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French Cloud: Ready Atos has to join Andromede

Cloud Computing – the software firm Atos, by l’ intermé diaire of its chairman Thierry Breton, comes from dé clarer once again prê you &worsen; to join the project of Cloud franç board Andromè of, thus filling the place laissé E vacant by Dassault Systè my, in dé saccord with Orange.

The purpose of the AndromA¨de project is to propose infrastructures and Cloud solutions with the administrations and companies franA§aises. This sovereign Cloud has  the franA§aise its?? da articulates around?? a partnership public-privA©, between thus?? State and a consortium composA© da?? Orange, of Thales and jusqua?? With  there is Dassault SystA¨mes little.

But here is, at the end of 2011?? Did A©ditor franA§ais has because da?? a dA©saccord on the commercial modalitA©s with Orange, accusA© D `has? tre too greedy. To substitute itself has  Dassault SystA¨mes, two had a presentiment of software firms A©taient: Atos and Cap Gemini.

“; If it is asked to us, one it assumera”; ensure Thierry BretonA 

If second gardA© silence has on its intentions, Atos has on the other hand multipliA© the calls of the foot. DA¨s the 23 dA©cembre, the director gA©nA©ral assistant of the software firm, Gilles Grapinet, made share in?? intA©rA? T of?? company for this project of Cloud Computing.

has “Since the birth D `AndromA¨de, Atos always has manifestA© its intA©rA? T With  to take part in the project has” recalled it. With “If the diffA©rents partners dA©cident to make call has  our services, we will rA©pondrons prA©sent has” added it. In light, Atos is available and N `waits more than the tA©lA©phone sounds.

This week, Ca?? is with the turn of the chairman da?? Atos, Thierry Breton, ex-chairman of TA©lA©com France and former minister of?? A©conomy, to announce?? intA©rA? T portA© with the project by the software firm. With “We let us be prA? ts A©videmment has  in discussing with the State. C `is our rA/le. If it is asked to us, it will be assumed has” thus has it dA©clarA© on.

a rA©ponse in Patriot Act

DA©jA  positionnA© on the Cloud service sector with the companies and the administrations, AndromA¨de has naturally what to cause?? intA©rA? T da?? Atos by opening the possibilitA© da to him?? accA©der has  a news clientA¨le.

Of the customers prA©occupA©s by questions of confidentialitA© and souverainetA© of the donnA©es, and to which Atos is shown to be attentive. Does the software firm thus have a 2011 partnership with Microsoft enabling him to propose the online services Office 365 of?? A©ditor, but of donnA©es franA§ais.

a faA§on thus for the software firm of rA©pondre to the inquiA©tudes of the administrations as for  a possible transfer, has  their knowledge, of their donnA©es towards da?? do other countries, for example in the name of national laws as Patriot Act have?? concerning which Microsoft qua?? it there subjected A©tait, which it top of?? exA©cutif europA©en and, dA©cidA©e has  to exclude the people receiving benefits amA©ricains.


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Stephan Romdhane, software expert: “I m& 039; direct towards missions of benchmark”

TA©moignage MA©tier – Aprè S an university course, complé té by a formation systè my & ré buckets Linux, Sté phane Romdhane has inté gré a é quipe of research and dé veloppement. It ensures the vé rification of the qualité dé veloppements software.

StA©phane Romdhane
MA©tier: Skilled technician
Employer: Fujitsu Systems
RA©munA©ration: 30 has  40 Ka? ¬
Lira the card mA©tier D `skilled technician

initial Course

ZDNet. Fr – Which A©tA© A©tudes and the professional expA©rience have which have you menA© on this station?
StA©phane Romdhane – J `followed a university filiA¨re, with a DEA of treatment of the donnA©es and one OF D `ingA©niery in numA©ric imagery. J `finished my A©tudes in 2004, complA©tA©es of training courses. Then, J `put a annA©e has  to find an employment, and J `have profitA© of it to make a formation in systA¨mes rA©seaux Linux, and J `have do a also little rA©alisation of Web site.

Then, I am entrA© at Fujitsu Systems Europe for a training course systA¨mes rA©seaux Linux, with a little maintenance D `rA©seaux architecture. , As that occurred well, and qu `they had needs on the Web and the software, they m `has recontactA© for a CDD in A©quipe seeks and dA©veloppement for rA©aliser Web of their application in Java interfaces it.

Then, the software is passA© of R&D WITH  the sale, and quite naturally I am passA© cA/tA© qualitA©, insurance and validation when one has commencA© has  dA©ployer in 2007. is

Which your missions within the qualitA© part, insurance and validation?
It S `acts of vA©rifier the qualitA© of the fonctionnalitA©s of the software, to follow the qualitA© of the nouvellesA  versions. In fact, my rA/le consists has  dA©tecter the bugs, has  to test, and to forward them then to the dA©veloppeurs to correct them.

In my? me time, I work at the customer. And then as that made now more than three years that I am on this field, there m `is also proposA© to take part has  transverse projects on the production part and customer service. are

CompA©tences and missions

have vA/tre level, which the important technical compA©tences?
One needs a trA¨s good knowledge of OS, primarily Linux and Windows, but also of the compA©tences into rA©seaux. Thus the maA®trise of the infrastructure also counts for much.

And in terms of knowing has? tre?
Especially of the rigour, and the pugnacitA©. On the qualitA© part, most of work consists has  to seek the bugs, to find them and reproduce them. It is necessary to have mA©thode and to note all information rA©coltA©es, if not one loses oneself.

Then, as C `is a work in bond with A©quipes of dA©veloppeurs, it S `acts D `A©viter to return in conflict, and to keep its calm in the moments of stress.

CarriA¨re and wages

Comment do you see A©volution of your carriA¨re?
And well I am precisely train changing station and I m `direct dA©sormais towards missions of benchmark. My new …

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data-processing Mto: Tsunami CloudSaaS lhorizon! quatrime part: Software publishers applicatifs

Data-processing Mto: Tsunami Cloud/SaaS lhorizon! quatrime part: Software publishers applicatifs

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; Mé té O data-processing: Tsunami Cloud/SaaS &worsen; lhorizon! quatriè me part: Software publishers applicatifs”; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; é diteurs of software applicatifs, ERP for large companies, ERP for SME and software spé cialisé S go ê tre impacté S, but &worsen; titles trè S various by l' arrivé E of the Cloud/SaaS Tsunami. “; ;

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Software patents, the return of the son of revenge

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VAr yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = “; Software patents, the return of the son of the vengeance”; ;
VAr yahooBuzzArticleSummary = “; The rocambolesque adventure of Microsoft, which sees condamné &worsen; 90 million dollars d' amends and to prohibit to sell Word in the United States, sees returning &worsen; surface, like the body d' a noyé , patents on the software. “; ;

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the diteurs of software want a revival by linnovation

Opinion D `expert – Tax incentives, volution of Crdit D `impt Research, cration dun small business act leuropenne, exonration for the mcnat in favour of Free April, Afdel and Syntec Informatique put forward measures for the crisis and laprs-crisis.

26 billion D `euros the conomy franaise but not a penny for the sector the software. One conoit that the diteurs S `estimate tre the great lapses of memory of the revival program. Had but shot down; they thus began again counts the mthode to them which proved reliable in the systme conomic hexagonal D `others: to challenge the policies, and in particular the secrtariat numric conomy, so that of the intgration D `a shutter is dcid numric. If waitings of the sector of the software are varied and relate as well to indirect direct aids qu `(crdit D `impt in favour of SME on their purchases of software for example), there exists well a base common to the claims: to support the innovation.
# can the software contribute the revival? And this title, does owe tre rcipiendaire of spcific measurements? Yes, the reprsentatives organizations of the sector rpondent. « Any type of support in the field of the numrique one will contribute in hard the amlioration of the performance of the companies and thus the conomy. Btir a systme D `information aims above all accrotre this performance, and thus crer of the value, in particular by the innovation » insist Vincent de Poret, defect prsident made diteurs of – and galement director of the financires applications of.
# « The Thirty Glorious ones have T permitted by the technical progrs and the innovation, gnrateurs of profits of productivit. Numric conomy reprsente this to rservoir D `innovation. It is necessary to support dveloppement the numrique one so that public sectors as privs is better quips and gains in performance » exhorts the dlgu gnral of, Loc Rivire.

Crdit D `impt Recherche which does not relate only to R& D

is him also recipient of the dbat around the revival. « A revival program must allow, certainly to save the companies in difficults, but also D `to pre-empt the future and to support the innovation. The free software is a vector D `innovation for data processing grce two levers which are the mutualisation of knowledge and the free one of the licences, two big factors in times of crisis » argue the viceone of, Tangui Morlier.
# to support the innovation (in bond in particular with the dveloppement durable one) and the sector of the software, the diteurs dfendent several measurements, of which largissement of the plate of the CIR, it. This one relates almost exclusively to the R&amp part; amp; D. Afdel as Syntec Informatique would wish that the CIR include D `others dpenses, among which tests and the setting on the march of the applications.
# « The critre of R& D is rather restrictive and little adapt the activit of the diteurs. This dfinition does not take account for example of the insurance qualit, of the bearing of the applications on diffrentes platforms or marketing grce of the stratgie of Internet sales » prcise Franck Delorme, vice-prsident of Afdel and chairman of the ditor Sparus.
# In matire D `assistances di …

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Nec and SAP sassocient to sell ERP and waiter

Technology – Nec book dsormais a matrielle architecture complte intgrant Business All-in-one, lERP of SAP destiny at SME. Asset of Nec Business in has Box: the facilit of dploiement. Competition for SaaS?

Nec Business in has Box is alliance between the Nec manufacturer and the German ditor aiming to market, destination of SME, matriel and software in a package offer. The product all-in-a combines thus infrastructure NEC FlexPower (Chssis 6U), with waiters under distribution (with support), and the ERP from SAP: Business All-in-one.
# Ct matriel, Nec Business in has Box includes/understands storage space partag and switches redundant Ethernet Gigabit. The software part is thus ensures by SAP via its ERP, but also by the intgration of the base of gives MaxDB, an application Open Source Co-dveloppe by SAP and MySQL, like by a module D `administration of waiter of Nec.
# Nec and SAP intends clearly Nec Business in has Box at SME. The offer is indeed markets under two configurations: 100 or 200 users. Except SAP licences, the price D `purchase is of 21.600 euros HT. The customer will have still to thus acqurir his licences of the dition medium businesses of the ERP.
# Of the offers matriel+logiciel dj in BI and the scurit
# the advantage revendiqu of the solution is to limit lasts it of dploiement, a factor often blocking for SME, which in many cases prfrent software packages in hberg mode. Nec Business in has Box is livr with a version Pr-configures of SAP Business All-in-one. An online service makes it possible however to configure the application to adapt it its needs.
# the ide D `to associate matriel and software N `is not new, Mrs. if it tightens dvelopper in the manufacturers of waiters because of the fall of the sales and the pressures on the prices. In the field of the Business Intelligence (BI), Netezza and Teradata have both put on dcisionnelles appliances.
# These botiers are galement trs rpandus in the field of the scurit to combine, the request, on a matriel optimis, several software bricks: antivirus, antispam, prvention D `intrusion, VPN,…
# SAP always discrete in SaaS
# Quant the intrt of the diteurs the gard of SME, it N `is not either rcent, Mrs. if the marketing of heavy solutions by nature, or perues like such, S `avre complex. In the Business Intelligence, Oracle has for example lanc in 2007 an offer package destination of SME including/understanding bases give, tool D `LTE and waiter dcisionnel.
# On the target of the medium businesses, SAP S `is dj position through Business All-in-one and One Business. The German ditor conceals galement waited with his offer in SaaS mode. Dploiement of the version remains for the moment limits six countries, of which France (the disponibilit had moreover T diffre 18 months). A deuxime grinding is in dveloppement. The questioning of traditional sound modle low on a software install into hard on the waiters of its customers N `is not ease for SAP.

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IBM in race to acqurir lindien Satyam

Business – IBM, dj trs implant in India, is gift by the Indian press like a srieux candidate with the repurchase of the software firm. A catch of majority stake would be dj under discussion.

Aprs the dcouverte of countable frauds within the one of the principal Indian software firms, Satyam, it undertaken saw its value financire melting and its made direction to dissolve. Place under the supervision of the Indian State, the software firm research dsormais a transferee. And this last could tre well the glove amricain IBM.
# the Indian press, quoting internal sources, brings back the dbut discussions between the direction D `IBM and that of Satyam. IBM would have thus exprim its to dsir to stand as acquror D `a majority share of the capital of the software firm.
# In dcembre last, the intrt D `IBM TAIT however prsent by Ramalinga Raju, then leader of Satyam, like hostile. The dpart of the founder because of his implication in the embezzlements within the socit of services would then have allowed dbuter of the talks for D `a fusion.
# Plus of 70.000 salaris D `IBM in India
# the Indian Minister for the businesses trangres has moreover dclar that the government S `would not oppose a repurchase by investors trangers. IBM is D `now and. Big Blue lays out D `indeed an important prsence in the country: a employ on five in 2007, is 73.000 salaris.
# However IBM N `is not the only possible acquror for Satyam. The conglomrat Indian Larsen & Toubro, which rcemment has augment its participation in the software firm height of 12%, is galement on the rows. It would have Mrs. dj mandate the bank D `Citibank businesses for ngocier the conditions D `a transaction.

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