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Windows Azure should accomodate virtual machines Linux

Technology – It would be a major turn for Microsoft: the possibilité d’ exé cuter of the persistent virtual machines, Windows or Linux, on Windows Blues &worsen; to count spring 2012. Microsoft does not confirm this information of ZDNet, qu’ a document interns é taye however.

According to information of ZDNet. COM, Microsoft should add a news fonctionnalitA© has  its Cloud platform: the possibilitA© da?? exA©cuter of the persistent virtual machines, Windows or Linux.

Among A©volutions apportA©es by?? Should A©ditor A©galement appear the possibilitA© da?? hA©berger SharePoint and SQL Server on Blue. But principal the nouveautA© would be well VM persistent has  to leave spring 2012.

a step moreover of PaaS towards IaaS

Microsoft would owe da?? elsewhere da?? here it  to launch a phase of test or Community Technology Preview (CTP) on this fonctionnalitA© next da?? Blue. Would this one come complA©ter the da?? Blue which makes it possible the companies to provide an image of systA¨me D `exploitation prA©configurA©e.

has “the administrators can be connected has  outdistance has  the virtual machine of each rA/le for opA©rer as of your? ches of maintenance and dA©pannage has” prA©cise Microsoft. But this fonctionnalitA© does limitations comprise, of which?? absence of persistence of the donnA©es.

Thus in case for example of redA©marrage of VM, the donnA©es stockA©es are lost. This gap has “one of the technical reasons for which you could not exA©cuter SharePoint on Azure VM rA/le has” explains has  ZDNet a Microsoft partner who wishes to keep?? anonymity.

InterrogA©, Microsoft Na?? does not have confirmA© this information. An internal document, the roadmap da?? Blues, that its?? is procurA© ZDNet, A©taye however the scA©nario da?? a intA©gration in 2012 of these nouveautA©s.

virtual Machine Linux: a request of the users D `Azure

That would translate an important turn for?? A©ditor who always has refusA©, malgrA© the requests of the customers, to support the persistent virtual machines on Azure, thus espA©rant to encourage them has  dA©velopper of the applications Blues.

the support of Linux on Windows Blues, trA¨s demandA© by the users according to sources of ZDNet, would not have? tre effective before the end of March and the launching of the phase of CTP of the new function of persistent VM.

This nouveautA© would allow has  Microsoft to approach competition, and in particular Amazon. , Fabrice Meillon, architect infrastructure of Microsoft France dA©clarait that A©diteur would go further towards?? IaaS, with the possibilitA© to rent vA©ritables virtual machines, as at Amazon.


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SAV: Apple and Asus in tte of the most reliable computers

Technology – According to a tude carries out by a technical socit spcialise in lassistance, Apple and Asus gnreraient less returns of matriels.

Apple and left in tte D `a classification
the most reliable computers. It has T tabli by Rescuecom, socit spcialise
in the customer support which has compuls 11.560 calls reus during the deuxime

It thus comes out from it qu `Apple and Asus is the two marks having
suscit less requtes. A performance that Rescuecom allots
qualit of the components and the software intgrs in these machines.

Dell the trane

Toshiba and are respectively classified numro 3, numro 4 and numro 5.

Rescuecom known as to have
reu more D `calls for (22,1% of the calls) and HP which are both
leaders of the march amricain. A rsultat qu `one needs however pondrer because it
do not mean that the two marks produce bad machines.

more important volumes of sale as well, it is rather logical as the frquence
technical breakdowns and concern is raised more.

For proof, this survey is
left with Mrs. moment that the index consumer satisfaction ralis by
L `universit of Michigan. Apple still arrives there in tte followed but it is followed
of Dell, HP/Compaq and Acer/Gateway.

In this tude, of the iPod and iPhone exploding or overheating does not seem to have driven the sonds. (Eureka Press)

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Guillaume Tyrant (Citrix) the virtualisation nest not a technology miracle

Opinion D `expert – Source of profits in matire dadministration, continuit dactivit and rduction of the cots dinfrastructure, the virtualisation nest however not an investment short term prvient Guillaume Tyrant de Citrix.

the virtualisation gnre it rellement a profit conomic? If so, how do you valuez it?
the first profit S `obtains by the consolidation of the waiters. Naturally, this conomy dpend of the number of machines consolidate. The concentration on a number of physical waiters more rduit will have an impact on the dpenses in hbergement – hiring D `space in a datacenter -, on the purchases of waiters and consumption D `nergie.
# In addition to these bnfices direct, there exist secondary profits or cachs which dcoulent not of the consolidation, but of the use of the virtualisation. Dploiement D `a waiter is thus acclr and simplifi in terms D `administration.
# In matire of safeguard and restoration, the virtualisation opens the door. Crous de Crteil has adopt thus the virtualisation for rduire its park of waiters. But grce this technology, it also lays out dsormais D `a solution for the recovery D `activit.
# Which conditions do you put the accs these bnfices?
I see three limitations. The premire relates to the infrastructure of which owes tre of good invoice. If undertaken it N `does not have which it, it will need the crer. The manufacturers of storage solutions made voluer their products for intgrer the virtualisation.
# the deuxime not relates to the matrielle platform associates with the virtual machines, and in particular the type of processor. A virtual machine east compiles for a type of processor. Lorsqu `it will be dplace, it is ncessaire that the processor either quivalent.
# Jusqu `yesterday, the virtualisation ncessitait an infrastructure waiter homogne to allow dplacement D `a physical machine another. The founders since set up solutions for grer them. On the other hand, I do not know if a migration D `an Intel processor towards another D `AMD is possible.
# Another point relates to the rseaux charts of which the number owes tre sufficiently important. Moreover, if a virtual machine has two physical rseaux charts, one needs qu `it finds at least an identical number of it if it east migrates towards another waiter.
# Except this questioning on the infrastructure, which good practices is necessary it to conform in the use of the virtualisation?
What begins apparatre, C `is the ncessit D `to tablir rgles of qualit of service. Formerly, the computer rooms were caractrisaient by the prolifration of the pizza pie-boxes, of the waiters 1U empils. Dsormais, the companies pile up virtual machines.
# the multiplication of these virtual machines must S `accompany D `a rflexion on the qualit by service by the virtual environments. That will pass in particular by the respect of rgles in terms of resource sharing, of dplacement automatic of the virtual authorities and rservation in order to guarantee a contrle on the infrastructure.
# So in prproduction, this concern is less, in production the mentalits owe voluer for rpondre this proccupation.
# waitings the gard of are the virtualisation sometimes phantasms?
the companies are confront the ncessit rduire the number of their waiters. Nanmoins, virtualisation N `is not a technology miracle. One needs in apprhender the spc …

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VMware announces vCMA for grer virtual machines on mobile

Technology – the spcialist of the virtualisation will launch his tool vCMA in April. He allows daccder virtual machines in one dated center since a smartphone. VMware thus confirms its engagement in the field of the mobilit.

VMware has annonc on its blog the exit in April of its tool vCMA (vCenter Mobile Access): destiny with the administrators of dated centers, it allows contrler distance from the virtual machines since a mobile tlphone.

Inter alia fonctionnalits, vCMA will facilitate the search for virtual machines in a center of give, will simplify the migrations of virtual machines D `a waiter another via the tool vMotion; it will be able to launch procdures of restoration the assistance of VMware Site Recovery Manager and accder to the managers D `alarm, D `vnements and of tches planifis.

No prcision on the type of smartphone

to allow this accs, the software vCMA Server will owe tre install within the center of give and interfac with the waiters hbergeant the virtual machines. VMware N `does not have indiqu which mobile type of tlphone will be able to use vCMA, being limited to speak about smartphone to the direction gnric of the term. But a capture on the blog provides an index: it prsente interfaces it D `a tlphone under Symbian, and the vido of dmo (below) watch the tool functioning since a mulator Blackberry.

vCMA will be lanc in version « technology preview » in April, one will make it possible to the first users D `to bring their return D `exprience. For the moment, ditor N `does not have indiqu if this tool would be free or paying, and in this case which modle tariff it will adopt to invoice it.

VMware N `is not its blow D `test on the sector of the mobile tlphones; it had prsent last November one making it possible to make function in parallle several OS on mobile Mrs.

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Microsoft and Citrix reinforces their alliance to counter VMware

Stratgie – Annonc in margin of the living room VM World which opens tomorrow its doors Cannes, the reinforcement of the partnership between Microsoft and Citrix aims to reverse VMware of sound trne of world leader of the virtualisation.

A few aprs days to have annonc an agreement of coopration with Red Hat, Microsoft continues its offensive in the field of the virtualisation by renforant its partnership with Citrix.

At the end of the dvoil agreement in margin of vnement VM World which is held of the 24 to the 26 fvrier Cannes, Citrix S `engages to support Hyper-V Microsoft in the future version of its management software D `environments virtualiss Citrix Essentials, prvue for April.

Of sound cot, Microsoft will deal with the waiters under XenServer de Citrix in next grindings of its software D `administration of information technology infrastructure Systems Center.

VMware in the sight

Names « Project Still » at Citrix, this common news stratgie in matire of virtualisation aims directly VMware, the world leader in the matire.

With this agreement Microsoft and Citrix counts to sduire customers who have dj infrastructures virtualises htrognes.

In addition to the management of the datacenters under XenServer, Citrix Essentials will more finely allow as grer the waiters using Hyper-V and will offer more functions as the current solutions Systems Center from Microsoft.

To test the virtual machines

For example, the possibilit to dynamically fund storage and dploiements on virtual machines sandstone by a Hyper-V waiter, or to make booter simultanment thousands of virtual machines since only one Master image stores on a waiter.

Enfin the software continuation of Citrix will bring also a function of tests of the applications on virtual machines.

Citrix Essentials will be commercialis ds on April 9 to start from 1500 dollars per waiter, the tariff which can climb jusqu `5000 dollars according to the selected options.

Follow the actualit of the virtualisation on the blog Virtuanews

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