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Sun Microsystems would have abandonment its project of processor Rock

Technology – an anonymous source affirms that Sun put a term at dveloppement its processor 16 curs destiny its waiters top-of-the-range. Five asses of dveloppement and a few billion dollars would pass the trap door thus.

Rock’n’roll, is the processor dvelopp by Sun Microsystems since several asses death-N? C `is this qu `affirms NewYork Times quoting a « anonymous source close to the file » . Information that Sun S `is refusal to comment for the moment.

If it owed vrifier, it S `would act D `in any case beautiful a gchis since one speaks it about several billion dollars D `investment and 5 years development. Rock’n’roll promised performances indites with 16 hearts being able grer each one two “; threads”; . It conceals destiny from the waiters high efficiency of basic management of give. But this project knew many delays due to the difficults technical meetings by the ingnieurs.

does the repurchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle at the end of April have a relationship with this rumour? Larry Ellison, owner D `Oracle however has rcemment dclar qu `it intended to instigate the investments of the branch processor of Sun. (Eureka Press)


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In July, a researcher will dvoilera each day a fault of Twitter

In order to sensitize the Net surfers the scurit site of microblogging, Aviv Raff, a researcher in scurit, will reveal each day in July of the faults of Twitter and the third services appealing API Twitter.
# This principle of responsible disclosure (C `is–to say aprs to have inform the diteurs) faults of scurit had of it T utilis for the premire time in 2006 with the month of the bugs. D `here a few weeks, in July, the researcher in scurit, will start to publish vulnrabilits in the API one of Twitter.
# These faults being able to allow to crer data-processing worms being propagated on Twitter, the expert will inform the parts relate to 24 hours before the disclosure on the site. Aviv Raff espre thus to encourage Twitter and the diteurs of third services to take more rigorously counts the questions of scurit of them.
# the researcher ensures to lay out dj of sufficient faults to hold the rate/rhythm of disclosure D `a vulnrabilit per day. These last months, Twitter has dj done the object of several attacks, in particular by the means of and it.

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the salaris dAltis are put in grve lusine of Corbeil-Essonnes

Prs of 250 salaris of the factory D `Altis Semiconductor Corbeil-Essonnes were put in grve on June 15, for hard unlimited. They protest against the end of the ngociations around the social plan prvoyant the suppression of 400 employment.
# the movement largely followed so much by the salaris, the production is completely paralyses machines it Altis of Corbeil-Essonnes. The trade unions, whose CFTC, dnoncent the proposals of the direction, in particular in matire D `compensation.
# « At the time of the runion of the CN2A of the 11/06/09 the direction has refusal to discuss our proposals, being limited to bring cosmtic amliorations on his. C `is why the Inter-union one has call a movement of grve on Monday 15/06/09 so D `to oblige the direction to make proposals in connection with our platform » can one read on.
# But inter-union the dnonce galement blur maintained on the process of transfer of the company. The two shareholders D `Altis, and, wish dsengager indeed and seek a transferee. The recovery by an investor was to intervene in theory at the latest on June 30. However, direction N `still does not have communiqu D `information this subject.
# « The cancellation of runion CN2A of the 15/06/09 does not aim qu `to dissimulate the incapacit direction to hold it dsengagement the date of the 30/06/09 following the probable one of the investor sponsoris by Serge Dassault rcemment invalid by the Council D `State » comment on CFTC.

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Windows Server 2008 R 2: support Windows 7 and the virtualisation

Gallery D `images: Windows Server 2008 R 2: support Windows 7 and the virtualisation – ZDNet. Fr

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the law on the tltravail adopts lAssemble Nationale

Lgislation – the dputs have adopt in premire reading the bill granting the tltravail an official framework in order to support its dveloppement in France. But no measurement daccompagnement tax or of subsidy nont T adopt.

the tltravail took yesterday a great step towards its enters the Labor regulation. By 305 votes against 146, the dputs have adopt the ” bill; to facilitate and maintain the cration D `emplois”; .

This text matter by, secrtaire D `State charges with the Futurology and Dveloppement with the numric conomy, dfinit the obligations of the employer and tightens all the salaris the interprofessional national agreement on the tltravail, concludes in 2005.

the text dfinit the tltravail like “; any form D `organization of work in which a work, which galement could galement tre excut in the buildings of the employer, is effectu by a salari out of these buildings of fawn rgulire and volunteer by using technologies of information within the framework D `a work contract or D `an endorsement that-ci”; .

rights Mrs. that all the salaris

It prcise also that the tltravailleurs have “; rights Mrs. that all the others salaris of the company, it is submitted to collective agreements Mrs., to Mrs. agreements D `undertaken. It has Mrs. rights to vote, Mrs. advantages sociaux”; .

the employers will have the load of quipement and the cots of communication of the tltravaillor.

Aussi progressist is it, this law N `is unfortunately not supported by a tax device or a subsidy which would have an inciting effect dterminant. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet has very of Mrs. assur qu `it dfendrait this ide auprs government. The text now will pass in front of the snateurs before his dfinitive adoption. (Eureka Press)

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SAP adopts a stratgie hybrid SaaS: new step in arrire?

Stratgie – has loccasion of the living room OnDemand Europe, SAP has prsent its stratgie in the field of the hberges applications. Careful, lditor will propose modules SaaS complmentaires of his traditional applications.

Will go or will not go? Aprs several attempts and false dparts on the ground of the applications hberges, SAP always gives the impression to be questioned on the stratgie to adopt. Aprs a phase D `indcision concerning becoming it of its SaaS solution, Business ByDesign, the ditor coupled and annonait the passage version 2.
# Whereas the rumour D `a carryforward in 2010 was done increasingly insistent, SAP thus avanait the disponibilit of Business ByDesign V June 2, 2009. The ditor accompanies this launching by services Web complmentaires or plugins. The latter must allow complter the application and meet the needs spcific for the companies.
# Four modules SaaS its range Business Continuation in 2010
# This systme of setting provision D `application (C `is–to say base of plugins) has obviously to inspir the news stratgie of SAP in the field of the software ace has service. With the occasion D `a confrence Amsterdam, the ditor has dcid thus to be limited for SaaS of the modules complmentaires, available in form D `subscriptions.
# But complmentaires of what? Trs simply of its traditional applications (Business Continuation) dployes on the waiters installs among its customers. These modules (CRM, notes of expenses, management of the carbon missions and the purchases) will be commercialiss prices comptitifs, announces SAP, without saying some more. The first module, ddi with the purchases, would owe tre available during the 3rd quarter. The others will follow during 2010.
# SAP thus takes finally the dcision not to call into question its modle, low on the sale of licences and the services of maintenance, its two independent sources of incomes. The ditor S `TAIT montr these last months much more intress by. Thus in partnership with Nec, SAP proposes (waiters, OS, ERP,…).

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