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new an Apple Store s& 039; install in the main station of New York

Technology – This new Apple Store, which must open the 9 dé cembre, is situé &worsen; Great Exchange, the station of Manhattan which sees passing more than 700.000 travellers by day.

Ca?? A©tait certainly?? one of the best sites
commercial of the city and Apple Na?? ratA© does not have?? occasion. 9 dA©cembre, one
new will open its doors in the cA©lA¨bre station Grand Exchange of
Manhattan. The store trA/ne on the balcony supA©rior of the principal hall oA?
750A 000 people per day and jusqua circulate?? With  1 million during
pA©riodes of holidays.

Apple Na?? communiquA© does not have dA©tails on?? fitting and
the surface of this 5th New Yorkean store but of the semi-official sources speak
from 2.000 my ². Any Na?? is however not perfect….


Of the advantageous conditions of hiring trA¨s….

a enquA? da comes you?? With? tre
opened by the services of?? State of New York on the conditions
particuliA¨rement advantageous of the lease of hiring dA©cennal concA©dA© has  Apple.
It makes following according to which the rent of
800A 000 dollars fixA© for the premiA¨re annA©e is clearly in lower part of it
what pays signs directly close to this Apple Store.

In addition,
Apple would be only among the hundred commerA§ants installA©s in the station has 
not does not have? subjected tre has  a division of its receipts with Metropolitan
Transportation Authority (MTA) which gA¨re beams.

For its dA©fense, the MTA has
affirmA© qua?? Apple would pay 180 dollars of the my ² during the 10 years of the lease, that is to say 10
time the sum versA©e by prA©cA©dant occupying of the places. (Eureka Press)

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SaaS: SAP acquires SuccessFactors for 3,4 billion dollars

StratA©gie – SAP complè you his wallet of management software of human resources in acqué rant l’ amé yankee SuccessFactors – who markets services in SaaS mode. L' é German ditor continues his straté gie of dé veloppement in Cloud, the mobile and the software " one premise" .

AprA¨s Sybase in 2010?? German A©ditor again puts several billion dollars on the table for a new opA©ration of external growth. This transaction its?? registered voter in by SAP aiming at a doubling of the incomes da?? here 2015.

to reach that point, and dA©velopper its activitA©s, in particular in the sector of the software in mode hA©bergA© (rebaptisA©s Cloud services), the amA©ricaine subsidiary company of SAP concluded an agreement with SuccessFactors for a A©valuA©e acquisition has  approximately 3,4 billion dollars (40 dollars per action, is a premium of 52% compared to the course of clA/ture of the 2 dA©cembre).

SAP wants has? tre more prA©sent on the software hA©bergA©s

markets management of the performance including/understanding of the modules destinA©s to the da chiefs?? company, but especially of the modules of human stock management (rA©munA©ration, recruitment, A©valuationa? ¦).

\#?? da offers?? purchase has A©tA© approuvA©e has  ?? unanimitA© by the members of the comitA© of direction of SuccessFactors. ?? will acquisition of 3,4 billion dollars be financA©e by a payment in numA©raire and grA? it has  a prA? T da?? a billion dollar.

has “the solutions of SuccessFactor are highly complA©mentaires of SAP as well as of its strong credits in Cloud: SAP ByDesign Business for the marchA© of the continuations Cloud and SAP Sales one Demand for the large companies has” comment on the two companies in one.

SuccessFactors: does 205 million CA in 2010

have “Cloud is with Ca? ur of the future growth of SAP, and the combination of the leadership of SuccessFactors and the technology of SAP will allow to crA©er a powerful actor of Cloud. ?? acquisition will help us has  rA©pondre has  ?? together large prioritA©s of the chairmen has?? gA©rer the people and the talents has” dA©clare the Co-leader of SAP, Bill McDermott.

concrA¨tement, SuccessFactors brings has  SAP 15 da million?? paying users has  its services hA©bergA©s and more than 3500 customers rA©partis in 168 countries. With believing of it the communiquA© of?? Is German A©ditor, SuccessFactors A©galement a sociA©tA© in growth with a figure da?? does increasing businesses of 59% during the first 9 months of 2011 have?? compared to  2010.

On the tax prA©cA©dente annA©e, SuccessFactors has rA©alisA© a figure da?? businesses da?? approximately 205 million dollars (+35% compared to  2009) .

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Intel does not undergo the crisis in the 2nd quarter

Business – the gé ant of the microprocessors posts once again a quarter in big rise with a bé né fice Net in progression of 10% &worsen; more than 3 billion dollars.

For the moment, gA©ants IT do not dA©A§oivent. AprA¨s the trA¨s good figures D `Apple and, C `is with the turn D `to show its muscles. MalgrA© a marchA© of the difficult PC and its absence of the segment of the smartphones, the group posts has  new one solid quarter trA¨s.

For its deuxiA¨me tax quarter, the founder makes A©tat D `a figure D `businesses of 13,1 billion dollars (9,2 billion D `euros), that is to say a rise of 22% compared to  the annA©e prA©cA©dente. C `is well with the top of the prA©visions of the analysts. Especially, for the 5th consA©cutif quarter, it S `acts of incomes record.

# the bA©nA©fice Net reaches 3,2 billion dollars (+10% on a a), that is to say a BPA of 59 hundreds, against 51 hundreds awaited.
# “; The strong demand of the companies for our technologies more avancA©es, the rise of the portable units and the traffic Internet, which has alimentA© a growth of the centers of donnA©es, as well as the fast rise of data processing in a©mergents countries, have dA©bouchA© on rA©sultats records”; , has expliquA© the director gA©nA©ral Paul Otellini, citA© in a communiquA©.

These favorable factors have more than compensA© “; the weakness in
general public in the marchA©s matures”; , prA©cisA© the finance manager has
Stacy Smith.

Entrusting, the group has profitA© of it to re-examine the rise its prA©visions. It counts on receipts of 13,5 has  14,5 billion dollars, against 13,48 billion dollars awaited by the analysts, and on an increase in its gross margins (62% has  66%, against 61% in the first quarter).

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New wave of dismissals at St-Ericsson

Business – the joint venture fondé E by STMicroelectonics and Ericsson has programmé a new d&amp plan; #039; é conomies of 120 million dollars which pré the removal of 500 stations sees. It s' acts of the troisiè me reorganization since 2009.

Bad news for St-Ericsson which has annoncA© qua?? it N `would not achieve its goal of return has  ?? A©quilibre with the deuxiA¨me quarter 2012. Did the joint venture fondA©e in 2009 by STMicroelectronics and Ericsson lose 178 million dollars during the first quarter 2011 and the value of its action has chutA© of 17% since the dA©but of?? annA©e.

Face has  these difficultA©s, St-Ericsson, which produces, has annoncA© a new restructuring plan which aims has  rA©aliser 120 million dollars da?? A©conomy per annum da?? here has  at the end of 2012. This prA©voit plan in particular suppression of 500 employment.

Retour has  A©quilibre prA©vu in 2013

Ca?? is the troisiA¨me reorganization since the crA©ation of the joint venture which had dA©jA  supprimA©, then still 600 in 2010. Does St-Ericsson count aujourda?? today 6700 salariA©s. the return has  ?? A©quilibre will not be reached before 2013. ConsA©quence, STMicroelectronics underwent full whip this bad news by seeing its action knowing the strongest fall of the CAC 40 yesterday with a passing of 5% has  6,46 euros. (Eureka Press)

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31% of the broken down portable PC during the three premi? LMBO ann? be

Technology – D? after a study of L? SquareTrade insurer, 31% of the portable PC break down during the three first years. All the manufacturers are not equal since the failure rate is of 15,6% on a PC Asus, but of 25,6% on a PC of mark HP.

class=”; pollactif”; >;
Survey of the 18/11/2009 to the 18/12/2009
Your portable PC knew a breakdown during the 3 first years. Which is its mark?









Not, it n' is not break down


Fragile laptops? C `is at least this qu `one could accept the reading D `a study carried out by SquareTrade, an American insurer, on a sample D `a little more than 30. 000 portable PC, of which netbooks.

As for any study, the results are has to take with some care, in particular because its author, has an economic interest (to sell insurances) has to communicate on the low robustness of the portables.

20,4% of material breakdowns during the three first years

conclusions N `do not remain less interesting about it. This study underlines the significant proportion of breakdowns on these computers. Thus, a computer on three would meet a dysfunction during the three first years which follow the act D `purchase. These 31% of breakdowns result from material problems (20,4%) and to a lesser extent from accidental damage (10,6%).

According to SquareTrade, the material breakdowns would be more important on (in the study, the computers D `a selling price of less than 400 dollars). During the first 12 months, the risk for a netbook to undergo a material breakdown is of 5,8% (for all 30.000 studied portable PC, this rate is of 4,7%).

This result N `is while oneself not surprising since this market segment is composed of PC has costs low, factories thus with components of less quality. Thus, the computers sold between 400 and 1000 dollars, have a failure rate of 4,7%. The top-of-the-range models (more than 1000 dollars) have them 4,2% of chance D `to be broken down the first 12 months.

D `after projections of SquareTrade, it is possible D `to estimate the failure rate (material) has 25,1% over three years, has 20,6% for the portables D `line entry (400 has 1000 dollars) and has 18,1% for the more expensive PC (1000 dollars …

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the technological firms trustent the classification of the most powerful marks

Business – This classification, tablit by BusinessWeek, are based on the incomes gnrs but also on their capacit sduire the consumers.

Like each Anne, the magazine BusinessWeek (aid by the socit of Interbrand council) publishes its classification of the 100 most powerful companies and most popular. A classification ralis to start from several critres: the figure D `businesses, internationalization, or their aptitudes sduire consumers.

Few changes in this vintage 2009: Coca Cola remains the most powerful firm and more apprcie according to the magazine. Derrire, one observes nanmoins a strong prsence trs technological companies.

9 companies franaises

IBM is thus deuxime with a value estimates 60 billion dollars followed of (56,6 billion compared with 60 in 2008) and the 5th place (34,8 billion dollars).

In the 20 premires places, one counts 9 technological companies. passes from the 10th 7th place with a `value `of 32 billion dollars, is 9th (less 2 places), 11th, gains three places and occupies the 14th rank, Samsung is 19th.

Malgr a brilliant Anne 2009 trs, N `occupies that the 20th rank with a `value `of 15,4 billion dollars, but gains 4 places in one year.

Blackberry N `is that 63e (+10 rows) and occupies modest a 64e place. Adobe makes its between the 95e place.

the premire undertaken franaise is located the 16th place: it S `acts of Louis Vuitton. One counts only 9 hexagonal firms in this Signal 100…

# the 30 premires places of the classification BusinessWeek

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Dell is reassured in the 2nd quarter malgr sales lowers

With a figure D `businesses quarterly in retreat of 22% over one year, 12,76 billion dollars, environment would owe a priori tre plutt morose within the manufacturer amricain. C `is however the opposite feeling which prdomine and the title dimensioned thus in rise of more than 6% aprs announces it quarterly rsultats.
# Indeed, Mrs. if N `cap not, the rsultats are awaited nanmoins better qu `and leaves by consquent esprer a new amlioration during the second half-year 2009. Admittedly the bnfice Net, 472 million dollars, is infrior that enregistr in the 2nd quarter 2008 (616 million dollars), but it is maintained malgr a whole acceptable level taking into account the context conomic.
# the sales with the companies gain 3% between 1st and 2nd quarter
# is hard touch with sales in fall of 32% 3,3 billion dollars. However, enters and the 2nd quarter 2009, the figure D `businesses increases by 3%, thus translating a dbut of recovery. On Mrs. interval, the march of the public sector gains 20% (but 16% lose over one year 3,8 billion dollars).
# the sector of the small and medium-size companies (2,8 billion dollars of CA), on the other hand, delays to find the way of the growth with -29% over one year, and -5% D `one quarter on the other. As for, it dcline of 9% per report/ratio 2008.

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