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nVidia prsente Fermi, its new architecture GPU with the performances of supercomputer

Technology – the founder has dvoil his new graphics processor GT300 Fermi grav in 40 Nm and equipped with 3 billion transistors. Available dbut 2010, this GPU is destiny with the high efficiency applications.

C `is the occasion of its GPU Technology Conference that
has prsent Fermi, the new architecture of its new graphics processor

Grav in 40 Nm by TSMC, the processor counts 3 billion transistors,
more of the double of the gnration prcdente GT200 (1,4 billion transistors).
A worthy power D `a supercomputer that nVidia precisely intends for
calculations high efficiency (High Computing Performance).

« It is perfectly
empty that the GPU are dsormais processors of calculation parallle
gnralists having incredible graphic capacits, and more only of
graphics processors » , dclare Jen-Hsun Huang, the chairman of nVidia.

To make
GPU plus qu `a GPU, voil thus the mission of the GT300 which would owe tre available
dbut 2010. (Eureka Press)


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Oracle and Sun sassocient in the basic appliances of give

Technology – Oracle dlaisse HP for Sun and lance version 2 of its basic infrastructure of give Exadata. Lappliance combines quipements waiters and storage of Sun and the software Oracle 11g R2. The processors are signs Intel, not Sun.

Mrs. if acquisition N `is not yet valid, the two amricains groups approach technologically while annonant, a base of give Oracle 11g R2 couples Sun waiters.

Oracle has dbut on the march basic appliances of give by signing a partnership with HP, giving place to the launching of the offer Exadata, a basic waiter of give optimis for matriel HP.

Of Nehalem plutt that processors Sparc

Aprs in April for 5,6 billion dollars, therefore the Sun infrastructures. Vis-a-vis the competing products of Teradata and Netezza, Oracle thus aligns dsormais Exadata v2, combining the dernire version of its base of give (Oracle 11g Release 2) with waiters x4170 and the quipements of x4275 of Sun.

Exadata v2 is commercialis into four modles for rpondre diffrentes requirements of volumtrie and power. The configuration full rack comprises thus 8 basic waiters of give and 14 waiters of (100 To D `space by rack in SAS or 336 To in SATA). The basic version limits two waiters in all.

Aprs examination of the offer, one can notice qu `Oracle N `does not have pouss fusion jusqu `to call upon the processors house of Sun. Exadata v2 S `presses indeed on waiters bases D `Intel and not technology Sparc de Sun. In a rcente countryside, Oracle however announced its volont D `to invest in the Sparc waiters, more than Sun did it (in dveloppement and by recruitments).

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Microsoft rachte of technologies to enrich its ERP Dynamics

To enrich the functional cover by its software package Dynamics AX for the sectors of industry, from the professional services and the sale to the dtail, comes to repurchase technologies propose then jusqu `by four of its partners.

« With these acquisitions, we invest in dveloppement fonctionnalits that we incorporate directly in the standard of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the oppos D `D `which rachtent D `other companies and try of rconcilier their multiple offers with the march » , dclare in a communiqu Crispin Read, director gnral of Dynamics ERP.

Microsoft asserts a stratgie diffrente its competitors

the acquired solutions auprs partners, for amounts which N `do not have T communiqus, will be thus intgres nativement in. It S `acts, for the sector of industry, of Process Industries, an application D `intgration of the processes mtier.

In the field of the services, Microsoft acquires Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a solution prsente like « a single systme for grer of the projects and resources, the transactions financires, invoicing and the resource allocation. »

Finally on the sector of the sale to the dtail, puts the hand on a technology complte for the management of soldering irons of stores, the sales outlets and the goods.

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Confrence Apple: waitings due

Technology – Malgr the plthore dannonces made yesterday, Apple Na not surprised its world. One thought of hearing about shelf Internet and larrive about Beatles on iTunes… About the advertisements which could intervene lanne next.

L `euphoria causes by the prsence of Steve Jobs at the time of
keynote of Wednesday evening N `will have hard that the time of the confrence. Although provided in advertisements,
the Apple large-mass has alluvium on their hunger the majority of the observers which
awaited « heavy » .

a large rumour circulated matter of arrives of
Beatles on the iTunes. Vritable,
this project took again strength with the exit Wednesday 9 of the play The
Beatles: Rock Band including/understanding 45 pieces, in Mrs. time that the rdition
discography remasterise of the group, the day chosen by Apple for sound

Patience jusqu `with THESE of 2010?

All obstacles N `thus do not have T levs. However, it resulting from
confrence, Steve Jobs has confi a journalist of USA Today that it
project always conceals D `actualit: « we would adore to have Beatles on
iTunes. I think that will be for the nearest Anne » , dclare Steve Jobs.
He adds: « I am optimistic. Beatles and EMI have points rgler
but, once that will be done, iTunes is the first place O they want
that their work is available, and they there open arms &amp will be accomodated; #187; .

Other makes an attempt due, the prsentation of shelf Internet.
For much D `observant, it is not almost any doubt qu `Apple has one well
product in its.
However, not least small allusion yesterday. It is said that Steve Jobs would control
him-Mrs. the project to which it gives all its attention since its return.
Several prototypes would have T retoqus.

the owner D `Apple could it
carrment to bury doesn’t the project S `it consider it satisfactory? Apple can
aujourd `today almost all to allow itself. Certain sources speak now
D `an advertisement at the time it last quarters to see Mrs. at the time of THESE of Las Vegas in
next January. To thus follow… (Eureka Press)

to be also read:


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Project 2010 ambitionne to make the project management more accessible

Technology – As the other products Office, Project 2010 will take again the graphical interface bases donglets. To make the diffrence with its competitors, Microsoft put on lintgration with its software, of which SharePoint for the collaboratif one.

Produced range Office, Microsoft Project 2010, for the moment in version Technical Preview, will leave in the first half of 2010, in Mrs. time qu `Office and SharePoint 2010. The ditor asserts 20 million D `users of his management tools of project and 10.000 companies for the application waiter, EPM.

With this new grinding of Project, Microsoft wishes to target, in addition to the professionals spcialiss in the project management, a fringe D `users less familiariss with these tools and which for a share continue to make call of simple spreadsheves.

a collaboratif tool grce the intgration SharePoint 2010

On the level of the graphical interface, has dcid D `to add Project the 2010 ribbon (gathering the mitres), dj intgr . Among the news fonctionnalits of the software a systme of chronological plank appears galement, lment visual taking again the great phases D `a project.

« These give graphic will be gnres automatically by synthtisant the components of the project. This visual will be able tre copi such as it is in an email or a PowerPoint file, in particular to make reporting » prcise Frdric Bojman, Project product manager at Microsoft.

to facilitate the use of the application, the ditor dclare to have wanted to set up an approach of the less forced project management. Thus, at the time of the dcoupage of the project in tches, it will not be obligatory any more with Project 2010 of spcifier a date of dbut and end.

the diagram of Glove gnr will comprise the tches well, Mrs. if these give N `have T not seized. It S `acted according to Frdric Bojman to raise a brake the use of the tool. Lastly, put again on the intgration of with the other products of the range.

the price of the licence in rise of 10%

the importation of Excel document, which jusqu `prsent ncessitait to make grids D `quivalence, has T simplifi. With the intgration SharePoint, Microsoft intends to direct Project towards a collaborative dmarche, through the possibilit to set up a workspace storing the deliverable diffrents project.

Moreover, Project 2010 will comprise dsormais a Web mode allowing D `diter in particular a project. « This customer Web N `is not yet quivalent with the heavy customer, however one S `brings closer &amp to it; #187; ensure the Microsoft product manager. As for, the policy of the ditor is thus to make traditional on work station.

Lastly, the intgration S `tends to allow give project to circulate between the diffrentes parts associate with the project, without qu `it is not for example ncessaire with the dveloppor to leave his environment of dveloppement to seize days/man.

Bmol of this new version of Project: its price. Microsoft indeed announces an average rise of 10% for the standard, professional ditions and waiter. For the customer part of the software, the ditor dclare however to be located below …

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Octane III: the personal supercomputer of SGI

With the personal supercomputers, the manufacturers put the power the door of the more modest purses, like SGI with, commercialis to leave D `a little more than 5000 euros.

Octane III is a bulky work station destiny with the averages and large companies being able to accomodate, according to the modle, of 10 19 blades dual or individual socket.

In its version 10 blades, it undertaken can then lay out D `a computer of great power dowry of 20 processors Xeon 5500, 960 Go of moired and 10 hard drives of 2,5 inches.

Octane is galement available with processors Atom dual-core and graphics cards Quadro FX5800 (Nvidia) or C1060 Tesla.

the supercomputer is compatible with diffrents OS of the march, knowledge Microsoft HPC Server 2008, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

« Octane III is ddi with the scientists and the ingnieurs of offices D `tudes needing always more processing capability, without to have the possibilits dployer a cluster of calculation in their company » prcise SGI in a communiqu.

See also our gallery D `images
Supercomputers: world signal 10 in images

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New iPod: Touch and the Nano one, spearheads of new

Technology – By positioning liPod Touch like a vritable portable game console and by equipping the Nano dune will camra vido, Apple wants to touch a clientle even broader.

Apple does not make the things randomly. And if the firm the apple chose the iPod Nano plutt that Touch to receive the function vido on which everyone had bet, C `is for a trs good reason.

L `Nano iPod, with its 100 million D `exemplary couls is quite simply the most popular walkman numric in the world. To equip with the vido, D `a broader notch, D `a loudspeaker, D `a tuner FM and D `a podomtre, C `is to open the iPod Nano new uses and new customers… and to push the others to exchange to them « old man » Nano. One will be able for example transfrer the vidos (one hour maximum) on computer and the poster on YouTube. Without counting qu `149 euros into 8 Go and 179 euros in 16 Go, the iPod Nano are posed as an alternative allchante vis-a-vis small the camscopes SSD which N `does not offer so many functions.

L `iPod Touch, better qu `a portable console?

Do Nintendo and Sony have concern of facing offensive it iPod Touch? If it one believes of them the figures publis by, question N `has anything of causing.

According to give of ComScore, the account on the whole 21.178 titles of leisures and plays against 3.680 for the DS from Nintendo and 607 for the PSP. Of course, quantit does not say qualit. And D `lay out it a strong catalogue of plays of the titles more priss. But Apple has dj prouv qu `it can bind its products of the gravitational contents. The base installs of the iPod Touch (20 million D `units sold) has what to convince the diteurs of plays more the skeptics.

The proof, at the time of the keynote, Apple made to dfiler on scne some heavy lorries of the industry of the play vido which have adapt them hits for the iPod Touch. Assassin Creed II Discovery (Ubisoft) who leaves on iPod in Mrs. time that for the other consoles; titles headlight D `Electronic Arts like Madden NFL 2010, Need For Speed Shift, Command and Conquer and NBA Live or 35 plays signs Gameloft, the leader of the plays vido for mobiles.

iPod Touch for the occasional players

And to complete the dmonstration, Touch sees its performances increase with in particular the compatibilit Open GL ES 2. 0 identical it. Apple thus had good game to push the comparison with the portable consoles which N `do not have « D `multipoint tactile notch, not D `App Blind, and of the expensive plays » .

Remain that the « hardcore gamers » remain trs sensitive the brand image of their console and qu `they are not fond of delicacies multi-fonction pocket knifes. Let us guarantee that new Touch will sduira plutt occasional players. Let us point out qu `Apple has moreover baiss price of the iPod Touch 199 euros for the version 8 Go (against 229 euros), 289 euros for the 32 Go and introduced a modle 64 Go 379 euros. (Eureka Press)

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With Flash Platform Services for Distribution, Adobe wants to facilitate the diffusion dapplications Flash

Technology – Adobe has prsent aujourdhui its concept Flash Platform Services for Distribution: it must allow the users and the diteurs to directly share applications in Flash through the rseaux social ones, on PC or mobiles.

For the users, Flash Platform Services for Distribution goes
to allow to share Flash applications directly between them. The other
nouveaut is that the versions for mobile will be adapt the platform of
destination so that user N `has to make research him-Mrs. more.

For the diteurs, this new tool will enable them to promote, montiser and
to measure goes down for hearing it their applications, while not passing in particular the rseaux ones
social to practise a diffusion of the viral type. C `is the Flash adapt in Cloud computing, and for this reason, S `is associ with
Gigya, spcialis in the distribution D `applications on the rseaux ones

the Wall Street Journal Radio operator Widget will inaugurate this news
platform to diffuse new applications its listeners. (Eureka Press)


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The palmars of the hbergeurs laxists

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to take part &worsen; the discussion, you owe ê tre member of ZDNet. Fr and ê tre identifié .

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In order to guarantee a good spirit of participation, modé rateurs of ZDNet. Fr ré serve the right to remove/modify any message considé ré like advertising executive, out-subject or abusive (in particular in the event of defamatory or abusive comment).

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; The palmarè S of the hé bergeurs laxistes”; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; Lé quipe derriè Re WepAWet, é galement joint author of the trè S popular sandbox Anubis, put on line the site of the project FIRE (accronyme for FInd RoguE networks), which pré feels statistics dactivité malicious by opé rator ré bucket. “; ;

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Nouveaux services cloud: Colt put on the scurit to convince

Business – the oprator put much on this new offer which aims at the time SME and the large accounts. Discussion with Batrice Rollet, marketing director of division Managed Services at Colt.

More known in so much qu `oprator of rseau voice-dated high efficiency for the companies and service provider manags, Colt S `is lanc this T in the adventure of the cloud computing through a division ddie: Colt Managed Services (CMS).

This segment of march has indeed the wheel in motion (port in particular by the crisis) and undertaken it N `does not intend to miss to it stage coach with its offer baptizes Enterprise Cloud. It east constitutes D `one fuses three tages but this day, only first D `has T to between-them plac in orbit. It S `acts of Colt Managed Workspace which proposes a accs distance from the bureaucratic applications and
mtiers Microsoft (Office, Sharepoint, Visio, Project,

For as much, competition on this ground is dj trs hard. How the British count does diffrencier? “; Us minks the small time the large ones and the entreprises”; , explains us Batrice Rollet, marketing director of division Managed Services at Colt.

“; Indeed, all seek aujourd `today flexibilit and continuit of service, Mrs. in SME which N `do not identify the universe cloud forcment. But we make to measure, not fits pied”; .


And obviously, SME seems in the center of the priorits of Colt (like much D `other oprateurs D `elsewhere): “; 75% of SME identify hbergement the distance as a solution of continuit and of performance, especially lorsqu `they do not possdent in-house comptences to ensure this continuit”; , it adds responsible.

But Colt put especially on its rputation of solidit to make the diffrence. Whereas certain services hbergs as those of Google have multipli the breakdowns, the British proposes his rseau highly scuris and redond which in particular convinced of the banks and the trader sites.

“; The applications must function 100% of time, the externalisation rpond this problmatique. Still one needs qu `it is scurise. C `is a major stake because give them are critical. Our rseau highly scuris (standard ISO, 25.000 fibre kilomtres, 18 datacenters in Europe) is our chart of visite”; affirm Batrice Rollet.

Mrs. tonalit on behalf of Maggy Mac Clelland, Directrice of activit CMS of Colt that ZDNet. Fr has interrog. “; We matrisons all the processes: we possdons the rseau, the datacenter, C `is a solid foundation trs and indpendante. Our competitors cannot say autant” of it; .

Reste that Colt, malgr its efforts, N `is not the shelter of the breakdowns. one of its datacenter europens knew a major incident causing the cut of many services IP. Of what corner an brand image built on annes and to call into question this speech? …

For as much, this breakdown is a premire. “; To say that the solutions are sres 100% is a mensonge”; , tempre it responsible. And of prciser qu `are it is necessary D `access to raise the good questions (Which the hberger applications? It is necessary to know qu `they have a whole a level of scurit diffrent. Which are the needs?) so D `viter D `tre will confront problmes of scurit.

For Colt, the cloud in particular and the services manags in gnral are stratgic. “; They increase by 30% per annum “; , the oprator affirms. Next slaps: Colt Cloud Infrastructure Services which will provide services of storage and …

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