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RealDVD: justice amricaine considers the survey of linterdiction of sale

Legal – Aprs to have T seized by the MPAA, justice suspended the sale of the RealDVD software since last September. A conservatory dcision which could tre raised.

They are the DVD daubé S and illegible, and more still Blue Ray DRMisé S, qu `one would need…

Comment of Grunt

Marylin Patel, the judge who prsida the procs against Napster in 2001 and which informs that against RealNetworks should return this week his dcision to maintain or not the prohibition of sale of the RealDVD software.

Commercialis in September, this utility allows « to lgalement safeguard lgalement its favorite DVD on the hard drive D `a PC or a Cl USB » . A concept which was not got of the Motion Picture Association off America which sees a tool of hacking there.

the marketing of RealDVD was at the end of September, in waiting of the procs which is held . But the conservative measure D `prohibition of sale could tre raised in the days which come, on dcision of judge Marylin Patel, notwithstanding the verdict of the procs.

In the middle of the procs, the “; to fair use”; , the right the copy deprives. For Me Patel, the software enters within this framework. For the plaintiffs, it raised of the prohibition of sale would be “; a first gesture to encourage the march piratage”; . (Eureka Press)

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a Russian manufacturer sells of Asus Eee PC under Mac OS X

Legal – Aprs Psystar, PearC and OpeniMac, cest with the turn of RussianMac to sell computers quips systme dexploitation Mac OS X. Apple however prohibits linstallation of its OS on dautres machines that them his.

I believe qu `one will need qu `Apple S `accustoms &worsen; the idé E, mê me so in addition I divide…

Comment of jsfranco

RussianMac, the image of Psystar, S `is lanc in Russia in marketing D `computers under systme D `exploitation Mac OS X.

Mrs. if the licence D `prohibits in theory D `to install Mac OS X on D `other computers that those estampills Apple, proposes diffrents modles PC dowries of the systme D `exploitation. The Russian manufacturer proposes Mrs. a netbook 1000H with OS X Pr-install.

the grants of RussianMac, which galement sell work stations and portables with Mac OS X, say not to fear an legal action D `Apple. However, these Apple clones would be for the moment rservs with only the march Russian.
# Their first asset compared to the computers sold by Apple is their price. Asus Eee PC with Mac OS X is commercialis approximately 440 euros. Apple N `has for the moment not ragi this new sling.

the manufacturer amricain sees the list of the salesmen of « hackintosh » (clones under OS X) S `to lengthen. In addition to Psystar (currently), S `is him also lanc in the sale D `computers quips of the systme D `Apple exploitation, just like.

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