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China: HP should point out 15.000 batteries for portables

Scurit – a Chinese governmental site ensures that HP procde the recall of 15.000 batteries of several of its ranges of sold portables at the end of 2007 and dbut 2008.

If it one believes of it information rvle by a Chinese governmental site, the manufacturer amricain owes procder with the recall of 15.000 batteries of portables suitable for overheat and cause a combustion instantaneous.

That occurs 10 days pains aprs the intervention Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) which has gr. the massive recall in the United States of 70.000 batteries lithium-ion. These dernires had T factories in China between aot 2007 and March 2008.

the ranges of portables concern are exactly Mrs. that those quote by the Chinese autorits: HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario and HP Compaq.

HP N `has for the moment not officially confirm this information. (Eureka Press)


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Clone of Mac: Psystar in bankruptcy

Technology – the socit bases in Florida S `is place under the protection of the law on the bankruptcies, freezing in fact the continuations engage against it by Apple. Psystar will have to deliver the name of its investors partners at the time of fixed laudience to June 5 by the legal agent.

End of part for Psystar, the clonor of Mac which dfiait Apple with several configurations turning under.

the firm bases in Florida S `is dclare in bankruptcy and S `is thus place under the protection of chapter 11 on the bankruptcy. What means that the procdure legal in progress initiates by Apple is suspended time that the legal agent examines the file. An audience is fixed at June 5.

on this occasion, Psystar will have to give the name of the investors who supported it and of which Apple souponne the prsence. The firm the apple had indeed amend its complaint in order to be able to continue D `ventuels partners cachs.

the sling D `a small company as Psystar N `could indeed have been done without a financial support of size estimates Apple. (Eureka Press)

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