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Starting record for Mac OS X Lion with 1 d&amp million; 039; purchases of 24 hours

Figures – new the systè me d’ exploitation d' Apple, the version Mac OS X Lion, has dé passé the million té lé paying loadings (23,99 euros) in one day. The returns users are trè S positive.

Apple has annoncA© yesterday?? excel dA©marrage of the sales pourA Mac OS X Lion. In?? da spaces?? a journA©e, the systA¨me
da?? does exploitation have A©tA© tA©lA©chargA© more da?? a million times on Mac App Blind
it took your? you of the sales.

has “has It (Mac OS X Lion, note) is sold more
quickly that any other version of systA¨me D `exploitation crA©A©e by Apple
throughout its histoireA has”, underlines Apple in its communiquA©.

Rappelons that Lion Na?? qua is available?? in tA©lA©chargement in setting has  day for
the users Mac OS X Snow Leopard has  23,99 euros. First customers
seem trA¨s satisfied with this new grinding. 90% of A©valuations postA©es
on Mac App Blind amA©ricain With the maximum note with the product. (Eureka Press)



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Tablettes Internet: sales in Bern in the first quarter 2011

Figures – In the first quarter 2011, the sales of shelves are avé ré be clearly infé rieures with the pré visions. IDC counts né anmoins on 53 million terminals livré S this anné E. Distribution by the opé rateurs would not owe guè Re to draw the marché pré IDC comes.

Does the shelf, a product have “hype has”? Not in terms of sales, in any case in the first quarter. The figures, on a world level, are indeed well infA©rieurs with the prA©visions notes the cabinet with 7,2 million shelves livrA©es in the first quarter.

Compared to the quarter prA©cA©dent, it is true dynamics, the sales are in fall of 28%. For IDC, this tendency has  to put on the account da?? a deceleration of the request, A©conomiques conditions and tensions logistic.

-28% compared to the last quarters 2010

For as much, malgrA© this bad – for the manufacturers – dA©but da?? annA©e, dA©sormais that they are 53,5 million shelves which will find taking in 2011. The cabinet thus re-examined has  the rise of 3 million its prA©vision.

Explanations? ?? arrivA©e of new actors on the marchA©. Da?? other manufacturers are indeed lancA©s in the race. Do the shelves under gain da?? elsewhere does ground have?? my? me if?? iPad da?? Apple preserves more than 50% of the marchA©.

Thus, the terminals under Android reprA©sentent 34% of?? together shelves livrA©es in the world. Ca?? is 8,2 points moreover qua?? with prA©cA©dent quarter. In the field of the distribution, the cabinet however warns the manufacturers.

has “We think that the salesmen who continue has  to concentrate on the channel of distribution of the opA©rateurs will be confrontA © S.A.  sA©rieux challenges has” comments on Bob O `Donnell, defect prA©sident Clients/Displays at IDC.

Pas of succA¨s for the shelf 3G auprA¨s of the opA©rateurs

IDC estimates indeed that the shelves commercialisA©es with fixed prices 3G/4G do not meet qua?? a succA¨s trA¨s modA©rA©, a©tant consumers to take out a subscription to acquA©rir a shelf.

last April, has  ?? occasion of the confA©rence Tablet in Company, Alexis Helcmanocki, analyst within cabinet GFK pointed dA©jA  ?? uncertainty as for  the connectivitA© wanted by the consumers.

has “the rA©alitA© C `is qu `one does not know. Aujourd `today, the sales on the B2C are little orientA©es towards the products in connectivitA© 3G. Is this a phA©nomA¨ne of request or D `offers? C `is the great question has” S `questioned it.

the consumers are not however if indA©cis since their acts da?? purchase translate a prA©fA©rence clearly has  ?? A©gard of the modA¨les Wi-Fi. At the end of 2010,72% of the purchasers had optA© for a shelf dA©nuA©e of 3G. The manufacturers would thus have in prioritA© miser on Wi-Fi terminals, and thus apart from the distribution system of the opA©rateurs.

the manufacturers lower the prices

the chairman of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang – of which the processors A©quipent many terminals of the marchA© – comparable in May, also insisting on the nA©cessitA© da?? price drops, so in particular of its?? to align on the price of rA©fA©rence dictA© by Apple (499 dollars).

has “the shelves should have a configuration in Wi-Fi and has? tre more accessible. They were sold more quickly than the 3G and the tabl …

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Patch Tuesday: 4 bulletins to fill 22 faults

SA©curitA© – This setting &worsen; day of sé curité relate to all the versions of Windows and Office 2003. It comprises 1 bulletin classé « critical » and 3 others classé S « important » .

For its Patch Tuesday of July, MicrosoftA annonceA 4 bulletins addressing 22 faults of sA©curitA©. Three of do the bulletins concern?? together of A©ditions of Windows 32 and 64 bits (XP,
Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and R2,)?? A©tant classA© like
Has “has critiqueA has” and the 2 others as has “has importantsA has”.

correct likely vulnA©rabilitA©s da?? With? tre exploitA©es for exA©cuter of
code has  outdistance or to obtain A©lA©vation of privilA¨ge. The quatriA¨me bulletin
classA© has “has importantA has” concentrates on Office 2003 Service Pack 3 in
addressing a fault being able to allow?? exA©cution of code has  outdistance.

the setting
With  day will be diffusA©e has  to start from tomorrow via Windows Update. (Eureka Press)


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Smart Grid: area PACA launches the pilot Reflexe project by Veolia Environnement

Technology – Currently mené in l’ agglomé ration of Nice, l’ one of the main objectives of the project is d' é tudier the rô the d’ opé rator, connecting a central station of management and diffé rents sites connecté S with the ré bucket, to control the request or the capacité of production of these sites in order to gé the RER l’ é quilibre local.

RA©flexe for has “rA©ponse flexibilitA© A©lectrique has”. Ca?? is the name of the da ambitious project?? rA©seaux expA©rimentation intelligent da?? A©nergie menA© currently in rA©gion the Provence-Alps-CA/te da?? Azure and pilotA© by Veolia Environnement.
# Constant dA¨s October 2010 by?? Does Ademe, it have last A©tA© sA©lectionnA© in dA©cembre within the framework of the program da?? investments da?? future dA©diA© with the smart grid. It is prA©vu to last during three years and half. ?? annA©e 2011 is consacrA©e has  ?? installation of the systA¨mes. In other words?? expA©rimentation has  properly to speak will thus be dA©roulera during two years and half.

Lira the continuation from our SmartPlanet partner. Fr

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Conflict Deezer-Universal Music: justice will slice on August 17

Legal – the recording company has dé posé a complaint in ré fé ré against the service of streaming which exploits its catalogue whereas l’ licensing agreement is null and void. Universal Music wants to force Deezer &worsen; ré duire its free offer.

Yesterday, lawyers of Deezer and da?? Universal Music had
appointment with the judge of the Court of Bankruptcy (TGI) in load of
complaint dA©posA©e by the major.

last May, Universal had seized the TGI for
to engage a procA©dure against Deezer for contrefaA§on, with the reason that the site
da?? Does A©coute of music in streaming continue da?? to exploit its catalogue whereas
?? licensing agreement has expirA© since the 1erA January. But on the bottom,
Universal voudraitA  With  to re-examine its modA¨le A©conomique while rA©duisant
its free offer.

Suivre the modA¨le of Spotify

Although the site franA§ais has dA©jA  ramenA©?? Free A©coute
With  5 hours per month, Universal estimates that is still unacceptable and takes
in example the systA¨me set up par. the competitor service suA©dois
of does Deezer have optA© for 5 A©coutes free D `my? me piece.

has “has We do not want
not to remove the free one but does the encadrerA have”, has argumentA©?? lawyer
da?? Universal whose remarks are rapportA©s by the Platform. With “Since three months,
the modA¨le of the streaming plaA®t any more does not have  Universal which calls it into question and which,
day at the following day, hustles the conditions D `accA ¨ S.A.  its catalogueA has”, has
rA©torquA©?? lawyer of Deezer.

the verdict will be returned the 17 aoA” T nearest. (Eureka Press)

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Chrome OS will be lanc? in one year, only on netbooks

Technology – Google carried out the first official Chromium OS demonstration. The code of resourcefulness? is exploitation D? now and already public. Chromium plate OS will be lance in one year on netbooks answering the technical specifications that Google has fixed.

Effervescence Thursday evening of the dimension from Google or the press
was conviee has to discover the first appearance of, the system
D `exploitation exclusively turns towards the applications on line that Google
intend for the netbooks.

First information given in preamble, passes
immediately in Open Source (under the name of), Google affirming to want to work hand in
hand with the community of developers.

Second point, OS will not be lance
before one year. It will be available only on some for which Google
explains qu `it has was going to fix a very precise schedule of conditions.

To start like a TV not like a PC

Chromium plate OS will turn only on, which will allow him
to start very quickly. During the demonstration carried out yesterday (on Eee
PC D `Asus…), Chrome OS put less than 10 seconds to be completely
operational. « We work so that Chrome OS behaves with
starting like a television set and not like a PC » , explained Sundar
Pichai, vice-president management of the products.

Google will also require
screens and of the keyboards larger than than one finds it on. The giant of Mountain View S `is on the other hand refuses has to give an order
prices to which Chromium OS netbooks will be sold. In the longer term,
Google has confirms that OS will arrive of course D `other PC, of office and
traditional portables.

« Chromium plate OS, C `is Chrome »

With what? With Chromium quite simply.
Since the advertisement of this project, Google always has indicates that the navigator
would be the system centre. One thus finds interfaces it Chromium depouillee and
especially the access to the applications by mitres that one can move it has its
own way. App Menu will act as small programs with the applications
favorite of the user.

For the remainder, all occurs on line. « Each
application is an application Internet. There N `is not D `installation, not
of update » . All the data are stockees in the cloud.
To work, play, read one e-book, to look at a film…, Chrome OS allow
to do it without problem, but on Internet (is nevertheless
envisaged). « If you lose or destroy your netbook Chromes OS, it you
is enough D `to repurchase of them one and a few seconds later you will have recovers
all your data » .

Safety over all

« Chromium plate OS does not make confidence with the applications
that you launch. It is not made either confidence has itself » .
Does qu `that want to say? Any D `access which each application is
protegee in a vat has sand (sandbox) made safe and that each Chromium mitre
is independent of the different one. When Chrome OS has, it checks the integrity of sound
code has each starting.

If a anom …

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Repurchase of Sun by Oracle: has wedges Brussels

Business – the European commission announces to have opened an in-depth survey on the operation which according to it raises problems of competition on the market of the databases.

The validation of the repurchase by Oracle from Sun Microsystems by the European commission will take time. Whereas American authorities N `have almost anything, Brussels announces this Thursday the opening D `an in-depth survey on this operation.

In one communicates, the Community executive indicates that its investigation
initial menee on the market of the databases and the software
D `” application; raise serious doubt as for its compatibility with
the single European market, because of problems of competition on the market
bases of donnees”; .

“; L `preliminary investigation menee by
Commission on the market has watch that the databases D `
are in direct competition with MySQL (Sun) in many segments
walk of the databases and that, of the general opinion, MySQL would have
to exert a stronger competing pressure as its
functionality S `ameliore”; , he is written in the text.

anti-competitive Effects

“; He is
also brought out of the investigation of the Commission which the fact that MySQL
that is to say an open database could not eliminate completely
the risks D `anticoncurrentiels” effects; , still explains the Commission

“; The Commission must particularly take care has what it
repurchase does not reduce the choice of the consumers or N `does not involve
rise of prix”; , it has adds, stressing that the systems resting
on open software “; seem one more and more
viable alternative to the solutions +proprietaires+”; and that Brussels
“; must S `ensure that these solutions of substitution remain disponibles”; .

Short, Oracle must have patience. Jusqu `has there is little, the editor hoped that the transaction would be bouclee during the summer. C `is spleen. Services of the police chief with
Compete with, Neelie Kroes, indeed specify to lay out D `a time of
90 business days, jusqu `at January 19, 2010, to make a decision
final on this file.

Rappelons that it
S `is deroulee in April for a total of 7,4 billion dollars.
L `operation in particular enables him to take strategic positions
in storage, applicatifs Internet and mobiles (Java), the open one
source (MySQL, OpenSolaris, Glassfish, OpenOffice. org),
virtualisation (Virtualbox), the cloud computing, in the services, them
datacenters and waiters.
# Precisely, Oracle intends to profit
broad use which is made of Java and the system
D `Solaris exploitation among its customers. With this operation, Oracle hope to generate 1,5 billion dollar of
benefit the first year, and more than 2 billion the following year.

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