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VMware revises the prices of its licences vSphere 5

StratA©gie – invoicing of vSphere 5 according to the consumption of mé moire introduced in July by VMware n’ did not make l’ unanimité . Face &worsen; the grogne of the companies, confronté be &worsen; a rise of the coû ts of the virtualisation, l’ é ditor has modifié its modè of invoicing.

The derniA¨re version of the leading product of VMware, vSphere 5, was not rA©sumait has  ?? addition of news fonctionnalitA©s. This exit A©tait A©galement?? occasion for?? A©ditor to modify, once again, its modA¨le of invoicing.

Exit the coA” T with Ca? ur. In the VMware place introduced a modA¨le licence with the socket, complA©tA© by an invoicing has  the mA©moire. But if this new systA¨me of licencing could profit has  certain companies, it pA©nalisait da of it?? did others note in July MagIT, and in particular those oA? the rate of consolidation of the waiters is A©levA©.

Ceilings mA©moire ruffle © visa © S.A.  the rise

On a competing marchA© of the virtualisation, and face has  criticisms rA©currentes of the users has  ?? A©gard of the prices of the VMware licences?? A©ditor took a risk has  froisser its customers. He has thus dA©cidA© to improve his modA¨le invoicing.

VMware has thus in terms of mA©moire in order to less force its customers has  to subscribe of new licences in the event of dA©passement of the ceiling of mA©moire autorisA©e. For?? Free A©dition of?? hypervisor, the ceiling climbs thus of 8 has  32 Go, of 24 has  32 for vSphere 5 Standard and of 32 has  64 Go for?? A©dition Undertaken.

All in all, the ceilings mA©moire of the diffA©rentes A©ditions of vSphere 5 have all A©tA© ruffle © visa © S.A.  the rise. Better, VMware will not invoice any more dA©sormais the mA©moire beyond  from 96 Go, MagIT.

the coA” T of difficult the VMware licences has  digA©rer

criticisms of the companies with respect to the prices pratiquA©s by VMware are not new. This new A©pisode could encourage certain companies well has  intA©grer da?? other hyperviseurs of the marchA© in their systA¨me da?? information. Projects in this direction have dA©jA  A©tA© entamA©s.

In July 2010, the person in charge of?? scientific data processing of Rhodia, Patrick Auvray, entrusted has  ZDNet. Fr that expA©rimentations of this A©taient nature in progress. The dA©clenchor: the coA” T of the VMware licences.

has “We try to benefit from?? opportunitA© of the crA©ation da?? a laboratory in Asia to test Hyper-V from Microsoft, which comes with Windows Server 2008. According to the rA©sultats of these tests, us A©tendrons or not?? use of this solution. Us Na?? let us not plan however to rock has  100% out of VMware. With”


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additional Project and Visio, two services Web for Office 365?

Technology – D’ aprè S of information of ZDNet. COM, Microsoft ré flé &amp chirait; worsen; to carry its management software of project, Project and Visio, on its continuation in line Office 365. L’ é ditor ré smart, mê me if several of its partners confirm.

The office automation continuation on line of Microsoft, Office 365, has A©tA© lancA©e in 40 countries last on June 28. It is composed of the services Exchange, SharePoint and Lync Online (in A©dition 2010). But?? Does A©ditor have da?? now and dA©jA  fact knowledge that da?? other applications complA¨teraient this pA©rimA¨tre.

the two next services awaited on Office 365 will be thus the version hA©bergA©e of its software of CRM, like its tool da?? administration and of sA©curitA©. But according to ZDNet. wouldn’t COM, Microsoft have its?? arrA? for the third time it  .

a technologically possible intA©gration

\#?? A©ditor thus prA©voirait to relate to his continuation of the online versions of his management software of projects, has  to know Project and Visio. Let us add-ons for these services are in dA©veloppement has laissA© to hear, at the time da?? an interview, Michael Park, vice-prA©sident of division Microsoft Business Corporate Solutions.

However, aprA¨s publication of this information by ZDNet. does COM, Microsoft have by the means da?? a spokesperson rA©futA© these future launchings. According to this last, Project and Visio are not amenA © S.A.  With? tre intA © grA © S.A.  Office 365.

But several partners of?? A©ditor. They have confiA© thus has  ZDNet, has  ?? occasion of the WPC 2011 (10 at July 14), qua?? should a launching of Project Online and Visio Online probably intervene in my? me time that D `Office 15.

a launching alignA© on that D `Office 15

the next version of the heavy customer Office would have? tre put on the marchA© has  end of?? annA©e next, even dA©but 2013. If the launching of two new services for Office 365 A©tait alignA© on that da?? Office 15, it would thus not be for the next months.

MalgrA© dA©nA©gations of Microsoft, a intA©gration of Viso and Project in its new continuation in line apparaA®t like probable. Da?? access, because Microsoft Project Server is dA©jA  proposA©, through partners, in a hA©bergA© mode, like Ca?? A©tait for the software of CRM Dynamics ().

As for  Is Visio, it proposA© in SharePoint Server 2010 (brick available on Office 365) under?? name Visio Services. The firm of Redmond does not hold however has  to confirm does these hypothA¨ses have?? does rumours and spA©culations affirm has?? corroborA©es by several of its partners.

the ERP from Microsoft portA©s on Windows Azure

Microsoft is on the other hand more eloquent relating to da?? other launchings. Does Michael Park recall thus that?? company will propose in 2012 a version hA©bergA©e on Dynamics VOR, its ERP.

But?? A©ditor prA©voit A©galement, has  ?? future, da?? to offer?? together future versions from its four in configurations hA©bergA©es on its.

Microsoft in addition has annoncA© a tool (Rapid Start for Dynamics ERP) destinA© has  its partners and having to allow da?? accA©lA©rer dA©ploiement, configuration and the personalization of its offers Dynamics ERP.

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Dell announces the repurchase of Force 10 Networks

Business – With Force 10 Networks, socié té spé cialisé E in the solutions ré bucket for the datacenters, Dell goes complé for the third time its offer of service with the companies.

Dell has annoncA© Wednesday?? acquisition of Force 10 Networks, one
spA©cialist of for the datacenters. The amount of
transaction Na?? A©tA© rA©vA©lA© but what the figure da does not have?? businesses of
?? company approaches the 200 million dollars.

FondA©e in 1999, Force 10
Does Networks rA©alise 80% of sound activitA© with have? Tats-plain but east prA©sent in 60
country. Dell counts intA©grer Force 10 has  its wallet dA©diA© with the solutions for
datacenter which comprises waiters, storage solutions and

has “has?? approaches Dell which consists has  to offer to the customers
opened, efficient and accessible solutions is in agreement with that of Force
10 da?? to offer flexibilitA©, performance, A©volutivitA© and automation which are
fundamental to change the modA¨le A©conomique of rA©seaux centers of
donnA©esA has”, has dA©clarA© Brad Anderson, the vice-prA©sident Enterprise senior
Group solutions. (Eureka Press)

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New wave of dismissals at St-Ericsson

Business – the joint venture fondé E by STMicroelectonics and Ericsson has programmé a new d&amp plan; #039; é conomies of 120 million dollars which pré the removal of 500 stations sees. It s' acts of the troisiè me reorganization since 2009.

Bad news for St-Ericsson which has annoncA© qua?? it N `would not achieve its goal of return has  ?? A©quilibre with the deuxiA¨me quarter 2012. Did the joint venture fondA©e in 2009 by STMicroelectronics and Ericsson lose 178 million dollars during the first quarter 2011 and the value of its action has chutA© of 17% since the dA©but of?? annA©e.

Face has  these difficultA©s, St-Ericsson, which produces, has annoncA© a new restructuring plan which aims has  rA©aliser 120 million dollars da?? A©conomy per annum da?? here has  at the end of 2012. This prA©voit plan in particular suppression of 500 employment.

Retour has  A©quilibre prA©vu in 2013

Ca?? is the troisiA¨me reorganization since the crA©ation of the joint venture which had dA©jA  supprimA©, then still 600 in 2010. Does St-Ericsson count aujourda?? today 6700 salariA©s. the return has  ?? A©quilibre will not be reached before 2013. ConsA©quence, STMicroelectronics underwent full whip this bad news by seeing its action knowing the strongest fall of the CAC 40 yesterday with a passing of 5% has  6,46 euros. (Eureka Press)

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Jean-Christophe Piti, Microsoft: We will esprons to install Office Choke 2010 on more than 90% of the PC

Technology – For ZDNet. Fr, Jean-Christophe Pitie, director of division Office at Microsoft France, detailed the main new things D? Office 2010 which will be commercialisee next spring. It reconsiders in particular the operation of the chart D? activation and the insertion of publicity in the version “; starter”; .

ZDNet. Fr – How much versions D `Office 2010 will be commercialisees via the distribution network general public?
Jean-Christophe Pitie – There will be three versions D `Office 2010. First is Office Family and Student (without Outlook, note). The second is a new version which targets the TPE; it is baptisee Home and Business (Family and Small company, note) and integrates Outlook. Third 2010 Pro is Office who contains all the titles of the continuation with Outlook and Access.

Microsoft has advertisement qu `Office Choke was going to replace Works like free continuation preinstallee in the PC. Will you renew the existing agreements with the manufacturers of PC?
C `is our objective, but it S `acts before any D `a commercial discussion. We negotiate with our usual partners who are Acer, Dell, HP and D `others. To give you an order D `idea, more than 90% of the PC sold in France have Works. We hope to obtain an equivalent rocker with Office Choke 2010.
# Office Choke will inaugurate the presence of publicity. In which form it will be presented and will be it regularly renouvelee?
We indeed will introduce publicity into Office Choke but we have day before has what that does not disturb the experiment user. It S `will act D `a rectangular banner situee on the right part of the interface, in the shutter which S `opens when it is called, for example, the function D `assistance of the software. This shutter will remain permanently open and will post publicity but also D `other functions directly dependent on the software uses (Word and Excel are the two titles D `Office Choke propose in versions bridees, note).

For two years in the United States, we have tested the integration of publicity in Works and the return of the users is rather positive. With regard to the automatic update of publicities, it is premature D `to mention this question. But it is certain qu `such a system will never function has the knowledge of the user. C `is advertising agency MSN from Microsoft which will undertake to market the advertisements.

will the manufacturers of PC perceive part of the advertising revenues to incite them has to choose Office Choke?
I cannot answer has this question. Negotiations are in hand.


Which be the disk space uses by Office 2010? Will the users who wish it be able to withdraw the versions preinstallees on the PC?
Currently, beta release D `Office Pro makes less than 800 Mo. With regard to the desinstallation of the image, I can say to you that the versions D `test of Works and D `Office 2007 which are preinstallees in the PC general public can be desinstallees. And there N `is no reason that changes with Office 2010.

Office 2010 could be active with average D `a prepaid card or telechargee with the fast service Click to Run. These versions dematerialisees will be sold less expensive than the versions limps. Under the bar of the 100 euros?
I …

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Grme Billois, Solucom: The charter of scurit must combine legal and marketing

Opinion D `expert – Necessary on a level legal and conceived to formalize the good practices in terms D? use of L? does data processing in company, the charter of safety owe S? to register in the daily newspaper of pay to be adopted. Decoding with the consultant Gerome Billois.

ZDNet. Fr – Of what does consist a charter of safety and which are its contributions in company?
Gerome Billois – the charter is D `a certain way the driving belt of the RSSI towards the whole of the users of, even of the whole of pay of the company.

C `is finally the document which will anchor them. C `is thus a very important element in safety. It should be seen like a document marketing of the RSSI. But the charter also will be very useful D `a legal point of view puisqu `it will frame what the users have the right or not to make.

Which is it precisely necessary to register in a charter of safety?
the charter minimum, it can be some paragraphs in the internal payment, which is the simplest means to integrate these safety regulations. Y will appear thus of the sets of themes such as, the respect of the property of the company, etc.

But usually, the charter is a document as such, something that it one will try to return attracting and at the same time simple. One often then will work by chapters treating of certain subjects: access Internet, transport, mobility,…

the charter will list for these various topics the good practices, and those which the company wishes to proscribe. S `add has that, of the related aspects to the traceability and the right. Within this framework, it undertaken will appeal has its legal department or has a lawyer to validate the various rules relating to the traceability, or not, actions of pay, in particular in the compliance with the rules edictees by the CNIL.

This document thus has a legal authenticity in company?
Yes and of this fact it must be valid by the representative authorities of the personnel. C `is often a long work, puisqu `it is necessary to convince these authorities which finality N `is not a monitoring of pay, but the protection of the inheritance of the company and of pay themselves, in particular to avoid them.

Which must take the responsability for the development of the charter of safety?
Very often, the subject is door by the RSSI with a support of the legal direction. The service of human resources is systematically implies because C `is him which will manage the dialogue with the representative authorities of the personnel.

Lastly, frequently, the department communication east associates with the project of drafting D `a charter of safety so D `to succeed has a document writes in the spirit of the company.

By spirit of the company, you want to say coherent with his activity and D `a certain way personalizes?
It is often preferable to bind the rules to the trades of the company. The charter will include/understand basic rules thus S `applying has all, but also elements more specific.

In the audio-visual one, one will thus add articles in bond with because C `is a set of themes very pregnante for this sector. In a field like that of health, the charter will treat management of the data patient. It is always necessary to make in kind make concrete the rules in the daily newspaper of the users.

the installation D `a charter must S `accompany D `actions by S …

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Gestion of the passwords: Parexel combines SSO and RFID

Case study – to facilitate and make safe L? access to the applicatifs trades in an environment multidomaine, the group of the sector of health has deploye a customer SSO combines has a smart card RFID near its 10.000 pay.

World group of subcontracting for the sectors medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological, Parexel employs 10.000 pay set out again out of 70 sites. Because of the handling of significant medical data, like information patients, Parexel is subjected has certain regulatory obligations, in particular as regards traceability.

For its activity, Parexel S `supports on nearly 150 applicatifs trade. A user of resourcefulness `information lays out D `an account in on average about fifteen these applications, and jusqu `has 30 accounts for certain D `between them.

about fifteen accounts on average per user

This complexity N `is not free from constraints. Is indeed a true headache for the users. However, for obvious reasons of safety, it is essential for them to respect good practices in their definition.

to answer has these problems, Parexel thus has decides to launch out in one (Individual-Sign One) capable of S `to integrate in its existing as regards, bases in particular on Identity Manager and.

Upstream of the project, Parexel lists several requirements. « We needed to control as well at physical level qu `at the logical level. The solution was to also be adaptee with the nomads which account for 30% of our users, and being administrable in manner centralisee and multidomaine » detailed Marc Jobert, the chief technical officer of the group.

SSO and RFID to manage physical safety and logic

« What we seek, C `was firstly a strong authentification with two factors. Then, we wanted a customer SSO who S `integrates has our PKI. Lastly, we wish a system based on a smart card. The reason is qu `it was necessary a solution usable by all for us. Moreover the smartcard was also to be utilisee for the physical accesses to the buildings or to resolve its station or to pay its canteen midday » specify it too.

the project leads thus to the deployment D `a hybrid chart equipee D `one and of customer SSO of the editor on the work stations. The smart card allows pay D `to reach the buildings, to unbolt their station and stores various codes D `access to the applications. For the user, it N `is from now on necessary to store the code PINE of the chart (6 alphanumerics).

« When we have deploye on a world level, we had already 25 covered standards applications. For an employee who had ten accounts, it had already on average ten taken of it of load par. They could note the benefit. The pressure came later when the users have wishes that the SSO be extended to the remaining applications. But this N `is technically not always possible » , Marc Jobert comments on.

the rebootstrapping of password: 5% of the requests to the support

Parexel also defined a specific scenario in case D `lapse of memory of the smart card. The Evidian application allows D `thus to activate the customer on the station in a mode baptizes SO …

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