Gestion of the passwords: Parexel combines SSO and RFID

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Case study – to facilitate and make safe L? access to the applicatifs trades in an environment multidomaine, the group of the sector of health has deploye a customer SSO combines has a smart card RFID near its 10.000 pay.

World group of subcontracting for the sectors medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological, Parexel employs 10.000 pay set out again out of 70 sites. Because of the handling of significant medical data, like information patients, Parexel is subjected has certain regulatory obligations, in particular as regards traceability.

For its activity, Parexel S `supports on nearly 150 applicatifs trade. A user of resourcefulness `information lays out D `an account in on average about fifteen these applications, and jusqu `has 30 accounts for certain D `between them.

about fifteen accounts on average per user

This complexity N `is not free from constraints. Is indeed a true headache for the users. However, for obvious reasons of safety, it is essential for them to respect good practices in their definition.

to answer has these problems, Parexel thus has decides to launch out in one (Individual-Sign One) capable of S `to integrate in its existing as regards, bases in particular on Identity Manager and.

Upstream of the project, Parexel lists several requirements. « We needed to control as well at physical level qu `at the logical level. The solution was to also be adaptee with the nomads which account for 30% of our users, and being administrable in manner centralisee and multidomaine » detailed Marc Jobert, the chief technical officer of the group.

SSO and RFID to manage physical safety and logic

« What we seek, C `was firstly a strong authentification with two factors. Then, we wanted a customer SSO who S `integrates has our PKI. Lastly, we wish a system based on a smart card. The reason is qu `it was necessary a solution usable by all for us. Moreover the smartcard was also to be utilisee for the physical accesses to the buildings or to resolve its station or to pay its canteen midday » specify it too.

the project leads thus to the deployment D `a hybrid chart equipee D `one and of customer SSO of the editor on the work stations. The smart card allows pay D `to reach the buildings, to unbolt their station and stores various codes D `access to the applications. For the user, it N `is from now on necessary to store the code PINE of the chart (6 alphanumerics).

« When we have deploye on a world level, we had already 25 covered standards applications. For an employee who had ten accounts, it had already on average ten taken of it of load par. They could note the benefit. The pressure came later when the users have wishes that the SSO be extended to the remaining applications. But this N `is technically not always possible » , Marc Jobert comments on.

the rebootstrapping of password: 5% of the requests to the support

Parexel also defined a specific scenario in case D `lapse of memory of the smart card. The Evidian application allows D `thus to activate the customer on the station in a mode baptizes SO …


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