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the virtual waiters supplant the physical waiters

According to IDC, 18,3% of the waiters livrs in 2008 in Europe destinies taient, that is to say on the whole 358.000 waiters. That reprsente an increase of 26,5% per report/ratio 2007. And this tendency should still continue, in particular because of.
# cabinet IDC prvoit as well as the share of the waiters livrs in 2010 which will be virtualiss will be of 21% in 2010. But a course has now D `and dj T crossed in 2009 since the number of virtual machines dployes has dpass that of the physical waiters (Europe zone of the West).
# IDC been worth 2 million the figure of the virtual waiters dploys. For the manufacturers of matriel data-processing, that implies a fall in volume of the sales of waiters. The salesmen S `endeavour by consquent to make voluer them stratgie for gnrer alternative incomes.
# Offrir services around the virtualisation is it one of these solutions. Dell is thus in France the one of the principal partners of VMware in the matire. But the virtualisation impacts the DSI of the companies galement. IDC thus recommends in particular the increase in collaboration between the quipes in load of storage, the rseau, the waiters and the rseaux one.


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McAfee dirtied EMC to propose an offer of safeguard of give in line

Technology – Dici the end of lanne, McAfee will make its enters on the march of online protection while proposing, jointly with EMC, a paying general public offer.

Jusqu `prsent absent from this march, McAfee will lay out
D `an offer of online protection. The ditor does not have an agreement with EMC for
to propose in the months which come an offer of safeguard of give on line
and unlimited, for 50 60 dollars per month. This one will come to compete with them
proposals of Symantec and Carbonite.

In Mrs. time, McAfee has annonc
L `acquisition for 33 million dollars of the Californian socit SolidCore
Systems, spcialise in the solutions of scurit for the distributors
automatics of tickets, cash registers and D `other automats.

DeWalt, excutif director, have prcis that McAfee intended to renew this kind
D `acquisitions of small and average scale in order to be able crer of
direct synergies with its products. (Eureka Press)

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