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will the chairman of GFI leave with a parachute dor?

Socit – the rmunrations allocate with the chairman and founder of GFI, whose mandate arrives its term, will not finally be discuss in assembles gnrale. Cest the council dadministration alone which will fix them.

The rmunrations allocate Jacques Tordjman at the end of his mandate of prsident and directing gnral of GFI will not finally be discuss at the time of assembles gnrale of the company which is held aujourd `May 20 today. Information has T only transmitted the AG day before by the means D `a communiqu of press.
# the day order, which account 14 rsolutions, was to however make it possible to the shareholders of S `to express on the question of the rmunration of Jacques Tordjman, who will cdera the Mrs. day his sige of prsident council D `administration of GFI Informatique Vincent Rouaix.
# suspicion especially exacerbates by the crisis
# the directing ex gnral dlgu and administrator had dj as a director gnral GFI. On May 20, at the time of assembles gnrale, the founder of GFI will thus pass dfinitivement to the torch of chairman his successor.
# a transfer of power which will be done can-tre in a climate of suspicion, exacerb by the crisis, aprs the withdrawal D `a sensitive rsolution of the day order. The question of the indemnits of dpart of Jacques Tordjman will remain the discrtion of the council D `administration.

Of the social relations tended between salaris and employers

In its communiqu, the council D `administration of the software firm estimates indeed that the indemnits which could tre pour with the outgoing leader did not constitute « a convention rglemente but concerned the comptence of the council D `administration within the framework of its normal attributions and in the respect of the forms prvues by the rglementation and the rgles of governorship. »
# D `aprs it, the former chairman has peru for the exercise a total rmunration of 693.582 euros. The indemnit of dpart of the leader, who would thus have D tre approaches during AG of the company, conceals quivalente two annes wages, that is to say more D `1. 3 million D `euros.

criticisms which will be able to follow the dcision of the council D `administration of GFI will be probably partly justify by data processing departments and enters them employers and salaris. Several software firms have freezing indeed the rmunrations. The surging dbat between Data-processing Syntec and the trade unions around does not support gure either the appeasing of the relations.


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Oracle acquires a spcialist of the virtualisation of waiters

Technology – Oracle toffe its solutions of virtualisation grce to the repurchase, for a confidential amount, of Virtual Iron. Lditor dveloppe a platform of virtualisation bases on technology Open Source Xen.

Malgr the repurchase consquent of Sun in April, Oracle continues its external growth while acqurant, indpendant ditor of solutions of. The amount of transaction N `does not have T communiqu. Oracle counts on one.
# Oracle low laid out dj D `a hypervisor () on virtualizing technology Open Source, Xen. The ditor (and dsormais also manufacturer) would aisment owe aisment intgrer his products with those of Virtual Iron whose hypervisor is him also built on Xen.
# Grce this repurchase (and that of Sun), Oracle lays out prsent D `one limps tools complte in matire of virtualisation, and can thus S `free compltement from the competing products like those from. VMware which reproached dj Oracle for closing its applications to the third hyperviseurs.
# EMC dnonce the refusal D `Oracle to support the third hyperviseurs
# Two frameworks D `EMC, the house MRE of VMware, had D `elsewhere, according to them coteuse for the Oracle customers. Citrix N `is the gard D `Oracle. In addition to the refusal to support the exploitation of its applications in virtual machines D `other diteurs, Oracle would apply dissuasive tariffs.
# D `aprs it, Oracle discrtement comes D `to soften its attitude the gard concurrent platforms of virtualisation. On its site destiny with the support users (and only accessible to the customers having codes D `accs), Oracle accepts dsormais the support of some of its applications in environment virtualis.
# E-Business Continuation, versions 11i and R12 thus can tre doors on VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V or another platform of the march. The customer D `Oracle will always be able bnficier D `a support. On the other hand, the ditor always refuses to certify these implementations. The base of give D `Oracle does not appear among the applications concern with these changes in matire of support.

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