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the Service Pack 2 of Vista dj available

Mis day – If Microsoft confirms that Service Pack 2 of Vista and Windows 2008 Server will leave in the next weeks, since Windows Update for all the users, it is in ralit dj available via a “; package”; on the site of the ditor amricain.

Like ZDNet. Fr annonait it there is little, C `is probably in June that Microsoft will put on line Service Pack 2 for Vista and Windows Server 2008. The quipe that the SP2 would leave « in the weeks to come » .

But in fact, it is since aujourd `today available in the form D `an autonomous version to install aprs to have it rcupre on the site of Microsoft or via.

With the menu of the amliorations prvues, the native support of engraving on Blu-ray, the new search engine Windows 4. 0, Bluetooth 2. 1 and Windows Connect Now, tool to simplify connections in WiFi.

has that S `will add all the corrective measures publis from the exit of Service Pack 1. The SP2 will be available via Windows Update or of course the center of tlchargement of Microsoft.

For those which would not wish to install them, Microsoft puts provision its utility. (Eureka Press)

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LAllemagne obtains the super most powerful calculator dEurope

Technology – quivalent 50.000 domestic PC, the super German computer must serve the basic research in particular, with the prvisions mto or ltude of the origins of lunivers.

It S `calls Jugene, is entr in service to become yesterday
the super calculator most powerful D `Europe, the troisime in the world derrire
Roadrunner and the Jaguar, both bottoms in the United States.

Known and install
in Germany, this bte of power gathers 295.000 processors rpartis on
72 racks and can carry out 1 ptaflop D `oprations the second. Each rack
consume 35 kw and it watered effect sharp adds up 144 trabits.

to give an order D `ide,
Jugene quivaudrait 50.000 desktop PC rassembls. It has T known to be useful
the science and of multiple research fields: nanotechnologies, biology,
astronomy, physics of the particles….

the originators of Jugene have D `now and
dj annonc qu `a new machine would see the day D `here one two years,
able to double the current power. (Eureka Press)

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