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VMware revises the prices of its licences vSphere 5

StratA©gie – invoicing of vSphere 5 according to the consumption of mé moire introduced in July by VMware n’ did not make l’ unanimité . Face &worsen; the grogne of the companies, confronté be &worsen; a rise of the coû ts of the virtualisation, l’ é ditor has modifié its modè of invoicing.

The derniA¨re version of the leading product of VMware, vSphere 5, was not rA©sumait has  ?? addition of news fonctionnalitA©s. This exit A©tait A©galement?? occasion for?? A©ditor to modify, once again, its modA¨le of invoicing.

Exit the coA” T with Ca? ur. In the VMware place introduced a modA¨le licence with the socket, complA©tA© by an invoicing has  the mA©moire. But if this new systA¨me of licencing could profit has  certain companies, it pA©nalisait da of it?? did others note in July MagIT, and in particular those oA? the rate of consolidation of the waiters is A©levA©.

Ceilings mA©moire ruffle © visa © S.A.  the rise

On a competing marchA© of the virtualisation, and face has  criticisms rA©currentes of the users has  ?? A©gard of the prices of the VMware licences?? A©ditor took a risk has  froisser its customers. He has thus dA©cidA© to improve his modA¨le invoicing.

VMware has thus in terms of mA©moire in order to less force its customers has  to subscribe of new licences in the event of dA©passement of the ceiling of mA©moire autorisA©e. For?? Free A©dition of?? hypervisor, the ceiling climbs thus of 8 has  32 Go, of 24 has  32 for vSphere 5 Standard and of 32 has  64 Go for?? A©dition Undertaken.

All in all, the ceilings mA©moire of the diffA©rentes A©ditions of vSphere 5 have all A©tA© ruffle © visa © S.A.  the rise. Better, VMware will not invoice any more dA©sormais the mA©moire beyond  from 96 Go, MagIT.

the coA” T of difficult the VMware licences has  digA©rer

criticisms of the companies with respect to the prices pratiquA©s by VMware are not new. This new A©pisode could encourage certain companies well has  intA©grer da?? other hyperviseurs of the marchA© in their systA¨me da?? information. Projects in this direction have dA©jA  A©tA© entamA©s.

In July 2010, the person in charge of?? scientific data processing of Rhodia, Patrick Auvray, entrusted has  ZDNet. Fr that expA©rimentations of this A©taient nature in progress. The dA©clenchor: the coA” T of the VMware licences.

has “We try to benefit from?? opportunitA© of the crA©ation da?? a laboratory in Asia to test Hyper-V from Microsoft, which comes with Windows Server 2008. According to the rA©sultats of these tests, us A©tendrons or not?? use of this solution. Us Na?? let us not plan however to rock has  100% out of VMware. With”

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Google+ will be also accessible to the companies, but later in 2011

Technology – Google n’ do not authorize, apart from some partners chosen, the cré ation of Google+ account by companies. The firm of Mountain View promises however a service optimisé for the professionals later in 2011.

Google asks for the moment the companies of not crA©er of official account on its new Google+ service. Ford has A©tA© autorisA© however has  to make, within the framework da?? a partnership with Google.

an explanation has  this refusal: Does Google+ intend da?? access with the private individuals and rA©pond not, still, with the needs for the companies. But does the firm announce in Christian Oestlian, Google+ product manager, qua?? she works has  ?? optimization of Google+ for these professional uses.

Google+ available has  would term in Google Apps

This opening to the companies have? tre effective later this annA©e. Within this framework, a pilot phase with several partners, whose Ford, has A©tA© lancA©e.

prA©sident It of the division undertaken of Google, Dave Girouard, that?? A©ditor dA©veloppe?? intA©gration of Google+ has  its continuation in line Google Apps. For?? hour, the users of the subscription-based service Google Apps cannot connect themselves directly with their account on Google+.

DA©jA  would million D `users according to Eric Schmidt

That thus have? tre possible da?? here end of?? annA©e dA¨s?? opening of Google+ to the companies. No date prA©cise Na?? however A©tA© communiquA©e by Google has.

As for  da bases it?? users of Google+, it makes dA©jA  ?? object. Paul Allen, founder da?? Ancestry. COM and prA©sident of FamilyLink. does COM, estimate qua?? they could has? tre approximately 1,7 da million?? does Net surfers enregistrA©s.

Eric Schmidt, interrogA© by, remain vague, but affirms that the succA¨s is well with go puisqua?? he asserts da million?? users of Google+. A succA¨s which remains has  to confirm, in particular in time.

Voir also our gallery D `images
HAS has 

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IT sector: nine companies out of ten have recruits

Figures – With the deuxiè me quarter, 93% of the companies of the IT sector dé clarent to have recruté at least a framework. They would owe ê tre as much during the troisiè me quarter according to the baromè tre of recruitments of l’ Apec.

According to the note of the economic situation of?? Are Apec for the troisiA¨me quarter, the recruiters again optimistic and thus prA©voient da?? accroA®tre their recruitments, at least compared to  ?? annA©e derniA¨re.

All confused sectors, 52% of the companies interrogA©es within the framework of the baromA¨tre of?? Do Apec of dA©clarent prA thus? your has  to engage at least a framework with the troisiA¨me quarter 2011. Ca?? is nine points moreover qua?? one year ago.

Taken again of the projects of recruitment since January 2011

In the data-processing field?? optimism is even more clearly affichA©. The sector is classified has  the premiA¨re place in da terms?? intentions da?? recruitings. During the 2nd quarter, they have A©tA© 93% has  to have recrutA© at least a framework.

For the data-processing activitA©s?? Apec estimates that has “recruitments of frameworks reach a level trA ¨ S.A. ©levA© has”. With the troisiA¨me quarter, 93% of the companies dA©clarent to want to engage at least a framework. Better, “65% of the companies have which recruit dA©clarent that their volume of recruitment is in rise compared to  ?? year passA© has  my? me pA©riode. With”

Attention however. Because in particular of the turnover, recruitment does not mean clear crA©ations nA©cessairement da?? employment. Thus?? Apec prA©voyait 27. 150 recruitings of frameworks. According to Syntec numA©ric, the clear crA©ations (frameworks or not) have A©tA© of 4. 000 on my? me pA©riode.

Growth modest of the recruitings of young people diplA/mA©s in SME

In 2011?? Apec counts on 31. 000 recruitments, including approximately 9. 000 should concern young people diplA/mA©s. If the rise is significant compared to  ?? annA©e derniA¨re, one is still far from the levels da?? da engages?? before crisis (37. 830 recruitments in 2007).

the positive tendency apparaA®t nA©anmoins. DA©jA  at the end of June?? P@scaline association, gathering A©coles and companies of sector IT, perceived for the young people diplA/mA©s, directly touchA©s during the crisis.

has “the companies of the sector, as a whole, prA©voient a growth of recruitments, +44% (+30% in 2010 versus 2009) and of +24% for SME has” quantified the baromA¨tre P@scaline. Indeed, if the recovery is more tangible in the great groups, it is on the other hand more has “modest has” among SME.

And for dA©crocher these opportunitA©s, better applies to the young recruits its?? to arm with diplA/my since the profiles recherchA©s are has  51% of the levels Bac+5 (19% for Bac+3 and Bac+4). As for are the stations concernA©s by the recruitings, they da?? access orientA©s on the council?? structure, the project control and dA©veloppement.

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Budgets IT: the nergtic invoice more and more incontrlable?

Strategy – the energy costs weigh more and more in budgets IT and the DSI are in the most complete black…

The control of the energy costs is increasingly crucial in the companies. With resourcefulnesses `information increasingly greedier and electric costs increasingly high, this post office spruce more and more in budgets IT of the companies.

Thus, according to a study of Brocade, nearly 80% of the data-processing leaders recently question declare that their company spends a quarter of its total budget IT for expenses dregs has energy against 44% last year.

DSI N `do not have the hand

Especially, the fall of these costs N `between step in the field D `application of the data-processing directions. Consequence, the DSI, however under pressure cause a drop in the expenditure of their employers, are in black then qu `they are the first concern with this question.

Always according to the study, a defect of coordination between the data processing departments and the services general would slow down the reduction in the energy expenditure. Nearly 50% of the people interrogees state at all not to control the dependent energy expenditure has it data-processing, in particular because the invoices in question are gerees by the general services.

Among those, 60% declare that their companies do not set up enough procedures to measure the energy consumption of the data processing department.
# “; Our study shows that in the majority of the cases, the general services have the decision-making power as for the budget but that data processing department N `does not evaluate the effects of its energy consumption on the total of the expenditure of the company. In this difficult economic period, each expenditure is place under control; C `is why the data processing department must play its role and collaborate with the general services in order to manage the energy expenditure in rise. “; , comments on Regis Harault, Country Manager France at Brocade

the least greedy solutions are most expensive
# Good news nevertheless, the energy question is from now on central lorsqu `it S `acts D `to buy new material. Energy consumption arrives indeed among the first 5 criteria D `purchases data-processing, precedee by interworking, the performance, the price and the fame of the mark.

“; When we carried out this same study in 2008, the « Green IT »
was perceived like a tendency marketing, while this year
L `investigation indicates qu `it S `acts D `a true concern
strategic for the companies. “; declares Ulrich Pleschmidt, VP EMEA
at Brocade.

Reste that progress remains has to achieve. The data-processing directions stress that the most sober solutions are also most expensive and thus, the least supported by the head offices…

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the users will have 18 months to pass from Windows 7 XP

Technology – Microsoft has finally dcid to allow the manufacturers of PC dinstaller Windows XP, to replace Seven ditions Pro and Intgrale, jusquen April 2011. Lchance thus spends 6 18 months.

the ditor amricain returned on his premire announces: Microsoft had initially prvu D `to authorize the rtrogradation of the PC under Seven for hard 6 months to count exit of its new systme D `exploitation on October 22.

the OEM would have then T constrained to cease on April 22, 2010 proposing their customers acqurant a computer quip of (dition Professionnelle or Intgrale) to return Windows XP Pro. The manufacturers taient limits an offer of « downgrade » towards Windows Vista, which N `forever vritablement convinced.

Dsormais, a user will be able to return Windows XP ds at the time the purchase D `a computer quip of Seven intervened before April 22, 2011. However this new 18 months chance could still change well. Microsoft states indeed that the deadline for the rtrogradations towards XP will be able also tre the exit of the first Service Pack for Windows 7.
# the migrations simpler, but coteuses, with the Software Insurance
# For recall the SP1 of Vista conceals left 14 month aprs launching the systme D `exploitation. Another prcision, this time for the companies acqurant Windows via the programme of licence in volume and customer of the contract Software Insurance of Microsoft: they companies will be able freely to pass a version suprieure or infrieure of OS, the flexibilit will be total.

the companies under Software Insurance in no fawn would thus be forced to return Vista (only 10% would have migr towards Vista according to Forrester). If they are not convinced either by and Med-V, two applications available under Windows 7 ensuring the comptabilit with applications XP, the companies will be able to thus preserve their old systme D `exploitation or to return aprs of nonconclusive there.

However, all the companies do not subscribe the Software Insurance of Microsoft. This subscription reprsente indeed a surcot for the price of the licence. « The annual price for the Software Insurance for the Applications and Systmes is of 29% of the price of the licence. For the waiters the annual price of the Software Insurance is of 25% of the price of the licence » .

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Symantec dcline its continuation of scurit for the TPEPME

Technology – Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is intended for the companies possdant less than 100 stations. A manire for Symantec to compensate for the deceleration of lactivit on the march of the large accounts.

Symantec will market this T its pack scurit Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition. Sold 1.800 euros for 25 licences, it gathers the solutions of scurit (protection against the viruses, the software spies, the spam, prvention of the intrusions) and of safeguard of the ditor (scurisation of the transport, filtering of contents, safeguards and rcupration of give).

the unit takes, according to Symantec, only 20 minutes for tre dploy and possde an interface simplifies so D `tre accessible to the greatest number. The ditor prcise moreover that these utilities have a weak impact on the output of the machines, in particular over times of dmarrage.

For Symantec, target TPE/PME is a sector of growth in a priode of crisis O the large companies restrict their dpenses. (Eureka Press)

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Windows 7: Microsoft prsente nouveauts of the RC1

Technology – Available this Thursday April 30 on MSDN and Technet, Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 comprise few nouveauts by report/ratio the bta: a XP mode for the applicative compatibilit, and the function Remote Streaming Media.

Like prcdemment annonc, the abonns with services MSDN and Technet from Microsoft today can tlcharger the version Release Candidate of ds aujourd `, April 30. The others will have to wait on May 5 to dcouvrir the nouveauts of the RC1. However, by report/ratio Bta antrieure of OS, the additions remain minors.
# on the occasion D `a tlphonic confrence on April 30, the quipe of Microsoft France has before any principal recall them and its nouveauts for, like DirectAccess (connection distance to the resources), Bitlocker to Go (coding of give, of which supports USB) or BranchCache (search for files).

a gate collaboratif Web on the applicative compatibilit

Alone « nouveauts » RC1: the version franaise, Remote Streaming Media and it. Remote Media Streaming, extension of the function Play To, allows the division and the reading in streaming of audio files and vido. Windows XP mode exploits as him to them virtualizing technologies of the work station Virtual PC.
# This mode makes it possible to launch on a work station Windows 7 (ditions Pro, Entreprise and Intgrale), applications XP. This environment virtualis thus authorizes the installation and the excution of software dvelopps for Windows XP. For the administration centralizes work stations virtualiss, MED. V remains the solution at Microsoft.
# This Windows XP mode is a nouveaut RC1, however this one N `is not intgre nativement in the version of test. One indeed needs tlcharger and to install complment software. But Microsoft stressed the applicative compatibilit at through D `others advertisements that the XP mode. The critical sharp of the users during the launching of Vista are not tombs in the ear D `a deaf person.
# the companies not prtes for Vista will not be it for Seven
# Ainsi, in addition to tools like Upgrade Advisor (soon available in tlchargement), and a site of division D `accessible information with the diteurs and users, the companies (and private individuals) can test the compatibilit their applications on line since one. But for prparer the migrations, the customers undertaken owe ds prsent contrler the comptabilit of their applicatif park, encourage the spokesperson of Microsoft.
# And Julien Lesaicherre, Windows product manager Undertaken, prvient: « Windows 7 uses Mrs. core that. If your applications N `did not taient compatible with Windows Vista, they will not be it either with Seven. Those which will dploieront the first are those which are dj prts for Windows Vista. »
# Thirty companies (large accounts and SME) now take part D `and dj of the tests, among which Orange, the ECA and Crdit Agricole. A project of migration prpare gnralement well upstream. Nanmoins, the companies often also tend to await the exit D `the first Service Pack before D `to srieusement consider srieusement dploiement D `a new OS. The conomic crisis, which pse on the data-processing budgets, will play can-tre also the disorder-ftes.

Tlcharger in logithque ZDNet. Fr

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Google and are Apple too close?

According to NewYork Times, the Commission fdrale of the trade, the CTF, enqute on the bonds between Apple and Google. What could pose problme, and Mrs. to violate the lgislation amricaine, C `is the rle held by the owners of and in their respective.
# the chairman from Google, Eric Schmidt is indeed administrator within D `Apple. However the deputy manager of the manufacturer, Arthur Levinson, sige him with the council D `administration of Google. But D `others personnalits intervene galement, and simultanment, within the two companies, like Bill Campbell and Al Gore.
# According to the law amricaine rgissant competition, the bonds, via siges D `administrators, can constitute an obstacle the free competition. Google and Apple are indeed rival on several fields, of which in particular that of the mobile tlphonie.
# the enqute of would thus aim vrifier qu `no natural agreement to violate the rgles competition N `exists between Apple and Google. Two companies N `do not have wish to comment on information.

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IBM will propose to services of Cloud Computing this Anne

Stratgie – Big Blue goes sattaquer this Anne to the march of Cloud Computing while commenant by proposing services destination of the dveloppeurs and galement of the companies.

As one could S `wait there, IBM will invest the cloud in
proposing to its own services ds this Anne. An advertisement made by a door
word of the company which has prcis that the premires offers will be
destination of the dveloppeurs in order to allow them D `crire programs for

But IBM S `will galement address galement to the companies in their proposer one
cloud to make turn their applications and virtualiser them rseau
data processing. To be able tre oprationnel also quickly, IBM has exploit it
know-how acquired at the time D `a partnership with Google in 2007 for the setting with
not services cloud destinies of the universits.

In addition, IBM is dj
prsent on this march by the slope matriel with its dated centers. (Eureka Press)

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Windows 7 will be dowry dun mode Windows XP

Stratgie – Microsoft has confirm the prsence dun mode Windows XP in the Pro versions and Ultimate of Windows 7, that in order to allow the small companies to migrate without clashes towards new OS.

Whereas Release Candidate of Windows 7 is distributes
this week with the abonns TechNet and MSDN before the exit
public on May 5, Microsoft comes from prciser qu `it moreover will be provided
mode Windows XP.

This last will be used for providing to install applications
dveloppes for XP without risk D `incompatibilit. This technology is resulting
of Virtual PC, of which Microsoft acquired the rights D `exploitation in 2003 aprs
the repurchase of Connectix. Awaited Trs, this option is a manire D `viter it
large cueil of Vista, of which many the problmes of compatibilit with
applications ddies Windows XP strongly compromised its adoption by
professionals. A ball that Microsoft trane from the exit of Vista and who
ruin dfinitivement its carrire has.

D `aprs the firm of Redmond, the Windows mode
XP is spcialement ddi at the small companies, trs rticentes
to give up this OS. It will be enough for them D `to install their applications under this mode
to be able then there accder from the Office of Windows 7. An option which
will be on the other hand available that for the versions Pro and Ultimate. (Eureka Press)

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