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72,7 million shelves livrees in the world in 2011

Chiffres – Less like one successor that like a complé lies, the shelf finds its place on the marché laptops according to an analysis chiffré E of DisplaySearch with prè S of 73 d&amp million; rsquo; unité S é coulé be in 2011, for 285 million portable PC. L’ ultrabook should also find its place, but trè S gradually because of its price.

According to the DisplaySearch cabinet, 72,7 million shelves has A©tA© livrA©es by the manufacturers in 2011. Ca?? is more than the prA©visions da?? IDC, which A©coulA©es shelves in the world this annA©e.

DisplaySearch prA©cise on the other hand not the rA©partition of the marchA© between the manufacturers. But except trend reversal?? iPad da?? Apple would have of share of marchA© with shelves.

a cannibalization of the sales of portables relativisA©e

Always according to the cabinet amA©ricain, the shelf finds its place on the marchA© of A©quipements mobiles including/understanding the standard diffA©rents portable PC (285,4 million D `unitA©s, +31%). Thus, DisplaySearch estimates that the shelf pA¨se dA©jA  25,5% of these apparatuses in 2011, grA? it has  a growth (in unitA©s) over one year of 256%.

In 2011, a©value cabinet has  187,5 million the number of portable PC (notebooks) livrA©s, is a rise of 12% compared to  2010. As for the netbooks, donnA©s for died and cannibalisA©s by the shelves, 25,2 da million?? unitA©s has A©tA© livrA©es this annA©e, which reprA©sente an increase of 20%.

A©tude de Gfk and MA©diamA©trie led on the marchA© franA§ais in the 3rd quarter underlined da?? elsewhere than the netbooks auprA¨s of the consumers. In 2010,2,2 million hearths possA©daient a netbook. Are one year later, they 3,4 million, that is to say +55% and prA¨s da?? a hearth on 8.

DisplaySearch counts nA©anmoins on an in-depth change of the mobile terminals (except smartphones) with through da?? does a growth continue sales of shelves and dA©veloppement of the marchA© of?? ultrabook has?? my? me if the cabinet estimates that the price (A©levA©) will tempA©rera the request during both next annA©es.

Objectifs illusory D `Intel in the ultrabook

This reading of the marchA©, pA©rilleux exercise in a sector which A©volue quickly and in a context marquA© by a strong uncertainty A©conomique, amA¨ne DisplaySearch has considA©rA© that the shelf will pA¨sera almost 50% of the portable PC in 2017.

Thus, has  this A©chA©ance, the analysts estimate that the deliveries of notebooks will be of 432 million D `unitA©s and shelves of 383,3 million. And?? ultrabook? Don’t the prA©visions stick to the da estimates?? Intel, in any case for both has  three next annA©es.

the 50 da million?? ultrabooks will not be reached before 2014. And this family of portables will not flirtera with the 50% of the marchA© portable PC before to the more tA/t 2017.

Intel, which grA? it has  this segment espA¨re to compensate for the deceleration of the sales of PC, misait on another objective: 40% of the portable PC general public will be …

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Apple: Apple put extremely on Tim Cook, financial a little less

StratA©gie – to ensure the stabilité within the firm, Apple offered a d&amp million; #039; actions Apple &worsen; Tim Cook. This premium will be dé blocable in 2016 and 2021.

The dA©part of Steve Jobs of the post of chairman D `Apple causes many interrogations. Its remplaA§ant Tim Cook he will arrive has  to insufflate my? me capacitA© D `innovation with gA©ant. Especially, does this dA©part mark the end of the stabilitA© within the firm, stabilitA© essential for the marchA©s?

One knows it, the new owner of the apple S `registers in the continuitA© and N `does not hear, for the moment, to start any cultural rA©volution. One does not break a machine which gains has  almost all blows.

In has adressA© with the employA©s da?? Apple
just aprA¨s?? announces laA, Cook reassures: With  “Has I have want that you are trustful in the fact qua?? Apple does not go
does to change (have? ¦). Does Steve have Ba? Ti a company and a culture like null other in
the world and we will remain fidA¨les has  celaA has”.

PrA©sent at Apple since 13
does years, Tim Cook have assurA©?? intA©rim of Steve Jobs has  two recoveries before
he succA©der; the premiA¨re time in 2009 and since January of
this annA©e. With 


the choice is thus pragmatic. Cook connaA®t well the house and its nomination does not have the appearance of a rupture. “; The Council D `administration has a total confidence in the fact that Tim Cook is the man of the situation”; , underlines Art Levinson, member of the board.

Its facts D `weapons are dA©jA  many. It has rA©-organisA© in particular complA¨tement logistics D `Apple and its cycles of production. In my? me time, it became “; the voix”; D `Apple in the communautA© financiA¨re during the publication of quarterly of the group. It is thus censA© to symbolize the continuitA©.

But the council D `administration hears A©viter has  any price that the new one prA©sident exA©cutif is not sA©duit by some others sirA¨nes, prA©cipitant Apple in the doubt then. And the package for A©viter all has thus dA©cidA© to put dA©part anticipA©.

Cook S `is thus seen offering this Friday a million titles of the sociA©tA©, a no-claims bonus D `a value of more than 383 million dollars on the basis of current course of the action. Pretty gift of welcome.
# This mark of confidence S `accompanies D `a counterpart since these actions will be dA©bloquA©es for moitiA© in 2016 and the other in 2021, S `it is always employA© by Apple. What to still ensure some pA©rennitA© during five years.

what to reassure the investors? Not really because, my? me is S `it N `more with the orders, Steve Jobs remains for the analysts, your? thinking you D `Apple.

“; In the long run, if the santA© of Steve Jobs dA©tA©riore or S `it
dA©sengage more and mA¨ne more the stratA©gie of the group, we go
probably rA©duire our position of moitiA©”; , prA©vient Channing Smith,
deputy manager at Advisors Capital, citA© by Reuters.

“; L `impact of the absence of Steve Jobs will be limitA© at least for both
next annA©es because all the products which will leave during this
pA©riode will carry its print. On the long run, if it one considA¨re qu `it is a icA/ne irremplaA§able,
(…) Is Tim Cook the right man for the job? We do not know it pas”; ,
S `questions of sound cA/tA© James Meyer chief of the investments at Tower Bridge Advisors.

In addition, Cook does not benefit yet from the exceptional charisma of Jobs Q …

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Starting record for Mac OS X Lion with 1 d&amp million; 039; purchases of 24 hours

Figures – new the systè me d’ exploitation d' Apple, the version Mac OS X Lion, has dé passé the million té lé paying loadings (23,99 euros) in one day. The returns users are trè S positive.

Apple has annoncA© yesterday?? excel dA©marrage of the sales pourA Mac OS X Lion. In?? da spaces?? a journA©e, the systA¨me
da?? does exploitation have A©tA© tA©lA©chargA© more da?? a million times on Mac App Blind
it took your? you of the sales.

has “has It (Mac OS X Lion, note) is sold more
quickly that any other version of systA¨me D `exploitation crA©A©e by Apple
throughout its histoireA has”, underlines Apple in its communiquA©.

Rappelons that Lion Na?? qua is available?? in tA©lA©chargement in setting has  day for
the users Mac OS X Snow Leopard has  23,99 euros. First customers
seem trA¨s satisfied with this new grinding. 90% of A©valuations postA©es
on Mac App Blind amA©ricain With the maximum note with the product. (Eureka Press)


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Alcatel Lucent: justice amricaine suspends lamende of 357,7 million dollars inflicts Microsoft

Legal – a court D? call of Washington has cancels the payment of 357,7 million dollars of damage has interests has Alcatel Lucent by Microsoft. Justice however has judge the guilty firm of Redmond of patent violation.

the court D `call of Washington DC has just broken a first judgement which condemned Microsoft has to pour 357,7 million dollars has Alcatel-Lucent for patent violation.

In April 2008, Microsoft was recognized guilty D `to have uses two patents concerning the recognition D `writing and the selection of dates in a calendar for Outlook, Windows Mobile and Money. If justice has confirms the violation of the patents, she N `did not want to rule on the attribution of the 357,7 million dollars of damages, estimating that this sum was to be reevaluee. Microsoft had made call of this decision, judging that the value of the patents S `high has 6,5 million dollars.

a new lawsuit will have to thus reconsider this point. In this business, Microsoft received the supports D `Apple and D `Oracle; Alcatel Lucent that of General Electric, Johnson& Johnson and Exxon Mobil.

A precedent in 2007

This decision of the American court recalls another very similar. In August 2007, a Californian court had cancels a judgement which granted 1,5 billion dollar has Alcatel-Lucent. Microsoft was shows D `to have uses two patents which managed the integration and the decoding of the MP3 in Windows Media Player. The technology of compression MP3 was developpee by Fraunhofer Institut in co-operation with the laboratories Bell Labs, repurchase thereafter by Lucent.

L `lawyer D `Alcatel-Lucent has greets the decision of the court which recognized the patent violation and S `gives from there has it to determine the amount of the damage to which the company can claim. (Eureka Press)

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the solutions of CRM weighed 9,1 billion dollars in 2008

The march of the management of the client relationship is rest dynamic in 2008 according to the indicators of the Gartner cabinet, with a figure D `increasing businesses of 12,5% over one year.
# the salesmen D `applications of CRM less have encaiss in 2008 pas than 9,15 billion dollars, that is to say 12,5% of more than the Anne prcdente. However, all diteurs N `did not know a succs quivalent.
# If remains leader in terms of share of march (22,5% compared with 25,5% in 2007), its figure D `businesses has stagn, drop by 0,1% over one year 2055 million dollars. Still a weight lger of the sector, Microsoft has on the other hand enregistr a growth record of its sales, +75%, propelling it the 4th place with 585 million dollars. Dynamics CRM would have crossed the course of the million D `users according to the ditor.
# Microsoft arrives thus derrire, troisime, and Oracle, second with a share of march of 16,1%. The spcialist of the CRM in hberg mode, Salesforce, has D `elsewhere boucl a good Anne 2008 with sales in rise of 45% according to Gartner. Its SaaS services allowed him D `to garner 965 million dollars of figures D `businesses. SaaS account dsormais for 20% of the sales in the CRM, against 15% in 2007.

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Red Hat connat not the crisis grce Linux

Contrary large the majorit of the diteurs of software, and in particular propritaires, the spcialist of Free, Red Hat, records in the first quarter a growth of 11% of its figure D `businesses.
# Red Hat and goes malgr well the crisis. With the occasion of the prsentation of first quarter, the ditor has annonc bnfices in rise of 7,1% 18,5 million dollars.
# the figure D `businesses progresses as him of 11,3% 174,4 million dollars, against 156,6 million Mrs. priode of the Anne prcdente. The spcialist of the free software remains still trs concentr on the march amricain. Amrique of North and the South count for 53% of its figure D `businesses. In zone EMEA, Red Hat has ralis 25% of its sales, and 22% in the Asia-Pacific.
# During the quarter, Red Hat could S `support on a rseau distributors powerful. This rseau reprsente only dsormais to him 61% of the orders record by the ditor during the quarter. Over the last three months of the tax Anne prcdente, the indirect sale reprsentait 56% of the order book of Red Hat.

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MySpace removes 500 employment in the

Stratgie – Crossing a bad master key, the subsidiary company of News Corp. goes rduire its bill wage of 30%, mainly in the United States. The site is in lose speed, devanc of dabonns number by Facebook.

Rvle by the Wall Street Journal, information has
T confirms by News Corporation, propritaire of MySpace. The site goes
indeed procder of the clear cuts in its manpower by removing 500
of its 1600 employment.

Owen Van Natta, the new director gnral name there is
two months, have justifi this choice by explaining why manpower of MySpace
« taient enfls and slowed down our capacit to become an effective socit
and nimble, working in quipe » . Mr. Van Natta arrives straight from
Facebook, the competitor which makes D `MySpace shade more and more.

With 200
million members, Facebook largely has dpass its year and its 130 million
D `users. According to the last figures livrs by the Nielsen institute,
frquentation of MySpace has baiss of 31% between April 2008 and April 2009 with
The United States. Cr in 2003, MySpace is considr like the pioneer of the social Web. (Eureka Press)

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Freescale prpare the closing-down of its factory of Toulouse

C `is the stupfaction among the salaris Toulouse site of the manufacturer of semiconductors Freescale aprs announces it closing programs of the factory. D `here 2011, these are thus 800 stations, at least, which will be supprims on a total of 1700.
# C `is in a communiqu of press prsentant its rsultats financial first quarter that Freescale announced its volont to close two of its factories, that of Toulouse, but galement of Sendai in Japan. The group of semiconductors indicates qu `a discussion will be engages within made D `undertaken Toulouse site. Between direction and trade unions is prvue on Friday April 24, 14 h30 indicates CGT on its blog.
# By these actions on its two production centres, Freescale espre conomiser 100 million dollars per annum. The company justifies this reorganization by difficults financires due in particular to the deceleration Des.
# Over first quarter of Freescale, its tax Anne, rachet in 2006 by funds D `investments, has enregistr a ngatif rsultat oprationnel of 351 million dollars. However, grce the reorganization of its debt financire, the rsultat Net S `tablit 1,75 billion dollars, malgr a figure D `businesses in fall of 40% per report/ratio 2008 (840 million dollars).

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Patents: Microsoft condamn to pay 388 million dollars

According to information D `Ina Fried on Hundred. COM, Microsoft has T condamn by a judge fdral amricain of Rhode Island to pour ddommagement of 388 million Uniloc dollars. This ditor of software of scurit had dpos felt sorry for violation of patent.
# Uniloc reproached thus Microsoft D `enfreindre its proprit intellectual by using its technology in the mcanisms D `activation of some of its software, like Windows XP, Office XP and Windows Server 2003.
# business N `is however not finishes. Microsoft has indeed dj indiqu qu `it would make call of its judgment. A first judgement in 2008 had rcus the charges D `Uniloc which had then appealed.
# the procs dbut last on March 23 dbouche thus this time on a sanction for Microsoft, which dcidemment connat a quite bad week in the courts. The autorit German of competition, BundesKartellamt, indeed have just condemned the ditor to pay 9 million dollars. Microsoft has T recognized guilty D `on the prices D `Office Home and Student 2007 with distributors.

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Supercomputers: new dismissals at SGI

the manufacturer of supercomputers Silicon Graphics always meets difficults and thus continues its policy of rduction of the cots. Since a vague premire of dismissals in July 2008, which S `is translated by the removal of 100 stations, SGI has annonc two new rductions D `effective (including 15% of manpower in dcembre last).

They are this time 120 employment which goes tre supprims, that is to say 9% D `a total staff complement of dsormais approximately 1. 155 people. This new reorganization, which would owe tre finalizes D `on March 27 here, will dimension SGI three million dollars.

a contract of 40 million dollars with the US weapon

Silicon Graphics, grce with the Pleiads livr NASA, lays out of the troisime more powerful supercomputer with the world. This last posts a total power of 487 teraflop/s. performances which must allow him of ngocier of new agreements and D `amliorer its situation financire.
# SGI can dj count on a contract of 40 million dollars sign with Dpartement of Dfense amricain. The agreement is reached within the framework of the modernization of the systme data-processing high efficiency of DoD and includes/understands the intgration of systmes Altix ICE 8200 bottoms on the processors Nehalem D `Intel and of architectures Altix 4700 embarking of the Itanium chips.

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