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Android, driving future of the netbooks and MID under Linux?

Analyzes – For Laurent Lachal, analyst at Ovum, Android should facilitate ladoption of Linux on netbooks ddis a prcis use and on MID (Mobile Internet Device). Personalization and weak cot is its major advantages on Windows.

Android, the OS of Google, could it start again the intrt of the public for the netbooks under Linux? C `is what Laurent Lachal thinks, analyst at Ovum, spcialis in the fields of the open source. Estimating that many articles publis since end 2008 make false route by indicating that Linux easily S `will impose on this march, it has men a tude whose conclusions are diffrentes.

It has D `access report that large manufacturers like Asus or Freescale S `intressaient more and more of the solutions bases on Android to try to produce machines 200 dollars.

In addition, Laurant Lachal estimates that the gnric distributions of the type have little chance of S `to impose, Microsoft with Windows XP aujourd `today, and tomorrow, having russi rpliquer on the march traditional netbooks its domination exerts in the field of the PC.

On the other hand, it is persuad that target distributions, like, are promised a great future on machines ddies a use spcifique and on MID (Mobile Internet Device). « Android has the wheel in motion on the level of the dveloppeurs and of the ISV (Independent Vendor Software) and on the march of the MID and the UMPC, the couple WIntel (Windows + Intel) is too expensive and badly position in term D `&amp use; #187; it has expliqu ZDNet. france.

Of the “; deals”; possible with the oprateurs tlphonic

« However for the netbooks in so much qu `appliance (ddi a prcis use, note), one needs not very expensive apparatuses and an OS spcific, diffrent according to the uses. »

It points also it in this adoption qu `it feels to come: « For the moment, they propose gnric machines but, the future, the netbooks in so much qu `appliance would owe them apparatre like gravitational. That will thus offer more to choice their customers more “; deals”; possible. And with Android, they lay out of more than possibilits of personalization all while being based on a platform standardizes. »

D `aprs him, the way on this segment would be D `as much more balis for Android that Microsoft seems to have it dlaiss. « They will russir a blow of matre with Windows on the gnric netbooks, by making it pay twice by the consumers: via a version support installs, dblocable towards a version more complte with the help of finance. But on the appliances, they would see plutt Windows Mobile and really do not seem to accept the succs of these apparatuses. However Linux is more adapt and adaptable for this type D `apparatuses. »

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TomTom counter-attacks in justice face Microsoft

Legal – the Dutch firm seized justice for the violation of 4 of its patents by the software Street and Trips from Microsoft. A response laction engages by the firm of Redmond against TomTom fine fvrier.

End fvrier, Microsoft assigned in justice the Dutch manufacturer of GPS TomTom, showing it to violate. Three of these patents related to the core Linux exploit with TomTom in its products. Microsoft explained to have tent D `in vain to succeed an agreement with the manufacturer and the signature D `a licensing agreement.
# Not only it undertaken Dutch question always enfreindre the intellectual proprit of Microsoft, but it has dcid galement to pass it offensive. TomTom thus assigns its turn its competitor in front of a court amricain, showing its products « Streets and Trips » to violate four of its patents.
# the lawyer of Microsoft, Horacio Gutierrez, cit by CNET News, dclare to want to continue to seek like exit with the litigation a licensing agreement. However such an agreement could S `avrer impossible for TomTom on the prcise question of the use of the Linux core. The distribution of the application under licence LPG of licences cross.

Which are the relles intentions of Microsoft?

For the dfenseurs of Linux, Microsoft seeks on the cot of the free software. According to Frdric Couchet, dlgu gnral of April « this action translated, not a volont D `to go to the end D `a procs, but to force TomTom to sign a licensing agreement. This stratgie of Microsoft N `is not new. It S `registers in a process of conomic war which aims to put the hand on actors innovating without passing by the judgment, which could prsenter the risk see some of its patents invalids » .

But if TomTom came to sign a licensing agreement with Microsoft, it would be put in fact in contradiction with the charter of licence LPG and would be likely to lose immdiatement right D `to use the Linux core in its GPS.

A stake qu `included/understood well the Dutch socit which, with its own complaint, account to undoubtedly bring Microsoft ngocier. (with Eureka Press)

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Oracle goes well and pours dividends

Whereas diteurs and manufacturers multiply the advertisements of dismissals, Oracle wanted dmarquer the occasion of the prsentation of its quarterly last rsultats. During the 3rd quarter of its tax Anne, Oracle flicite thus, by the voice of its chairman Larry Ellison, D `to have sold more licences qu `one year more tt.
# a performance that the owner of ditor N `does not have manqu to propose in a context conomic O the sales tighten dgrader. On the quarter, the figure D `businesses S `lve 5,5 billion dollars, in rise of 2% over one year. The bnfice Net (GAAP) cde 1% 1,3 billion dollar.
# exceptional Versement of dividends to the shareholders
# For Larry Ellison this fall is ascribable with the variations of exchange. With fixed exchange rate, the sales have progress of 3% thus, estimates the ditor of software package. Oracle can also count on the good one sant of sound activit of maintenance, which over one year has gnr 11% moreover, 2,9 billion dollars.
# Over 12 months, the trsorery posts 8,5 billion dollars (+17%). Oracle thus has dcid D `a gesture to which it is however little accoutum: the payment of dividends its shareholders. The latter will perceive 5 hundreds per action, and quarter.
# the first competitor D `Oracle, SAP, had to him also worms of the dividends for 2008: 600 million D `euros. German galement had galement promised D `to grant to the shareholders 30% of the bnfice Net of 2009. These dcisions had suscit the indignation of the trade unions, the ditor having paralllement annonc.

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MIX09 – Microsoft announces a dconnect mode for Silverlight 3

Technology – has loccasion of its confrence for dveloppeurs MIX09, which is held Las Vegas, Microsoft has lev the veil on the nouveauts bring its platform of cloud computing Azure, and the version bta of Silverlight 3, which will be able tre available in ” mode; off line”; .

Organizes of the 18 at March 20 Las Vegas, confrence MIX09 is the occasion for Microsoft to make to the point with the communaut dveloppeurs on its tools and their future versions. If the journe of Thursday is place under the sign of launching D `, the first day of this vnement has T devotes, offers it cloud computing of Microsoft, and the version bta of 3, its tool for applications Internet rich person (RIA).

Windows Blues

Microsoft has annonc the support of the FastCGI languages and PHP, the &amp mode; #171; Full trust » for amliorer the level of flexibilit for the dveloppeurs via the assumption of responsibility of native code, but also the transformation of service SQL Data Service into vritable bases give relational, as well as the installation D `a service of golocalisation which allows the redundancy of give and to codes on two centers diffrents so D `amliorer the disponibilit D `went back a service.

the news bta D `Blues more open to the dveloppeurs

Ct figures, if the firm of Redmond always refuses to communicate on the number of participants the version bta of his Azure service, Laurent Ellerbach, the marketing director of division platform and ecosystmes at Microsoft France and interlocutor privilgi of the ditor auprs of his communaut dveloppeurs, has us contribution the following prcisions.

« For the moment, we voluntarily had limit the number of participants the version bta D `Azure, for the rserver a public D `early adopters but also to allow one goes up in progressive load on our waiters. This news bta will be much more open. In addition, one sees dj arriving the first low services on Azure like BPOS () » .

Bta de Silverlight 3

L `announces important journe D `opening has especially T that of the version bta of Silverlight 3, the environment Rich Internet Applications (RIA) of Microsoft, competitor of Flash and of. The gross nouveaut of this version 3 is the disponibilit D `a dconnect mode, making it possible to make turn outwards of the Silverlight applications D `a navigator.

Effort on the graphic capacits of Silverlight

Microsoft has also much travaill on the graphic capacits of its environment, following the many returns of the users on. Intgration of new codec for the vido (of which H264), dealt with of the three-dimensional chart acclration (when the matriel allows it), bitmap caching to apply effects of the photographs and vidos, as many visual technologies which, D `aprs Microsoft, should simplify the tche programmers for crer applications more succeeded Rich media.

« We will dsirons to offer more D `tools for the plays but also for the mlange between vidos, photographs and 3D in Silverlight 3, which must allow to the dveloppeurs crer sites even richer » explain Laurent Ellerbach matter of these new functions.

a version of Silverlight in dveloppeme …

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Malgr the crisis, the sales dcrans LCD are in rise

tude of case – the flat sales dcrans (TV and PC) know a progression for the premire time since 2008. Examination of the shares of march of the main actors D `a segment domin outrageusement by LG and Samsung.

Malgr a clown conomic situation the march of notches LCD goes well according to a tude of the cabinet spcialis DisplaySearch. D `aprs his report/ratio, the delivery D `notches LCD is in growth for the premire time since months. The number D `notches livrs reaches the 29,5 million D `links with a figure D `business of 2,69 billion dollars.

With the wire of the months this march knew a growth of 23% with an increase in the incomes of 14% for the month of fvrier. A good sign, since the situation conceals mdiocre since September 2008 and that the prvisions taient more pessimistic for 2009. For the DisplaySearch cabinet, the majorit of the deliveries comes from rush orders and the requests for rassort of the customers.

Samsung numro 1 world on total the

In the dtail, the notches D `computers know a growth of 21% and the TV of 11%.

C `is Samsung which sold overall more D `notches with 30,2% of shares of marchs. LG took the deuxime place with 26,8%.

LG, leader on the TV and notches of portable PC

On the other hand, lorsqu `one looks there moreover prs Samsung N `is not forcment gaining on the whole of the segments. For the notches of portables, C `is LG which gains the palm with 32,2% of shares (29,9% for Samsung and 15,9% for AUO). For the monitors of PC, Samsung is still in tte with 27% of shares, (23,2% for LG and 16,4% for CMO). Finally LG is in tte on the march TV with 26,8% D `units sold (Samsung 25,2% and CMO 17,9%).

L `tude galement carried on the segment of the notches of 5 inches 10,2 inches which has augment of 69% compared to the month prcdent. A growth of the sales of netbooks explains certainly this spectacular rebound. (Eureka Press)

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Gallery D `images: Signal 5 of the products tests this week on ZDNet. Fr – ZDNet. Fr

Living room of Genve

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Copyright &Copy; 2009 Interactive CBS. All Rights Reserved. Confidentialité


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Nec and SAP sassocient to sell ERP and waiter

Technology – Nec book dsormais a matrielle architecture complte intgrant Business All-in-one, lERP of SAP destiny at SME. Asset of Nec Business in has Box: the facilit of dploiement. Competition for SaaS?

Nec Business in has Box is alliance between the Nec manufacturer and the German ditor aiming to market, destination of SME, matriel and software in a package offer. The product all-in-a combines thus infrastructure NEC FlexPower (Chssis 6U), with waiters under distribution (with support), and the ERP from SAP: Business All-in-one.
# Ct matriel, Nec Business in has Box includes/understands storage space partag and switches redundant Ethernet Gigabit. The software part is thus ensures by SAP via its ERP, but also by the intgration of the base of gives MaxDB, an application Open Source Co-dveloppe by SAP and MySQL, like by a module D `administration of waiter of Nec.
# Nec and SAP intends clearly Nec Business in has Box at SME. The offer is indeed markets under two configurations: 100 or 200 users. Except SAP licences, the price D `purchase is of 21.600 euros HT. The customer will have still to thus acqurir his licences of the dition medium businesses of the ERP.
# Of the offers matriel+logiciel dj in BI and the scurit
# the advantage revendiqu of the solution is to limit lasts it of dploiement, a factor often blocking for SME, which in many cases prfrent software packages in hberg mode. Nec Business in has Box is livr with a version Pr-configures of SAP Business All-in-one. An online service makes it possible however to configure the application to adapt it its needs.
# the ide D `to associate matriel and software N `is not new, Mrs. if it tightens dvelopper in the manufacturers of waiters because of the fall of the sales and the pressures on the prices. In the field of the Business Intelligence (BI), Netezza and Teradata have both put on dcisionnelles appliances.
# These botiers are galement trs rpandus in the field of the scurit to combine, the request, on a matriel optimis, several software bricks: antivirus, antispam, prvention D `intrusion, VPN,…
# SAP always discrete in SaaS
# Quant the intrt of the diteurs the gard of SME, it N `is not either rcent, Mrs. if the marketing of heavy solutions by nature, or perues like such, S `avre complex. In the Business Intelligence, Oracle has for example lanc in 2007 an offer package destination of SME including/understanding bases give, tool D `LTE and waiter dcisionnel.
# On the target of the medium businesses, SAP S `is dj position through Business All-in-one and One Business. The German ditor conceals galement waited with his offer in SaaS mode. Dploiement of the version remains for the moment limits six countries, of which France (the disponibilit had moreover T diffre 18 months). A deuxime grinding is in dveloppement. The questioning of traditional sound modle low on a software install into hard on the waiters of its customers N `is not ease for SAP.

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AMD takes Intel with the word and says prt to make public laccord of licence crosses

Stratgie – AMD has jet a VAP in enough by saying prt dvoiler the contents of laccord of licence crosses with Intel condition that this one agrees to reveal the evidence produced against him within the framework of antitrust procdure.

arm wrestling between AMD and Intel continues with new
bounce. Aprs to have the first time refusal, AMD S `is known as finally
prt to make public the contents of the licensing agreement believe which binds it
Intel. And that to prove that its joint
venture with a bottom D `investment D `Abu Dhabi, intends externaliser
its production, does not violate the agreement not in 2001 with Intel.

This last threatens
this valid partnership jusqu `in 2010, which authorizes AMD to conceive
processors on the basis of architecture x86 D `Intel. However, AMD matched
its assent to reveal the contents of the agreement D `a condition: qu `Intel
agree in return to make public the provided evidence its opposition in
procdure for dominant whose it is the object since 2005.

a business in
which AMD rclame 3 billion dollars of damage and intrts Intel. Who
N `has blow not forcment an important room for maneuver trs to impose its
sights… (Eureka Press)

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Rumors of redemption of Sun by IBM

Business – According to Wall Street Jounal, of the discussions would be in hand for dune acquisition of Sun by IBM. Assembling repurchase: prs of 7 billion dollars. Dbut March, Gartner voquait the consolidation on the march waiters.

What N `is for the moment qu `a rumour has at least the mrite to rjouir the financial marchs and to make leap the title of Sun. According to information of the Wall Street Journal, IBM and Sun would be in full ngociation from the point of view D `a repurchase.
# the amount of acquisition is Mrs. avanc by the journalists amricains: between 6,5 and 7 billion dollars, is a premium of 100%. A price D `purchase and a rumour which entranent dj a vritable frnsy New York Stock Exchange. The title of Sun S `is take-off of prs of 60%, climbing almost 8 dollars.
# IBM has 13 billion dollars in case
# Neither Sun nor IBM N `having wish to comment on information, acquisition remains the tat of rumour. Taking into account its power financire, IBM is moreover rgulirement associ of the rumours of this nature. The glove amricain is thus galement cit by the Indian press like one.
# If the opration were confirmed, it S `would act for Big Blue of sound more important repurchase, that is to say more than them. IBM lays out nanmoins of the sufficient basket financire to undertake such a project and to consolidate even more the marchs waiters and storage. At the end of 2008, the owner D `IBM, Samuel Palmisano, voquait a trsor of war of 13 billion dollars.
# an acquisition of Sun pageantry premire seen like the questioning of the stratgie D `IBM, and of sound dsengagement of the hardware to the profit of the services and the software. The economic situation, and its impact on (- 11,7% in the 4th quarter 2008) and D `, make also a fusion prilleuse.
# Sun lost 71% of its stock exchange security in 1 year
# But the context conomic cre also of the opportunits. At the time of the prsentation of the figures of the march of the waiters at the last quarters 2008, the analyst of Gartner, Heeral Kota, had D `elsewhere voqu possible movements of concentration. For competition on a march in fall, it is also necessary to add
# Particulirement rod by its successive rorganisations and by the crisis, Sun lost much of its value (- 71% in 12 months), making of the company a possible prey.

an acquisition then reprsenterait for IBM the opportunit of S `to seize D `a competitor price case. Big Blue should however then S `harness to continue the reorganization of Sun, O 6000 redundancies are dj in progress.

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Grve of March 19: common front of the salaris of sector IT

Socit – Bulls, HP, EDS, IBM, Ilog, Atos, Capgemini, Altran, T-Systems, France Tlcom will dfileront at the time of the journe D `action of March 19. Reorganizations, pressure on the wages and dsormais chmage partial mobilize.

The journe of mobilization of March 19 will not gather only the public sector and the companies deprive of industry keys by redundancies. The movement of grve will be indeed also the occasion for the actors of the data-processing world it to go down in the street, with D `elsewhere links.
# the trade-union organizations of Bull, HP, EDS, IBM and Ilog have dcid indeed dfiler tomorrow cte cte. The claims relate above all to the dfense of employment and the wages. A question particulirement significant at HP-EDS O the direction has demand its salaris D `to accept falls of rmunration.
# the subject owes D `elsewhere tre discut aujourd `today in France, March 18, the occasion D `one made D `undertaken. The trade unions and salaris of two companies, HP and EDS, in full fusion, will be thus in the street, for the deuxime time since the dbut of the Anne. At the time of the national demonstration of January 29, they had dj beaten the VAP, with the cts D `elsewhere of the salaris D `IBM.

Replacement of the intercontrat by partial chmage the tude

For this news journe of grve, they will thus be joined by the grvists of Bull and (rachet in 2008 by IBM). They will find HP, EDS and IBM 14 hours in front of the Opera Bastille before dfiler under a common streamer.
# the salaris of these companies will not be however to only make grve tomorrow on Paris and in rgion. The trade unions of several software firms have them also call to express. C `is in particular the case at Capgemini, T-Systems and Altran.
# the salaris D `Altran should be in particular mobilized against the dcision of the direction to set up measurements of chmage partial, a not very common practice in the socits of data processing departments. the journe D `interprofessional activity will take part galement, so inter alia requiring a revalorization of the wage minima of the branch.

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