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Premire put day for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Scurit – Two weeks aprs the exit of Snow Leopard, Apple diffuses a put premire day correcting several bugs systme dexploitation and installing a version scurise Flash. Leopard and Tiger have their setting day galement.

Mac OS X 10. 6. 1 is the first patch matter with tlchargement by Apple with the users of very new sound systme D `exploitation: Snow Leopard. This one makes total corrections the application and amliore galement the stabilit of OS according to Apple.

Among the bugs corrigs appears the problmes of compatibilit with certain modems Sierra Wireless 3G, of automatic configuration of Email, the impossibilit to remove lments Dock or blockings during the reading D `a DVD.

33 faults correct in Leopard

In addition, Apple benefits from this setting day for remdier one in Snow Leopard. Indeed, the users having the dernire version of Flash saw the application D `Adobe returning a grinding antrieure, and especially, at the time of the installation of OS.

Mac OS X 10. 6. 1 corrects this error, while installing for all the users, Flash 10. 0. 32. 18, the version more rcente. All the owners of Snow Leopard are thus protgs against the exploitation of the faults of the software.

the other ditions of Mac OS X are not forget since Apple has procd galement the setting day of Leopard and Tiger. are thus correct (23 allow an arbitrary excution of code) and 16 in Tiger, 14 authorizing the excution of code.

the diffrents patchs can tre tlchargs directly since the module of setting day of OS or while being connected to. The dtail of the corrective measures can to him tre consult on another page.

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Exchange Server 2010 available in Release Candidate

Technology – Microsoft has annonc yesterday the disponibilit in tlchargement of its mail server D `undertaken in his version Release Candidate. The final version is awaited dici the end of lanne.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 version Release Candidate (dernire grinding before the final version) is
available since Tuesday evening in English. One can the tlcharger here.

the dcrit like the « Cl of vote of the solutions of communications
unify » . Exchange S `accompanies D `a new version D `Outlook which
bring in particular the addition of new filters of messages, the prvisualisation
text of the text messages to facilitate their indexing as well as the division of
calendars into external.

65% of shares of march

Exchange will optimize the performances to him with
discs SATA and to introduce the dlgation of the rights destination of
users who will be able for example crer of the newsgroups.

This version RC can coexist with the versions 2003 and 2007, but for the version 2007, it will be necessary to await Service Pack 2 (SP2), available before the end of the month D `aot.

the final version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is awaited for the end of the Anne 2009. Microsoft
assert 65% of shares on the march companies for
Exchange. (Eureka Press)

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Office 2010 on Mac will replace Entourage by Outlook

Technology – Available end 2010, the Office continuation for Macintosh will mark the great return dOutlook. A material change destiny to unify the products between Windows and Mac OS in order to facilitate lchange give. While waiting, Office 2008 reoit a setting day.

Like D `practice, the version Mac D `Office
2010 will arrive one year aprs the exit on PC prvue dbut 2010. The large one
nouveaut announces yesterday by division Microsoft Mac Business Links (MacBU) is
the replacement of the customer of transport Entourage by Outlook. Minis
rvolution (there was a Outlook version for Mac before Mac OS X) which aims amliorer the exchange D `information between the platforms
Windows and Mac OS.

Moreover, the synchronization of give (contacts,
calendars, notes and tches) with the Exchange waiters will be more powerful.
Outlook for Mac reoit a new base of give which optimizes it
operation with Spotlight and Time Machine of Mrs. qu `a manager of
rights D `accs for give sensitive.

Office 2008 remani

But before the exit D `Office 2010 which is still remote,
Microsoft S `is galement pench on Office 2008. The range passes from 3 2
versions, the premire for the private individuals and tudiants and a news
business version which will leave on September 15, 399 dollars. Entourage reoit one
important setting day (Entourage Web Service Edition) which amliore sound
operation with Exchange for the synchronization of give. (Eureka Press)

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: the bta of Microsoft Security Essentials available in tlchargement

Tlchargement of the version bta of the free antivirus of Microsoft will be limit 75.000 users has indiqu a door word of the ditor.

Security Essentials, available of versions 32 and 64 bits, will propose a protection against
virus, malwares and spywares for Windows XP, and. This continuation will replace Live OneCare of which marketing
S `arrte at the end of June.

Known for the netbooks

Security Esssentials has also T known to requrir
a minimum of resources and D `disk space in order to be able to turn
correctly on.

Initially baptis Morro, the software S `is retrouv (involuntarily?) on the Net since yesterday. It S `acted D `a version Pr bta which currently auprs tests its employs and D `a panel D `users sorting on the shutter.

Tlchargez on ZDNet. Fr


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a RC2 for Firefox 3. 5

Put day – No relles nouveauts in this Release Candidate 2. A thing is sre, the final version approaches great steps.

Less D `one week aprs the setting on line of the RC1 of Firefox 3. 5, the Mozilla Foundation has just diffused the one second grinding of Release Candidate, a version which would owe tre the dernire.

This RC2 N `does not bring new functions but corrects ultimate bugs observs. In order to correct the last problmes, the release of the dfinitive version had T pushes back dbut June.

In addition to the native support of JSON (a format of give), of the beacons
< video&WP; and < audio&WP; and of the out-line applications, Firefox
3. 5 (Shiretoko code name) intgre in particular a mode of navigation deprives and a new engine
Javascript (TraceMonkey).

Two strong points

It intgre also a bar D `addresses “; intelligente”; who allows
to seek a bond only by seizing some letters, it
new manager of tlchargements or the anti-phishing tool

On the other hand, the look gnral N `then does not have too volu qu `one
an adaptation to the design of the systme D `exploitation (Vista promised,
XP, Mac, Linux).
# But both vritables strong points of
Firefox 3 are incontestably the rapidit D `posting of the pages, and
especially its low fuel consumption in watered effect lives.

in franais on ZDNet. france.

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Windows 7 without Internet Explorer: Mozilla awaits prcisions

Technology – For the chairman of the foundation Mozilla, John Lilly, it is too tt to know if the dcision of Microsoft will produce effects on the march navigators. Ditor N `has for the moment contribution any dtail on the withdrawal D `Internet Explorer of Windows 7.

Within the Mozilla foundation, one prfre, for the moment, rserver its opinion on the dcision of Microsoft to withdraw Internet Explorer 8 of Windows 7. In an internal email, the chairman, John Lilly, shows obviously hermtic the effect D `announces firm of Redmond.

« He is impossible D `valuer what this advertisement means as much as Microsoft dcrit not – compltement and in dtails – the whole of the advantages and brakes applicable to the OEM Windows. Without that, it N `is not possible to know if Microsoft does not give D `a hand to begin again of the other. And more still, it is impossible to say if that has an impact with-LED of the only change in the technical process D `installation of the manufacturers, and if that makes more complex for the users to migrate towards » dclare it.

Media Player to retir of Windows in 2004 without effects

Until-L, Microsoft S `is content D `one. If ditor N `will not intgrera Internet Explorer 8 (or only certain parts?) in the code of Windows qu `it will deliver to the manufacturers this T, it N `intends however not to give up making it install. In its dclaration, Microsoft speaks D `thus to assist the manufacturers in the prinstallation D `IE8 before the commercial distribution of the computers.

In 2004, Microsoft had dj T of Windows. This judgment by the Commission europenne had dbouch in Europe on marketing D `a dition spciale, NR, of Windows. , In particular because is sulky by the manufacturers of PC.

Brussels had lanc a enqute for vrifier that Microsoft N `did not have « returned intressant less commercially or functionally » Windows XP NR by report/ratio the version complte. The ditor estimated to have jou to him the play. The commercial argument however did not weigh in favour of the version without Media Player, which conceals sold to Mrs. price that the version comprising the software.

key manufacturers of the problme, before Microsoft

Gold while withdrawing, Microsoft announces a dition E of Windows 7 (Vista, always commercialis with IE N `is thus not concern). An E which thus points out the version NR of Windows XP. Moreover, taking into account the commercial links troits linking Microsoft and the manufacturers of PC, there will remain certainly complex for the diteurs of competitor navigators D `tre milked with quit.
# the prinstallation D `a software on the computers makes gnralement by a trade agreement with the manufacturers. Difficult for the diteurs, except can-tre Google and Apple, of ngocier of the contracts of several million dollars Microsoft face.
# a solution acceptable for the whole of the navigators would thus pass by a dcision of the Commission europenne. C `is D `elsewhere one of the tracks consider, which would result in the obligation for the manufacturers to propose, at the time of the premire connection Internet, to choose its navigator among a list of software.

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Microsoft proposes two procdures to pass from Windows 7 bta Release Candidate

Technology – Whereas the RC of Windows 7 is awaited in the next weeks, Microsoft has just published two mthodes prconises to spend day the version bta whose moon consists to pass by again by Vista.

the users of the version bta of Windows 7 which imagined that the transition towards Release Candidate, awaited soon, would be done in some clicks go tre surprised.

Microsoft comes D `to announce on its two procdures selected. And contrary what one can think, simplest will not be that which consists to pass directly from the bta the RC.

Microsoft encourages the users to make a downgrade towards Vista before passing by again on Release Candidate. A convolution which undoubtedly will make leap but that the firm of Redmond justifies by the fact of wanting to test this setting day under the relles conditions that the future customers will connatront during the official launch of Windows 7.

Nanmoins, Microsoft has very of Mrs. prvu the possibilit to pass directly on the RC via a procdure it also rather tortuous.

How to install the future RC since the bta
1 Tlcharger the ISO file of the RC then to engrave it on DVD,

2 To copy the image from a partition diffrente of that containing the version bta of Windows 7,

3 Rcuprer the file cversion. ini to copy it in a standard ditor of text Notepad,

4 Modifier the numro version MinClient (Build number) while entering a value infrieure with the numro of build of the version bta installs. For example, to pass the value of 7100 7000 (see capture). To safeguard this change and to replace the file its site D `origin.

5 To launch the installation of the RC.

(Eureka Press)

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a new alternative of the Conficker virus will strike on April 1

Scurit – the next version of the worm Conficker has T dtecte. According to the experts, it sagirait the most complex virus and sophistiqu never ralis, and its appearance would be program for April 1.

This N `is not a fish D `April, but plutt a sacr poison! A new alternative of the Conficker/Downadup virus is program to launch a massive attack on April 1. According to experts who have dcortiqus the virus, the authors of this alternative of Conficker which S `attacks with the PC dowries of Windows could use the repugnant PC to transform them into PC zombies and to make forward between-others, of the spam, to attract D `other malevolent programs or drobes of give to resell them.
The premire stock of this virus known under the name of Kido Downadup appeared last November. The virulent virus trs, had Mrs. attaqu the rseau intern of the Navy franaise in January. A premire alternative: Conficker B has T dtecte ds month of fvrier. With it, in addition to rpandre via the Web and in particular the software of Peer 2 Peer, the worm was propagated galement via priphric storage removable. The version more rcente.

a premium of 250.000 dollars to find the author of the virus!

We are thus Conficker C. With this version, which would launch a massive attack on April 1, daily number PC to contaminate could double compared to the prcdentes alternatives. And to complicate the work of the socits D `antivirus, the worm uses codes of encodings renforcs. For the moment they have evil to identify the field which could tre attaqu on April 1.

For the researchers of the laboratories D `antivirus, like Trend Micro, this version of the worm is most complex and most sophistical which has T labore this day. The authors of this virus are actively recherchs and assimils criminals. Microsoft has promised Mrs. one whoever will be able to provide information carrying out the arrest of or the authors of Conficker. (Eureka Press)

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SP2 RC of Vista available for the general public

Hardly a few aprs days to have put it provision of the testers of programs MSDN and Technet, Service Pack 2 in version Release Candidate (SP2 RC) of Windows Vista is dj available for the general public.

C `is also the case of SP2 RC of Windows Server 2008 and both are on this page or directly via Windows Update via the installation D `a tool supplmentaire available.

Dsinstaller the version Bta

Torch LeBlanc, Communication Manager for Windows, indicates that the testers having dj install a Bta version of these SP2 will owe with the pralable the dsinstaller before procder the installation of version RC.

It gives also some indications on major changes qu `introduce these versions, more meaning so much engraving of disc blu-ray out of standard, the intgration of the stack of connection Bluetooth 2. 1 and arrives it of the search engine Windows Search 4. 0.

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Office 14: towards a free version finances by the publicit

Stratgie – Microsoft considre quune free version dOffice 14 whose incomes would come from the publicit, would be an excellent means of rejoining dventuels pirate office automation continuation.

Office 14 will be truff of publicits? In any case, C `is what Stephen Elop, the owner of division business of Microsoft let imply yesterday at the time D `a prsentation Confrence of the Morgan Stanley Technology who currently takes seat San Francisco.

Proposer a free version D `Office 14 finances by the publicit is a fabulous measurement to make return in the lgalit the office automation users of continuations D `Office pirate according to him. A free version thus finances by the advertizing… but for the moment, not a word on the ventuelle diffrence of contents by report/ratio a paying version, or on the coming out date D `Office (2010 in theory). Just one knows qu `part of the functions will be accessible on line via Office Web Applications, but it should not S `act only of functions D `dition, of division and D `impression.

On the other hand, which is certain, C `is that this continuation will be compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, but also Windows XP.

Concurrenc by applications on line like Google Documents and Zoho, or by a free software continuation like OpenOffice. org, Office is thus prt to pass to the free whole. The future will say if the publicit is the best means of conqurir or of preserving the followers of Word and D `Excel, while fighting against the hacking. (Eureka Press)

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