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Gestion of the passwords: Parexel combines SSO and RFID

Case study – to facilitate and make safe L? access to the applicatifs trades in an environment multidomaine, the group of the sector of health has deploye a customer SSO combines has a smart card RFID near its 10.000 pay.

World group of subcontracting for the sectors medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological, Parexel employs 10.000 pay set out again out of 70 sites. Because of the handling of significant medical data, like information patients, Parexel is subjected has certain regulatory obligations, in particular as regards traceability.

For its activity, Parexel S `supports on nearly 150 applicatifs trade. A user of resourcefulness `information lays out D `an account in on average about fifteen these applications, and jusqu `has 30 accounts for certain D `between them.

about fifteen accounts on average per user

This complexity N `is not free from constraints. Is indeed a true headache for the users. However, for obvious reasons of safety, it is essential for them to respect good practices in their definition.

to answer has these problems, Parexel thus has decides to launch out in one (Individual-Sign One) capable of S `to integrate in its existing as regards, bases in particular on Identity Manager and.

Upstream of the project, Parexel lists several requirements. « We needed to control as well at physical level qu `at the logical level. The solution was to also be adaptee with the nomads which account for 30% of our users, and being administrable in manner centralisee and multidomaine » detailed Marc Jobert, the chief technical officer of the group.

SSO and RFID to manage physical safety and logic

« What we seek, C `was firstly a strong authentification with two factors. Then, we wanted a customer SSO who S `integrates has our PKI. Lastly, we wish a system based on a smart card. The reason is qu `it was necessary a solution usable by all for us. Moreover the smartcard was also to be utilisee for the physical accesses to the buildings or to resolve its station or to pay its canteen midday » specify it too.

the project leads thus to the deployment D `a hybrid chart equipee D `one and of customer SSO of the editor on the work stations. The smart card allows pay D `to reach the buildings, to unbolt their station and stores various codes D `access to the applications. For the user, it N `is from now on necessary to store the code PINE of the chart (6 alphanumerics).

« When we have deploye on a world level, we had already 25 covered standards applications. For an employee who had ten accounts, it had already on average ten taken of it of load par. They could note the benefit. The pressure came later when the users have wishes that the SSO be extended to the remaining applications. But this N `is technically not always possible » , Marc Jobert comments on.

the rebootstrapping of password: 5% of the requests to the support

Parexel also defined a specific scenario in case D `lapse of memory of the smart card. The Evidian application allows D `thus to activate the customer on the station in a mode baptizes SO …

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SAP, Salesforce and Novell dveloppent for Google Wave

Technology – Modeling of process for SAP, support and management of the client relationship at Salesforce. COM, integration with Novell Pulsates, a collaboratif tool for the companies: the professional applications for Google Wave are revealed.

Same if the application of communication in collaboratif mode of Google N `is still qu `in beta, several large actors of data processing S `interest already has and work has applications for the companies.

At the time D `a technical conference has Vienna, made the demonstration D `a news, makes a module for Google Wave of it. Its use is exclusively professional since Gravity east exploits to model processes trade in collaboratif mode in Wave.

As for, the specialist in the services points of disjunction for the companies, it developed a first extension for the management of the customer service. In video of demonstration put on line on, one sees a company there carrying out support for the one of his customers.

In addition to the discussion in real-time between the support and the user, Salesforce proposes an integration of Google Wave directly in its Web platform of CRM. Finally Novell especially laid the stress on interworking between its own application of groupware and that of Google.

Wave is intended above all has a public of private individuals, not has professionals. With, inspires by, but with an architecture adaptee in the world of the company, the editor thus hopes to answer waitings of the professionals interested by the possibilities of Wave.

Envisaged for a launching in 2010, Novell Pulsates is present like deeply just with thanks to Google. Thus, the code and the functionalities of the application will not be points of disjunction on a public waiter of Google but by Novell.

See also our gallery D `images

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With Smart Business Desktop Cloud, IBM wants to standardize the service of virtual office

Technology – IBM tries a blow on the market of Cloud Computing by proposing a complete service of virtualisation of office D? users, with the help of a month’s subscription. An offer bound for large and medium businesses in the United States and in Europe.

IBM has just presented Smart Business Desktop Cloud, service of virtualisation of office which will be available has to leave D `October. Proposed service creation D `an image of the office D `a user with his applications who will be then hebergee on waiters IBM bases in North Carolina and Germany.

L `employed will have access has its workspace since a navigator Internet on N `imports which computer. target the large ones and medium businesses having data-processing environments enough standardize, as the centers D `call for example. The tariff of month’s subscription N `was not precise but it one knows qu `it will have to be subscribed for a minimum of 50 work stations and that the prices will depend on the quantity of resources allouee.

Jusqu `now, IBM proposed such solutions on a case-by-case basis, but not in manner standardisee. And on the assumption or certain companies do not wish that their virtual offices are points of disjunction has outside, IBM will propose the same service by establishing the waiters on site. (Eureka Press)

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Windows 7: Microsoft proposes with the companies a reduction of 35%

Business – Of September 1, 2009 to February 28, 2010, the companies will be able to acquire has reduced price, via the programmes of licences in volume Open or Select, of the licences Windows 7 Professional. Sufficient to start the migrations?

This September 1 is a new major expiry for Microsoft and: the companies can acquire licences in volume of the last resourcefulness `exploitation. And to encourage its adoption, and thus the subscription of license agreements in volume and, Microsoft proposes to them to benefit D `a promotion on the price from the licence.

To migrate D `a licence OEM Vista and XP towards a licence in volume Seven

the Microsoft retailers will be able to offer during 6 months (jusqu `at February 28), a reduction which can go jusqu `has 35% of the amount to the licence of Windows 7 Professionnelle edition.

This commercial offer targets them, SME precisely, having acquired during the last 18 months of the computers with a licence OEM Windows Vista Professionnel or XP Professionnel. Laying out D `an operational, capable information technology infrastructure to support Windows 7, these customers will be able to thus profit has preferential price of the licences in volume of resourcefulness `exploitation, under contract Open or Select. Two programs reserves at the companies (private or public) having 5 stations or more.

migrations not before 2011 according to Gartner

\#. On the market of the companies, Microsoft refuses has to reveal objectives in terms D `adoption. « We wish simply that it offer functions, with an important starting, and the ecosystem makes us go in this direction. Working in phase lead on Seven worms make us say qu `there are hopes that this is it. Obviously, if the adoption at the time them first months can be faster than for XP and Vista, we will be satisfied » , declares Julien Lesaicherre, product manager Windows Entreprise.

Reste has to see now if price drops, limitee in time, will encourage the companies has to consider a migration D `OS. These last generally tend has to have patience several months after the exit to profit D `a greater retreat on the solution – and also from the exit D `a Service Pack.

According to the Gartner cabinet, the majority of the companies will not be ready has to deploy Windows 7 before the first six-month period 2011. The stations of these last are mainly under Windows XP. However, of the applications and other spots of migration would require of 12 has 18 months to be led.

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Windows 7 Company in free test for 90

Technology – companies S? not being yet procurees version RTM of Windows 7 can from now on download it in French and L? to use free during 90 days. Attention however since the number of licences available is limiting.

Microsoft has obviously very has heart to convince the companies D `to adopt are new resourcefulness `exploitation: Windows 7. After the advertisement in France D `one on the price of the licences in volume of Windows 7 Professional, the editor proposes from now on one period of 90 days test.
# Microsoft invites the professionals thus has to download of Windows 7 on in order to leading, without expenses, of the tests of applicative and material compatibility, and to prepare their strategies of deployment.
# a restarting of the PC every hour for the licences expirees
#, Microsoft specifies however that this period D `free evaluation S `addresses only to companies N `not having yet to date to reach has Windows 7 via the Software Insurance, a subscription, or its site Download Center thanks to a programme of licences in volume.
# But as for its price has breaks, the number of licences is limiting. Microsoft does not specify however the exact number D `units downloadable. The Entreprise version of accessible Windows 7 in version D `test is available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) and in 32 and 64 bit.
# to reduce the risks of hacking, Microsoft has moreover adds protection mechanisms. Thus, the activation of the software is obligatory 10 days after the installation. At the end of the period D `test 90 days, it undertaken must either acquire licences, or desinstaller OS. Failing this, the computer will start again every hour.

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Repurchase of Sun by Oracle: has wedges Brussels

Business – the European commission announces to have opened an in-depth survey on the operation which according to it raises problems of competition on the market of the databases.

The validation of the repurchase by Oracle from Sun Microsystems by the European commission will take time. Whereas American authorities N `have almost anything, Brussels announces this Thursday the opening D `an in-depth survey on this operation.

In one communicates, the Community executive indicates that its investigation
initial menee on the market of the databases and the software
D `” application; raise serious doubt as for its compatibility with
the single European market, because of problems of competition on the market
bases of donnees”; .

“; L `preliminary investigation menee by
Commission on the market has watch that the databases D `
are in direct competition with MySQL (Sun) in many segments
walk of the databases and that, of the general opinion, MySQL would have
to exert a stronger competing pressure as its
functionality S `ameliore”; , he is written in the text.

anti-competitive Effects

“; He is
also brought out of the investigation of the Commission which the fact that MySQL
that is to say an open database could not eliminate completely
the risks D `anticoncurrentiels” effects; , still explains the Commission

“; The Commission must particularly take care has what it
repurchase does not reduce the choice of the consumers or N `does not involve
rise of prix”; , it has adds, stressing that the systems resting
on open software “; seem one more and more
viable alternative to the solutions +proprietaires+”; and that Brussels
“; must S `ensure that these solutions of substitution remain disponibles”; .

Short, Oracle must have patience. Jusqu `has there is little, the editor hoped that the transaction would be bouclee during the summer. C `is spleen. Services of the police chief with
Compete with, Neelie Kroes, indeed specify to lay out D `a time of
90 business days, jusqu `at January 19, 2010, to make a decision
final on this file.

Rappelons that it
S `is deroulee in April for a total of 7,4 billion dollars.
L `operation in particular enables him to take strategic positions
in storage, applicatifs Internet and mobiles (Java), the open one
source (MySQL, OpenSolaris, Glassfish, OpenOffice. org),
virtualisation (Virtualbox), the cloud computing, in the services, them
datacenters and waiters.
# Precisely, Oracle intends to profit
broad use which is made of Java and the system
D `Solaris exploitation among its customers. With this operation, Oracle hope to generate 1,5 billion dollar of
benefit the first year, and more than 2 billion the following year.

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Cloud Computing: great refractory groups in public Cloud – Current events – ZDNet. Fr

Plays vidé O of Noë L

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ZDNet France, publié on September 11, 2009


Safety – Blaster, To sift, I coils you, Storm? In do the years 2000, these viruses have for some infects jusqu `has several million D? computers in the world, by generally exploiting a vulnerability criticizes Windows systems.

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; Diaporama: the computer viruses which have sometimes gâ ché our quotidien”; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; Does Blaster, To sift, I coil you, Storm? In the anné be 2000, these viruses have for some infecté jusqu' &worsen; several million D? computers in the world, by generally exploiting a vulné rabilité critical of the systè my Windows. “; ;

zdnetfr_224: http://www. zdnet. fr/galerie-image/0,50018840,39706388,00. htm

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For a free Web, the Drumbeat project and one expose has to read

Plays vidé O of Noë L

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the setting day of Windows Vista towards Windows 7 will be able to take 30 minutes 21 hours

Technology – Microsoft proceeded has an evaluation of the various scenarios of update of Windows Vista towards Windows 7. There are great differences according to the type D? installation and configuration of the PC.

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Survey of the 14/09/2009 to the 14/10/2009 8112 votes
Do you consider an update of Windows Vista towards Windows 7?

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