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Maaf poses the first stones of virtual sound datacenter

has? tude of case – 90% of the waiters will be virtual waiters: c’ is l’ objective that s’ is fixé for 2012 l’ insurer. From this point of view, Maaf thus consolidates its infrastructure and posted semi-2011 a ratio of 60 VM by physical waiter.

The Mutual insurance company D `Artisanal Auto insurance of France, Maaf, like da?? other actors of his sector, whose Groupama and, has repensA© its data processing while industrializing in particular?? exploitation of.

Storage, waiters, work stations (with VDI), the uses of this technology are multiple. CA/tA© infrastructure, Maaf gradually set up the virtualisation in its centers of donnA©es has  to start from 2006 grA? it with the software Virtual Server 2005.

250 VM in 2006,900 in 2012A 

\#?? company then counted 250 virtual waiters for approximately 70 physical waiters. But in 2009?? does insurer have dA©cidA©, through his virtual project over three years of datacenter, da?? accroA®tre considA©rablement?? adoption of the virtualisation. ?? objective: to migrate the park of waiters for tending into 2012 towards 90% of virtual machines.

has “With?? origin of the project?? less A©tait objective, of?? order of 70 has  80%. But diffA©rentes rA©alisations allows us da?? espA©rer to reach a more important level of consolidation dA©sormais has” entrusts Mikael Poupon, architect within the technical pA/le of Maaf.

As for the bA©nA©fices awaited of the project, they are multiple. Da?? access amA©liorer the maA®trise of the coA” ts da?? infrastructure: With “We let us have constatA© that we fund A©normA©ment of machines. It has A©tA© nA©cessaire to cease of the implA©menter da?? would a physical point of view, be only for reasons da?? spaces in our rooms has” prA©cise?? architect.

Came then the da need?? to optimize?? exploitation of the waiters with through da?? a rate da?? use (CPU) increased. That passed by a consolidation of the waiters according to a ratio of 40 VM by physical waiter. This ratio could has? tre portA© has  60 does have?? what strongly requests the rA©seau at the time da?? a rocker of VM.

a datacenter in mode campus

Enfin the virtualisation was to contribute has  the continuitA© of service (assurA©e grA? it has  clustering MSCS) and to allow has  ?? A©quipe da?? exploitation to face, in terms of, has  growth of the park of waiters.

has “With physical machines, one needs world to manage them and overall we had a true limit. Ca?? can east -HAVe? tre?? argument which has impulsA© the volontA© virtualiser certain infrastructures. In da terms?? exploitabilitA©, us A©tions arrivA © S.A.  the limit for our administrators has” underlines Mikael Poupon.

On the basis of its expA©rience of the solutions Microsoft, Maaf has dA©cidA© Ba? shooting its platform of virtualisation around Windows Server 2008 R 2 and of?? hypervisor Hyper-V. ?? structure has A©tA© dA©finie for an operation in campus mode and rA©partie on two distant computer rooms.

For the hardware?? does insurer have optA© for waiters Dell PowerEdge and bays of discs Hitachi USPV virtualisA©es, grA? it has  modules AMS. ?? infrastructure of storage is complA©tA©e by synchronous rA©plication TrueCopyA  and a solution of rocker Hitachi Storage Cluster.

has “We had rA©elle a volontA© to rA©partir our activitA© on our rooms. Historiqueme …

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Olivier Parcollet With the consolidation, consumption dnergie has T divides by four

Opinion D `expert – Stages of the virtualisation of waiters and the work station, impact of lenvironnement virtual on storage, the band-width and ladministration with the daily newspaper: larchitecte systmes and rseaux division its exprience.

Quand do you have commenc you intresser the virtualisation?
We are penchs on the virtualisation there is bientt seven years because D `a problme of prennit of our technical platform. This one, whose cycle of renewal is long, of the 10 15 years order, hbergeait critical applications functioning under Windows NT4.
# Our infrastructure conceals obsolte and it conceals impossible D `to us to plan to carry NT4 on waiters rcents. Rcrire the applications, when C `TAIT allowed, would have taken several months, even annes. The only alternate one thus conceals to find a solution enabling us to free itself from this problmatic matrielle.
# We have virtualis a premire application with VMware Workstation, in dpit of the recommendations of the ditor. We are thus not D `a not very powerful cluster NT4 a stable systme and which bnficiait directly of the power of processors of the new matrielle infrastructure.
# A few months later, we have dcid D `to apply Mrs. receipt, under VMware Server this time, all us waiters within the framework of their renewal. is
# Comment grs the diffrents virtual waiters of Setao?
Aprs the first project of virtualisation, we laid out D `about thirty VMware waiters, but without comprehensive view from what occurred on these machines. An application of total supervision conceals ncessaire.
# We have tudi Virtual Center then. But the cot appeared prohibitory to us since for only a few thousands D `euros moreover we could accder a version suprieure of the application of supervision: VMware ESX. C `is thus this solution which has T retained. The machines virtualises, 63 on the whole, have T import in ESX. The opration S `is made distance in one weekend.
# Of how much physical and virtual waiters is composed dsormais your infrastructure?
70 virtual waiters are currently in production. This total will pass bientt a hundred. As for the physical waiters, they are passs of 30 3. The infrastructure has T double for questions of continuit D `activit. In all, we thus count six rpartis out of two farms of three waiters.
# a farm is active, and the other is place in stand by with rplication on a site of help connect out of fiberoptic, and situ 19 kilomtres of our computer room.
# is the virtualisation concrtement source D `conomies?
the advantage is not done on the level of the cot D `acquisition, almost quivalent that D `a made architecture of physical waiters. A company should not think qu `it will gain there on the price D `purchase. Virtualisation N `is not an investment of short term.
# the vritable asset is at the level of the administration, grce in particular a provisionning of the waiters the request. Provsionner a waiter supplmentaire rclamait before between one and two days. Rcemment, J `have dploy two Linux waiters in approximately 15 minutes.
# is the performance altre by the installation of the virtualisation?
the systme is completely stable and almost indestructible in our configuration. Lorsqu `a physical waiter falls, the virtual machines are automatically semi …

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the virtualisation: cassette or no-claims bonus for the administrators?

Opinion D `expert – the migration towards virtual architectures strongly influences the mission of the administrators systmes and entrane a change of their comptences. The formation by lexprience remains the standard for these spcialists.

ZDNet. france Which impacts had on the administrators the introduction of the virtualisation?
Nicolaas Laarman (Atari). « On this would be only the management of the patchs and of the safeguards, the virtualisation has much chang the life of the administrators systmes. Front, lorsqu `it was necessary to apply a corrective measure, the opration owed tre led on many waiters, with times D `indisponibilit of the machines. Dsormais, this tche can tre made in quasi time rel and without cut of the service. C `is the one of the advantages D `an architecture in cluster.
# the virtualisation has simplifi the life of the administrators and motivs has galement them by dveloppant their comptences. They could learn grer D `another manire from the services. »
# Andr Ferlay (bioMerieux). « The virtualisation has contribution with the administrators larger flexibilit and their librer allowed time, and this Mrs. if the ratio waiters/man has strongly augment.
# Our quipes, whose profiles are rather technical, taient trs justify by the virtualisation. Lorsqu `a project allows D `to succeed a stable platform, the administrators are gnralement plutt positive. »
# Olivier Parcollet (Setao). My rseaux quipes has chang comptences. They are not exclusively any more devoted to make rbarbatives tches like masterisation. Dsormais, they conoivent packages D `applications, they fund images… They became responsible for pool of virtual machines.
# the virtualisation has shooting to the top the quipes. C `is why, is needed that the DSI thinks dsormais rorganiser their collaborators, this what they are not always prpars. The technicians must as them as be aware as their mtier will change.
# ZDNet. france How the technical quipes have do T forms the administration of the virtual environments?
Nicolaas Laarman (Atari). « The training of our administrators S `is made grce with the transfer of comptences by experts of Dell during our project of virtualisation. This mode D `training their allowed D `to tackle a large project, on the basis of nothing, and term D `tre fully oprationnels on management D `a virtual environment.
# I am not certain that certification has direction. That can bring one more on its CV, in particular lorsqu `one works in a software firm. Nanmoins, J `estimates that the exprience of the ground is infinitely more important than D `to have assist thoric courses. »
# Sbastien Regnier (bioMerieux). At the time of the intgration of the virtual waiters, ten people has T forms by intgrator APX in order to matriser the bases of the virtualisation. Four salaris galement followed a formation at VMware and NetApp. They will have then responsibility of train the other members of the technical quipe.
# < …

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Guillaume Tyrant (Citrix) the virtualisation nest not a technology miracle

Opinion D `expert – Source of profits in matire dadministration, continuit dactivit and rduction of the cots dinfrastructure, the virtualisation nest however not an investment short term prvient Guillaume Tyrant de Citrix.

the virtualisation gnre it rellement a profit conomic? If so, how do you valuez it?
the first profit S `obtains by the consolidation of the waiters. Naturally, this conomy dpend of the number of machines consolidate. The concentration on a number of physical waiters more rduit will have an impact on the dpenses in hbergement – hiring D `space in a datacenter -, on the purchases of waiters and consumption D `nergie.
# In addition to these bnfices direct, there exist secondary profits or cachs which dcoulent not of the consolidation, but of the use of the virtualisation. Dploiement D `a waiter is thus acclr and simplifi in terms D `administration.
# In matire of safeguard and restoration, the virtualisation opens the door. Crous de Crteil has adopt thus the virtualisation for rduire its park of waiters. But grce this technology, it also lays out dsormais D `a solution for the recovery D `activit.
# Which conditions do you put the accs these bnfices?
I see three limitations. The premire relates to the infrastructure of which owes tre of good invoice. If undertaken it N `does not have which it, it will need the crer. The manufacturers of storage solutions made voluer their products for intgrer the virtualisation.
# the deuxime not relates to the matrielle platform associates with the virtual machines, and in particular the type of processor. A virtual machine east compiles for a type of processor. Lorsqu `it will be dplace, it is ncessaire that the processor either quivalent.
# Jusqu `yesterday, the virtualisation ncessitait an infrastructure waiter homogne to allow dplacement D `a physical machine another. The founders since set up solutions for grer them. On the other hand, I do not know if a migration D `an Intel processor towards another D `AMD is possible.
# Another point relates to the rseaux charts of which the number owes tre sufficiently important. Moreover, if a virtual machine has two physical rseaux charts, one needs qu `it finds at least an identical number of it if it east migrates towards another waiter.
# Except this questioning on the infrastructure, which good practices is necessary it to conform in the use of the virtualisation?
What begins apparatre, C `is the ncessit D `to tablir rgles of qualit of service. Formerly, the computer rooms were caractrisaient by the prolifration of the pizza pie-boxes, of the waiters 1U empils. Dsormais, the companies pile up virtual machines.
# the multiplication of these virtual machines must S `accompany D `a rflexion on the qualit by service by the virtual environments. That will pass in particular by the respect of rgles in terms of resource sharing, of dplacement automatic of the virtual authorities and rservation in order to guarantee a contrle on the infrastructure.
# So in prproduction, this concern is less, in production the mentalits owe voluer for rpondre this proccupation.
# waitings the gard of are the virtualisation sometimes phantasms?
the companies are confront the ncessit rduire the number of their waiters. Nanmoins, virtualisation N `is not a technology miracle. One needs in apprhender the spc …

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the virtual waiters supplant the physical waiters

According to IDC, 18,3% of the waiters livrs in 2008 in Europe destinies taient, that is to say on the whole 358.000 waiters. That reprsente an increase of 26,5% per report/ratio 2007. And this tendency should still continue, in particular because of.
# cabinet IDC prvoit as well as the share of the waiters livrs in 2010 which will be virtualiss will be of 21% in 2010. But a course has now D `and dj T crossed in 2009 since the number of virtual machines dployes has dpass that of the physical waiters (Europe zone of the West).
# IDC been worth 2 million the figure of the virtual waiters dploys. For the manufacturers of matriel data-processing, that implies a fall in volume of the sales of waiters. The salesmen S `endeavour by consquent to make voluer them stratgie for gnrer alternative incomes.
# Offrir services around the virtualisation is it one of these solutions. Dell is thus in France the one of the principal partners of VMware in the matire. But the virtualisation impacts the DSI of the companies galement. IDC thus recommends in particular the increase in collaboration between the quipes in load of storage, the rseau, the waiters and the rseaux one.

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Virtualisation: zone EMEA will connatra a growth of 55% this Anne according to Gartner

Analyzes – the cabinet dtudes Gartner prvoit a growth 2009 in clear rise for the march of the virtualisation in the zone Europe and the Middle East. LAngleterre, lAllemagne and France are the most dynamic countries.

As a last fvrier, Gartner annonait that the world march of the virtualisation would owe to crotre of 43% this Anne, dveloppant a figure D `businesses of 2,7 billion dollars compared with 1,9 billion in 2008 and this malgr the rcession.

the cabinet D `tudes still comes from complter its analysis by prdisant a growth suprieure (+55%) to the march EMEA which could gnrer a figure D `businesses total of 512 million D `euros (330 million in 2008).

451 of figures D `businesses in 2009

a dynamism port by three countries, England, Germany and France which cumulated dj 89% of the figure D `businesses in 2008, this one having to reach the 451 million D `euros this Anne. The heart of the march is located on dploiement virtual work stations or Hosted Virtual Desktop which aprs to have produced 12 million D `euros of figure D `businesses would have, according to Gartner, to triple this Anne in zone EMEA.

a progression to relativize very of Mrs. if it one takes the figures of Gartner for the world which count on 500.000 virtual work stations this Anne. In 2014, only 15% of the PC in companies will be virtualiss. (Eureka Press)

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AMD migrates heat a virtual machine of Shanghai Istanbul

Technology – the founder managed to migrate of the virtual machines between gnrations of processors htrognes, on line and without interruption of service. Dbut March, IBM and SAP migrated an application between distant datacenters.


the migration of virtual machines meets still difficults, in particular lorsqu `it S `acts of transfrer « heat » a virtual authority D `a gnration of processor another. Founder AMD thus works of technologies allowing aisment the implementation of these migrations within the framework of the virtualisation.

On the basis of solution of virtualisation of VMware ESX, AMD managed to migrate, without interruption of service, a virtual machine between three gnrations of processors: quadricoeurs of 65 (Barcelona) and 45 Nm (Shanghai) and its future « hexacoor » baptis.

Objective: to migrate without interruption of service

works the migration between processors galement, in partnership with. At the current hour, concurrent solutions of virtualisation of Microsoft and Citrix, and Xen Server, N `would not authorize these transfers of virtual machines heat.

With the dbut of March, for a dmonstration D `another order, but always in the field of the virtualisation. The two companies taient parvenu to migrate in time rel and without interruption of service, a SAP application between waiters IBM Power6 situs in centers of give distant.

This dmonstration intervened within the framework of the project europen Reservoir (Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers) dowry D `a budget of 17 million D `euros. The program aims to conceive technical solutions around Cloud Computing and of the virtualisation.

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Virtualisation of PC: eight recommendations to russir a

Technology – Well qu `it rests on a traditional hypervisor chapeautant of the virtual machines, a project of virtualisation of PC comprises dimportantes spcificits. Here eight councils for viter of the cueils which are not only technological.

1 – Dlimiter the primtre of the project
It N `is not forcment convenient to migrate the whole of the park. S `there exists dj a traditional infrastructure of customers lgers, this one can tre preserves, at least temporarily, for the least intensive users; for example those which N `exploit qu `one or two mtiers applications. Conversely, it N `is not yet relevant of virtualiser demanding stations trs in matrielles resources or excutant multimdias applications or 3D.

2 – To analyze the constraints rseau
On the local rseau, the constraints of dbit do not reprsentent a critical point, in measurement O the protocols of dport D `posting are not very greedy. However, that of Citrix (ICA) remains more effective than RDP from Microsoft, lorsqu `it S `acts to serve distant locations via a tended rseau (WAN).

3 – To evaluate the return on investment
Like often in the projects of consolidation, the investment compensates for sorrow the conomies ralises. In the occurrence, the placement of the waiters posts a cot for which it is necessary to add that of the customers lgers. The profit is finally ralis on. It is measured in terms D `conomy (personal, dplacements) but also of time, puisqu `it is possible to configure a virtual PC and D `to install a terminal in a few minutes instead of several hours.

4 – To dimension the waiters and to allocate the resources
the dimensioning of the waiters follows rgles Mrs. appreciably that for PC rels: each virtual machine owes bnficier D `a power CPU, D `a disk space and D `a mmoire quivalente its modle physical. The mmoire will be thus typically of 1 Go under Windows XP. It should be noted that in this kind of project, XP remains prfr Windows Vista, which would be likely to put knees the waiters.

It is however possible of diffrencier the virtual PC while allocating with most demanding, more power and of mmoire. As the disk space, it is in theory of the order of 10 Go, which, multipli by the number of stations, can S `avrer problmatic, except if it one resorts of technologies of dduplication or division D `images.

5 – Slectionner of the customers lgers adapts
are to Them usually strictly identical those of the traditional Citrix infrastructures. But one sees apparatre better products adapts. The ones are trs ales, even known spcifiquement for the solution of Citrix or VMware. Their price can thus drop in the neighbourhoods by 300, against 500 for the traditional products. The others, associs of the extensions of protocols, acquired the capacit D `more effectively to post flows vido and the applications 3D.

6 – To imply the users to raise fears
7 – To adopt more effective mthodes of management of the stations customers
8 – To migrate


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EMC: Smart Server Management, a tool danalyse for dated centers virtualiss

Technology – This automatic management tools allow didentifier and danalyser the problmes in the physical and virtual mixed environments.

EMC has annonc the disponibilit immdiate of Smart Server Management, a solution intends to bring to dated centers virtual a tool D `analyzes automatis problmes. Grce a behavioral modle, SM is able to include/understand the relations between the virtual waiters, the physical waiters, the rseau and the manire whose one problme is propagated in this htrogne unit.

For that, they are technologies Smarts Root Cause Analysis and Codebook Correlation which have T adapt to operation D `one dated center virtual. The analysis of root cause is the tool headlight of SM because it allows D `to examine a virtual or physical waiter in order to dterminer the advance D `a problme since its origin and to propose the solutions so that does not reproduce any more.

a tche automates which brings a time-saver considrable. (Eureka Press)

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Microsoft and Citrix reinforces their alliance to counter VMware

Stratgie – Annonc in margin of the living room VM World which opens tomorrow its doors Cannes, the reinforcement of the partnership between Microsoft and Citrix aims to reverse VMware of sound trne of world leader of the virtualisation.

A few aprs days to have annonc an agreement of coopration with Red Hat, Microsoft continues its offensive in the field of the virtualisation by renforant its partnership with Citrix.

At the end of the dvoil agreement in margin of vnement VM World which is held of the 24 to the 26 fvrier Cannes, Citrix S `engages to support Hyper-V Microsoft in the future version of its management software D `environments virtualiss Citrix Essentials, prvue for April.

Of sound cot, Microsoft will deal with the waiters under XenServer de Citrix in next grindings of its software D `administration of information technology infrastructure Systems Center.

VMware in the sight

Names « Project Still » at Citrix, this common news stratgie in matire of virtualisation aims directly VMware, the world leader in the matire.

With this agreement Microsoft and Citrix counts to sduire customers who have dj infrastructures virtualises htrognes.

In addition to the management of the datacenters under XenServer, Citrix Essentials will more finely allow as grer the waiters using Hyper-V and will offer more functions as the current solutions Systems Center from Microsoft.

To test the virtual machines

For example, the possibilit to dynamically fund storage and dploiements on virtual machines sandstone by a Hyper-V waiter, or to make booter simultanment thousands of virtual machines since only one Master image stores on a waiter.

Enfin the software continuation of Citrix will bring also a function of tests of the applications on virtual machines.

Citrix Essentials will be commercialis ds on April 9 to start from 1500 dollars per waiter, the tariff which can climb jusqu `5000 dollars according to the selected options.

Follow the actualit of the virtualisation on the blog Virtuanews

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