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Case study – To replace its fire walls install in 2003 and obsolescent in terms of flows and of functionalities, the ministry of State education has chooses an architecture has two levels of firewall with virtual authorities for filtering Internet, intern and IPS. Explanations with Cedric Foll, RSSI of the ministry.

The ministry of State education S `supports on an organization very dispersee puisqu `it counts more than 30 academies in the Hexagon and has Overseas. And this burst structure is found naturally on the level of its resourcefulness `information.

It data-processing of state education is composed thus of almost 15.000 sites inter-connect by a national VPN mainly bases on (a progressive migration towards the MPLS is set up) and with 30, each one equips with 100 has 200 waiters, of which with VMware ESX.

hearts of network master keys of 100 Mbit/S.A. 1Gbit/s

But the rationalization of the waiters by N `is not the only project to which the IT team of the ministry devote themselves. Thus in 2007, state education has decides D `to homogenize and to modernize its architecture of safety basee on equipment (Cisco PIX and Netasq) deployes in 2003.

« started has to show a certain obsolescence, as well as regards rise in load qu `in terms of level of protection, with in particular the absence of satisfactory functions IPS. Lastly, within state education needs for convergence of the services developed, of which it and, which was then with difficulty manage by our equipment » detailed Cedric Foll, of state education.

After 2003, the academic hearts of network are indeed master keys of 100 Mbit/S.A. 1Gbit/s even 10Gbit/s of flows, when the Wan bonds post from now on 100 Mbit/S.A. 1Gbit/s, against 10 Mbit/s before. On this only point of the flows, the evolution of the safety equipments is essential.

Four fire walls per academy with three virtual authorities

Jointly with Devoteam, is menee an intended study of 8 months has to collect from the administrators in academy the principal needs to which new architecture will have to answer. At the end of this first phase was launched in 2008 a call D `offers of the type, a procedure in which the candidates were pleasing has to design models.

C `is finally which is retained (integration, support and formation) for the deployment D `a solution has two levels of firewall with. Architecture includes/understands, on the 35 sites has to equip, four fire walls, the whole for a budget D `approximately 2,5 million D `euros.

« BT has proposes to us a solution integrating of the authorities of “; firewalling”; virtual. Thus we have a CheckPoint fire wall which carried out filtering Internet, a Fortinet authority making of the firewall intern, and a second virtual authority allowing to make on the whole of the network » Cedric Foll declares.

the setting in production begins in November 2008 on a pilot site, that of the academy of Clermont-Ferrand which lodges the center D `expertise networks and operational safety of state education. C `is also within this academy qu `is designed the model exploitee for the remote training of the administrators.

Correlation centralisee of the logs and center of safety planned for 2010

In February 2009, the pilot phase is wide has three academy …


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