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Setting day Mac OS X 10. 5. 7: users mcontents

Scurit – Apple has publi Monday the setting day 10. 5. 7 of Mac OS X accompanies by 67 corrective measures of scurit. But about many users complain about problmes at the time of linstallation.

One awaited it in end of the week dernire, and C `is finally Monday qu `Apple put on line the setting day 10. 5. 7 of Mac OS X which could tre the dernire before arrives of Snow Leopard.

the new OS will be indeed prsent which dbute on June 8.

But a few hours aprs the setting on line, of many returns users made tat various problmes. Some have S `to take several times for tlcharger there the file of 442 Mo causes D `a message D `error concerning the lectronic signature of the package. D `others saw their Mac solidifying on a blue notch and last redmarrer several recoveries before all does not return in the order.

Tlcharger the setting day since the site Apple

Lastly, of the comments reports concern with the rsolution D `notch and of the monitors not correctly identifis.

This setting day comes with a large patch from scurit which does not correct less than 67 faults of which a good third could allow the excution D `an arbitration code. Apple N `does not have yet ragi these problmes. But the site gives some solutions and advises in particular tlcharger the setting day complte (Combo) directly since. (Eureka Press)

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Apple recruits an expert in scurit

Ivan Krstic, the former Mister scurit of the project of PC 100 dollars, One Laptop per Child, and spcialist of the fight against the viruses, has T recrut by Apple. Would the manufacturer have dcid to raise the taboos on the question of the scurit?
# It is still too tt to say it. Moreover, Ivan Krstic, which its recruiting by Apple, prcise not dtaille of its new function. However, taking into account its expriences master keys, it is probable qu `Apple has it recrut to precisely benefit from its expertise in scurit.
# Aprs to have dfini the scurit XO (L `computer of foundation OLPC), Ivan Krstic S `is invested in several projects in the field of the antiviral fight, of which it and.
# On May 11, Ivan Krstic dbutait its premire journe of work at Apple. , this expert must intervene on the scurisation of the core of firm of Cupertino. The thme of scurit N `is that seldom access by Apple, which had Mrs. encouraging the users to install an antivirus.

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a pirate version of Windows 7 uses to infect computers

Of the repugnant versions of Windows 7 by a Trojan horse allowed pirates to constitute a rseau PC zombies strong D `approximately 30.000 computers according to researchers in scurit of the socit Damballa.
# D `aprs the experts in scurit of Damballa, the propagation of this version vrole of Windows 7 S `is translated by the infection D `approximately 27. 000 PC. Once the repugnant computers, the pirate used the waiter of contrle botnet to install D `other malevolent codes.
# D `other versions of Windows 7 embarking of the viruses circulate on Internet according to the researchers of Damballa. Finalit N `is not however systmatiquement to constitute a botnet, a rseau D `computers zombies.
# Trend Micro thus has identifi on sites of torrent one whose name lets believe qu `it S `acts of. It is in all the cases recommand for the users of on sites of confidence, and in particular that of the ditor.
# Windows 7 is tlchargeable free jusqu `in July 2009. The licence will remain moreover valid jusqu `June 2010, but with a dgradation of the fonctionnalits to start from March. This date passes, the user will be able to choose or not D `to acqurir the final version, and paying, of Windows 7.

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the netbooks reprsentent 20% of the march portables in the first quarter

Technologie – the figures of the DisplaySearch cabinet rvlent that the netbooks counted for 20% of the world march laptops at the time of the first quarter. Acer and Asus are the leaders incontests of this march.

In these times of rcession, the data-processing march connat it one as of its worst priodes. But as in D `other sectors, the low-cost car its pingle of the play.

According to the figures of the first quarter livrs by DisplaySearch, the netbooks have totalis 20% of the march portables in the world. And this malgr one of which we had parl.

Minus 47% for Asus and – 18% for Acer

Acer, the n1 of the netbook with 30,5% of shares of march saw its sales falling of 18% between the last quarters 2008 and first quarter of Anne. What does not have it empch deuxime place of the march of the Dell portables. Asus knew worst the dgringolade with one – 47% between the end 2008 and dbut 2009.

a thing is clear, according to DisplaySearch, the situation of the march of the portables would have T worse without the netbooks, moving back of 19% instead of 3% per report/ratio Mrs. priode the Anne dernire.

It is intressant to note that the strongest rate of pntration of these products is in the zone Europe the Middle East which adds up 45% of volumes. That S `explains in particular by the offers of the oprateurs of tlphonie who subsidize these apparatuses. (Eureka Press)

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Microsoft: do launches of products too bring closer to make it possible the companies to dinvestir?

Stratgie – Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R 2, Office and Exchange 2010, as many major products than Microsoft will market in a short amount of time trs. Too much short so that the companies can plan their investments?

Between the end of 2009 and dbut 2010, Microsoft will launch new versions of its principal products: Windows 7 for the ftes of fine D `Anne, thus qu `a new version of SQL Server.

Voil for the heavy lorries, without counting ten D `tools for management and the scurit waiters currently in court dveloppement.

Spreading out of the investments

Certains analysts wonders how the companies will be able grer these transitions in such a short dlai. At the current hour, the tendency is the rduction of the cots and much D `undertaken, including the large accounts, do not prvoient D `important investments on their computer infrastructures.

planning is the word D `current order. Sign this volont, dpartement the amricain of work has enregistr as a fvrier a rise of 3% of the offers for posts of technical consultant. It is rather probable that the companies make choices and talent to the maximum their investments, on the two or three next annes.

a timing boulevers whose Microsoft could make the expenses. (Eureka Press)

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massive Recall of batteries at HP

Scurit – Not less than 70.000 of these components in the United States for risk of overheating even D `fire are recalls.

The long list of the massive recalls of batteries for potentially dangerous portable PC S `lengthens still a little more. This time C `is HP which less announces the recall of step than 70.000 of these components in the United States. These batteries lithium-ion factories in China have T market with tats-Plain between aot 2007 and March 2008.

the problme is always Mrs.: while overheating, these batteries can wound the users, even S `to ignite. D `elsewhere, two cases D `fire have T signals. The US one To consume Product Safety Commission (CPSC) thus has just published annonant procdure of recall installation by HP. The CPSC is trs clear on the subject: “; the consumers should arrter immdiatement D `use the products recalls, less, qu `they have reu D `others instructions”; .

free Replacement

the owners D `computers HP Pavilion dv2000, dv2500, dv2700, dv6000, dv6500, dv6700, dv9000, dv9500, dv9700, Compaq Presario A900, C700, F700, V3000, V3500, V3700, V6000, V6500, V6700, HP G6000, G7000 and HP Compaq 6720s are thus invits to contact customer service of Hewlett Packard to obtain a free battery of replacement.

Rappelons that at the end of 2008, C `is HP, Dell and Toshiba which annonaient the recall of 100.000 batteries factories by quipant
portable PC continuation the sending of 40 reports/ratios of overheating with
The United States. And in 2006, they are million Sony batteries, quipant the PC of several
large manufacturers, who have D tre recall for risks Mrs.

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a waiter Dell dowry of the processor Nano low-cost of Via

Technology – Lassembleur texan comes dannoncer marketing dun new waiter 400 dollars quip with the Nano chip from Via Technologies. Trs conomist in nergie, this processor quipe usually notebooks.

Dell tries a bet by proposing a new waiter low-cost
who will turn with a processor for notebook, Nano U225 of Via Technologies
cadenc 1,3 GHz.

This last consumes only 20 29 Watts full load and
its cooling is done with ventilators smaller than those
usually employs in the waiters. This new waiter XS11-VX8 too
Fortuna name will be commercialis soon 400 dollars.

Dell rserve this
offer to the large companies research waiters D `between range
destinies of the current tches like hbergement of Web sites. For Via
Technologies, it S `acts D `a vritable borer on a march indit, drives out
keep D `and. (Eureka Press)

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Aprs lamende record of lUnion Europenne, Intel could tre continued with the civilian

Legal – According to spcialists of the right, lamende for practices dloyales inflicts Intel by the Commission europenne could open the way of the complaints to the civilian on behalf of the competitors of the founder, of which AMD in tte.

the troubles S `accumulate for the glove of the chips. Aprs to have COP of strongest
fine never inflicts by the autorits europennes (1,06 billion D `euros), could be the subject of complaints to the civilian.

Convinced of practices
anti-competitive towards, the founder immdiatement made call of this
dcision. But according to several lawyers, the competitors D `Intel in the forefront
whose AMD, could plan to carry felt sorry for to the civilian for rclamer of

Because indeed, the 1,06 billion D `euros D `fine will go in
cases of the communaut europenne. No ddommagement will be allou AMD.
According to any probability, AMD and can-tre D `other firms would engage one
legal action which would probably balance by a friendly agreement matter
by Intel. (Eureka Press)

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the repurchase of Sun by Oracle contest by a group dactionnaires

Stratgie – Several shareholders of Sun have dcid to carry felt sorry for against the repurchase of 7,4 billion dollars concludes with Oracle, estimating that this transaction is unjust and inadquate.

Sun Microsystems has confirm that three procdures of the &amp type; #171; class action » taient carry out by shareholders dcids S `to oppose to the repurchase by Oracle. Those want to dispute this acquisition of 7,4 billion dollars (debt included) estimating qu `it is « unjust and inadquate » .

offers It D `Oracle assembles 9,5 dollars per action, well in of the sums dbourses by certain shareholders a few times before.

It will be necessary to have patience several weeks before qu `a date D `audience is not fixed by justice amricaine for tudier this complaint. Although this kind of procdure is not rare, it however has few chances D `to lead in measurement O Oracle has cash the ncessaire to finalize the purchase without difficult. (Eureka Press)

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Yahoo would plan to build one went back center in lEtat to New York

Stratgie – ngociations with the local autorits would be in hand in the sight of limplantation dun datacenter of 60.000 m which could crer a hundred demplois.

According to our confrres of the site eWeek, Yahoo and the snator of the State of New York, Charles Schumer, would discuss of construction D `a datacenter of 60.000 m in the West of the State with Cl between 50 and 100 crs employment.

Yahoo has confirm these discussions without meaning some more nor to fix of date. The firm has dj a project of dated center glove (150 000 m) in Nebraska which will employ about fifty people.

In Mrs. time, Yahoo S `is engag, under the impulse of its chairman Carol Bartz, in a policy of rduction of 5% of its world manpower with dj three and a little more than 3.000 stations supprims. (Eureka Press)

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