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city Under pressure, Microsoft lowers the prices of its Web services undertaken

Strategy – Microsoft Business Productivity Online Continuation, including/understanding online versions D? Will Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communications and Live Meeting, be accessible D? here end of L? year in 36 countries has a price of 8,25 euros per user and, against 12,78 euros before. A reaction to the success of Google Apps?

Would Microsoft cease trailing the feet in the field of the applications in mode lodges (or Cloud Computing)? The editor in any case has just decided D `to extend the availability of his offer (BPOS), but also to lower the prices of the subscription its continuation of Web services has.

Not question however for Microsoft in its press release of admitting any competing pressure (in particular on behalf of Google) to justify this strategic evolution. The editor indeed prefers to speak about success in terms D `adoption by the companies, in particular French (Rexel, Real estate credit of France, Liberation, Essilor…).

Of the innovations in BPOS each quarter

For recall, is composed of applications Exchange, Sharepoint, Office Communications and Live Meeting. This continuation of software points of disjunction was launched in March to France, like in 19 other countries.

As of this week, BPOS will be available in D `other countries of the sphere, that is to say on the whole 36 countries D `here at the end of the year 2009. However information has to relativize since in its communicates, Microsoft speaks for the moment D `tests (D `a setting has to distinguish on the market) in various States.

These tests are awaited, inter alia, for Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic, Greece, HongKong, Hungary, Israel, or Poland. In India, marketing (and not a test) are planned for the two next months.

a less expensive subscription 4 euros for the continuation supplements

Microsoft also insists on the evolutionarity of its offer. The editor thus intends to update his services of Cloud Computing every 90 days. This quarter, it offer will thus integrate an increase in storage space for its tool of transport, which will pass thus has 25 Go. Microsoft proposed jusqu `now 100 Go for 20 users.

Lastly, the firm of Redmond also intends to set up of the more competitive prices. For one (including/understanding Exchange Online, SharePoint, Office Communications and Live Meeting), tariffing is from now on of 8,25 euros per user and. The offer was facturee jusqu `now 12,78 euros.

offers It being modular, Microsoft also has decreases the prices for the various modules. If a company takes out a subscription only for Exchange Online, it will pay from now on 50% less, that is to say 4,26 euros per user and, against 8,52 euros previously. For SharePoint, the price drops are by 28% has 4,47 euros, and of 20% for Office Communications has 1,70 euros. The tariff is on the other hand unchanged for Live Meeting: 3,83? .

Two large contracts gain by Google

Meme if Microsoft N `does not tackle the question in its communicates, these changes around BPOS rise probably partly from the exercee by Google and its. This N `is indeed certainly not a chance if C `is on the module Exchange Online which the price drops are most important (50%). For Google, the price is of 50 dollars per annum and by user.

Google has advertisement last week to have been prefers has Microsoft for one with the …


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Microsoft will increase into 2010 the prices of SQL Server

For the first time in four years, Microsoft will benefit from the exit of the last version of SQL Server, 2008 R 2, to raise by processor.

In 2010, the companies will have S `to discharge D `a higher invoice for the basic application of data of Microsoft, SQL Server. However, only tariffing by processor is concerned with this rise, the shutter CAL (customer access licenses) remains unchanged explains to him.

Oracle always expensive according to Microsoft

For the Standard edition of SQL Server 2008 R 2, the last version of the application, it will be necessary from now on to count 7.500 dollars per processor, against. Inflation is also consequent for the Entreprise edition whose price by processor climbs of 24.999 has 28.000 dollars.

Lastly, the Datacenter editions and Parallel Data Warehouse from SQL Server 2008 R 2 will be facturees has their launching 57.500 dollars by processors. But these versions of the application will not require D `to acquire in addition to the CAL, announced Microsoft on the occasion of its (Professional Association for SQL Server).

the editor has justifies this rise of tariff by the integration of new functionalities. Microsoft also held has to add qu `in spite D `a raising of prices of its licences, SQL Server remained a third.

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