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Intel does not undergo the crisis in the 2nd quarter

Business – the gé ant of the microprocessors posts once again a quarter in big rise with a bé né fice Net in progression of 10% &worsen; more than 3 billion dollars.

For the moment, gA©ants IT do not dA©A§oivent. AprA¨s the trA¨s good figures D `Apple and, C `is with the turn D `to show its muscles. MalgrA© a marchA© of the difficult PC and its absence of the segment of the smartphones, the group posts has  new one solid quarter trA¨s.

For its deuxiA¨me tax quarter, the founder makes A©tat D `a figure D `businesses of 13,1 billion dollars (9,2 billion D `euros), that is to say a rise of 22% compared to  the annA©e prA©cA©dente. C `is well with the top of the prA©visions of the analysts. Especially, for the 5th consA©cutif quarter, it S `acts of incomes record.

# the bA©nA©fice Net reaches 3,2 billion dollars (+10% on a a), that is to say a BPA of 59 hundreds, against 51 hundreds awaited.
# “; The strong demand of the companies for our technologies more avancA©es, the rise of the portable units and the traffic Internet, which has alimentA© a growth of the centers of donnA©es, as well as the fast rise of data processing in a©mergents countries, have dA©bouchA© on rA©sultats records”; , has expliquA© the director gA©nA©ral Paul Otellini, citA© in a communiquA©.

These favorable factors have more than compensA© “; the weakness in
general public in the marchA©s matures”; , prA©cisA© the finance manager has
Stacy Smith.

Entrusting, the group has profitA© of it to re-examine the rise its prA©visions. It counts on receipts of 13,5 has  14,5 billion dollars, against 13,48 billion dollars awaited by the analysts, and on an increase in its gross margins (62% has  66%, against 61% in the first quarter).

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With Blue Insight, IBM proposes the largest cloud priv? existing

Technology – the American giant has advertisement the startup of his infrastructure of cloud computing baptisee Blue Insight able to store a petabyte data. Will Blue Insight be D? does access use in-house by the 200.000 employees D? IBM.

If IBM N `is not gets into the first train of the cloud
computing, the American firm put the means to make up for its lost time. Big
Blue has just presented its cloud deprives which is quite simply largest
ever conceived.

to give an order D `idea, IBM indicates that Blue Insight, C `is
its name, can contain on its waiters the equivalent of 250 billion
pieces of music. For the moment the cloud will be grinds in-house by
200.000 pay group which will reach has data stockees on one
hundred waiters. The system is built on the IBM waiters of the range
System Z and uses the solution of rachetee for 5 billion dollars in 2007.

IBM counts
then to market a service baptizes Smart Analytics Cloud which will propose
in particular the estimated ones on the incomes, the sales quotas, the ruptures
stocks and the levels D `inventory. (Eureka Press)

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Acquisition of Perot: Dell is reinforced in the services blows of billion dollars

Business – the texan S `offers Perot Systems for the trifle of 3,9 billion dollars in order to S `align on the offer D `HP and D `IBM.

In lose speed on the march of the PC, will confront chaotic financial rsultats, has dcid D `to employ the great ways to rectify the bar. The texan group announces indeed the repurchase of Perot Systems (founds by the tycoon texan Ross Perot) in order to be reinforced in the data processing departments.

Going up of the transaction: 3,9 billion dollars is 2,7 billion D `euros! The objective is clear: to reinforce its positions in the services, segment of march in growth O HP (which has rachet EDS for 13,9 billion dollars) and IBM rgnent in matres.

It S `acts D `a tender offer the friendly one. Dell proposes 30 dollars per action
Perot whereas this one S `tablissait 18 dollars approximately in end of
week dernire, is a premium of 67,5%.

stratgic Diversification

For Dell, the stake is to diversify its sources of revenue. The world numro two of the PC draws 60% from its figure D `businesses of the sale D `computers, against 33% at HP. The difficults of the world march of the PC seems to have acclr the catch of dcision of the ct of Dell…

Rappelons that the glove had “; put ct”; last June a trsor of 10 billion dollars in order to raliser of the oprations of external growth.

the new unit (Dell +Perot) would owe gnrer term a figure D `businesses of 16 billion dollars, Perot alone has gnr almost 3 billion dollars of incomes at the time of its last exercise.

It undertaken is a supplier
D `applications and D `infrastructures, of solutions of business process, and ralise of the consulting. It is prsente in the sectors of the bank, of
sant, of the insurance, tlcoms, of the nergie.

the opration, D `now and dj validates by the councils D `administration
from the two parts, will be concluded, probably in January and Perot Systems
will become the branch « Services» of Dell.

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Oracle moves back in the 4th quarter, but reassures nanmoins

Malgr a fall with the quatrime quarter of 7% its bnfice and 5% of its figure D `businesses, Oracle has rassur the investors, making climb the title out of purse.
# Oracle has prsent the rsultats for its 4th closed quarter on May 31. The tendency is the fall, Mrs. if the ditor hte D `to charge this retreat the crisis. The figures are nanmoins suprieurs with waitings of the financial analysts.
# By report/ratio Mrs. priode of the Anne prcdente, the bnfices move back thus of 7% (1,9 billion dollar), and quantifies it D `businesses of 5%,6,9 billion dollars. Malgr confidence posts by the owner D `Oracle, Larry Ellison, the sales of new licences and the support is in strong fall of 13% (2,7 billion dollars), thus cutting down the future incomes by the ditor.
# But Oracle, if fusion concrtise with Sun, will have to also compose with sinister activits, like and D `infrastructures of storage. To maintain its rentabilit, and thus the favours of the investors, Oracle could thus tre tent of sparer of Sun, and in particular.

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Sun Microsystems would have abandonment its project of processor Rock

Technology – an anonymous source affirms that Sun put a term at dveloppement its processor 16 curs destiny its waiters top-of-the-range. Five asses of dveloppement and a few billion dollars would pass the trap door thus.

Rock’n’roll, is the processor dvelopp by Sun Microsystems since several asses death-N? C `is this qu `affirms NewYork Times quoting a « anonymous source close to the file » . Information that Sun S `is refusal to comment for the moment.

If it owed vrifier, it S `would act D `in any case beautiful a gchis since one speaks it about several billion dollars D `investment and 5 years development. Rock’n’roll promised performances indites with 16 hearts being able grer each one two “; threads”; . It conceals destiny from the waiters high efficiency of basic management of give. But this project knew many delays due to the difficults technical meetings by the ingnieurs.

does the repurchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle at the end of April have a relationship with this rumour? Larry Ellison, owner D `Oracle however has rcemment dclar qu `it intended to instigate the investments of the branch processor of Sun. (Eureka Press)

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the repurchase of Sun by Oracle contest by a group dactionnaires

Stratgie – Several shareholders of Sun have dcid to carry felt sorry for against the repurchase of 7,4 billion dollars concludes with Oracle, estimating that this transaction is unjust and inadquate.

Sun Microsystems has confirm that three procdures of the &amp type; #171; class action » taient carry out by shareholders dcids S `to oppose to the repurchase by Oracle. Those want to dispute this acquisition of 7,4 billion dollars (debt included) estimating qu `it is « unjust and inadquate » .

offers It D `Oracle assembles 9,5 dollars per action, well in of the sums dbourses by certain shareholders a few times before.

It will be necessary to have patience several weeks before qu `a date D `audience is not fixed by justice amricaine for tudier this complaint. Although this kind of procdure is not rare, it however has few chances D `to lead in measurement O Oracle has cash the ncessaire to finalize the purchase without difficult. (Eureka Press)

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still re-examined data-processing dpenses the fall

The cabinets D `tude are prsent at least D `agreement on a point: the data-processing dpenses are well in fall. With the wire of the months, the diffrents cabinets have D rviser their prvisions several recoveries. Forrester is thus dsormais even more pessimistic.
# In dcembre, Forrester still awaited a rise of 1,6% of dpenses IT in the United States. Growth N `is finally more with the program for 2009 since the cabinet prvoit dsormais a fall of 3,1% for the Anne.
# -14,9% for the sales of matriel in 2009
# But Forrester does not completely give up optimism by counting on a clear recovery ds the quatrime quarter. The troisime quarter would owe Mrs. caractriser by a lger better, without to leave the rcession by report/ratio the Anne prcdente.
# Gartner also sees the future in black. The cabinet galement re-examined its prvisions the fall. On a world level, the sales of matriels, software and services in data processing will run of 3,8% 3200 billion dollars.
# In fact the sales of matriel more will ptir of the crisis. The marchs of the waiters, and the PC have dj sombr in dbut D `Anne. Over 2009, Gartner S `awaits a retreat of 14,9% 381 billion dollars. The services would drop as them of 1,7%, and the tlcoms of 2,9%. For Gartner, the situation would be Mrs. worse qu `in 2001.

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