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the M? diator europ? in its opinion returned on the complaint D? Intel against the Commission europ? enne

Legal – In 2008, Intel deposited felt sorry for near the European Mediator for procedural irregularities made at the time of L? inquire into its business practices towards AMD. The Mediator recognized a “bad administration” but not of violation of the rights of defense.

The European Mediator Nikiforos Diamandouros delivered public the opinion
emitted last on July 14 following the complaint D `Intel.

The founder had seized
this authority in charge of the investigations into cases of « bad
administration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union »
July 10, 2008, asserting that irregularities had been made menee by the European commission on its unfair has the opposition D `AMD.

No violation of the rights of defense according to the mediator

Intel ensured in particular that
Commission N `did not have « bench the report D `a meeting with one
leader of Dell which S `is held on August 23, 2006, whereas this meeting
concerned directly inquires it antitrust of the relative Commission has Intel » .

On this point, the Mediator has gives reason to the plaintiff by recognizing one
« bad administration » but « no report as
a possible violation by the Commission of the rights of defense D `Intel has
» . Because this last also affirmed that the Commission had Dell growth has to pass
an agreement with AMD which thanks to that would have had access to the files D `investigation of

« J `hopes that my decision on this case will help
Commission has to improve its administrative procedures in S `ensuring qu `has
L `future its investigations antitrust are fully documentees » , has
concluded Nikiforos Diamandouros.

Intel ended up concluding one
with AMD while pouring to him in exchange of the stop of
continuations in the United States and Japan. The European commission had already
1,5 billion dollar D `has amends. (Eureka Press)


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Grme Billois, Solucom: The charter of scurit must combine legal and marketing

Opinion D `expert – Necessary on a level legal and conceived to formalize the good practices in terms D? use of L? does data processing in company, the charter of safety owe S? to register in the daily newspaper of pay to be adopted. Decoding with the consultant Gerome Billois.

ZDNet. Fr – Of what does consist a charter of safety and which are its contributions in company?
Gerome Billois – the charter is D `a certain way the driving belt of the RSSI towards the whole of the users of, even of the whole of pay of the company.

C `is finally the document which will anchor them. C `is thus a very important element in safety. It should be seen like a document marketing of the RSSI. But the charter also will be very useful D `a legal point of view puisqu `it will frame what the users have the right or not to make.

Which is it precisely necessary to register in a charter of safety?
the charter minimum, it can be some paragraphs in the internal payment, which is the simplest means to integrate these safety regulations. Y will appear thus of the sets of themes such as, the respect of the property of the company, etc.

But usually, the charter is a document as such, something that it one will try to return attracting and at the same time simple. One often then will work by chapters treating of certain subjects: access Internet, transport, mobility,…

the charter will list for these various topics the good practices, and those which the company wishes to proscribe. S `add has that, of the related aspects to the traceability and the right. Within this framework, it undertaken will appeal has its legal department or has a lawyer to validate the various rules relating to the traceability, or not, actions of pay, in particular in the compliance with the rules edictees by the CNIL.

This document thus has a legal authenticity in company?
Yes and of this fact it must be valid by the representative authorities of the personnel. C `is often a long work, puisqu `it is necessary to convince these authorities which finality N `is not a monitoring of pay, but the protection of the inheritance of the company and of pay themselves, in particular to avoid them.

Which must take the responsability for the development of the charter of safety?
Very often, the subject is door by the RSSI with a support of the legal direction. The service of human resources is systematically implies because C `is him which will manage the dialogue with the representative authorities of the personnel.

Lastly, frequently, the department communication east associates with the project of drafting D `a charter of safety so D `to succeed has a document writes in the spirit of the company.

By spirit of the company, you want to say coherent with his activity and D `a certain way personalizes?
It is often preferable to bind the rules to the trades of the company. The charter will include/understand basic rules thus S `applying has all, but also elements more specific.

In the audio-visual one, one will thus add articles in bond with because C `is a set of themes very pregnante for this sector. In a field like that of health, the charter will treat management of the data patient. It is always necessary to make in kind make concrete the rules in the daily newspaper of the users.

the installation D `a charter must S `accompany D `actions by S …

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Cloud Computing: great refractory groups in public Cloud – Current events – ZDNet. Fr

Plays vidé O of Noë L

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Copyright &Copy; 2009 Interactive CBS. All Rights Reserved.


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Microsoft Word prohibits the sale in the United States?

Legal – a news murky story of patent convinced a Californian judge D `to prohibit with the sale celebrates it word processing of Redmond. With when a handing-over in question of the software patents?

Here is a new business which will bring of water to the mill to the opponents of the software patents, patents to the source of multiple more or less rocambolesques businesses.

Microsoft once more has just learned it has its depend. A Californian judge indeed comes D `to prohibit purely and simply the sale of Word on the American territory asserting fact qu `it violates a patent binds to language XML.

In addition, Microsoft has prohibition to sell very produced able D `to open files. xml. docx or. docm. A true blow of bamboo!

i4i, a society based has Toronto (Canada) specialisee in the development of collaboratives solutions had door felt sorry for in 2007 against Microsoft for violation D `a patent deposits in 1998.

Arroseur sprinkles

the plaintiff disputes has Microsoft right D `to make it possible to create documents XML personalize since Word. A functionality presents in World 2003 and 2007.

In addition to this prohibition, Redmond will have to spend the tidy sum of money of 290 million dollars in damages. The editor has 60 days to yield has these judgments.

Evidemment, Microsoft has interjete call what could suspend the decision. And, except surprise, the business should be regulated has the friendly one with a cheque.

Reste that this file (founds or not) illustrates once again the problems without end dependent on the software patents. And in spite of the multiplication of the complaints and the lawsuits, the giants of the sector persist has to patent has prolifically.

Microsoft knows something of it: it has just deposited a patent relating to word processing XML… the firm will appreciate the irony of the situation.

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Employment: justice says not to the plan of dparts voluntary dAltran

Employment: justice says not to the plan of dparts voluntary D `Altran – Actualits – ZDNet. Fr

Exit Windows 7 complete records

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HDS muscle its tte of rseau indirect

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zdnetfr_224: http://www. zdnet. fr/blogs/stockage-news/hds-muscle-its-head-of-network-indirect-39708012. htm

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Freezing gnral of the wages at Microsoft and rmunration rduite of 5,5% for Ballmer

Stratgie – the chairman from Microsoft has accept a rduction of 5,5% his wages for lanne tax 2009 without compensation. And lensemble of the wages of the group will be gel in 2010.

Whereas Microsoft has for the premire time of its history
known a ngative annual growth
(figure D `businesses of 58,44 billion dollars, in fall of 3%), its owner Steve Ballmer has
accept that its rmunration is rduite, without compensation: he will have touch for
L `tax Anne 2009 (closed on June 30) 1,265 million dollars against 1,340
million in 2008.

makes some in the dtail, its wages has T lgrement augment
665.833 dollars, but these are the no-claims bonus which have diminu of 100.000 dollars
(600 000 dollars). It is known that the leader of Microsoft belongs to its level. But C `is also the deuxime shareholder
of Microsoft aprs Bill Gates.

With the current course, 4,57% of the capital of Microsoft
what dtient Ballmer are worth more than 10 billion dollars. The Microsoft action has all
of Mrs. lost 13,6% of her value since one year.

In addition, anticipating difficults
conomic persistent, Microsoft has annonc a gel of the wages for the Anne
tax 2010 which has dbut on July 1. (Eureka Press)

See also our gallery D `images

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