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the cost of storage will increase for the companies

Technologie – If the rise in the prices of the hard drives destiné S with the large-public is dé j&worsen; effective, it should begin &worsen; l’ ê tre for the companies &worsen; to count January 2012. EMC comes thus d’ to inform its retailers whom the prices of its discs would increase by l’ order of 5 &worsen; 15% dè S on January 1. HP also goes ré to strike the rise of its coû ts d' provisioning. IBM ré the situation in January 2012 will evaluate.

Setting has  day: QuestionnA© by ZDNet. Fr, IBM affirms not to have for the moment augmentA© the prices of its products of storage in rA©action has  the pA©nurie of hard drives
# has “the floods in ThaA? moor have indeed touchA© some of the factories which supply IBM. Does that result in ©gers dA©lais of delivery, but nothing allows for?? moment da?? to anticipate an increase in price of the IBM discs, da?? as far as all the types of discs are not impactA©s. the situation will be rA©A©valuA©e in January 2012 has” to us rA©pond Big Blue.
# Of sound cA/tA©, NetApp A©vite with prA©caution the question of the prices, malgrA© our request da?? information on this exact point of its policy face has  the pA©nurie. With “We let us work A©troitement with our suppliers of hard drives to include/understand their efforts of rA©tablissement and sA©curiser our provisioning in order to rA©pondre has  our needs. With”
# has “On the basis of these efforts and of the prA©visions of the manufacturers of hard drives, we estimate that?? provisioning will be constrained has  short-term. We have processes places from there for rA©pondre at the critical orders and continue to concentrate us on the need satisfaction of our customers. Obviously, the situation is prone has  of A©volutions and we will continue to supervise it and will provide new information when we can it has” NetApp additions.

price increases of the hard drives, consA©cutives with the floods in ThaA? moor, Na?? will not assign only the private individuals has?? who since several weeks dA©jA  are confrontA © S.A.  da?? important increases.

One of the leading vendors of storage solutions has  do destination, EMC, come indeed da?? to inform the retailers of sound whom the prices of the hard drives would undergo an inflation has  to leave January 1, 2012.

All products EMC concernA©s

In transmitted has  its partners, and publiA© by, EMC explains procA©der has  a quarterly adjustment of the prices for its?? to align on?? increase in its coA” ts, absorbA©e by?? company in the 4th quarter.

EMC rA©percute thus rises in the prices of the hard drives appliquA©es by its suppliers. The manufacturer prA©cise that?? will increase concern?? together of its ranges. And invoices it will not be painless for the final customers.

Indeed, has  to count 1st quarter 2012, prices of the hard drives da?? EMC will record an increase ranging between 5% and 15%.

the customers must has? tre informA©s before January 1

has “MY? me if we will espA©rons that this increase will be only temporary, has  this stage we cannot prA©voir jusqua?? With  ?? flood in ThaA? will moor affect the price of the hard drives has” A©crit Gregg Ambulos, person in charge of the sales distributors da?? EMC.

has “Its?? you like it, will prA©parez your customers has …


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Screens LCD: agreement on the prices enters the manufacturers according to Brussels

Legal – the Commission europenne enqute on the manufacturers dcrans LCD. It them souponne of sentendre on the prices. In the United States, four manufacturers, whose LG, Sharp and Hitachi, have dj T condamns for agreement.

The Commission europenne souponne of the manufacturers D `notches liquid crystals (LCD) of S `to hear on the prices of the products. , Brussels has indeed indiqu to have adress in May a list of objections certain manufacturers, reproaching them for violating the lgislation europenne.
# the names of the manufacturers incrimins and souponns thus D `to belong a trust are not prciss. Philips and have nanmoins indiqu according to Reuters to have reu this document of the Commission. These industry groups go prsent duty S `to explain and rpondre with the objections formuls by Brussels. The companies can galement require an audience to comment on orally the lments avancs by the autorit europenne.
# 585 million dollars D `amends towards by 4 manufacturers in the United States
# For, it S `thus acts D `a new calling into question. Indeed, the manufacturer has dj COP D `a door amends of 400 million dollars, precisely for agreement on the prices of notches LCD. The mark is moreover aims by enqutes of Japanese justice and south-corenne.
# But LG N `is. Justice amricaine had dcouvert indeed that Sharp, LG, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, and Hitachi S `taient runis several recoveries to be appropriate of the prices. In all, these industrialists had D S `to discharge from 585 million dollars D `fines.
# notches LCD reprsentent important a march. Liquid crystals are prsents in the mobile tlphones, readers MP3, will camras them, the portables, and of course also in the tlviseurs and the notches D `computers.

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