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Red Hat delivers pilots under LPG for the virtual machines Windows

Red Hat, which proposes KVM, a hypervisor for Linux, has just diffused under new drivers for Windows.

Difficult indeed for a ditor of solutions to make the dead end on the optimization of the virtual machines Windows.
# These rseaux pilots, whose Network Driver Interfaces Specification (NDIS), aim amliorer the performances of the machines htes Windows on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).

the technical dtails and the bonds of tlchargement are available on.
# announces It of Red Hat intervenes a little less D `one month aprs that of Microsoft concerning the setting provision of Windows in Open Source for the virtual authorities Linux in its hypervisor propritaire.


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Pourquoi Windows 7 dition Familiale sold moiti less expensive in England?

Stratgie – On the other side of the channel, ldition Familiale of Windows 7 east proposes 65 pounds is 106 dollars then the which sold almost double (200 dollars) in the United States. Explanations on this price while Microsoft France Na not wish sexprimer on this tariff policy.

Amazon. Co. the U.K. and Play. COM market both
version complte of Windows 7 Premium Home (Family) 65 pounds (106 dollars), is
almost the moiti of the price pratiqu in the United States (200 dollars).

On its site,
Amazon announces a reduction of 57% compared to the initial price of 150 pounds. Aprs
vrification, it S `avre that the product can tre livr in France but it will be
of course in english language version.

Contact by ZDnet. Fr, Microsoft France
N `does not have wish to comment on this tariffing.

Version E

According to our English confrres of
ZDnet. the U.K., the explanation could come from the version
E of Windows 7 initially prvue. It S `acts of the dition europenne
deliver without Internet Explorer 8 that Microsoft had D `access annonc for Commission europenne.

This Windows 7th
not being able in fact not to exist in version « Setting &amp day; #187; but qu `in version
« Complte » , a lower price, near to that of the versions « Setting &amp day; #187;
had T calculation in consquence.

But, the version which propose Amazon. Co. the U.K. and Play. COM is well
that including/understanding IE8. It S `undoubtedly acts of that which introduces the choice of
navigator with. But this new version of Windows 7 must still obtain
L `approval of the autorits europennes.

would have seems it devanc
their rponse by authorizing the English merchants to sell Windows 7 with IE8
while maintaining the tariff prvu for Windows 7th. In France, Amazon. Fr and them
other retailers consults always propose the version E in prcommande.
(Eureka Press)


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the users will have 18 months to pass from Windows 7 XP

Technology – Microsoft has finally dcid to allow the manufacturers of PC dinstaller Windows XP, to replace Seven ditions Pro and Intgrale, jusquen April 2011. Lchance thus spends 6 18 months.

the ditor amricain returned on his premire announces: Microsoft had initially prvu D `to authorize the rtrogradation of the PC under Seven for hard 6 months to count exit of its new systme D `exploitation on October 22.

the OEM would have then T constrained to cease on April 22, 2010 proposing their customers acqurant a computer quip of (dition Professionnelle or Intgrale) to return Windows XP Pro. The manufacturers taient limits an offer of « downgrade » towards Windows Vista, which N `forever vritablement convinced.

Dsormais, a user will be able to return Windows XP ds at the time the purchase D `a computer quip of Seven intervened before April 22, 2011. However this new 18 months chance could still change well. Microsoft states indeed that the deadline for the rtrogradations towards XP will be able also tre the exit of the first Service Pack for Windows 7.
# the migrations simpler, but coteuses, with the Software Insurance
# For recall the SP1 of Vista conceals left 14 month aprs launching the systme D `exploitation. Another prcision, this time for the companies acqurant Windows via the programme of licence in volume and customer of the contract Software Insurance of Microsoft: they companies will be able freely to pass a version suprieure or infrieure of OS, the flexibilit will be total.

the companies under Software Insurance in no fawn would thus be forced to return Vista (only 10% would have migr towards Vista according to Forrester). If they are not convinced either by and Med-V, two applications available under Windows 7 ensuring the comptabilit with applications XP, the companies will be able to thus preserve their old systme D `exploitation or to return aprs of nonconclusive there.

However, all the companies do not subscribe the Software Insurance of Microsoft. This subscription reprsente indeed a surcot for the price of the licence. « The annual price for the Software Insurance for the Applications and Systmes is of 29% of the price of the licence. For the waiters the annual price of the Software Insurance is of 25% of the price of the licence » .

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Vente binds: Microsoft leaves gaining dun procs in Core the South

Legal – justice has gift wrong two socits showing Microsoft dabus of dominant position for the sale of Windows with Media Player and Messenger. But Microsoft is condamn in the United States to pay 100 million dollars.

Digito. COM and Sanview Technology, two diteurs of Core of the South, have cabbage to make condemn Microsoft. The two companies reproached the firm amricaine of competition dloyale by marketing its systme D `exploitation with Media Player and Windows Messenger.
# the court has estim that Digito. COM and Sanview Technology could not blame Microsoft for the losses financires qu `they had record. Concerning Sanview Technology, justice considre lack of comptitivit (price) and qualit and the service aprs sale like persons in charge of sound chec.
# a judgment 100 million dollars in the United States
# As Digito. COM, it N `would not have contribution the reasonable evidence to justify a financial damage ascribable Microsoft. The ditor amricain has by the Commission south-corenne in load of the questions of competition.
# Microsoft had COP D `a fine of more than 20 million dollars for dominant position abuse. The ditor must since proposing two versions of his OS, of which one dbarrasse of Media Player and Windows Messenger. The deuxime as owes it intgrer of the bonds towards Web pages allowing of tlcharger rival software.
#, the justice of the State of the Mississippi has condamn Microsoft galement for. To put an end to the dispute, the ditor has accept to pour 100 million dollars, including 60 million in the form of good D `purchases for the consumers lss.
# Thus, any person rsidant in the Mississippi and having achet Microsoft products or computers dowries of Windows between on January 1, 1996 and on June 11, 2009, can prtendre good D `purchase of 12 5 dollars. Microsoft balances the felt sorry for 22e here dpose against him in a tat amricain for similar reasons.

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According to Dell, the tariffs of Windows 7 could compromise its

Stratgie – a person in charge produced professional of Dell has dclar that the tariffs of the licences of Windows 7 taient more levs that those of Vista. What could according to him reprsenter a brake with the sales, in particular auprs of the institutional customers and TPE/PME.

« S `there is something which can influence
L `adoption (of Windows 7, note), to slow down it or incite the customers
to make a pause, C `is that the average costs are more lev qu `it does not have it T with XP
and Vista » .

Voici this qu `has dclar Darrel Ward, marketing director of
connect professional products at Dell. He has moreover indiqu that them
licences for the versions general public of Windows 7 of Mrs. that Windows 7
professional dition will be more chres that those of Vista. What is dj information in oneself since the prices of remplaant of Vista are always secret for the moment.

a risqu choice
according to Darrel Ward which prdit qu `in these times of crisis, this tariff rise
could incite certain customers, in the school and administrative sectors
in particular, diffrer adoption of the new OS.

For Dell, the stake is crucial
since the moiti of its professional customers still use Windows XP.
customers qu `it will be necessary to convince to pass Windows 7… (Eureka Press)

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Microsoft: do launches of products too bring closer to make it possible the companies to dinvestir?

Stratgie – Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R 2, Office and Exchange 2010, as many major products than Microsoft will market in a short amount of time trs. Too much short so that the companies can plan their investments?

Between the end of 2009 and dbut 2010, Microsoft will launch new versions of its principal products: Windows 7 for the ftes of fine D `Anne, thus qu `a new version of SQL Server.

Voil for the heavy lorries, without counting ten D `tools for management and the scurit waiters currently in court dveloppement.

Spreading out of the investments

Certains analysts wonders how the companies will be able grer these transitions in such a short dlai. At the current hour, the tendency is the rduction of the cots and much D `undertaken, including the large accounts, do not prvoient D `important investments on their computer infrastructures.

planning is the word D `current order. Sign this volont, dpartement the amricain of work has enregistr as a fvrier a rise of 3% of the offers for posts of technical consultant. It is rather probable that the companies make choices and talent to the maximum their investments, on the two or three next annes.

a timing boulevers whose Microsoft could make the expenses. (Eureka Press)

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Windows 7: left for the ftes end danne confirms

Stratgie – In margin of annual sound keynote, Microsoft has confirm that Windows 7 like its during for waiters, will be available for the ftes of fine D `Anne.

Windows 7 will be indeed commercialis this Anne, for the ftes of Christmas. This information has T finally confirms by the firm of Redmond in prambule of sound keynote which dbut Los Angeles Monday. Windows Server 2008 R 2 will be available in Mrs. time.

Microsoft has moreover prcis qu `a premire version of test D `Office 2010 would owe tre dvoile in July. Voil of the months dj that good number D `observant prdisaient the exit of the new OS for this Anne and not dbut 2010 as Microsoft S `vertuait to support it.

Not right the error for Microsoft

the chec of Vista, the sales of software in fall and have contribu acclrer dveloppement left the week dernire. The succs of this new opus became an crucial issue for Microsoft which N `does not have the right the error.

the reception of the public which could test the version bta then the release candidate is overall positive. (Eureka Press)

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