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Windows 7: launching on October 15?

Stratgie – According to a site spcialis, Microsoft would have planifi the exit of Windows 7 on October 15. A date which has T dj several times voque.

Maintenant that Microsoft has confirm
what much prdisaient, knowledge a launching of Windows 7 this Anne and
not dbut 2010, new the dfi is of connatre the exact date of

Paul Thurrott, organizer of the site comes from
to publish the quatrime and dernire left D `a file consacr with the new OS in
which it says all good qu `it thinks and announces of it that Windows 7 will leave it
October 15. It S `acts L D `a prdiction, bases on the planning of exit
adopt by Microsoft for the versions bta and release candidate. But the firm
N `has gift no indication going in this direction.

This N `is however not
premire time that the month D `October is voqu. Fine fvrier, the assembler
tawanais Compal Electronics working for Acer and HP affirmed qu `it
would receive the version Release To Manufacturing in September in order to
L `intgrer in the machines of its customers. Two months later, Acer has
confirm that Windows 7 would be available on its new PC all in Z5600 PC
to leave October 23. (Eureka Press)


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the Web server Microsoft IIS 6 vulnrable of the attacks

Scurit – a researcher in scurit has dmontr the possibilit daccder give protges on a Web server IIS version 6 grce a fault in WebDAV. Dautres applications of Microsoft could tre vulnrables.

A researcher in scurit, Nikolaos Rangos, comes from dvoiler on Full Disclosure a vulnrabilit in the technology of Web server of Microsoft, IIS 6. In a document publi on the site, the expert dmontre the possibilit of S `to free from any authentification for raliser of the actions against a waiter IIS.
# the attacks reveal by Nikolaos Rangos benefit D `a particularit from WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), which in IIS makes it possible to divide documents on Internet. Thus, grce of the requtes spcialement forging mills including/understanding of the caractres Unicode, the researcher could accder of however give accs protg.
# version 5 and 7 D `IIS are not vulnrables
# the fault of IIS is at the level of the interprtation by WebDAV of the caractres Unicode. In addition to the reading of files and the accs of the rpertoires ncessitant an authentification, Nikolaos Rangos has dmontr the possibilit tlcharger contents on a waiter, of which potentially malevolent programs.
# Another expert in scurit, S `supporting on the dcouverte Nikolaos Rangos, thus could excuter of the applications not – authorized on a waiter IIS. This action would be according to him ralisable only on IIS 6, and not on versions 5 and 7 of the software. But D `other applications intgrant WebDAV could S `avrer vulnrables.
# Inform of the vulnrabilit, has dclar N `to have for the moment report any attack. The autorit amricaine of scurit of the computer infrastructures, the US-CERT, fact it a whole. On its site, this service dclare qu `a code allowing D `to exploit this vulnrabilit is dj available and that attacks have T note.
# Microsoft prpare a bulletin D `alarm destination of its users in order to inform them of the solutions allowing them to prmunir itself against an exploitation of the vulnrabilit. Cisco has also ragi while publishing informing D `a risk D `intrusion.

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