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Windows Azure should accomodate virtual machines Linux

Technology – It would be a major turn for Microsoft: the possibilité d’ exé cuter of the persistent virtual machines, Windows or Linux, on Windows Blues &worsen; to count spring 2012. Microsoft does not confirm this information of ZDNet, qu’ a document interns é taye however.

According to information of ZDNet. COM, Microsoft should add a news fonctionnalitA© has  its Cloud platform: the possibilitA© da?? exA©cuter of the persistent virtual machines, Windows or Linux.

Among A©volutions apportA©es by?? Should A©ditor A©galement appear the possibilitA© da?? hA©berger SharePoint and SQL Server on Blue. But principal the nouveautA© would be well VM persistent has  to leave spring 2012.

a step moreover of PaaS towards IaaS

Microsoft would owe da?? elsewhere da?? here it  to launch a phase of test or Community Technology Preview (CTP) on this fonctionnalitA© next da?? Blue. Would this one come complA©ter the da?? Blue which makes it possible the companies to provide an image of systA¨me D `exploitation prA©configurA©e.

has “the administrators can be connected has  outdistance has  the virtual machine of each rA/le for opA©rer as of your? ches of maintenance and dA©pannage has” prA©cise Microsoft. But this fonctionnalitA© does limitations comprise, of which?? absence of persistence of the donnA©es.

Thus in case for example of redA©marrage of VM, the donnA©es stockA©es are lost. This gap has “one of the technical reasons for which you could not exA©cuter SharePoint on Azure VM rA/le has” explains has  ZDNet a Microsoft partner who wishes to keep?? anonymity.

InterrogA©, Microsoft Na?? does not have confirmA© this information. An internal document, the roadmap da?? Blues, that its?? is procurA© ZDNet, A©taye however the scA©nario da?? a intA©gration in 2012 of these nouveautA©s.

virtual Machine Linux: a request of the users D `Azure

That would translate an important turn for?? A©ditor who always has refusA©, malgrA© the requests of the customers, to support the persistent virtual machines on Azure, thus espA©rant to encourage them has  dA©velopper of the applications Blues.

the support of Linux on Windows Blues, trA¨s demandA© by the users according to sources of ZDNet, would not have? tre effective before the end of March and the launching of the phase of CTP of the new function of persistent VM.

This nouveautA© would allow has  Microsoft to approach competition, and in particular Amazon. , Fabrice Meillon, architect infrastructure of Microsoft France dA©clarait that A©diteur would go further towards?? IaaS, with the possibilitA© to rent vA©ritables virtual machines, as at Amazon.

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Windows 8 has an option of intelligent restoration

Technology – next the systè me d’ exploitation of Microsoft will propose a function of restoration which will give the PC in its configuration d’ origin while preserving the donné be personal and the ré glages.

Not to have more has  to carry out a tiresome safeguard before restoring Windows… a luxury that Windows 8 will offer to the users via a mode of. Will this one make it possible to return to the rA©glages da?? machines?? OS while preserving the personal donnA©es and the tA©lA©chargA©es on Windows Blind.

All the other applications will be retirA©es but Windows 8 will gA©nA¨rera a rA©capitulative list. Will the restoration mode lay out also da?? an option da?? total obliteration of the donnA©es which rA©installe a copy has “clean has” systA¨me da?? exploitation.

would have? tre prA©sentA©e the next month. But he murmurs himself which could benefit from THESE and of the last keynote of Steve Ballmer to make small before-premiA¨re. (Eureka Press)

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Microsoft Security Essentials: beta of the new version is available

SA©curitA© – the general public can dè S &worsen; pré d&amp feels; eacute; to cover the setting &worsen; day of the software of sé curité who promises performances and a efficacité in rise.

Microsoft has lancA© yesterday laA version Ba? taA of Security Essentials. The continuation of
sA©curitA© is available in A©dition 32 and 64 bits for Windows XP (service pack
3), Windows Vista (SP1 and 2) and Windows 7 (SP1).

dA©sireuses people of
to test will owe da?? access to pass by a a little tiresome procA©dure, puisqu `it will be necessary for them to be connected with an identifier Windows Live ID, crA©er a profile
public then to validate their inscription with the Connect program by giving theirs
coordonnA©es and by confirming an address email.

Suppression automatic of the infections

Da?? aprA¨s the descriptive page of
Microsoft, the new version of Security Essentials brings an interface
simplifiA©e and of the performances amA©liorA©es grA? it has  a new engine. There is
A©galement a systA¨me of automatic suppression of the infections destinA© has 
rA©duire manual interventions of?? user.

Our confrA¨res of One hundred. COM
who could install this news moutureA has Na?? to have not constatA© significant change
on the level of?? interface, except a more readable police force of caractA¨res. As
will the performances, only a test prolongA© be able to allow da?? in judging. With? to follow
thus. (Eureka Press)

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Windows 7 Company in free test for 90

Technology – companies S? not being yet procurees version RTM of Windows 7 can from now on download it in French and L? to use free during 90 days. Attention however since the number of licences available is limiting.

Microsoft has obviously very has heart to convince the companies D `to adopt are new resourcefulness `exploitation: Windows 7. After the advertisement in France D `one on the price of the licences in volume of Windows 7 Professional, the editor proposes from now on one period of 90 days test.
# Microsoft invites the professionals thus has to download of Windows 7 on in order to leading, without expenses, of the tests of applicative and material compatibility, and to prepare their strategies of deployment.
# a restarting of the PC every hour for the licences expirees
#, Microsoft specifies however that this period D `free evaluation S `addresses only to companies N `not having yet to date to reach has Windows 7 via the Software Insurance, a subscription, or its site Download Center thanks to a programme of licences in volume.
# But as for its price has breaks, the number of licences is limiting. Microsoft does not specify however the exact number D `units downloadable. The Entreprise version of accessible Windows 7 in version D `test is available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) and in 32 and 64 bit.
# to reduce the risks of hacking, Microsoft has moreover adds protection mechanisms. Thus, the activation of the software is obligatory 10 days after the installation. At the end of the period D `test 90 days, it undertaken must either acquire licences, or desinstaller OS. Failing this, the computer will start again every hour.

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the setting day of Windows Vista towards Windows 7 will be able to take 30 minutes 21 hours

Technology – Microsoft proceeded has an evaluation of the various scenarios of update of Windows Vista towards Windows 7. There are great differences according to the type D? installation and configuration of the PC.

class=”; poll”; >;
Survey of the 14/09/2009 to the 14/10/2009 8112 votes
Do you consider an update of Windows Vista towards Windows 7?

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Migration towards Windows 7: four companies tmoignent

Migration towards Windows 7: four companies tmoignent – Actualits – ZDNet. Fr

Exit Windows 7 complete records

Plays vidé O of Noë L

id=”; down”; >;
Copyright &Copy; 2009 Interactive CBS. All Rights Reserved.


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Patch Tuesday: 10 corrective measures for Windows, Office and Internet Explorer – Actualits – ZDNet. Fr

Exit Windows 7 complete records

Plays vidé O of Noë L

id=”; down”; >;
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Red Hat delivers pilots under LPG for the virtual machines Windows

Red Hat, which proposes KVM, a hypervisor for Linux, has just diffused under new drivers for Windows.

Difficult indeed for a ditor of solutions to make the dead end on the optimization of the virtual machines Windows.
# These rseaux pilots, whose Network Driver Interfaces Specification (NDIS), aim amliorer the performances of the machines htes Windows on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).

the technical dtails and the bonds of tlchargement are available on.
# announces It of Red Hat intervenes a little less D `one month aprs that of Microsoft concerning the setting provision of Windows in Open Source for the virtual authorities Linux in its hypervisor propritaire.

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Pourquoi Windows 7 dition Familiale sold moiti less expensive in England?

Stratgie – On the other side of the channel, ldition Familiale of Windows 7 east proposes 65 pounds is 106 dollars then the which sold almost double (200 dollars) in the United States. Explanations on this price while Microsoft France Na not wish sexprimer on this tariff policy.

Amazon. Co. the U.K. and Play. COM market both
version complte of Windows 7 Premium Home (Family) 65 pounds (106 dollars), is
almost the moiti of the price pratiqu in the United States (200 dollars).

On its site,
Amazon announces a reduction of 57% compared to the initial price of 150 pounds. Aprs
vrification, it S `avre that the product can tre livr in France but it will be
of course in english language version.

Contact by ZDnet. Fr, Microsoft France
N `does not have wish to comment on this tariffing.

Version E

According to our English confrres of
ZDnet. the U.K., the explanation could come from the version
E of Windows 7 initially prvue. It S `acts of the dition europenne
deliver without Internet Explorer 8 that Microsoft had D `access annonc for Commission europenne.

This Windows 7th
not being able in fact not to exist in version « Setting &amp day; #187; but qu `in version
« Complte » , a lower price, near to that of the versions « Setting &amp day; #187;
had T calculation in consquence.

But, the version which propose Amazon. Co. the U.K. and Play. COM is well
that including/understanding IE8. It S `undoubtedly acts of that which introduces the choice of
navigator with. But this new version of Windows 7 must still obtain
L `approval of the autorits europennes.

would have seems it devanc
their rponse by authorizing the English merchants to sell Windows 7 with IE8
while maintaining the tariff prvu for Windows 7th. In France, Amazon. Fr and them
other retailers consults always propose the version E in prcommande.
(Eureka Press)


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the users will have 18 months to pass from Windows 7 XP

Technology – Microsoft has finally dcid to allow the manufacturers of PC dinstaller Windows XP, to replace Seven ditions Pro and Intgrale, jusquen April 2011. Lchance thus spends 6 18 months.

the ditor amricain returned on his premire announces: Microsoft had initially prvu D `to authorize the rtrogradation of the PC under Seven for hard 6 months to count exit of its new systme D `exploitation on October 22.

the OEM would have then T constrained to cease on April 22, 2010 proposing their customers acqurant a computer quip of (dition Professionnelle or Intgrale) to return Windows XP Pro. The manufacturers taient limits an offer of « downgrade » towards Windows Vista, which N `forever vritablement convinced.

Dsormais, a user will be able to return Windows XP ds at the time the purchase D `a computer quip of Seven intervened before April 22, 2011. However this new 18 months chance could still change well. Microsoft states indeed that the deadline for the rtrogradations towards XP will be able also tre the exit of the first Service Pack for Windows 7.
# the migrations simpler, but coteuses, with the Software Insurance
# For recall the SP1 of Vista conceals left 14 month aprs launching the systme D `exploitation. Another prcision, this time for the companies acqurant Windows via the programme of licence in volume and customer of the contract Software Insurance of Microsoft: they companies will be able freely to pass a version suprieure or infrieure of OS, the flexibilit will be total.

the companies under Software Insurance in no fawn would thus be forced to return Vista (only 10% would have migr towards Vista according to Forrester). If they are not convinced either by and Med-V, two applications available under Windows 7 ensuring the comptabilit with applications XP, the companies will be able to thus preserve their old systme D `exploitation or to return aprs of nonconclusive there.

However, all the companies do not subscribe the Software Insurance of Microsoft. This subscription reprsente indeed a surcot for the price of the licence. « The annual price for the Software Insurance for the Applications and Systmes is of 29% of the price of the licence. For the waiters the annual price of the Software Insurance is of 25% of the price of the licence » .

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