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Bvue: Dell sells 140.000 notches LCD 15 dollars

an error on the price of notches LCD 19 Taiwan inches, only sold 15 dollars instead of 148, will force to sell 140.000 notches an unbeatable tariff.
# Voil an error which is likely to dimension expensive with the manufacturer amricain. On its Taiwanese Internet site, Dell posted a price of 15 dollars for a notch LCD of 19 inches. It S `acts by no means D `a promotion for the balances, but quite simply D `an error.
# the tariff rel of the product is of 148 dollars. But before could correct its price, the Net surfers S `taient dj rus on its site. More than 26.000 customers achet thus one or more notches have. In all, they are thus 140.000 products 15 dollars which have T commands.
# Dell has well tent to modify the price rtroactivement. But prohibited it this practice with the alert manufacturer aprs to have T by 471 complaints. Judging this modification illgale in comparison with the law, the Commission has impos Dell to maintain the price of 15 dollars on the first notch achet. If the customers have command several notches, Dell will have to apply rebates to the products supplmentaires.

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to maintain its margins, Oracle France lays off 250 salaris

Stratgie – the dcision has surprised the salaris: Oracle will remove between 800 and 1000 stations in Europe, from which 250 in France is 15,6% of its manpower. The trade unions dnoncent logic financire measurement.

announces It has what to cause the colre of the personnel D `Oracle. The 29 and June 30, made it D `undertaken europen and D `undertaken France made it learned the dcision from the direction: removal of 850 1000 stations in Europe, on a total of 17.000 people.

In France, the dismissals will be of 250, which reprsente approximately 15,6% of manpower which count 1.600 salaris. On its site, inter-union Oracle prcise the reasons avancs by the direction to justify the redundancies.

It S `would act for Oracle to ragir face « a prvision of growth significantly infrieure what conceals awaited » , and of « prserver the oprationnelle margin to be able to maintain the stratgie Oracle long run (research, innovation, policy of internal growth and external by acquisitions). »

Of fears of new dismissals following the repurchase of Sun

the inter-union one (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, CGT, FO) and made it D `undertaken S `make indignant: « We cannot accept that the salaris are considrs like a simple variable D `adjustment with the profit D `a policy purely financire. » Oracle still posts one, causing the incomprhension and the colre within the personnel.

the ditor has boucl his tax Anne 2009 on a bnfice Net of 5,6 billion dollars and a figure D `businesses of 23,3 billion. But voil, the growth by report/ratio 2008 conceals « only » 1% for the bnfice, and 4% for CA. A performance which remains nanmoins important with most extremely of the crisis.

the salaris still fear D `other dismissals to come to France continuation. Fusions indeed often give place of the consolidations within manpower for liminer the redundancies of stations. A policy that the salaris D `HP-EDS know well.

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Green IT: HP, Dell and Lenovo do not hold their promises

Environment – In its last classification, Greenpeace pingle these 3 manufacturers dordinateurs for their weak engagement in matire of protection of lenvironnement. Aprs the slogans marketing, length awaits the acts. The actors of the tlphonie do better.

Like each quarter, Greenpeace publishes its baromtre of the lectronic green one, in which been worth association engagements of the actors of data processing, the tlphonie and lectronic the large-public in matire environmental. And Greenpeace does not fail an S `to ensure that the companies respect their promises strictly.

the concern cologic became a vritable sales point. Also, manufacturers N `do not hsitent to use of this lever to regild their image. But sometimes some do not respect their engagements; C `is the case D `HP, Lenovo and Dell, in March by Greenpeace.

Bonnet D `for Nintendo, 1st price for Nokia

the three manufacturers of matriel data-processing thus plunge to the classification of this new assessment. They S `taient engags to remove the harmful lments their products, to know PVC and the fireproofing agents broms (BFR: brominated flame delaying). And in the matire, HP is D `aprs cologic association worst lve.

However, the reading of the slogan affich, the amricain wants to be exemplary. « Through its engagement screw–screw of the environment, HP aims rduire the environmental impact of its products, services and oprations so D `to ensure a maximum durabilit in its activits and those of its customers. This engagement remains a base of its policy, firmly anchors in its values » , can one read there.

Microsoft the 15th place

Greenpeace quotes one in matire D `environment, Apple, for dmontrer qu `it is possible for the manufacturers to withdraw the polluting components their products. Association underlines with irony the battles marketing of the manufacturers to praise the cologic qualits their products; generally effects of communication whose Greenpeace always awaits an implementation concrte.

However, the manufacturers D `computers are not the only dunces. On the 18 been worth companies, figure thus the 15th place and. As for the goods lves, it S `acts, by dcroissant order, of Nokia (1st), Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Greenpeace Classification at July 1, 2009
1st: Nokia
2nd: Samsung
3rd: Sony Ericsson
4th: LG Electronics
5th: Toshiba
6th: Motorola
7th: Philips
8th: Sharp
9th: Acer
10th: Panasonic
11th: Apple
12th: Sony
13th: Dell
14th: HP
15th: Microsoft
16th: Lenovo
17th: Fujitsu
18th: Nintendo

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partial Chmage: untraceable agreement between Syntec and the trade unions

Dbat – the ngociations are in the dead end. Between the volont of employers dtendre the partial chmage all the Syntec branch and the level D `compensation jug insufficient by the central trade-unions, the subjects of dsaccord are multiple.

Aprs several months of discussions between employers’ associations, Syntec and CICF, and the five trade-union fdrations (CFE/CGC, CFTC, CGT, CFDT, FO), the file of the partial chmage is always a subject of division. Aprs the dernire runion of June 17, the ngociations S `direct towards the signature D `procs-verbal of dsaccord on July 15.

Aors that employers wire-drawer of the urgency of the situation face a conomy shakes by the crisis, the trade unions fear D `to open the door of drives future. Syntec and the CICF indeed have matter, before withdrawing them, several provisions which N `do not have contribu to alleviate a climate impresses suspicion.

the partial chmage aubaine for concerned software firms their margins?

Robert Beraud, reprsentant of explains: « The dernires grindings of the project comprised unacceptable points. They related to the treatment of the intercontrats, the prt of hand D `work and the rmunration of the salaris during the priode of chmage partial. FO did not want to run the risk D `to open the door this type of practices and which want less and less to assume the risk of employment. That would risk prcariser more still the situation of the salaris » .

« According to the labor regulation, the partial chmage has a collective caractre. Syntec in its proposal used the term D `links work, which can tre a quipe project. However, such a quipe can done everything tre composes D `only one person. Such a clause would thus insert the salaris in intercontrat in the primtre D `application and would give an individual and either collective nature to the partial chmage » ragit Sabine Reynosa, secrtaire fdrale.

For the software firms into full priode with deceleration of their activit, the salaris reprsentent a cot of it. Temptation is thus large, grce with the recourse to the partial chmage, to defer on a third this load. An effect D `aubaine which could Mrs. tre accentu by the directives addresses with the DRTEFP (Direction rgionale of work, employment and professional training) by the State.

« The DRTEFP have reu rcemment directives to soften the rgles of recourse to the partial chmage. A company has T thus authorizes to place at the chmage partial a quipe of five people returning of mission and thus entering in intercontrat. The crisis is well L. There are truths case D `undertaken keys. But there is of them also D `others whose fall D `activit N `is that passagre and who, for prserver their margin, use the salaris like variable D `adjustment » , tmoigne Robert Beraud.

L `compensation proposes by Syntec infrieure with the provisions lgales

N `is not the only point of dsaccord. The ngociations around the partial chmage have T open for some filires, of which that of. The intgre project thus an important shutter formation destiny to allow the salaris to reconvert itself on carrier sectors.

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Priorits IT 2009: the rduction of the data-processing cots is the principal project for IF

Gallery D `images: Priorits IT 2009: the rduction of the data-processing cots is the principal project for IF – ZDNet. Fr

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Netbooks: Samsung introduces diskettes SSD of less than 8 grams!

Technology – 80% smaller than the current discs SSD, new the modles of Samsung directly can tre intgrs on a chart MRE. Destinies above all with the netbooks, one will also find them in certain priphric and mobile terminals.

Samsung has prsent yesterday its minis-card SSD, of the discs moire flash of size and weight rduits of prs of 80% compared to the existing modles. L or a disc SSD 1,8 inch pse 75 grams, the mini SSD fall 7,5 grams!

lectric consumption is also minimum 0,3 Watts. Compactness allows D `intgrer these discs directly on a chart MRE, without passing by a slot ddi. They are intended in priorit for, certain priphric (printers) and Mrs. of the mobile terminals.

a capacit of maximum storage of 64 Go

an ergonomics which is paid when Mrs. by a less important capacit of storage of 16,32 and 64 Go. To compensate for that, Samsung suggre that these discs could come in supplement D `a disc on traditional storing for example the systme D `exploitation.

Grce their shorter time of rponse, they can contribute acclrer the dmarrage of the machine. Samsung has annonc that certain manufacturers of PC could propose these mini SSD in their machines D `here the end of the Anne. (Eureka Press)

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Virtualisation: Oracle rachte then firm Virtual Iron

Stratgie – In May, Oracle repurchased a spcialist of the virtualisation: Virtual Iron. Oracle comes dannoncer the end from the dveloppements and the sale of licences, with the profit of its technologies house. Lavenir de Sun sassombrit.

Aprs S `tre empar in May D `a ditor of solutions of virtualisation of waiters bases on Xen, Virtual Iron, Oracle has dcid to cease the sale of the licences and the dveloppements.

the companies exploiting of Virtual Iron thus learned that the software of the ditor does not bnficieraient any more a dveloppements. They will not be able to acqurir new licences either. In a mail adress with the retailers of Virtual Iron, Oracle indicates indeed qu `it puts a term their sales.

Inquitudes on the future of the products of virtualisation of Sun

the ditor goes prsent to start the intgration of its own solution of virtualisation (Oracle VM) with technologies of Virtual Iron. In the long term, the companies customer of Virtual Iron will thus be forced to migrate towards the Oracle offer or towards another hypervisor of the march.

As for the support, it remains assur by the fifteen salaris of Virtual Iron not licencis by Oracle (all the others employs have T remercis by the ditor).

This dcision D `Oracle to close a company only one month aprs its repurchase lets fear it (rachet in April), in the matriel () and within the competing products of the Oracle applications.

Sun would thus have D `now and dj enterr its new. Its offer of virtualisation, xVM could connatre well Mrs. leaves.

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