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Economic situation: 2012, one year difficult for the IT and the recession for the council

Figures – So overall the marché franç board of the services and software should record in 2012 a lé gè Re growth of 0,9% (+2,1% for Europe of l’ west), the cabinet CAP counts a r&amp of course; eacute; transfer for council IT. Only l' externalisation makes it possible to save appearances.

No the rA©cession for the marchA© of the software and services IT in 2012, as a whole. Ca?? is the prA©vision of the cabinet franA§ais CAP. For this annA©e, CAP counts thus on a growth of 0,9%, against 3,2% in 2011.

This only indicator total could let believe that joined CAP of tendency da?? IDC (+1,2%) and of Syntec NumA©rique (+1%). Not really if one takes account of the rA©partition of this growth between the activitA©s of this marchA© of the software and services in France.

FA©brilitA© in the budgets of the DSI

For the software, the cabinet prA©voit in 2012 a rise of 1% (NumA©rique and). On the other hand, Ca?? is well a rA©cession which is awaited by CAP in the field of council IT (- 1,4%) and of the services da?? intA©gration (- 0,9%).

has “Since the end of the last quarters 2011, we note a fA©brilitA© in the construction industry Des. the large diffA©rence with the annA©e passA©e is that the DSI are not by the extent of the crisis which had them amenA © S.A.  to cut maniA¨re a little ha? tive has” analysis thus Arnold Aumasson, senior vice-prA©sident of CAP.

Of their cA/tA©, IDC and Syntec NumA©rique A©taient more optimistic. IDC, which rA©dige the economic situation reports of the employers’ fA©dA©ration, has annoncA© as a fA©vrier that services IT should record +1,1% of growth this annA©e.

growth of the outsourcing mask problA¨mes of the conseilA 

A few months more tA/t, Syntec NumA©rique considered the growth of the council to him and of the services in 2012 has  +0,9%, and have  +1,1% for the council in technologies. Ca?? is in rA©alitA©?? outsourcing (infogA©rance, TMA, BPO…) which would owe attA©nuer the rA©cession of the total marchA© of the council &services IT in 2012, is often activitA©s traitA©es offshore (except France), with thus of possible consA©quences for.


This annA©e, CAP prA©voit thus a growth of 4,1% in?? outsourcing has?? a prA©vision has “trA¨s lA©gA¨rement. Has” has “the DSI are amenA © S.A.  infogA©rer more and more, especially on the level of the infrastructures of which?? exploitation requires a budget considA©rable if they are not externalisA©es has” additions Franck Nassah of CAP.

\#?? uncertainty A©conomique and the needs D `A©conomies are not spA©cific has  France. NA©anmoins da?? aprA¨s the cabinet, the marchA© franA§ais will less better draw its A©pingle from the play than our neighbors europA©ens. Is C `indeed a growth of 2,1% of the sector of the software and services which is awaited in 2012 in Europe of?? west, against only 0,9% in France.

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IT expenditure re-examined with the fall in 2012

Figures – Crisis of the euro area and pé nurie of hard drives will have a n&amp effect; eacute; gatif on the dé think data-processing. For 2012, Gartner s’ thus &amp waits; worsen; a growth of the dé think IT of 3,7%, against the 4,6% awaited jusqu’ &worsen; pré feels. In Europe, these dé think will be mê drops me by 0,7%.

\#?? does A©conomique uncertainty weaken?? exercise of the prA©vision. Gartner thus, once again, has just re-examined growth of the world data-processing dA©penses in 2012.

the cabinet amA©ricain counted before on a rise of 4,6%. Did Gartner regard dA©sormais that this growth will be?? order of 3,7% has  3800 billion dollars. In 2011, the data-processing dA©penses will have A©tA© of 3700 billion, that is to say an increase of 6,9% compared to  2010.

Bad annA©e for services IT and tA©lA©coms

According to Gartner?? together principal technology sectors (matA©riel, software da?? company, services IT and tA©lA©communications) by this deceleration of the growth in 2012. Ca?? is in the data processing departments and tA©lA©coms that the growth will be weakest, with respectively +3,1% and +2,3%.

But these figures covers the world marchA© and thus masks rA©gionales. Thus, in 2012, in Europe, this Na?? is not growth which is awaited, but a retreat of 0,7% of the data-processing dA©penses.

has “Because of the crisis in the euro area, factor da?? uncertainty for the companies and the consumers da?? Europe of?? west, we have ajustA© our prA©visions and thus await a dA©pense in data processing in dA©clin of 0,7% in 2012 has” comments on the viceone of A©tudes de Gartner, Richard Gordon.

RA©cession in Europe

In addition to the crisis of?? Euro, Gartner relA¨ve another factor of rA©cession: hard drives in ThaA? moor. The fall of volumes of production influences and of storage solutions the cabinet estimates thus.

has “We estimate that the supply of hard drives will be rA©duite da?? at least 25% can (and -HAVe? tre more) during the 6 has  9 next months. To rebuild the factories dA©truites will take also time and the effects will continue has  to be felt during 2012, and trA¨s probably also in 2013 has” prA©vient Richard Gordon.

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Microsoft Security Essentials: beta of the new version is available

SA©curitA© – the general public can dè S &worsen; pré d&amp feels; eacute; to cover the setting &worsen; day of the software of sé curité who promises performances and a efficacité in rise.

Microsoft has lancA© yesterday laA version Ba? taA of Security Essentials. The continuation of
sA©curitA© is available in A©dition 32 and 64 bits for Windows XP (service pack
3), Windows Vista (SP1 and 2) and Windows 7 (SP1).

dA©sireuses people of
to test will owe da?? access to pass by a a little tiresome procA©dure, puisqu `it will be necessary for them to be connected with an identifier Windows Live ID, crA©er a profile
public then to validate their inscription with the Connect program by giving theirs
coordonnA©es and by confirming an address email.

Suppression automatic of the infections

Da?? aprA¨s the descriptive page of
Microsoft, the new version of Security Essentials brings an interface
simplifiA©e and of the performances amA©liorA©es grA? it has  a new engine. There is
A©galement a systA¨me of automatic suppression of the infections destinA© has 
rA©duire manual interventions of?? user.

Our confrA¨res of One hundred. COM
who could install this news moutureA has Na?? to have not constatA© significant change
on the level of?? interface, except a more readable police force of caractA¨res. As
will the performances, only a test prolongA© be able to allow da?? in judging. With? to follow
thus. (Eureka Press)

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iCloud: one swindles by phishing tries to delude the future customers

Cloud Computing – L' swindle target the users of MobileMe who are invité S &worsen; to deliver their coordonné be of bank card before the launching of the future service cloud d' Apple.

If attempts at phishing targeting the users of
banks are dA©sormais rather known, the cybercriminels can be shown
opportunist. ?? Does A©ditor of solutions of sA©curitA© Sophos make A©tat da?? uneA arnaqueA in progress which targets the customers of the service of
does storage of donnA©esA have da?? Apple.

On June 30, 2012, this last will be
complA¨tement remplacA© para has whose launching is programmA© for this
autumn. Benefitting from this A©chA©ance, the attempt at phishing prA©sente under
the form da?? English adressA© email with the MobileMe customers by
so-called A©quipe Apple Store which requires of them its?? to register on iCloud. In
clicking on the bond prA©sent in the document, the victims are redirigA©es
towards a page of setting has  day of their coordonnA©es personal and of their
numA©ro of bank card.

It is important to point out qua?? no service
commercial, banking or my? me administrative rA©clame this da kind?? information of
this maniA¨re has  its users. (Eureka Press)


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PlayBook of RIM takes down a certification of safety

SA©curitA© – S’ it cannot communicate yet on the succè S commercial of its shelf PlayBook, RIM returns to the sources by proposing the sé curité of its terminal through certification FIPS.

Small victory for RIM. For dA©montrer the sA©curitA© of his terminals, and in particular Blackberry, the Canadian manufacturer frA©quemment puts ahead his governmental certifications, authorizing a use in significant environments.

If RIM cannot guA¨re still praise commercial succA¨s of its PlayBook shelf, it asserts on the other hand has? tre the first manufacturer has  dA©crocher it (Federal Standard Processing Information certification) for a shelf.

PremiA¨re shelf certifiA©e FIPS

has “This certification dA©montre our engagement continuous has  rA©pondre with the needs for sA©curitA© of the organizations and allows the government fA©dA©ral amA©ricain da?? to buy in confidence knowing that PlayBook fills their requirements of sA©curitA© data-processing in matiA¨re of protection of the sensitive informations has” Scott Totzke, vice-prA©sident of the sA©curitA© of Blackberry.

this paramA¨tre will contribute has  ?? adoption of PlayBook in company? This critA¨re, its?? it Na?? is not nA©gligeable (in any case for the significant uses), should not however not be enough to carry?? adhA©sion.

iPhone and iPad is entrA©s in the company

For the moment, RIM has livrA© in AmA©rique of North. The manufacturer Na?? however prA©cisA© does not have how much its?? A©taient actually sold. For does its launching, PlayBook suffer da?? one: ?? absence of the fonctionnalitA©s which made the succA¨s of Blackberry, among which a©lectronique transport.

Moreover, RIM Na?? is more the only manufacturer has  to covet the world of?? company. It must in particular compose with competition, in particular da?? Apple. And this last Na?? does not have manquA© to underline N of its terminals (iPhone and iPad) auprA¨s of the professionals.

With?? occasion of the prA©sentation of its, Apple has affirmA© thus that 86% of the companies of Fortune 500 tested or dA©ployaient iPad. Da?? aprA¨s Strategy Analytics, RIM reprA©sentait livrA©es in the 2nd quarter (against 61,3% for?? iPad and 30,1% for the Android shelves).
# Voir also our diaporama
HAS has 

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Office 2010 B? your is T available in? L? loading for all

Technology – For any owner D `Windows Live ID, the beta release of the office automation continuation of Microsoft is available in remote loading. It will be valid jusqu? at October 31, 2010 and can cohabit (partly) with another version D `Office already installee.

As we had it advertisement,
C `is well Wednesday evening, has it resulting from the conference of presentation made by
Microsoft in Professionnal Developpers Conference that beta D `Office 2010 has
summer officially launched.

It is available in. It S `acts of the version
Professional office Plus Beta which is proposed, and only it.

If them
users go on the site, they
S `will see that the remote loading of other versions N `is not active. It
is necessary beforehand S `to record to create LiveID of which users of
Hotmail or Messenger profits already. The navigators support are Internet
To explore, Firefox and Safari, but not Chromium.

Outlook « relooke »

Office 2010 Beta can cohabit with an Office continuation already
installee. It is necessary for that to select the ” mode; Personnaliser”; at the time of
L `installation. But attention all the same, the previous versions D `Outlook
and of SharePoint Workspace are inevitably updated. The one of
the most visible changes relates to D `elsewhere Outlook which adopts the Ribbon
for its interface and S `enriches by several new functions.

Outlook posts from now on a visualization of the emails by conversation. One also notes arrived it D `a shutter « People » who appears under
contents of the messages to synthesize a certain number D `information on
contact: last messages sent, updates made on networks
social… And this thanks to Social Connector. To save time, it is also possible to personalize fast actions in Outlook.

Not large change on Excel and Word

With regard to Word and Excel, the changes D `aspect
are tiny compared to the version 2007. The button Office east replaces by
small re-examined Fichier and corrects which launches the Backstage mode. This one gathers
all characteristics of the active document: previous versions, control
D `access, division, impression… Word receives also a side shutter of navigation
who presents the detailed plan D `a document with miniature sights of the pages.

With regard to Excel, two new options make their appearance:
“; Sparklines”; and “; Slicers”; . Sparklines are small graphs which
S `integrate has a cell to post seen D `a tendency. Slicers is useful has
to filter and segment the data on dynamic tables cross.

Videos affichees directly in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 directly posts from now on the videos instead of taking them
in enclosures and allows to sort the slides by topics. Microsoft also insists on the addition D `a pallet D `tools graphic allowing D `to carry out operations on images directly since PowerPoint (graph effects, to rout, etc. )

More the collaboratif one with SharePoint 2010

With SharePoint, the companies can reach has functionalities making it possible to work has several …

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Chrome OS will be lanc? in one year, only on netbooks

Technology – Google carried out the first official Chromium OS demonstration. The code of resourcefulness? is exploitation D? now and already public. Chromium plate OS will be lance in one year on netbooks answering the technical specifications that Google has fixed.

Effervescence Thursday evening of the dimension from Google or the press
was conviee has to discover the first appearance of, the system
D `exploitation exclusively turns towards the applications on line that Google
intend for the netbooks.

First information given in preamble, passes
immediately in Open Source (under the name of), Google affirming to want to work hand in
hand with the community of developers.

Second point, OS will not be lance
before one year. It will be available only on some for which Google
explains qu `it has was going to fix a very precise schedule of conditions.

To start like a TV not like a PC

Chromium plate OS will turn only on, which will allow him
to start very quickly. During the demonstration carried out yesterday (on Eee
PC D `Asus…), Chrome OS put less than 10 seconds to be completely
operational. « We work so that Chrome OS behaves with
starting like a television set and not like a PC » , explained Sundar
Pichai, vice-president management of the products.

Google will also require
screens and of the keyboards larger than than one finds it on. The giant of Mountain View S `is on the other hand refuses has to give an order
prices to which Chromium OS netbooks will be sold. In the longer term,
Google has confirms that OS will arrive of course D `other PC, of office and
traditional portables.

« Chromium plate OS, C `is Chrome »

With what? With Chromium quite simply.
Since the advertisement of this project, Google always has indicates that the navigator
would be the system centre. One thus finds interfaces it Chromium depouillee and
especially the access to the applications by mitres that one can move it has its
own way. App Menu will act as small programs with the applications
favorite of the user.

For the remainder, all occurs on line. « Each
application is an application Internet. There N `is not D `installation, not
of update » . All the data are stockees in the cloud.
To work, play, read one e-book, to look at a film…, Chrome OS allow
to do it without problem, but on Internet (is nevertheless
envisaged). « If you lose or destroy your netbook Chromes OS, it you
is enough D `to repurchase of them one and a few seconds later you will have recovers
all your data » .

Safety over all

« Chromium plate OS does not make confidence with the applications
that you launch. It is not made either confidence has itself » .
Does qu `that want to say? Any D `access which each application is
protegee in a vat has sand (sandbox) made safe and that each Chromium mitre
is independent of the different one. When Chrome OS has, it checks the integrity of sound
code has each starting.

If a anom …

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