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Shelves Windows 8: Dell aims at the head of walk

Business – the manufacturer texan ré pè you qu’ he intends to make systè me d’ exploitation of Microsoft a pillar of its straté gie produced towards the companies, via in particular a range of shelves Windows 8.

Dell put much on supporting its activitA© on the segment Undertaken, has  the time on family PC and the shelves. With “We will be it  dA¨s the first day out of Windows 8 has” has in a maintenance on Bloomberg West TV.

In addition to the computers (desktop PC, portable, ultrabook), the manufacturer will propose A©galement a range of shelves Windows 8.

Strong demand of the companies for the shelves with Office

According to the owner of Dell, there is a strong demand on behalf of the companies for shelves on which can turn the Windows applications and in particular the Office software. A commercial argument on which it does count its?? to support to counter the percA©e?? who, according to a prA©vision of Forrester citA© by Bloomberg, would be on a rate of 10 billion dollars of sales to the companies this annA©e. What would explain also why Microsoft does not seem to want to carry has? ¦

Dell posts its intention to position like the leader of the segment of, but will continue has  to propose terminals under Android has assurA© Amit Midha, prA©sident it Asian branch. (Eureka Press)

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a cheap iPad in preparation?

Technology – One prê you &worsen; Apple the volonté of launching dé goal a 2012 « iPad mini » in the neighbourhoods of 200 dollars so d' to amplify its effect of range like it l' made for l' iPhone.

a iPad low-cost? AprA¨s to have circulA© during
long months have  matter of?? , my? me rumour its?? engage dA©sormais on the subject
Apple shelf. It has A©tA© lancA©e by an analyst of Ticonderoga
SecuritiesA, according to which has “has iPad
miniA has” will be lancA© dA©but 2012 for a price bordering the 200 dollars.

does term have “has miniA has” its?? would not apply has  size of the shelf but
well has  its tariff. One remembers indeed that dA©clarA© had that them
shelves of less than 9 inches A©taient vouA©es has  ?? A©chec. And?? one sees badly its
successors to take again the torch while commenA§ant by contradicting it….

To drive out on the segment of Kindle Fire

With a iPad
more accessible, Apple its?? the marchA© by bottom would open while coming to drive out on
the grounds da?? Amazon and of sound. A stratA©gie that the firm has 
has apple just set up for?? iPhone with the 3G S which becomes free,
and?? iPhone 4 of 8 Go which passes in midrange has  99 dollars.

According to
?? analyst citA© by Business Insider, the exit of?? iPad mini will be followed
launching da?? a iPad 3 during the deuxiA¨me quarter 2012. (Eureka Press)

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the German authorities admit having uses a Trojan horse

SA©curitA© – Several German Lands admitted having utilisé a police spyware within the framework d’ enquê your. Autorité S ensure that this use respects the law, which question Chaos Computer Club, for which R2D2 pré feels moreover faults.

R2D2, Ca?? is the name donnA© with the software spy conA§u for the German autoritA©s in order to allow the forces?? order to lead of A©coutes data processing. Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has publiA© the week derniA¨re source code of this program.

a German law authorizes?? use, under strict conditions, of this type of data-processing device. However, according to the CCC, not only R2D2 prA©sente of the faults, but he would violate A©galement the lA©gislation of the country.

a policeware utilisA© since approximately 2 years

Of the charges contestA©es by the German ministA¨re of?? intA©rior. According to did the site, citA© by The Register, several LA¤nders German, at least five, recognize that the local police had exploited this spyware for approximately two years in criminal cases and enquA? your liA©es with the drug trafficking.

But according to the autoritA©s, of which the minister of?? intA©rior of BaviA¨re Joachim Herrmann, the police Trojan horse has A©tA© utilisA© in the respect of the law, rA©futant by consA©quent the charges of Chaos Computer Club.

According to, the Trojan horse would have A©tA© obtained by the CCC by?? intermA©diaire da?? , Patrick Schladt. Would the program have A©tA© installA© on?? laptop of its customer has  ?? occasion of its passage to the customs has  ?? aA©roport international of Munich.

the German law violA©e?

On Naked Security, Sophos prA©cise that R2D2 (repA©rA© dA¨s 2010) allows da?? espionner of the calls on Skype, conversations on the transport instantanA©es, to supervise navigation Internet of the PC infectA© or da?? to record strike them keyboard.

a setting has  day has  outdistance, for example to install code supplA©mentaire, is possible A©galement. However, points out the sociA©tA© sA©curitA©, the German constitutional court prohibited with the police spyware to be able altA©rer the code of?? computer surveillA©, so in particular guaranteeing?? intA©gritA© of the evidence.

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the solutions of CRM weighed 9,1 billion dollars in 2008

The march of the management of the client relationship is rest dynamic in 2008 according to the indicators of the Gartner cabinet, with a figure D `increasing businesses of 12,5% over one year.
# the salesmen D `applications of CRM less have encaiss in 2008 pas than 9,15 billion dollars, that is to say 12,5% of more than the Anne prcdente. However, all diteurs N `did not know a succs quivalent.
# If remains leader in terms of share of march (22,5% compared with 25,5% in 2007), its figure D `businesses has stagn, drop by 0,1% over one year 2055 million dollars. Still a weight lger of the sector, Microsoft has on the other hand enregistr a growth record of its sales, +75%, propelling it the 4th place with 585 million dollars. Dynamics CRM would have crossed the course of the million D `users according to the ditor.
# Microsoft arrives thus derrire, troisime, and Oracle, second with a share of march of 16,1%. The spcialist of the CRM in hberg mode, Salesforce, has D `elsewhere boucl a good Anne 2008 with sales in rise of 45% according to Gartner. Its SaaS services allowed him D `to garner 965 million dollars of figures D `businesses. SaaS account dsormais for 20% of the sales in the CRM, against 15% in 2007.

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a pirate version of Windows 7 uses to infect computers

Of the repugnant versions of Windows 7 by a Trojan horse allowed pirates to constitute a rseau PC zombies strong D `approximately 30.000 computers according to researchers in scurit of the socit Damballa.
# D `aprs the experts in scurit of Damballa, the propagation of this version vrole of Windows 7 S `is translated by the infection D `approximately 27. 000 PC. Once the repugnant computers, the pirate used the waiter of contrle botnet to install D `other malevolent codes.
# D `other versions of Windows 7 embarking of the viruses circulate on Internet according to the researchers of Damballa. Finalit N `is not however systmatiquement to constitute a botnet, a rseau D `computers zombies.
# Trend Micro thus has identifi on sites of torrent one whose name lets believe qu `it S `acts of. It is in all the cases recommand for the users of on sites of confidence, and in particular that of the ditor.
# Windows 7 is tlchargeable free jusqu `in July 2009. The licence will remain moreover valid jusqu `June 2010, but with a dgradation of the fonctionnalits to start from March. This date passes, the user will be able to choose or not D `to acqurir the final version, and paying, of Windows 7.

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the netbooks reprsentent 20% of the march portables in the first quarter

Technologie – the figures of the DisplaySearch cabinet rvlent that the netbooks counted for 20% of the world march laptops at the time of the first quarter. Acer and Asus are the leaders incontests of this march.

In these times of rcession, the data-processing march connat it one as of its worst priodes. But as in D `other sectors, the low-cost car its pingle of the play.

According to the figures of the first quarter livrs by DisplaySearch, the netbooks have totalis 20% of the march portables in the world. And this malgr one of which we had parl.

Minus 47% for Asus and – 18% for Acer

Acer, the n1 of the netbook with 30,5% of shares of march saw its sales falling of 18% between the last quarters 2008 and first quarter of Anne. What does not have it empch deuxime place of the march of the Dell portables. Asus knew worst the dgringolade with one – 47% between the end 2008 and dbut 2009.

a thing is clear, according to DisplaySearch, the situation of the march of the portables would have T worse without the netbooks, moving back of 19% instead of 3% per report/ratio Mrs. priode the Anne dernire.

It is intressant to note that the strongest rate of pntration of these products is in the zone Europe the Middle East which adds up 45% of volumes. That S `explains in particular by the offers of the oprateurs of tlphonie who subsidize these apparatuses. (Eureka Press)

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Vente binds: Microsoft heard by the Commission europenne on June 3

Lgislation – Brussels has confirm which would hear the arguments of Microsoft in laffaire of the sale binds dInternet Explorer and Windows to leave June 3.

Aprs to have rpondu by crit at the end of April the calling into question of the Commission europenne, Microsoft will be heard by this one at the time D `a fixed audience at June 3. C `is this occasion which the firm will be able prsenter its arguments to counter the charge of distortion of the competition causes, according to the Commission, by the sale D `Internet Explorer and of Windows binds. This practice was dnonce the origin by Opera Software which had seized the authorities europennes in 2007.

In the course of procdure, Google, Mozilla and made it europen for the systmes interoprables (ECIS) of which IBM, Adobe, Nokia, Red Hat and Sun are members, have all T names third parties. The one of the voques options by the autorits europennes would be D `to oblige Microsoft prinstaller D `other navigators that it his in Windows.

A boulevard for Google

According to escapes rvles by Financial Times, Microsoft would intend to center its dfense on the following central argument: the intervention of the Commission europenne would have as a direct consquence to reinforce the monopoly of Google on the march of the online search. Why?

Because the competitor navigators, Firefox and Opera in particular, have agreements to use Google like search engine by dfaut. Without speaking about Chromium, the navigator house of Google. Microsoft would galement intend galement to put forward an infringement its proprit intellectual on Windows. (Eureka Press)

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