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Technology – D? after a study of L? SquareTrade insurer, 31% of the portable PC break down during the three first years. All the manufacturers are not equal since the failure rate is of 15,6% on a PC Asus, but of 25,6% on a PC of mark HP.

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Survey of the 18/11/2009 to the 18/12/2009
Your portable PC knew a breakdown during the 3 first years. Which is its mark?









Not, it n' is not break down


Fragile laptops? C `is at least this qu `one could accept the reading D `a study carried out by SquareTrade, an American insurer, on a sample D `a little more than 30. 000 portable PC, of which netbooks.

As for any study, the results are has to take with some care, in particular because its author, has an economic interest (to sell insurances) has to communicate on the low robustness of the portables.

20,4% of material breakdowns during the three first years

conclusions N `do not remain less interesting about it. This study underlines the significant proportion of breakdowns on these computers. Thus, a computer on three would meet a dysfunction during the three first years which follow the act D `purchase. These 31% of breakdowns result from material problems (20,4%) and to a lesser extent from accidental damage (10,6%).

According to SquareTrade, the material breakdowns would be more important on (in the study, the computers D `a selling price of less than 400 dollars). During the first 12 months, the risk for a netbook to undergo a material breakdown is of 5,8% (for all 30.000 studied portable PC, this rate is of 4,7%).

This result N `is while oneself not surprising since this market segment is composed of PC has costs low, factories thus with components of less quality. Thus, the computers sold between 400 and 1000 dollars, have a failure rate of 4,7%. The top-of-the-range models (more than 1000 dollars) have them 4,2% of chance D `to be broken down the first 12 months.

D `after projections of SquareTrade, it is possible D `to estimate the failure rate (material) has 25,1% over three years, has 20,6% for the portables D `line entry (400 has 1000 dollars) and has 18,1% for the more expensive PC (1000 dollars …


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