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additional Project and Visio, two services Web for Office 365?

Technology – D’ aprè S of information of ZDNet. COM, Microsoft ré flé &amp chirait; worsen; to carry its management software of project, Project and Visio, on its continuation in line Office 365. L’ é ditor ré smart, mê me if several of its partners confirm.

The office automation continuation on line of Microsoft, Office 365, has A©tA© lancA©e in 40 countries last on June 28. It is composed of the services Exchange, SharePoint and Lync Online (in A©dition 2010). But?? Does A©ditor have da?? now and dA©jA  fact knowledge that da?? other applications complA¨teraient this pA©rimA¨tre.

the two next services awaited on Office 365 will be thus the version hA©bergA©e of its software of CRM, like its tool da?? administration and of sA©curitA©. But according to ZDNet. wouldn’t COM, Microsoft have its?? arrA? for the third time it  .

a technologically possible intA©gration

\#?? A©ditor thus prA©voirait to relate to his continuation of the online versions of his management software of projects, has  to know Project and Visio. Let us add-ons for these services are in dA©veloppement has laissA© to hear, at the time da?? an interview, Michael Park, vice-prA©sident of division Microsoft Business Corporate Solutions.

However, aprA¨s publication of this information by ZDNet. does COM, Microsoft have by the means da?? a spokesperson rA©futA© these future launchings. According to this last, Project and Visio are not amenA © S.A.  With? tre intA © grA © S.A.  Office 365.

But several partners of?? A©ditor. They have confiA© thus has  ZDNet, has  ?? occasion of the WPC 2011 (10 at July 14), qua?? should a launching of Project Online and Visio Online probably intervene in my? me time that D `Office 15.

a launching alignA© on that D `Office 15

the next version of the heavy customer Office would have? tre put on the marchA© has  end of?? annA©e next, even dA©but 2013. If the launching of two new services for Office 365 A©tait alignA© on that da?? Office 15, it would thus not be for the next months.

MalgrA© dA©nA©gations of Microsoft, a intA©gration of Viso and Project in its new continuation in line apparaA®t like probable. Da?? access, because Microsoft Project Server is dA©jA  proposA©, through partners, in a hA©bergA© mode, like Ca?? A©tait for the software of CRM Dynamics ().

As for  Is Visio, it proposA© in SharePoint Server 2010 (brick available on Office 365) under?? name Visio Services. The firm of Redmond does not hold however has  to confirm does these hypothA¨ses have?? does rumours and spA©culations affirm has?? corroborA©es by several of its partners.

the ERP from Microsoft portA©s on Windows Azure

Microsoft is on the other hand more eloquent relating to da?? other launchings. Does Michael Park recall thus that?? company will propose in 2012 a version hA©bergA©e on Dynamics VOR, its ERP.

But?? A©ditor prA©voit A©galement, has  ?? future, da?? to offer?? together future versions from its four in configurations hA©bergA©es on its.

Microsoft in addition has annoncA© a tool (Rapid Start for Dynamics ERP) destinA© has  its partners and having to allow da?? accA©lA©rer dA©ploiement, configuration and the personalization of its offers Dynamics ERP.


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Microsoft BPOS: new unavailability has to deplore

SaaS – Aprè S of the problè my of connection in May then in June, of the customers of the online service to companies BPOS have &amp again; eacute; té affecté S by a indisponibilité d’ Exchange Online.

The successor of BPOS is lancA©. But the migration of the customers of the continuation on line towards Office 365 will take time. Not less da?? one year recognized Microsoft.

of the service of?? A©ditor are thus problA©matic and badly vA©cues by the users. AprA¨s a sA©rie da?? incidents in May and, BPOS knew a new dysfunction on July 19.

Pannes rA©pA©tA©es since May

Several users of the service of Microsoft have informA© this new breakdown which has affectA© Exchange Online. Customers in AmA©rique of North, in Europe, in Asia and Australia have A©tA© touchA©s.

the level of disponibilitA© of the diffA©rents services of BPOS is in theory indiquA© on a put instrument panel spA©cific has  provision of the customers. However, this one Na?? A©tA© actualisA© by Microsoft during the breakdown does not have. The indicators are restA©s with the green. What to frustrate certain users.

These problA¨mes technical has  rA©pA©tition do not profit guA¨re has  ?? A©ditor, my? me if this one ensures qua?? Would Officec 365, dA©crit like nativement multi-holding, have? tre that BPOS, whose brick mail server rests on Exchange 2007.

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Two new departures of leaders at Microsoft

StratA©gie – the renewal of the top executives of Microsoft continues with this time the dé shares of David Greschler and Hank Vigil, respectively responsible for the virtualisation and the straté gie.

The dA©parts of top executives continue at Microsoft. In 2010, they are in particular Robbie Bach, owner of division entertainment and products and J. Allard, the pA¨re of Xbox, which annonA§aient qua?? they left?? company.

In dA©but da?? annA©e, at Microsoft for 23 years, had also dA©cidait him to leave its station (dA©part effective this A©tA©). Stephen Elop, former head of division business of?? A©ditor, took his functions of chairman from Nokia. In March, Mich Matthews, 22 years D `anciennetA© and vice-prA©sidente marketing, left A©galement.

Steve Ballmer excludes any dA©mission from its post of chairman

Microsoft, loses has?? or has?? this time of two others of its top executives. It its?? acts of David Greschler, director of?? activitA© virtualisation and Cloud Computing, and of, vice-prA©sident sA©nior in load of the stratA©gie and the partnerships.

As for  Steve Ballmer, by analysts and minority shareholders, it is well dA©cidA© has  to remain in station. With?? occasion da?? a confA©rence on June 29 in Seattle Rotary Club, the chairman of?? A©ditor has A©cartA© indeed all dA©part.

As recalled by, Steve Ballmer had indiquA© in 2008 qua?? it planned to remain in station at Microsoft lasting nine more has  ten years. Must its dA©tracteurs thus still have patience before qua?? one remplaA§ant to him succA¨de.

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Microsoft will increase into 2010 the prices of SQL Server

For the first time in four years, Microsoft will benefit from the exit of the last version of SQL Server, 2008 R 2, to raise by processor.

In 2010, the companies will have S `to discharge D `a higher invoice for the basic application of data of Microsoft, SQL Server. However, only tariffing by processor is concerned with this rise, the shutter CAL (customer access licenses) remains unchanged explains to him.

Oracle always expensive according to Microsoft

For the Standard edition of SQL Server 2008 R 2, the last version of the application, it will be necessary from now on to count 7.500 dollars per processor, against. Inflation is also consequent for the Entreprise edition whose price by processor climbs of 24.999 has 28.000 dollars.

Lastly, the Datacenter editions and Parallel Data Warehouse from SQL Server 2008 R 2 will be facturees has their launching 57.500 dollars by processors. But these versions of the application will not require D `to acquire in addition to the CAL, announced Microsoft on the occasion of its (Professional Association for SQL Server).

the editor has justifies this rise of tariff by the integration of new functionalities. Microsoft also held has to add qu `in spite D `a raising of prices of its licences, SQL Server remained a third.

See also our gallery D `images

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Windows 7 Company in free test for 90

Technology – companies S? not being yet procurees version RTM of Windows 7 can from now on download it in French and L? to use free during 90 days. Attention however since the number of licences available is limiting.

Microsoft has obviously very has heart to convince the companies D `to adopt are new resourcefulness `exploitation: Windows 7. After the advertisement in France D `one on the price of the licences in volume of Windows 7 Professional, the editor proposes from now on one period of 90 days test.
# Microsoft invites the professionals thus has to download of Windows 7 on in order to leading, without expenses, of the tests of applicative and material compatibility, and to prepare their strategies of deployment.
# a restarting of the PC every hour for the licences expirees
#, Microsoft specifies however that this period D `free evaluation S `addresses only to companies N `not having yet to date to reach has Windows 7 via the Software Insurance, a subscription, or its site Download Center thanks to a programme of licences in volume.
# But as for its price has breaks, the number of licences is limiting. Microsoft does not specify however the exact number D `units downloadable. The Entreprise version of accessible Windows 7 in version D `test is available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) and in 32 and 64 bit.
# to reduce the risks of hacking, Microsoft has moreover adds protection mechanisms. Thus, the activation of the software is obligatory 10 days after the installation. At the end of the period D `test 90 days, it undertaken must either acquire licences, or desinstaller OS. Failing this, the computer will start again every hour.

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Microsoft Word prohibits the sale in the United States?

Legal – a news murky story of patent convinced a Californian judge D `to prohibit with the sale celebrates it word processing of Redmond. With when a handing-over in question of the software patents?

Here is a new business which will bring of water to the mill to the opponents of the software patents, patents to the source of multiple more or less rocambolesques businesses.

Microsoft once more has just learned it has its depend. A Californian judge indeed comes D `to prohibit purely and simply the sale of Word on the American territory asserting fact qu `it violates a patent binds to language XML.

In addition, Microsoft has prohibition to sell very produced able D `to open files. xml. docx or. docm. A true blow of bamboo!

i4i, a society based has Toronto (Canada) specialisee in the development of collaboratives solutions had door felt sorry for in 2007 against Microsoft for violation D `a patent deposits in 1998.

Arroseur sprinkles

the plaintiff disputes has Microsoft right D `to make it possible to create documents XML personalize since Word. A functionality presents in World 2003 and 2007.

In addition to this prohibition, Redmond will have to spend the tidy sum of money of 290 million dollars in damages. The editor has 60 days to yield has these judgments.

Evidemment, Microsoft has interjete call what could suspend the decision. And, except surprise, the business should be regulated has the friendly one with a cheque.

Reste that this file (founds or not) illustrates once again the problems without end dependent on the software patents. And in spite of the multiplication of the complaints and the lawsuits, the giants of the sector persist has to patent has prolifically.

Microsoft knows something of it: it has just deposited a patent relating to word processing XML… the firm will appreciate the irony of the situation.

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Patents: Microsoft cap a fine of 388 million dollars

D `access condamn for violation of patent, Microsoft has finally T jug not culprit in call by a court of justice amricaine: ditor N `will have by do not consquent to pay 388 million dollars of damage and intrts.

This new file the opposition to Microsoft had T open in 2003 with a complaint dpose by a ditor of the march of the scurit: Uniloc. This last reproached the firm of Redmond D `enfreindre its patents (enregistrs in 1998) with its mthode anti-hacking D `activation of Windows.

the business knew several exits since. In October 2007, a judge sliced in favour of Microsoft. But Uniloc appealed and obtained a judgement this favorable time, with in particular one a heavy sanction: 388 million dollars.

Microsoft can dsormais to concentrate on a dernire great complaint for violation of patent, dpose this time by the canadian I4i. In premire authority, the firm of Steve Ballmer has T condemns to pay 200 million dollars and the 2003 and 2007 to leave October 10.

But Microsoft has dj obtained two victories in this procs by obtaining that the call of the judgment is jug within the framework D `one, and that L is suspended in waiting of the dcision D `call. Microsoft has T heard by justice on September 23 and waits dsormais the verdict.

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