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iPhone fissurs: the black srie continues

Technology – the cases dcrans diPhone fissurs are multiplis these last days a little everywhere in France. Dnombre ten dincidents was dsormais. Blamed, Apple remains on its rserve.

« We are quite conscious of these vnements and we wait to receive the iPhone our customers. Jusqu `what we have the complete dtails, we N `let us have anything more add. »

Voil the thin comment that our confrres of the Barber has russi to obtain to D `a spokesperson D `Apple whereas the number of cases D `notches D `iPhones fissurs multiplies. Since the dbut of the week, one dnombre dj 7 new tmoignages D `users reports/ratios in the press. Contrary to the dbut of the business O the incidents seemed localiss in the south of France, one finds Paris and in Parisian rgion of it, in Brittany, and in the Loire.

It (direction gnrale of competition, the consumption and the rpression of the frauds) opened a enqute to examine the diffrents tmoignages. Apple and envoy a request D `information with the Member States in their recommending to pass by Rapex, the systme D `alarm intracommunity on the products dangerous jugs.

Impossible still to draw the conclusions

the firm the apple speaks for the moment « D `incidental isols » and S `locks up in a badly felt dumbness. Remain qu `it is for the moment impossible to draw the least conclusion on this business. Nothing N `indicates that these breakings D `notches are not the rsultat of bad handling or shocks, D `exposure prolongs heat….

a dfaut on the sries of batteries N `is not to exclude for as much. One remembers qu `in 2006 Apple has procd with the recall of 2 million Sony batteries quipant his MacBook for problmes of overheating. (Eureka Press)

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the software firm Fujitsu Services lays off 10% of its manpower in the United Kingdom

These are difficult times for the socit of services in Japanese data-processing ingniery, particulirement in Europe. Fujitsu Services indeed comes D `to announce it in the United Kingdom, that is to say 10% of its manpower in the country.
# the direction of the company justifies this dcision by one. Context which S `is in particular translated for the company by a fall of its figure D `businesses of 11% at the time of the last quarters and a net loss D `approximately 211 million D `euros.
# However, during Mrs. priode, Fujitsu Services has profit of dynamic sales in zone EMEA, since the figure D `businesses has progress of 38% 1,7 billion D `euros. For the direction of the group, this dcision is galement a report D `chec prcdentes measurements.
# the software firm had indeed dj arrt a policy of, of reduction in the number of subcontractors and salaris in contract D `intrim. As many dcisions which N `will have seems it not been enough viter to the dismissals in a country which brings back to 2,3 billion D `euros CA each Anne to the Japanese group.

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VMware would become a “; v-dictateur”; ?

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; VMware would become a " v-dictateur" ? “; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; VMware n' do not authorize its competitors &worsen; to make confé rences at the time of VMworld 09? “; ;

zdnetfr_224: http://www. zdnet. fr/blogs/virtuanews/vmware-become-it-a-v-dictator-39705299. htm

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Game consoles: Microsoft and Sony mark the breeches

Business – the price drops are succdent: it S `acts to position well for Ftes of fine D `Anne…

the game consoles of dernire gnration are dj a little old. It S `thus acts to return them a little more sduisantes before stratgic the priode of Ftes of fine D `Anne.

a few days ago, annonait as its in version will be commercialis 299 euros. The raction of S `is not made wait.

This Thursday, Redmond indicates that the top-of-the-range version of its XBox 360 (Elite with its hard drive of 120 Go) will lose 50 euros (249 euros) to pass under on the price of the PS3. On the other hand cble HDMI will not be provided any more free.

Microsoft on the other hand will make pass the price of the modle D `between range, Xbox 360 Arcade, 199,99 euros with a play included.

Nintendo does not move

As Xbox 360 Premium, version intermdiaire, it would have vocation disparatre catalogue of Microsoft.

“; We know that the price influences the dcisions of the consumers largely, but we know galement qu `they seek a qualit positive ratio/price, and we rpondre each one of these points in order to will continue crotre and connatre the succs in Europe”; , explains Microsoft.

not to only have to move an ear, C `is, of which Wii caracol in tte of the sales of consoles in the world, in particular in the United States. Its machine `accidental `thus remains 249 euros.

Reste that for these three manufacturers, the context is difficult. The sales of machines and plays N `have these to drop during the Anne 2009 and the consumers seem aujourd `today to await nouveaut or arbitrate their dpenses with the bnfice for example of the mobilit (iPhone, portable applications etc…).

Rappelons that the PS3 has T launches in 2006 and XBox 360 in 2005.

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Dell is reassured in the 2nd quarter malgr sales lowers

With a figure D `businesses quarterly in retreat of 22% over one year, 12,76 billion dollars, environment would owe a priori tre plutt morose within the manufacturer amricain. C `is however the opposite feeling which prdomine and the title dimensioned thus in rise of more than 6% aprs announces it quarterly rsultats.
# Indeed, Mrs. if N `cap not, the rsultats are awaited nanmoins better qu `and leaves by consquent esprer a new amlioration during the second half-year 2009. Admittedly the bnfice Net, 472 million dollars, is infrior that enregistr in the 2nd quarter 2008 (616 million dollars), but it is maintained malgr a whole acceptable level taking into account the context conomic.
# the sales with the companies gain 3% between 1st and 2nd quarter
# is hard touch with sales in fall of 32% 3,3 billion dollars. However, enters and the 2nd quarter 2009, the figure D `businesses increases by 3%, thus translating a dbut of recovery. On Mrs. interval, the march of the public sector gains 20% (but 16% lose over one year 3,8 billion dollars).
# the sector of the small and medium-size companies (2,8 billion dollars of CA), on the other hand, delays to find the way of the growth with -29% over one year, and -5% D `one quarter on the other. As for, it dcline of 9% per report/ratio 2008.

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iPhone fissurs: Apple affirms new that the incidents are due shocks

Scurit – Aprs to have analys the terminals whose notch S `is breaking, the firm remains on its positions. And reoit the support of the secrtaire D `tat charg of the Trade, Herv Novelli.

The file iPhone is remont with the more high level. This Friday, the secrtaire D `tat charg of the Trade, Herv Novelli, has reu the director gnral D `Apple France, Michel Coulomb. Objective of this meeting: to make light on the multiple cases D `notches fissurs or breaking D `iPhone in France.

And Apple finally left its silence. Before this go, the firm had officially communiqu by underlining once again that these incidents taient due shocks, therefore a misuse of its propritaires.

to advance this explanation, Apple is based on the examination of the terminals that certain users have retourn to him. “; In all the cases which we have examins this day, the cracks are dregs an external pressure exerts on the iPhone”; , explains apple.

No polmic

Apple does not change a speech whereas many users touchs persist in affirming the opposite. The majority explain N `to have made fall the smartphone, nor had made him undergone “; a pressure externe”; …

Return the box dpart thus? In any case, the secrtaire D `State with the Trade supports the Californian firm. “; It N `does not take place aujourd `there today polmiquer but plutt of rpondre to the interrogations of the ones and others: C `is this qu `has commenc to make the direction D `Apple and I thank it. We agreed with the direction D `Apple qu `they hold us perfectly with the current, in time rel in the hours and the days which come, of the rsultats of the others tests”; qu `they will mneront on the others iPhones rcuprs, has it indiqu with leaving its to return to you.

Only certainty in this file, the batteries would be out of cause. One S `doubted it a little since malgr breakings and the cracks, the iPhone touchs continue to function. “; this day, there N `is no incident avr which would be D the overheating of the battery of the iPhone 3GS, and those on which we enqutons count on the fingers of the main”; , Apple affirms.

a thing is sre, the serial is far D `tre termin…

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PRaaS, Process ace has Service

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; PRaaS, Process ace has Service”; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; Process ace has Service (PRaaS), has new component the Cloud computing family off. “; ;

zdnetfr_224: http://www. zdnet. fr/blogs/entreprise-2-0/praas-process-have-have-service-39705420. htm

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Chromium OS: the premires images?

Technology – captures dcran prsentes as so much those of Chromium OS circulate on the Fabric. They dvoilent an interface dpouille center on the cloud applications and the services of Google.

C `is the Mashable site which has publi what could tre the premires images of. Information is to take with all the prcautions D `use.

These some captures rvlent an interface in any case simplifies the extrme with the navigator like point D `between worms all the online services. A fast bar of launching (standard Dock) is place in top of the notch and contains the short cuts towards the principal services and applications of Google (Chromium, Gmail, Google Docs and YouTube), of Mrs. qu `a fast research field.

the unit, though rudimentary, would stick rather well with the Google spirit. Remain qu `it could also S `act D `a « fake » , D `an imposture. The exit of N `is not prvue before 2010. (Eureka Press)

(visual Crdit: Mashable. COM)

See also our gallery D `images

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the BNF ngocierait with Google the numrisation dune started from its funds

Technologie – the daily newspaper the Platform rvle that Bibliothque Nationale of France would have entam discussions with Google in order to entrust to him the numrisation dune started from its funds. A dmarche that the BNF had jusqu prsent refuses.

the BNF (Bibliothque national of France) could entrust Google the numrisation D `part of its inheritance. C `is this qu `affirms the Platform in its dition D `aujourd `today.

“; Our ngociations with Google could succeed D `here some mois”; , dclare Denis Bruckmann, director gnral assistant of the BNF to the daily newspaper.

a change D `attitude radical since the BNF had crushed brick such a proposal ds 2005 and dvelopp of sound ct the Europeana project, embryo of future bibliothque the europenne numric which was born in November 2008 by gathering the resources numrises the bibliothques ones of 25 tats members.

fouling Domination

It S `acted to fight against the ambitions of Google and “; the risk D `a fouling domination of Amrique”; , according to the terms of the former owner of the BNF, Jean-Nol Jeanneney, with a common and powerful offensive.

But the numrisation has a cot trs, including for the BNF. The numrisation of the works of IIIme Rpublique would only cost it between 50 and 80 million D `euros explains the Platform. However the means of the BNF are much less important (budget of 5 million D `euros per annum).

This reversal 180 degrs thus illustrates the impossibilit France to carry out well the numrisation of its inheritance, a dfi however crucial for the future gnrations.

the free service matter by Google has dj T adopt in the world by 29 bibliothques main roads, like Bodleian Library D `Oxford. In France, the bibliothque one of Lyon works dj with Google.

Reste that the project has suscit much the polmiques ones since are launching in 2006. In the United States, two associations dfendant the rights D `author had port felt sorry for against Google.

has T concluded the Anne dernire but still owes tre valid by dpartement the amricain of Justice. The Union europenne also leans on this file. Because Google intends to transform itself into bookseller by marketing the works numriss. (Eureka Press)

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Exchange Server 2010 available in Release Candidate

Technology – Microsoft has annonc yesterday the disponibilit in tlchargement of its mail server D `undertaken in his version Release Candidate. The final version is awaited dici the end of lanne.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 version Release Candidate (dernire grinding before the final version) is
available since Tuesday evening in English. One can the tlcharger here.

the dcrit like the « Cl of vote of the solutions of communications
unify » . Exchange S `accompanies D `a new version D `Outlook which
bring in particular the addition of new filters of messages, the prvisualisation
text of the text messages to facilitate their indexing as well as the division of
calendars into external.

65% of shares of march

Exchange will optimize the performances to him with
discs SATA and to introduce the dlgation of the rights destination of
users who will be able for example crer of the newsgroups.

This version RC can coexist with the versions 2003 and 2007, but for the version 2007, it will be necessary to await Service Pack 2 (SP2), available before the end of the month D `aot.

the final version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is awaited for the end of the Anne 2009. Microsoft
assert 65% of shares on the march companies for
Exchange. (Eureka Press)

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