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Dated centers: Green IT forms intgrante part

Stratgie – a survey ralis by Campos Research and DIGITAL Realty Trust rvle that the professionals of the march of dated centers are trs attentive with the environmental rglementations which dterminent their investments partly.

Environ 70% of the professionals of the march of dated centers
say to follow with attention the projects of environmental rglementations
who can have an impact on their products.

C `is the rsultat D `a survey
men jointly by Campos Research and DIGITAL Realty Trust auprs of professionals of the sector in Europe in order to connatre
their position about aiming to obtain march TIC a rduction of 20% of sound
print carbon D `here 2015.

the survey emphasizes qu `broad a majorit
companies possdant or likely D `to invest in one dated center
document on the environmental questions and the standards in force (in particular certifications LEED and BREEAM or the standard ISO 14001 and those prns by Green Grid).

rduction of the cots, grce of the less greedy quipements in nergie, but
galement the image « colo » dsormais intgrante part critres make
D `investment. With such a point that 55% of the companies probes affirm qu `they the offers D `are unaware of a supplier who S `does not engage for the environment. (Eureka Press)


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According to Dell, the tariffs of Windows 7 could compromise its

Stratgie – a person in charge produced professional of Dell has dclar that the tariffs of the licences of Windows 7 taient more levs that those of Vista. What could according to him reprsenter a brake with the sales, in particular auprs of the institutional customers and TPE/PME.

« S `there is something which can influence
L `adoption (of Windows 7, note), to slow down it or incite the customers
to make a pause, C `is that the average costs are more lev qu `it does not have it T with XP
and Vista » .

Voici this qu `has dclar Darrel Ward, marketing director of
connect professional products at Dell. He has moreover indiqu that them
licences for the versions general public of Windows 7 of Mrs. that Windows 7
professional dition will be more chres that those of Vista. What is dj information in oneself since the prices of remplaant of Vista are always secret for the moment.

a risqu choice
according to Darrel Ward which prdit qu `in these times of crisis, this tariff rise
could incite certain customers, in the school and administrative sectors
in particular, diffrer adoption of the new OS.

For Dell, the stake is crucial
since the moiti of its professional customers still use Windows XP.
customers qu `it will be necessary to convince to pass Windows 7… (Eureka Press)

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