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Alcatel Lucent: justice amricaine suspends lamende of 357,7 million dollars inflicts Microsoft

Legal – a court D? call of Washington has cancels the payment of 357,7 million dollars of damage has interests has Alcatel Lucent by Microsoft. Justice however has judge the guilty firm of Redmond of patent violation.

the court D `call of Washington DC has just broken a first judgement which condemned Microsoft has to pour 357,7 million dollars has Alcatel-Lucent for patent violation.

In April 2008, Microsoft was recognized guilty D `to have uses two patents concerning the recognition D `writing and the selection of dates in a calendar for Outlook, Windows Mobile and Money. If justice has confirms the violation of the patents, she N `did not want to rule on the attribution of the 357,7 million dollars of damages, estimating that this sum was to be reevaluee. Microsoft had made call of this decision, judging that the value of the patents S `high has 6,5 million dollars.

a new lawsuit will have to thus reconsider this point. In this business, Microsoft received the supports D `Apple and D `Oracle; Alcatel Lucent that of General Electric, Johnson& Johnson and Exxon Mobil.

A precedent in 2007

This decision of the American court recalls another very similar. In August 2007, a Californian court had cancels a judgement which granted 1,5 billion dollar has Alcatel-Lucent. Microsoft was shows D `to have uses two patents which managed the integration and the decoding of the MP3 in Windows Media Player. The technology of compression MP3 was developpee by Fraunhofer Institut in co-operation with the laboratories Bell Labs, repurchase thereafter by Lucent.

L `lawyer D `Alcatel-Lucent has greets the decision of the court which recognized the patent violation and S `gives from there has it to determine the amount of the damage to which the company can claim. (Eureka Press)


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Microsoft Word prohibits the sale in the United States?

Legal – a news murky story of patent convinced a Californian judge D `to prohibit with the sale celebrates it word processing of Redmond. With when a handing-over in question of the software patents?

Here is a new business which will bring of water to the mill to the opponents of the software patents, patents to the source of multiple more or less rocambolesques businesses.

Microsoft once more has just learned it has its depend. A Californian judge indeed comes D `to prohibit purely and simply the sale of Word on the American territory asserting fact qu `it violates a patent binds to language XML.

In addition, Microsoft has prohibition to sell very produced able D `to open files. xml. docx or. docm. A true blow of bamboo!

i4i, a society based has Toronto (Canada) specialisee in the development of collaboratives solutions had door felt sorry for in 2007 against Microsoft for violation D `a patent deposits in 1998.

Arroseur sprinkles

the plaintiff disputes has Microsoft right D `to make it possible to create documents XML personalize since Word. A functionality presents in World 2003 and 2007.

In addition to this prohibition, Redmond will have to spend the tidy sum of money of 290 million dollars in damages. The editor has 60 days to yield has these judgments.

Evidemment, Microsoft has interjete call what could suspend the decision. And, except surprise, the business should be regulated has the friendly one with a cheque.

Reste that this file (founds or not) illustrates once again the problems without end dependent on the software patents. And in spite of the multiplication of the complaints and the lawsuits, the giants of the sector persist has to patent has prolifically.

Microsoft knows something of it: it has just deposited a patent relating to word processing XML… the firm will appreciate the irony of the situation.

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