Windows 7: Microsoft proposes with the companies a reduction of 35%

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Business – Of September 1, 2009 to February 28, 2010, the companies will be able to acquire has reduced price, via the programmes of licences in volume Open or Select, of the licences Windows 7 Professional. Sufficient to start the migrations?

This September 1 is a new major expiry for Microsoft and: the companies can acquire licences in volume of the last resourcefulness `exploitation. And to encourage its adoption, and thus the subscription of license agreements in volume and, Microsoft proposes to them to benefit D `a promotion on the price from the licence.

To migrate D `a licence OEM Vista and XP towards a licence in volume Seven

the Microsoft retailers will be able to offer during 6 months (jusqu `at February 28), a reduction which can go jusqu `has 35% of the amount to the licence of Windows 7 Professionnelle edition.

This commercial offer targets them, SME precisely, having acquired during the last 18 months of the computers with a licence OEM Windows Vista Professionnel or XP Professionnel. Laying out D `an operational, capable information technology infrastructure to support Windows 7, these customers will be able to thus profit has preferential price of the licences in volume of resourcefulness `exploitation, under contract Open or Select. Two programs reserves at the companies (private or public) having 5 stations or more.

migrations not before 2011 according to Gartner

\#. On the market of the companies, Microsoft refuses has to reveal objectives in terms D `adoption. « We wish simply that it offer functions, with an important starting, and the ecosystem makes us go in this direction. Working in phase lead on Seven worms make us say qu `there are hopes that this is it. Obviously, if the adoption at the time them first months can be faster than for XP and Vista, we will be satisfied » , declares Julien Lesaicherre, product manager Windows Entreprise.

Reste has to see now if price drops, limitee in time, will encourage the companies has to consider a migration D `OS. These last generally tend has to have patience several months after the exit to profit D `a greater retreat on the solution – and also from the exit D `a Service Pack.

According to the Gartner cabinet, the majority of the companies will not be ready has to deploy Windows 7 before the first six-month period 2011. The stations of these last are mainly under Windows XP. However, of the applications and other spots of migration would require of 12 has 18 months to be led.


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