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Kodak about to place itself under the protection of the law on the bankruptcies

Business – L’ company centenary pré avoid &worsen; this é ventualité if she does not arrive &worsen; not &worsen; monnayer its wallet of 1.100 patents. Kodak employs 19.000 people.

Kodak is in the storm and could end up placing itself under the protection of Chapter 11 of the law amA©ricaine on the bankruptcies. Ca?? is what reports which Na?? did not obtain official confirmation.

Kodak would be prA©parA© has  this exit if da?? venture it does not arrive has  to sell its strong wallet of 1.100 patents. In a financial document publiA© in November?? company which employs 19.000 people had informed qua?? it was going to be found in suspension of payment.

To sell its patents to continue has  to live did #

In dA©but of week, the New York Stock Exchange prA©venait that the Kodak title could has? tre retirA© of quotation its?? it did not go up in the 6 months. ?? Kodak action is restA©e under the threshold of 1 dollars during 30 consA©cutifs days.

If?? company came has  to place itself under the protection of the law on the bankruptcies, the wallet of patents would be sold via enchA¨res encadrA©e by a court, and Kodak could continue has  to function and pay its invoices. (Eureka Press)

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Symantec confirms the hacking of the source code of two antivirus solutions for companies

SA©curitA© – These donné be have é té dé robé be by hackers on the waiters of the Indian military information. Symantec pré cise that the code concerné is old of several anné be. L' one of the two solutions n' is more available.

?? Did A©ditor of solutions of sA©curitA© Symantec recognize qua?? part of the source code utilisA© by two of its professional products had A©tA© piratA© and diffusA© on the Fabric. Does the week derniA¨re, the group of pirates have “the Lords of DharmarA? ja has” had postA© this information on Pastebin while affirming to have them dA©robA©es on the waiters of the Indian military information.

Symantec has publiA© a dA©claration to confirm this escape by underlining qua?? it concerned has “part of the source code of two old professional solutions has”, of which?? one of both Na?? is more available on the marchA©. With “That Na?? does not assign the products Norton destinA©s to the general public has”, still adds?? A©ditor who rA©alise?? essence of sound activitA© on the segment general public.

However, an expert in sA©curitA© citA© by NewYork Times holds has  to underline qua?? there remains very of my? me a risk and this malgrA©?? anciennetA© of the code. Because if da?? Symantec Na ventures?? does not have apportA© major rA©vision has  this code since this A©poque, certain parts could remain intact and could dA©sormais has? tre vulnA©rables.

Ci-dessous the dA©claration of Symantec in its intA©gralitA©
has “Symantec confirms qua?? part of the source code of two old professional solutions has accessible A©tA©. ?? one of these solutions Na?? is more available on the marchA© and codes it concernA© date of four and five years. That Na?? do not assign the products Norton destinA©s to the general public.

“No brA¨che Na?? has A©tA© constatA©e in the rA©seau Symantec, Ca?? is a third rA©seau which has A©tA© touchA©. We continue our research da?? information concerning this incident and let us not can has  ?? current hour to provide da more?? information on the rA©seau third concernA©. We cannot currently confirm?? impact of the rA©vA©lation of the code on the fonctionnalitA©s or the sA©curitA© of the Symantec solutions. Moreover, no indication allows for the moment da?? to affirm that user news have A©tA© touchA©es or exposA©es.

currently has “Symantec dA©veloppe a procA©dure to ensure a protection has  long run concerning information of its customers. We will once communicate on the subject the diffA©rentes A©tapes finalisA©es. This stage of?? enquA? you, us Na?? let us not have more da?? information has  you to communicate but we will hold you informA©s. has”

(Eureka Press)


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a cheap iPad in preparation?

Technology – One prê you &worsen; Apple the volonté of launching dé goal a 2012 « iPad mini » in the neighbourhoods of 200 dollars so d' to amplify its effect of range like it l' made for l' iPhone.

a iPad low-cost? AprA¨s to have circulA© during
long months have  matter of?? , my? me rumour its?? engage dA©sormais on the subject
Apple shelf. It has A©tA© lancA©e by an analyst of Ticonderoga
SecuritiesA, according to which has “has iPad
miniA has” will be lancA© dA©but 2012 for a price bordering the 200 dollars.

does term have “has miniA has” its?? would not apply has  size of the shelf but
well has  its tariff. One remembers indeed that dA©clarA© had that them
shelves of less than 9 inches A©taient vouA©es has  ?? A©chec. And?? one sees badly its
successors to take again the torch while commenA§ant by contradicting it….

To drive out on the segment of Kindle Fire

With a iPad
more accessible, Apple its?? the marchA© by bottom would open while coming to drive out on
the grounds da?? Amazon and of sound. A stratA©gie that the firm has 
has apple just set up for?? iPhone with the 3G S which becomes free,
and?? iPhone 4 of 8 Go which passes in midrange has  99 dollars.

According to
?? analyst citA© by Business Insider, the exit of?? iPad mini will be followed
launching da?? a iPad 3 during the deuxiA¨me quarter 2012. (Eureka Press)

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Legalisation with the file-sharing: l& 039; call to the candidates with presidential of 2012

Political – Collective gathering associations of dé fense of the consumers, artists and cré ateurs, the CPI platform wish that the political parties s’ engage for 2012 on the lé galisation of the file-sharing except marché . With the cœ ur of the device: a financing mutualisé adossé &worsen; a licence, in light the global license.

CrA©A©e in 2009 has  ?? occasion of?? does examination of the law CrA©ation and Internet (Hadopi), the platform CPI (CrA©ation Public Internet) gather associations, artists and crA©ateurs (UFC-That To choose, ISOC France, Quadrature of the Net, SAMUPa? ¦).

Objective dA©clarA©: “To allow a diffusion of has? uvres compatible with the intA©rA? ts and the libertA © S.A.”, with Ca? ur of these rA©flexionsA  the question of has “A©quitable financing for the artists/crA©ateurs. With”

PS and Greens supports dA©jA  dA © clarA © S.A.  the licenceA 

takes care about It since 2009, CPI benefits from the prospect for prA©sidentielle and the programs numA©ric of the great parties for ressusciter the dA©bat around da?? a rA©munA©ration A©quitable, A©galement baptisA©e global license.

In numA©ric for 2012, the PS A©voquait thus?? da setting-up?? “individual contribution to the financing of the crA©ation has. With” the Greens are them has  the global license. Does CPI wish it divides it files numA©ric except marchA©, Ca?? is-HAVe – to say between individuals and non-profit-making.

It thus requires of the candidates has  the prA©sidentielle one to pledge on its proposals in favour da?? “financing mutualisA© adossA© has  a licence authorizing the division da?? With? uvres numA©ric between individuals. With”

the platform judges indeed that rA©pressive logic has?? does position fought by the government have?? , and dA©veloppement of?? offer lA©gale a chimA¨re. The policy of the Majors, them “; little da?? intA©rA? T with the financing of the crA©ation and has  the question of the Juste rA©munA©ration”; , is A©galement dA©noncA©e.

Five euros per month collectA©s by the FAI, but not imputA©s with the fixed price

to illustrate these dA©rives, collective Internet quotes in particular Cloud da?? Apple, which according to him its?? connect has  With “a kind of global license for 25 dollars/an (17,5 euros), but oA? 70% of the incomes are captA©s by the majors. With”

For CPI, the division of the value thus must has? tre repensA©. A solution is proposA©e. If no name Na?? is attribuA© has  this device, it Na?? is naturally not without pointing out the principle of the global license. Does the collective propose indeed a contribution payA©e by?? together abonnA © S.A.  Internet and collectA©e by the FAI.

CPI estimates that “this mA©canism A©vite to pollute the stratA©gie price of the opA©rateurs, da?? to introduce a tariff opacitA© or competing distortions. With” As for the versA© amount by the abonnA©s, it could its?? A©tablir in the neighbourhoods of 5 euros per month. It would make it possible to collect 1,3 billion da?? euros of incomes for the crA©ation

On the question of the rA©partition of the fruits of this rA©munA©ration A©quitable, diffA©rentes proposals are has  Does A©tudier judge the collective which proposes nA©anmoins qua?? is a part rA©servA©e with the crA©ateurs of has? uvres A©changA©es on Internet and has  the crA©ation has  to come.

hostile Majors and right-hand side with the principle of the global license

If the dA©bat remains full …

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Chromium OS: premi? LMBO D? monstrations Thursday November 19 at Google

Google sent invitations to the American press in order to invite the journalists Thursday November 19 has demonstrations has its seat of its resourcefulness `exploitation for PC, Chrome OS.

Chrome OS will be tomorrow a project qu `it was not to it jusqu `now (finally, in theory). To leave a resourcefulness `exploitation since, initially limits to the netbooks, the giant of research is completely dumb remainder.

But tomorrow Thursday November 19, the press will be able to discover, in the buildings of Google, a little more concretely this qu `is really Chrome OS. The draftings, of which, indeed received an invitation for demonstrations of the OS awaited in final version in 2010.

As its practice has, Google remains laconic and the invitation does not reveal anything on what hides behind this very generic term of demonstration. The day of tomorrow should thus probably bring new information relating to Chrome OS. What N `is not a quite great challenge…

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Facebook D? sormais on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Truly impossible to circumvent, Facebook is now also accessible since the game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, it and Xbox 360.

impassion Them video game can from now on also connect itself since their console PS3 to the giant of the social networks, has to know Facebook. This innovation is introduced by firmware of.

the owners of PS3 will be able to thus put automatically up to date their Facebook profile after having gains trophies or carried out purchases over Playstation Store from Sony. The users will also have access to the statutes of their Facebook friends and twitter.

on its competitor, Microsoft, by adding to the PS3 a video service at the request of high-definition. The console thus fills its delay on Xbox 360. Microsoft indeed has (for subscribe Xbox Live Gold) Facebook and Twitter, a service of VoD (), and audio streaming, Last FM.

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Opinion D `expert – Mutualisation and rduction of the cots militate in favour of the qualit while fighting against the wastings, according to the consultant of Devoteam. But amliorer the qualit of service supposes D `to have known to dfinir the good indicators.

ZDNet. Fr – You dfinissez the qualit data processing departments like a stake Cl for the DSI. In what is it more into 2009 that for the annes prcdentes?

Hamilton Chick (Devoteam) – the companies of fawn gnrale base sant financire to them on their inheritance of customers subscribing their services. In a context conomiquement stable, the primary goal for them is to look after the relation with the existing customers and D `to occupy the ground of competition, in particular by the capacit to renew itself.

With the crisis, the services which the companies dlivrent and the renewal of the offers is the axes privilgis to preserve to them attractivit screw–screw of the prospective customers and the existing clientle. However the qualit of the average services dpend of diffrents implemented to produce this qualit.

In these means naturally appears those provided by the systme D `information. The services make more and more correspond of the final technologies and customers. The qualit is thus directly perue by the users

But if the crisis imposes, like you it dtes, a greater concern of the qualit of service, it also often results in budgets more serrs. How to reconcile both?
C `is indeed one of the difficults. Because the qualit has a cot well, which can tre contradictory with the context him-Mrs. It is thus necessary certainly to draw the cots towards bottoms, but not without distinction. C `is a total dmarche in the company which owes tre organizes fawn transversal. And especially, it should not dtriment be made with qualit final service.

It should thus above all result in an approach of fight against the wastings. is one of the possible tracks, just like it.

L `amlioration of the qualit of service can tre reached while concentrating only on the critical services of the company?
That can have direction, would be this only because they are ncessairement the services more observs. But J `brings nanmoins a nuance this type D `approach. More and more in the companies, operation is done in mode time rel, with systmes D `information imbriqus, in particular with those of external partners.

It is much more complex dsormais to target some thus lments by report/ratio D `others. The dmarche in my opinion privilgier consists plutt “; prioriser”; critical processes. For a oprator, a process could tre D `activate a line. And these processes are supports by components of the systme D `information.

To work on the qualit of service, D `agreement, but by O dbuter?
Mrs. without a main effort of formalization, all the companies are informed tacitly of the essential services for them. They thus leave in all the cases D `existing, D `a knowledge, which owes tre thorough: which are the points on which to capitalize and those on which it is ncessaire to progress by report/ratio of the targets dfinies? Which projects owe tre implemented to await these targets?

It S `acts in fact of S `of directing towards a culture of service, with an important matter for the DSI: is qu `which misses to us to lay out D `a catalogue of the data processing departments publishable for the other mtiers?

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Freezing gnral of the wages at Microsoft and rmunration rduite of 5,5% for Ballmer

Stratgie – the chairman from Microsoft has accept a rduction of 5,5% his wages for lanne tax 2009 without compensation. And lensemble of the wages of the group will be gel in 2010.

Whereas Microsoft has for the premire time of its history
known a ngative annual growth
(figure D `businesses of 58,44 billion dollars, in fall of 3%), its owner Steve Ballmer has
accept that its rmunration is rduite, without compensation: he will have touch for
L `tax Anne 2009 (closed on June 30) 1,265 million dollars against 1,340
million in 2008.

makes some in the dtail, its wages has T lgrement augment
665.833 dollars, but these are the no-claims bonus which have diminu of 100.000 dollars
(600 000 dollars). It is known that the leader of Microsoft belongs to its level. But C `is also the deuxime shareholder
of Microsoft aprs Bill Gates.

With the current course, 4,57% of the capital of Microsoft
what dtient Ballmer are worth more than 10 billion dollars. The Microsoft action has all
of Mrs. lost 13,6% of her value since one year.

In addition, anticipating difficults
conomic persistent, Microsoft has annonc a gel of the wages for the Anne
tax 2010 which has dbut on July 1. (Eureka Press)

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A bug data-processing dimension prs of 2 billion D `euros state pension scheme – Actualits – ZDNet. Fr

Exit Windows 7 complete records

Plays vidé O of Noë L

id=”; down”; >;
Copyright &Copy; 2009 Interactive CBS. All Rights Reserved.


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Chromium available under Mac OS X, Ubuntu and Debian – Actualits – ZDNet. Fr

Exit Windows 7 complete records

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