Office 2010 B? your is T available in? L? loading for all

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Technology – For any owner D `Windows Live ID, the beta release of the office automation continuation of Microsoft is available in remote loading. It will be valid jusqu? at October 31, 2010 and can cohabit (partly) with another version D `Office already installee.

As we had it advertisement,
C `is well Wednesday evening, has it resulting from the conference of presentation made by
Microsoft in Professionnal Developpers Conference that beta D `Office 2010 has
summer officially launched.

It is available in. It S `acts of the version
Professional office Plus Beta which is proposed, and only it.

If them
users go on the site, they
S `will see that the remote loading of other versions N `is not active. It
is necessary beforehand S `to record to create LiveID of which users of
Hotmail or Messenger profits already. The navigators support are Internet
To explore, Firefox and Safari, but not Chromium.

Outlook « relooke »

Office 2010 Beta can cohabit with an Office continuation already
installee. It is necessary for that to select the ” mode; Personnaliser”; at the time of
L `installation. But attention all the same, the previous versions D `Outlook
and of SharePoint Workspace are inevitably updated. The one of
the most visible changes relates to D `elsewhere Outlook which adopts the Ribbon
for its interface and S `enriches by several new functions.

Outlook posts from now on a visualization of the emails by conversation. One also notes arrived it D `a shutter « People » who appears under
contents of the messages to synthesize a certain number D `information on
contact: last messages sent, updates made on networks
social… And this thanks to Social Connector. To save time, it is also possible to personalize fast actions in Outlook.

Not large change on Excel and Word

With regard to Word and Excel, the changes D `aspect
are tiny compared to the version 2007. The button Office east replaces by
small re-examined Fichier and corrects which launches the Backstage mode. This one gathers
all characteristics of the active document: previous versions, control
D `access, division, impression… Word receives also a side shutter of navigation
who presents the detailed plan D `a document with miniature sights of the pages.

With regard to Excel, two new options make their appearance:
“; Sparklines”; and “; Slicers”; . Sparklines are small graphs which
S `integrate has a cell to post seen D `a tendency. Slicers is useful has
to filter and segment the data on dynamic tables cross.

Videos affichees directly in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 directly posts from now on the videos instead of taking them
in enclosures and allows to sort the slides by topics. Microsoft also insists on the addition D `a pallet D `tools graphic allowing D `to carry out operations on images directly since PowerPoint (graph effects, to rout, etc. )

More the collaboratif one with SharePoint 2010

With SharePoint, the companies can reach has functionalities making it possible to work has several …


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