, which has made L `object D `most of its communication destination of its customers for two years as we L `has confirm Jacques Libeyre.

SAP counts 60…

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Cloud computing: IBM prsente its vision of the rseaux hybrids

Technology – In partnership with Juniper, IBM launches a new platform of management D `infrastructures cloud computing, allowing to easily rock D `a rseau priv towards a rseau public.

Aprs launching in 2008&amp October; nbsp; of its offer Bluehouse, IBM prsenter Wednesday 11 fvrier must, in partnership with L `quipementier tlcoms Juniper Networks, a new platform of management of the infrastructures cloud computing: elle will allow to make migrate, D `a click, an application D `a waiter priv towards a public waiter. The goal is of proposer a simple solution for the management of this qu `IBM calls the « rseaux hybrides ».

Dvelopp by its division Tivoli, the software IBM Cloud Management Comforts S `enriches D `a function pour grer of the « infrastructures cloud publiques » , thus allowing to make rock an application judges critical since a « infrastructure cloud prive » (the management of this one so much the function premire of the software), towards a public cloud (hberg by an external person receiving benefits).

simple to slip-dposer suffit

In a dmonstration made yesterday in its research centre of San Jos in California, a person in charge D `IBM has montr how this software made it possible to slip-dposer club-footed (reprsentant a virtual machine and L `application qu `it hbergeait) a D `a « nuage priv » a « cloud public ». Then, always with this Mrs. software, it has raffect the free resources of calculation in the cloud priv another application, thus dmontrant the facilit systme for librer of the computing power according to the needs for the moment D `dpartement IT.

For the moment, it S `only acts to make migrate of the applications between public infrastructures and deprive, but IBM also plans to allow the migration of give on Mrs. mode.

Migrer then of give between public infrastructures and prives

the software IBM Cloud Management Console will constitute one of the facets of the partner Bluehouse D `IBM, who includes produced, services and partnerships around the cloud computing. According to L `institute IDC, this march of the applications and services « cloud » would have reprsenter 42 billion dollars in 2012.

Among other innovations qu `IBM will prsentera tomorrow in matire of cloud computing, figurent :
– a new service of online storage scuris matter by Tivoli, factur on a basis of payment L `usage ;
– the product range « Service Management Center for Cloud Computing » , allowing the customers D `IBM to conceive and provide services in mode cloud computing ;
– « IBM Rational AppScan » , a software of vrification of the projects cloud computing in order to contrler S `they are quite in conformity in term of scurit, of rglementations and of policies observe by the client ;
– « IBM Design and Implementation for Cloud Environnements&amp Test; nbsp; » , allowing the customers to test projects of cloud computing in relles conditions, to start from their own infrastructures informatiques.

the amricain&amp group; nbsp; doit enfin to announce the signature of several new customers for its offers of cloud computing, of which…

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Laurent Ellerbach, Microsoft: Blue target the companies which need modularit

Technology – has loccasion of Techdays (10 to the 12 fvrier), Microsoft proposes a dcouverte more pushes of Windows Azure and its stratgie on the services of cloud computing. Discussion with Laurent Ellerbach, marketing director of division platform and cosystme. – How to dfinir Windows Azure ?
Laurent Ellerbach – Windows Azure is a systme D `exploitation but also of the services in the « nuages » (or cloud computing, note), C `is–to say accessible since Internet. It allows crer applications and of grer goes up to them in load, but also of crer of the services which interact with hberges applications locally. For example, to bind PowerPoint with a business application and final improvement of photograph cre with Windows Blues.

One can as crer a function to seek similar photographs a clich as L `one would have tagu and intgrer the rsultats in a prsentation PowerPoint. Windows Azure will allow the time D `hberger applications on line and D `intgrer of the services. Other possibilit: crer of the services in the « nuages » functioning in basic tche.

Which is the public cibl by Windows Azure and which will be commercial modle qu `it adoptera ?
Initially, the diteurs of services applicatifs which need for their products D `a facilit for goes up in load. But Azure will intressera also a start-up which starts well to function, for which one goes up in load at a traditional hbergor can S `avrer complex. A new waiter should be affected, has can take time and that N `is not forcment feasible at the time O it needs some. It will be simpler with Windows Azure, via virtual machines affect according to the needs.

Azure S `addresses mainly those which have need for modularit ; for example, for companies prsentes everywhere in the world. On the other hand, if you do not function qu `locally, you N `do not need any frankly. Remain that we want to propose a mixed modle, allowing D `hberger applications either locally, or at a hbergor, or in the « cloud ». It will be to the customers to make hbergement slip the cursor between these three modes D `.

Of Mrs., Azure must also make it possible to make slip a cursor concerning the operating process of the applications, between rich interface within D `a navigator or a more summary and purely textual interface. No technology N `is perfect but each one its place. And one does not need qu `an application is too coteuse in term of communication thus it is advisable D `to use each technology good knowledge. With Blues, we want to return this type of simpler multiplate-form dveloppement, L `assistance D `tools like. Net and Visual Studio.

For as much Azure does not appeal qu `Microsoft technologies but S `presses on standard of the Web. We wish that L `one be able to use protocols standard, accessible, easily usable and interoprables. C `is D `elsewhere dj the case since an end of time at Microsoft with, for example, Exchange Server which is compatible with Blackberry. As for the commercial modle, we remain on a modle of invoicing according to L `use, but we cannot say some more for the moment.

You provided a SDK for Windows Azure to the dveloppeurs. Which S…

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able Vista Business: a judge refuses the complaint in collective name

the justice amricaine has dcid that L `business « Able Vista » L `object D `a procdure in class action suit (class action) will not make, but qu `it will be judge on a case-by-case basis. C `is en April 2007 that all dmarre: a consumer amricaine porte complaint in collective name against Microsoft ; elle considre that L `diteur L `has tromp on the capacit to make turn Vista (with all its functions D `active) on the PC under Windows XP qu `it acquired, and which however comporte the logo « Vista capable ».

Wednesday 18 fvrier, judge Marsha Pechman justifi its dcision in indiquant&amp has; nbsp; qu `« in L `absence of proof D `an inflation of the price which can carry out a class action suit, the plaintiffs cannot dmontrer that questions D `common order prdominent on considrations individuelles ». Microsoft S `is satisfied with this judgement prliminaire, by recalling that for the moment, seules six complaints have T dposes.

In this business, Steve Ballmer T convoqu has, in November 2008, in front of the judge in load of the file, for S `expliquer on e-mail plutt compromising for Microsoft, of which L `a churl of Jim Allchin, old vice-prsident of Microsoft in load of the systmes D `exploitation. Il y explained clearly a leader D `Intel : « I think that we will mislead the customers with the program (Vista) Capable ».

Follow L `actualit of Microsoft on

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Dell complte its offer of netbooks with a modle 10 inches

Technology – the Mini manufacturer texan lance lInspiron 10, a netbook with a notch 10 inches which comes complter its range from Inspiron 9 and 12. Its spcifications are close to those D `a portable D `between range like its price, 688 dollars in Etats-Unis.

Ds this Thursday evening, Dell will propose on the soldering iron of Tl-shopping amricaine QVC a new rfrence in its range of netbooks, L `Inspiron Mini 10. The product will be then available to leave the 26 fvrier on his site of direct sales.

Dowry D `a notch of 10,1 inches to the format 16/9e, this mini-PC comes complter the srie from Inspiron Mini, which comprises dj two rfrences, L `one with a notch 9 inches and L `other. If Dell N `does not have communiqu yet on processor qu `it nor sur&amp will embark; nbsp; its price, it is enough to go on.

Matter en six colors, L `Inspiron Mini 10 embarks a processor Atom Z530 1,6 GHz, 1 Go of watered effect, an hard drive of 160 Go, a circuit rseau without compatible wire 802.11g, a webcam 1,3 Mpixel and Windows XP family dition SP3. It lays out also D `a catch HDMI and de three ports USB.

599 dollars in price of lancement

Another dtail intressant, it embarks a tactile VAP multitouch, a keyboard larger than that of L `Inspiron 9 (92 % of the size D `a standard keyboard of portable PC), and it would offer jusqu ` four hours D `autonomy on batterie.

Sold in the United States with 2 Go of online storage via the service provider, it is factur 559 dollars in price of lancement – site QVC in addition indicating a public price (retail price) of 688 dollars.

Joined by, the reprsentants of Dell France N `do not have confirm its disponibilit immdiate in L `Hexagone, but an advertisement could intervene ds the next week, at the time of the setting in line de L `Inspiron Mini 10 on the sales points direct of Dell.

See D `other images of Dell Inspiron on page 2

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