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the diteurs of software want a revival by linnovation

Opinion D `expert – Tax incentives, volution of Crdit D `impt Research, cration dun small business act leuropenne, exonration for the mcnat in favour of Free April, Afdel and Syntec Informatique put forward measures for the crisis and laprs-crisis.

26 billion D `euros the conomy franaise but not a penny for the sector the software. One conoit that the diteurs S `estimate tre the great lapses of memory of the revival program. Had but shot down; they thus began again counts the mthode to them which proved reliable in the systme conomic hexagonal D `others: to challenge the policies, and in particular the secrtariat numric conomy, so that of the intgration D `a shutter is dcid numric. If waitings of the sector of the software are varied and relate as well to indirect direct aids qu `(crdit D `impt in favour of SME on their purchases of software for example), there exists well a base common to the claims: to support the innovation.
# can the software contribute the revival? And this title, does owe tre rcipiendaire of spcific measurements? Yes, the reprsentatives organizations of the sector rpondent. « Any type of support in the field of the numrique one will contribute in hard the amlioration of the performance of the companies and thus the conomy. Btir a systme D `information aims above all accrotre this performance, and thus crer of the value, in particular by the innovation » insist Vincent de Poret, defect prsident made diteurs of – and galement director of the financires applications of.
# « The Thirty Glorious ones have T permitted by the technical progrs and the innovation, gnrateurs of profits of productivit. Numric conomy reprsente this to rservoir D `innovation. It is necessary to support dveloppement the numrique one so that public sectors as privs is better quips and gains in performance » exhorts the dlgu gnral of, Loc Rivire.

Crdit D `impt Recherche which does not relate only to R& D

is him also recipient of the dbat around the revival. « A revival program must allow, certainly to save the companies in difficults, but also D `to pre-empt the future and to support the innovation. The free software is a vector D `innovation for data processing grce two levers which are the mutualisation of knowledge and the free one of the licences, two big factors in times of crisis » argue the viceone of, Tangui Morlier.
# to support the innovation (in bond in particular with the dveloppement durable one) and the sector of the software, the diteurs dfendent several measurements, of which largissement of the plate of the CIR, it. This one relates almost exclusively to the R&amp part; amp; D. Afdel as Syntec Informatique would wish that the CIR include D `others dpenses, among which tests and the setting on the march of the applications.
# « The critre of R& D is rather restrictive and little adapt the activit of the diteurs. This dfinition does not take account for example of the insurance qualit, of the bearing of the applications on diffrentes platforms or marketing grce of the stratgie of Internet sales » prcise Franck Delorme, vice-prsident of Afdel and chairman of the ditor Sparus.
# In matire D `assistances di …

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the project of the hunter amricain F-35 Joint Strike Fighter pirat

Scurit – the Wall Street Journal has rvl that hackers managed to fly of information concerning the program of dveloppement of lavion of F-35 hunting while benefitting from faults in rseaux several companies partners of the project.

According to the rvlations of the daily newspaper amricain, arms it with
L `US air would have opened a enqute in order to try to include/understand the circumstances
and the origin of the intrusions which allowed pirates to fly of give
relating to the design and the lectronic systmes of the future F-35 hunter.

Wall Street Journal holds its sources of governmental leaders who
have prcis that pirates N `however could accder with give more
sensitive on the apparatus, those so much store on computers not
connects the Internet.

the cybers spies have seems it exploit of the faults
in the scurit of rseaux of two three of the companies partners
working on the project.

Which? No information N `has filtr it
subject. Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems are the three firms
principal which leads the project Joint Strike Fighter. No D `it N `has
wish S `to express.

the voque Wall Street Journal finally of sources
affirming that these attacks would come from China. The embassy of China has
rpondu with the daily newspaper that the country « any form banishes of
cyber-dlit » . (Eureka Press)

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Cloud Computing: too much expensive for the large accounts?

Opinion D `expert – basing itself on the tariffs of the services D `Amazon, the cabinet amricain ensures quadopter Cloud Computing results in a doubling of the cots for the large accounts. McKinsey recommends to the DSI of privilgier the virtualisation.

Cloud Computing east have prsent for several months years the catalogues D `a trs great number of salesmen of IT solution. Fight against the complexit of the systmes D `information and rduction of the cots is two of the arguments avancs to encourage the companies to adopt this modle dlivrance of services IT.

But Cloud Computing rhyme it rellement with conomies? The cabinet McKinsey & Company rpond « not » with through D `a tude entitles « Clearing the Air one Cloud Computing » . For McKinsey, to migrate D `a datacenter towards a service Cloud externalis (and thus to make to call a person receiving benefits) would result in the doubling of the cots for the great infrastructures.

366 dollars for Amazon against 150 for a datacenter internalis

For tayer its dmonstration, the cabinet S `is appuy on the tariff scales of the services of. Thus, the total cot of the functions D `a center of give cost 366 dollars per month and by links calculation (« links computing output &amp off; #187;) with Amazon, against 150 dollars when these oprations are internalises.

Of Mrs., in matire of Capex (dpenses D `quipements), to choose Cloud Computing S `avre not ncessairement the conomique solution D `aprs McKinsey. Possder its clean matriel is conomiquement more intressant that the hiring because of the tax dductions for dprciation.

McKinsey tempre the conclusions of sound tude while dclarant that Cloud Computing can on the other hand tre bnfic for the small and medium-size companies, C `is–to say those whose figure D `businesses is infrior 500 million dollars.

And if « data processing in the cloud » N `is the current hour viable step for the large accounts, C `is in particular because the people receiving benefits are not measures D `of them to bring a sufficient rate of disponibilit (99,99%) and practise prices too levs. McKinsey estimates that these prices must drop by 144% so that Cloud Computing is relle a opportunit.

the conomic virtualisation like vritable opportunit

the cabinet amricain thus recommends to the companies to keep cder a fashion to concentrate on technologies which proved reliable, and in particular. According to McKinsey, average rate D `use of the waiters in a center of give is of 10%.

This rate in so much port 35%, grce the virtualisation (several virtual waiters on physical Mrs. waiter), would result in important conomies for the companies with an operating burnup (cot total of possession) for the infrastructure waiters into fall of more than 50%.

IBM does not share the position of McKinsey on Cloud Computing, as brings it back. For Big Blue, the tude comprises a skew: it takes as postulate a large account externalisant the whole of sound datacenter. A not very probable case according to IBM for which the approach of the companies consists more of one combination of cloud public and privs, conomiquement more intressante.

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DirectAccess and BitLocker To Go, two tools for grer the scurit of connections outdistances with Windows 7

Technology – Microsoft has profit of confrence RSA 2009 for dtailler the two principal devices of scurit whose Windows 7 is dowry for connections outdistances.

the firm of Redmond has commenc around its pdagogic countryside
scurit of Windows 7 the occasion of confrence RSA 2009. T have
prsentes two nouveauts, DirectAccess and BitLocker To Go.

DirectAccess offers
with the distant users Mrs. level of scurit and Mrs. transparency that
from their in-house work station. For that, DirectAccess cre a tunnel
scuris between the user and the rseau of the company so qu `it N `does not have
to justify its connection manually outdistances.

Moreover, DirectAccess allows
L `administrator rseau D `to intervene for patcher the systme Mrs. if one
connection distance is in hand.

BitLocker To Go activates the encoding of
give on the priphric removable ones of type Cl USB or hard drives
external. The dcryptage of give can be done is by password or via
a chart chip equips D `a certificate numric. (Eureka Press)

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the repurchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle takes IBM and Microsoft by surprised

Stratgie – Unexpected, lannonce of the repurchase of Sun by Oracle took everyone of short. IBM all dabord which navait officially not broken the ngociations like Steve Ballmer which Na not cach its surprise.

« I have just learned it… J `need D `there
to rflchir. I am trs surprised » , such were the words of Steve Ballmer
L `announces repurchase
of Sun Microsystems by Oracle for 7,4 billion dollars.

There is still little
time of that, the owner of Microsoft voquait the stakes D `a repurchase D `one
socit like Sun, explaining that any acquror would pass between one and two years
the « digrer » . Priode of transition during which thought
to be able to push its advantage auprs customers while exploiting uncertainties
dregs the continuit of certain products or services.

This analysis is it
valid for Sun? The socit of Larry Ellison east grinds with fusions
important, as the repurchases of PeopleSoft, Siebel tmoignent some and Hyperion.

Of the ct D `, the surprise causes by this repurchase is D `as much larger than
Big Blue had carried out ngociations with Sun for several weeks. With, the talks stumbled on the risks that this acquisition
made run IBM taking into consideration anti-monopoly act. The problme is
dfinitivement rgl. (Eureka Press)

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PC 100 dollars: OLPC gives up chips AMD

C `east dsormais confirm, the XO of foundation OLPC gives up the processor Geode D `AMD. In an interview grants last month, the chief technical officer of the foundation the origin of the project D `(the XO), ED McNierney, it had dj alluvium to hear.
# the XO will not call any more upon the processors Geode D `AMD (that the manufacturer did not wish D `elsewhere to produce more), but VIA C7-M 1,5 GHz, intgrant a chipset vido VX855. Another technical volution: the watered effect passes from 256Mo 1Go, and the storage space of 1Go 4Go (Flash NAND).
# the first modles of this XO-1. 5 should tre distribus leave the month D `aot. No price N `has for the moment T communiqu. But the XO-1. 5 N `are qu `a slap intermdiaire before the release D `a version 2 of the computer, which it will exploit chips ARM.
# a choice which foundation OLPC partly justifies by the ncessit rduire the lectric consumption of its computer. The XO-1 consumes on average 5 Watts of power. This version 2. 0 of the mini-PC should also inaugurate a very new design ().

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Sun Microsystems dvoile 7 new waiters quips in Intel Xeon 5500

Technology – the manufacturer amricain comes his turn from dvoiler a range of low waiters on the new processors Nehalem dIntel. The seven modles are rpartis on three families: Virtualisation, Company and Internet, and High efficiency.

Aprs HP, IBM, Dell, and
rcemment, Sun Microsystems has dvoil its range of waiters dowries of
processors D `Intel.

a rpartie offer on three families of products:
Virtualisation with Sun X4270 Fire and Blade X6270, the Company and
L `Internet with the Fire X4170 X4275, X2270 and the work station Ultra 27 and
finally High efficiency with Blade X6275.

These seven waiters have in common
to propose a multi-layer storage SSD/flash/SAS/SATA. The use D `one
moired flash ddie nonremovable east intends liminer the narrow parts
D `tranglement for the accs with give.

Sun announces the disponibilit immdiate
of these products. (Eureka Press)

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Office 2008 for Mac available in version 30

Microsoft proposes tlcharger a version dessai of its dernire office automation continuation for Mac.

C `is on its site amricain ddi with the Macintosh products that
Microsoft proposes since yesterday tlchargement free version D `test
of its office automation continuation Office 2008.

Valid during 30 days, this large file of 540 Mo includes/understands them
software Entourage, Excel, Messenger, Powerpoint and Word. Not this dlai, them
users will be able to buy Office 2008, matter in three versions.

the dition
Family and Students (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage) 149,95$; the dition
Office 2008 for Mac which adds the catch of load D `Exchange Server (399, 95$
in version intgrale and 239$ in setting day); Office 2008 Edition Media
(499,95$ and 299,95$ in setting day). The purchase can be done in tlchargement or
in club-footed version.

It should be noted that this offer D `test N `is not available in France
for the moment. (Eureka Press)

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Intel: the figure daffaires of the first quarter in fall of 26%

Stratgie – the founder comes from prsenter his rsultats of the first quarter 2009 with a figure daffaires of 7,1 billion dollars and a bnfice Net 647 million, in retreat of 55%.

For the first quarter 2009, Intel announces a figure
D `businesses of 7,1 billion dollars, in fall of 26% per report/ratio Mrs.
priode the Anne dernire. To 647 million dollars, the bnfice Net is him in
retreat of 55%, the bnfice by action falling 11 hundreds (56%).

Of the figures in
Net retreat qu `Intel allots to some extent the saisonnalit march. « Us
let us estimate that the sales of PC reached a floor in the first quarter and
that the tendencies saisonnires would have prsent to rtablir in all it
IT sector. Our company S `is well adapts the economic situation
conomic and we draw the bnfices D `thus a activit discipline and
ractive » , dclar Paul Otellini has prsident D `Intel.

Calling upon
« current conomic uncertainty » , Intel chose not to reveal CA
prvisionnel. (Eureka Press)

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Exchange Server 2010 available in version bta

Technology – Microsoft has just put on line the version bta dExchange Server 2010 which volue towards SaaS with lintgration to come in Office Online.

The version bta (64-bits only) of Microsoft Exchange
Server is available in tlchargement
since this morning. Among the news fonctionnalits, a button « e-mail transfers »
who allows to limit the number of mails not dsirs, another which gathers
all the emails D `Mrs. conversation in only one space or
possibilit to transcribe a message voice in text directly in Outlook.

As it had it dj annonc, Microsoft wants to make voluer its products towards
SaaS (Software Ace has Service). Thus Exchange Server will be it available on line through the continuation
Office Online prvue jointly Office 14.

the exit D `Exchange 2010 is
prvue for the second moiti of the Anne. (Eureka Press)

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