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the price policy dIntel dloyale according to nVidia

The manufacturer of graphics chips nVidia judge dloyales the practices D `Intel in matire of tariffing, but N `does not plan however D `to engage of the continuations.
# Aprs to have COP D `a judgment in Europe for dominant position abuse, Intel would undoubtedly occur D `a new complaint takes this time by nVidia – D `as much as the two companies are in the United States. The chairman of the spcialist of the graphics chips, Jen-Hsun Huang, N `does not consider however for the moment D `to encase step AMD in an antitrust procs.
# 45 dollars for the Atom chip, but 25 dollars for the chipset
# But that N `empche not the leader of nVidia D `to tackle Intel and its practices in matire of price, particulirement on. In a maintenance agreement, Jen-Hsun Huang shows its competitor to break the prices of fawn dloyale.
# Intel would market thus 45 dollars links it, but the whole of its platform for netbook (its chipset) for 25 dollars. Grce these prices aggressive, Intel dcouragerait the manufacturers to marry several technologies, by choosing for example the graphics processors of nVidia.
# Intel denies of sound ct the charges of nVidia and dclare not to force the manufacturers D `computers to acqurir bundles. For the glove of the processors, there N `is nothing dloyal to propose to a better price lorsqu `a customer achte the chipset.

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first contrlor USB 3. 0 are sign NEC

Technology – the Japanese company has prsent its contrlor USB 3. 0 which offers a thoric dbit 5Gb/s. Its marketing dbute in June and Nec announces capacity to produce 1 dunits million for September.

Prsent it ya six
month, the USB 3. 0 promise a rate of multipli transfer by 10 5 Gb/s. NEC
is thus the first manufacturer to announce to marketing D `a contrlor
USB 3. 0 destiny with the desktop machines, the portables, the stations D `reception,
with the external hard drives or with the charts D `extension.

the contrlor will be
sold 15 dollars links it to start from June and NEC thinks of manufacturing 1 of them
million D `here September. It is rtro compatible with standards USB prcdentes
1. 0,1. 1 and 2. 0.

Moreover, grce the USB 3. 0, the refill of the apparatuses connects
is advertisement like faster. NEC will undoubtedly not remain a long time only in
string and D `other manufacturers should follow soon.

the dcollage of the USB
3. 0 N `is not awaited before the nearest Anne. (Eureka Press)

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