Legalisation with the file-sharing: l& 039; call to the candidates with presidential of 2012

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Political – Collective gathering associations of dé fense of the consumers, artists and cré ateurs, the CPI platform wish that the political parties s’ engage for 2012 on the lé galisation of the file-sharing except marché . With the cœ ur of the device: a financing mutualisé adossé &worsen; a licence, in light the global license.

CrA©A©e in 2009 has  ?? occasion of?? does examination of the law CrA©ation and Internet (Hadopi), the platform CPI (CrA©ation Public Internet) gather associations, artists and crA©ateurs (UFC-That To choose, ISOC France, Quadrature of the Net, SAMUPa? ¦).

Objective dA©clarA©: “To allow a diffusion of has? uvres compatible with the intA©rA? ts and the libertA © S.A.”, with Ca? ur of these rA©flexionsA  the question of has “A©quitable financing for the artists/crA©ateurs. With”

PS and Greens supports dA©jA  dA © clarA © S.A.  the licenceA 

takes care about It since 2009, CPI benefits from the prospect for prA©sidentielle and the programs numA©ric of the great parties for ressusciter the dA©bat around da?? a rA©munA©ration A©quitable, A©galement baptisA©e global license.

In numA©ric for 2012, the PS A©voquait thus?? da setting-up?? “individual contribution to the financing of the crA©ation has. With” the Greens are them has  the global license. Does CPI wish it divides it files numA©ric except marchA©, Ca?? is-HAVe – to say between individuals and non-profit-making.

It thus requires of the candidates has  the prA©sidentielle one to pledge on its proposals in favour da?? “financing mutualisA© adossA© has  a licence authorizing the division da?? With? uvres numA©ric between individuals. With”

the platform judges indeed that rA©pressive logic has?? does position fought by the government have?? , and dA©veloppement of?? offer lA©gale a chimA¨re. The policy of the Majors, them “; little da?? intA©rA? T with the financing of the crA©ation and has  the question of the Juste rA©munA©ration”; , is A©galement dA©noncA©e.

Five euros per month collectA©s by the FAI, but not imputA©s with the fixed price

to illustrate these dA©rives, collective Internet quotes in particular Cloud da?? Apple, which according to him its?? connect has  With “a kind of global license for 25 dollars/an (17,5 euros), but oA? 70% of the incomes are captA©s by the majors. With”

For CPI, the division of the value thus must has? tre repensA©. A solution is proposA©e. If no name Na?? is attribuA© has  this device, it Na?? is naturally not without pointing out the principle of the global license. Does the collective propose indeed a contribution payA©e by?? together abonnA © S.A.  Internet and collectA©e by the FAI.

CPI estimates that “this mA©canism A©vite to pollute the stratA©gie price of the opA©rateurs, da?? to introduce a tariff opacitA© or competing distortions. With” As for the versA© amount by the abonnA©s, it could its?? A©tablir in the neighbourhoods of 5 euros per month. It would make it possible to collect 1,3 billion da?? euros of incomes for the crA©ation

On the question of the rA©partition of the fruits of this rA©munA©ration A©quitable, diffA©rentes proposals are has  Does A©tudier judge the collective which proposes nA©anmoins qua?? is a part rA©servA©e with the crA©ateurs of has? uvres A©changA©es on Internet and has  the crA©ation has  to come.

hostile Majors and right-hand side with the principle of the global license

If the dA©bat remains full …


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the adoption of the electronic reading lights higher have that of the shelves version RTM of Windows 8 impetus in April 2012

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