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the lectronic pay slip dsormais autoris

Lgislation – Since May 13, the employers, aprs agreement of the salaris, can give of the lectronic pay slips. Give will owe tre files during at least five years and intgrit guaranteed to them.

The employers can dsormais to give their salaris their pay slips under a format lectronic. Jusqu `prsent, the handing-over was to be done obligatorily in clean hand or by postal mail.
# the law known as of simplification and clarification of the right and D `allgement of procdures, promulgates with the Official journal on May 13, authorizes the employers dmatrialiser this procdure. Conditions the dmatrialisation of the pay slips owe however tre respect.
# Ainsi the employer will have to preserve these documents in lectronic form (or a double paper) during hard D `at least five years. The pralable agreement of the salari is moreover ncessaire. The employer will thus have, grce a solution takes, to guarantee the conservation of give, but also to ensure the intgrit information.
# It still remains to consider technical contours of the law
# For the companies and, the dmatrialisation of the pay slips should allow gnrer conomies. According to (FNTC), 200 million pay slips is tablis each Anne.
# the technical modalits of the law allowing to guarantee the intgrit give are not however yet arrtes as recalled by the FNTC. « It still remains to consider technical contours of the document: sealing or lectronic signature to guarantee of it the intgrit, extremely lectronic cration of trunk for the salaris like the nuncio the expos of the reasons for the private bill. »
# For the diteurs of solutions of dmatrialisation and lectronic signature, this new lgislative provision reprsente a commercial opportunit. On a purely technical level, the solutions of dmatrialisation of the cards of wages would not owe gure diffrer of those dj available for.


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