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an equivalent of the Kinect system soon in Android?

Technology – Google has dé posé a patent for a technology which transforms the camé ruffle d’ a Android terminal in systè me of dé tection of the movements.

Does Google have can-HAVe? tre trouvA© the technology which goes him
to allow possA©der a single advantage on its competitors. It its?? da acts?? one
interface for Android basA©e on the recognition of the movements.

MoneyWatch aA repA©rA©A a dA©pA/t of patent made public the week
derniA¨re which dA©crit a technology able to transform will camA©ra it da?? one
Android terminal in systA¨me of dA©tection of the movements. With?? application
contrA/ler would allow?? apparatus with gestures by dA©terminant speed has 
which they are exA©cutA©s for in dA©duire the da type?? action (to change da?? A©cran,
to make dA©filer text, to turn a pagea? ¦).

According to MoneyWatch, Google could
dA©cider da?? intA©grer this technology in Android or of the rA©server with
only smartphones and Motorola shelves. It could also its?? in being useful like
arms in the war with the patents which makes rage in empA? song Apple, Microsoft or
my? me RIM da?? accA©der has  this innovation. (Eureka Press)



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Google+ will be also accessible to the companies, but later in 2011

Technology – Google n’ do not authorize, apart from some partners chosen, the cré ation of Google+ account by companies. The firm of Mountain View promises however a service optimisé for the professionals later in 2011.

Google asks for the moment the companies of not crA©er of official account on its new Google+ service. Ford has A©tA© autorisA© however has  to make, within the framework da?? a partnership with Google.

an explanation has  this refusal: Does Google+ intend da?? access with the private individuals and rA©pond not, still, with the needs for the companies. But does the firm announce in Christian Oestlian, Google+ product manager, qua?? she works has  ?? optimization of Google+ for these professional uses.

Google+ available has  would term in Google Apps

This opening to the companies have? tre effective later this annA©e. Within this framework, a pilot phase with several partners, whose Ford, has A©tA© lancA©e.

prA©sident It of the division undertaken of Google, Dave Girouard, that?? A©ditor dA©veloppe?? intA©gration of Google+ has  its continuation in line Google Apps. For?? hour, the users of the subscription-based service Google Apps cannot connect themselves directly with their account on Google+.

DA©jA  would million D `users according to Eric Schmidt

That thus have? tre possible da?? here end of?? annA©e dA¨s?? opening of Google+ to the companies. No date prA©cise Na?? however A©tA© communiquA©e by Google has.

As for  da bases it?? users of Google+, it makes dA©jA  ?? object. Paul Allen, founder da?? Ancestry. COM and prA©sident of FamilyLink. does COM, estimate qua?? they could has? tre approximately 1,7 da million?? does Net surfers enregistrA©s.

Eric Schmidt, interrogA© by, remain vague, but affirms that the succA¨s is well with go puisqua?? he asserts da million?? users of Google+. A succA¨s which remains has  to confirm, in particular in time.

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HAS has 

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SAP, Salesforce and Novell D? veloppent for Google Wave

Technology – Modeling of process for SAP, support and management of the client relationship at Salesforce. COM, integration with Novell Pulsates, a collaboratif tool for the companies: the professional applications for Google Wave are revealed.

Same if the application of communication in collaboratif mode of Google N `is still qu `in beta, several large actors of data processing S `interest already has and work has applications for the companies.

At the time D `a technical conference has Vienna, made the demonstration D `a news, makes a module for Google Wave of it. Its use is exclusively professional since Gravity east exploits to model processes trade in collaboratif mode in Wave.

As for, the specialist in the services points of disjunction for the companies, it developed a first extension for the management of the customer service. In video of demonstration put on line on, one sees a company there carrying out support for the one of his customers.

In addition to the discussion in real-time between the support and the user, Salesforce proposes an integration of Google Wave directly in its Web platform of CRM. Finally Novell especially laid the stress on interworking between its own application of groupware and that of Google.

Wave is intended above all has a public of private individuals, not has professionals. With, inspires by, but with an architecture adaptee in the world of the company, the editor thus hopes to answer waitings of the professionals interested by the possibilities of Wave.

Envisaged for a launching in 2010, Novell Pulsates is present like deeply just with thanks to Google. Thus, the code and the functionalities of the application will not be points of disjunction on a public waiter of Google but by Novell.

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the BNF ngocierait with Google the numrisation dune started from its funds

Technologie – the daily newspaper the Platform rvle that Bibliothque Nationale of France would have entam discussions with Google in order to entrust to him the numrisation dune started from its funds. A dmarche that the BNF had jusqu prsent refuses.

the BNF (Bibliothque national of France) could entrust Google the numrisation D `part of its inheritance. C `is this qu `affirms the Platform in its dition D `aujourd `today.

“; Our ngociations with Google could succeed D `here some mois”; , dclare Denis Bruckmann, director gnral assistant of the BNF to the daily newspaper.

a change D `attitude radical since the BNF had crushed brick such a proposal ds 2005 and dvelopp of sound ct the Europeana project, embryo of future bibliothque the europenne numric which was born in November 2008 by gathering the resources numrises the bibliothques ones of 25 tats members.

fouling Domination

It S `acted to fight against the ambitions of Google and “; the risk D `a fouling domination of Amrique”; , according to the terms of the former owner of the BNF, Jean-Nol Jeanneney, with a common and powerful offensive.

But the numrisation has a cot trs, including for the BNF. The numrisation of the works of IIIme Rpublique would only cost it between 50 and 80 million D `euros explains the Platform. However the means of the BNF are much less important (budget of 5 million D `euros per annum).

This reversal 180 degrs thus illustrates the impossibilit France to carry out well the numrisation of its inheritance, a dfi however crucial for the future gnrations.

the free service matter by Google has dj T adopt in the world by 29 bibliothques main roads, like Bodleian Library D `Oxford. In France, the bibliothque one of Lyon works dj with Google.

Reste that the project has suscit much the polmiques ones since are launching in 2006. In the United States, two associations dfendant the rights D `author had port felt sorry for against Google.

has T concluded the Anne dernire but still owes tre valid by dpartement the amricain of Justice. The Union europenne also leans on this file. Because Google intends to transform itself into bookseller by marketing the works numriss. (Eureka Press)

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Google Chromium plates: a setting day corrects a critical flaw

Scurit – Publishes Tuesday, version 2. 0. 172. 33 of Chromium comes to fill a fault of scurit describes as criticism; it can allow a catch of contrle distance D `a machine via the navigator.

the fault corrects by the new setting day of Chromium is in the middle of the program. Google has dcid reasonably. But it one knows very of Mrs. that this fault comes D `a problme on some rponses HTTP from the waiters which can cause a saturation of the plug.

a pirate could gnrer this type of rponse, to make plant the navigator and excuter a code outdistances. The setting day of Chromium is done automatically or voluntarily while going in the menu of rglage of the navigator the heading In connection with Google Chrome.

According to the last figures StatCounter, Chrome is numro 5 with the classification of the navigators with 2,69% of shares of march, just derrire Safari 2,91% and Opera 3,46%, but well far D `Internet Explorer and from Firefox. (Eureka Press)

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Cloud computing: Google adds dveloppement the language Java its platform of

Technology – Seeking to attract more dveloppeurs, Google dveloppement announces a kit of Java for App Engine, its platform of dveloppement in cloud mode.

Whereas jusqu `prsent only the Python language conceals
available on App Engine of Google, a SDK Java makes it possible to work on
applications of virtual machines JVM 5 and 6.

Google App Engine is a tool
who is used for the dveloppeurs to conceive their applications since the cloud in
finding their tools grce hbergement of their software, storage
give or the transport.

Entr in service in April 2008, App Engine
is quivalent it of what Amazon with its EC2 proposes
who provides hbergement D `professional applications on line.

In addition to
assumption of responsibility of Java, Eclipses, the environment of dveloppement Open Source,
reoit one plug-in which makes it possible to work with Google Web Toolkit.

Lastly, one
database importation tool will help transfrer of large volume of give towards
the cloud. As from next on May 25. (Eureka Press)

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