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SAP, Salesforce and Novell D? veloppent for Google Wave

Technology – Modeling of process for SAP, support and management of the client relationship at Salesforce. COM, integration with Novell Pulsates, a collaboratif tool for the companies: the professional applications for Google Wave are revealed.

Same if the application of communication in collaboratif mode of Google N `is still qu `in beta, several large actors of data processing S `interest already has and work has applications for the companies.

At the time D `a technical conference has Vienna, made the demonstration D `a news, makes a module for Google Wave of it. Its use is exclusively professional since Gravity east exploits to model processes trade in collaboratif mode in Wave.

As for, the specialist in the services points of disjunction for the companies, it developed a first extension for the management of the customer service. In video of demonstration put on line on, one sees a company there carrying out support for the one of his customers.

In addition to the discussion in real-time between the support and the user, Salesforce proposes an integration of Google Wave directly in its Web platform of CRM. Finally Novell especially laid the stress on interworking between its own application of groupware and that of Google.

Wave is intended above all has a public of private individuals, not has professionals. With, inspires by, but with an architecture adaptee in the world of the company, the editor thus hopes to answer waitings of the professionals interested by the possibilities of Wave.

Envisaged for a launching in 2010, Novell Pulsates is present like deeply just with thanks to Google. Thus, the code and the functionalities of the application will not be points of disjunction on a public waiter of Google but by Novell.

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L?? does national ducation adopt an architecture firewall virtualis? E and redond? E

Case study – To replace its fire walls install in 2003 and obsolescent in terms of flows and of functionalities, the ministry of State education has chooses an architecture has two levels of firewall with virtual authorities for filtering Internet, intern and IPS. Explanations with Cedric Foll, RSSI of the ministry.

The ministry of State education S `supports on an organization very dispersee puisqu `it counts more than 30 academies in the Hexagon and has Overseas. And this burst structure is found naturally on the level of its resourcefulness `information.

It data-processing of state education is composed thus of almost 15.000 sites inter-connect by a national VPN mainly bases on (a progressive migration towards the MPLS is set up) and with 30, each one equips with 100 has 200 waiters, of which with VMware ESX.

hearts of network master keys of 100 Mbit/S.A. 1Gbit/s

But the rationalization of the waiters by N `is not the only project to which the IT team of the ministry devote themselves. Thus in 2007, state education has decides D `to homogenize and to modernize its architecture of safety basee on equipment (Cisco PIX and Netasq) deployes in 2003.

« started has to show a certain obsolescence, as well as regards rise in load qu `in terms of level of protection, with in particular the absence of satisfactory functions IPS. Lastly, within state education needs for convergence of the services developed, of which it and, which was then with difficulty manage by our equipment » detailed Cedric Foll, of state education.

After 2003, the academic hearts of network are indeed master keys of 100 Mbit/S.A. 1Gbit/s even 10Gbit/s of flows, when the Wan bonds post from now on 100 Mbit/S.A. 1Gbit/s, against 10 Mbit/s before. On this only point of the flows, the evolution of the safety equipments is essential.

Four fire walls per academy with three virtual authorities

Jointly with Devoteam, is menee an intended study of 8 months has to collect from the administrators in academy the principal needs to which new architecture will have to answer. At the end of this first phase was launched in 2008 a call D `offers of the type, a procedure in which the candidates were pleasing has to design models.

C `is finally which is retained (integration, support and formation) for the deployment D `a solution has two levels of firewall with. Architecture includes/understands, on the 35 sites has to equip, four fire walls, the whole for a budget D `approximately 2,5 million D `euros.

« BT has proposes to us a solution integrating of the authorities of “; firewalling”; virtual. Thus we have a CheckPoint fire wall which carried out filtering Internet, a Fortinet authority making of the firewall intern, and a second virtual authority allowing to make on the whole of the network » Cedric Foll declares.

the setting in production begins in November 2008 on a pilot site, that of the academy of Clermont-Ferrand which lodges the center D `expertise networks and operational safety of state education. C `is also within this academy qu `is designed the model exploitee for the remote training of the administrators.

Correlation centralisee of the logs and center of safety planned for 2010

In February 2009, the pilot phase is wide has three academy …

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With Blue Insight, IBM proposes the largest cloud priv? existing

Technology – the American giant has advertisement the startup of his infrastructure of cloud computing baptisee Blue Insight able to store a petabyte data. Will Blue Insight be D? does access use in-house by the 200.000 employees D? IBM.

If IBM N `is not gets into the first train of the cloud
computing, the American firm put the means to make up for its lost time. Big
Blue has just presented its cloud deprives which is quite simply largest
ever conceived.

to give an order D `idea, IBM indicates that Blue Insight, C `is
its name, can contain on its waiters the equivalent of 250 billion
pieces of music. For the moment the cloud will be grinds in-house by
200.000 pay group which will reach has data stockees on one
hundred waiters. The system is built on the IBM waiters of the range
System Z and uses the solution of rachetee for 5 billion dollars in 2007.

IBM counts
then to market a service baptizes Smart Analytics Cloud which will propose
in particular the estimated ones on the incomes, the sales quotas, the ruptures
stocks and the levels D `inventory. (Eureka Press)

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Chromium OS: premi? LMBO D? monstrations Thursday November 19 at Google

Google sent invitations to the American press in order to invite the journalists Thursday November 19 has demonstrations has its seat of its resourcefulness `exploitation for PC, Chrome OS.

Chrome OS will be tomorrow a project qu `it was not to it jusqu `now (finally, in theory). To leave a resourcefulness `exploitation since, initially limits to the netbooks, the giant of research is completely dumb remainder.

But tomorrow Thursday November 19, the press will be able to discover, in the buildings of Google, a little more concretely this qu `is really Chrome OS. The draftings, of which, indeed received an invitation for demonstrations of the OS awaited in final version in 2010.

As its practice has, Google remains laconic and the invitation does not reveal anything on what hides behind this very generic term of demonstration. The day of tomorrow should thus probably bring new information relating to Chrome OS. What N `is not a quite great challenge…

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31% of the broken down portable PC during the three premi? LMBO ann? be

Technology – D? after a study of L? SquareTrade insurer, 31% of the portable PC break down during the three first years. All the manufacturers are not equal since the failure rate is of 15,6% on a PC Asus, but of 25,6% on a PC of mark HP.

class=”; pollactif”; >;
Survey of the 18/11/2009 to the 18/12/2009
Your portable PC knew a breakdown during the 3 first years. Which is its mark?









Not, it n' is not break down


Fragile laptops? C `is at least this qu `one could accept the reading D `a study carried out by SquareTrade, an American insurer, on a sample D `a little more than 30. 000 portable PC, of which netbooks.

As for any study, the results are has to take with some care, in particular because its author, has an economic interest (to sell insurances) has to communicate on the low robustness of the portables.

20,4% of material breakdowns during the three first years

conclusions N `do not remain less interesting about it. This study underlines the significant proportion of breakdowns on these computers. Thus, a computer on three would meet a dysfunction during the three first years which follow the act D `purchase. These 31% of breakdowns result from material problems (20,4%) and to a lesser extent from accidental damage (10,6%).

According to SquareTrade, the material breakdowns would be more important on (in the study, the computers D `a selling price of less than 400 dollars). During the first 12 months, the risk for a netbook to undergo a material breakdown is of 5,8% (for all 30.000 studied portable PC, this rate is of 4,7%).

This result N `is while oneself not surprising since this market segment is composed of PC has costs low, factories thus with components of less quality. Thus, the computers sold between 400 and 1000 dollars, have a failure rate of 4,7%. The top-of-the-range models (more than 1000 dollars) have them 4,2% of chance D `to be broken down the first 12 months.

D `after projections of SquareTrade, it is possible D `to estimate the failure rate (material) has 25,1% over three years, has 20,6% for the portables D `line entry (400 has 1000 dollars) and has 18,1% for the more expensive PC (1000 dollars …

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Office 2010 B? your is T available in? L? loading for all

Technology – For any owner D `Windows Live ID, the beta release of the office automation continuation of Microsoft is available in remote loading. It will be valid jusqu? at October 31, 2010 and can cohabit (partly) with another version D `Office already installee.

As we had it advertisement,
C `is well Wednesday evening, has it resulting from the conference of presentation made by
Microsoft in Professionnal Developpers Conference that beta D `Office 2010 has
summer officially launched.

It is available in. It S `acts of the version
Professional office Plus Beta which is proposed, and only it.

If them
users go on the site, they
S `will see that the remote loading of other versions N `is not active. It
is necessary beforehand S `to record to create LiveID of which users of
Hotmail or Messenger profits already. The navigators support are Internet
To explore, Firefox and Safari, but not Chromium.

Outlook « relooke »

Office 2010 Beta can cohabit with an Office continuation already
installee. It is necessary for that to select the ” mode; Personnaliser”; at the time of
L `installation. But attention all the same, the previous versions D `Outlook
and of SharePoint Workspace are inevitably updated. The one of
the most visible changes relates to D `elsewhere Outlook which adopts the Ribbon
for its interface and S `enriches by several new functions.

Outlook posts from now on a visualization of the emails by conversation. One also notes arrived it D `a shutter « People » who appears under
contents of the messages to synthesize a certain number D `information on
contact: last messages sent, updates made on networks
social… And this thanks to Social Connector. To save time, it is also possible to personalize fast actions in Outlook.

Not large change on Excel and Word

With regard to Word and Excel, the changes D `aspect
are tiny compared to the version 2007. The button Office east replaces by
small re-examined Fichier and corrects which launches the Backstage mode. This one gathers
all characteristics of the active document: previous versions, control
D `access, division, impression… Word receives also a side shutter of navigation
who presents the detailed plan D `a document with miniature sights of the pages.

With regard to Excel, two new options make their appearance:
“; Sparklines”; and “; Slicers”; . Sparklines are small graphs which
S `integrate has a cell to post seen D `a tendency. Slicers is useful has
to filter and segment the data on dynamic tables cross.

Videos affichees directly in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 directly posts from now on the videos instead of taking them
in enclosures and allows to sort the slides by topics. Microsoft also insists on the addition D `a pallet D `tools graphic allowing D `to carry out operations on images directly since PowerPoint (graph effects, to rout, etc. )

More the collaboratif one with SharePoint 2010

With SharePoint, the companies can reach has functionalities making it possible to work has several …

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the M? diator europ? in its opinion returned on the complaint D? Intel against the Commission europ? enne

Legal – In 2008, Intel deposited felt sorry for near the European Mediator for procedural irregularities made at the time of L? inquire into its business practices towards AMD. The Mediator recognized a “bad administration” but not of violation of the rights of defense.

The European Mediator Nikiforos Diamandouros delivered public the opinion
emitted last on July 14 following the complaint D `Intel.

The founder had seized
this authority in charge of the investigations into cases of « bad
administration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union »
July 10, 2008, asserting that irregularities had been made menee by the European commission on its unfair has the opposition D `AMD.

No violation of the rights of defense according to the mediator

Intel ensured in particular that
Commission N `did not have « bench the report D `a meeting with one
leader of Dell which S `is held on August 23, 2006, whereas this meeting
concerned directly inquires it antitrust of the relative Commission has Intel » .

On this point, the Mediator has gives reason to the plaintiff by recognizing one
« bad administration » but « no report as
a possible violation by the Commission of the rights of defense D `Intel has
» . Because this last also affirmed that the Commission had Dell growth has to pass
an agreement with AMD which thanks to that would have had access to the files D `investigation of

« J `hopes that my decision on this case will help
Commission has to improve its administrative procedures in S `ensuring qu `has
L `future its investigations antitrust are fully documentees » , has
concluded Nikiforos Diamandouros.

Intel ended up concluding one
with AMD while pouring to him in exchange of the stop of
continuations in the United States and Japan. The European commission had already
1,5 billion dollar D `has amends. (Eureka Press)

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