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Anonymous affirms to have pirate NATO and concealed confidential files

SA©curitA© – Indiffé rents with the arrests of members pré sumé S in Europe and in the United States, Anonymous affirm s’ ê tre introduces into the systè me data-processing and to have d&amp there; eacute; robé 1 Go of donné be, of which documents classifié S.

A few days only aprA¨s the mA©diatisation by the FBI da?? a sA©rie da?? interpellations of members prA©sumA©s of the group of hackers Anonymous, this last has revendiquA© a new computer attack.

the one intrusion rA©ussy – by injection – on the rA©seau of?? NATO. A opA©ration which would have allowed them dA©rober for 1 pertaining Go of donnA©es has  ?? organization. Among would this information appear of the documents classifiA©s.

L `NATO contrA/le its systA¨me data-processing

For A©tayer its assertions, Anonymous put in line pdf (N `is more available) carrying the initials of?? NATO and a mention implying qua?? it its?? acts of confidential documents. ?? intrusion Na?? does not have yet A©tA© confirmA©e by?? NATO.

a spokesperson has that experts in sA©curitA© of?? organization currently sought has  vA©rifier?? authenticitA© of the claims made by Anonymous. He condemns in addition any disclosure of documents classifiA©s because of the qua risks?? does such an act prA©senterait for the sA©curitA© alliA©s of?? NATO, military forces and the civil ones.

However, except the two files put on line by the hackers, the latter imply qua?? no massive disclosure of the documents dA©robA©s will be rA©alisA©e. Publication which would be considA©rA©e as has “irresponsible has” indicate Anonymous.


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Chromebook could pass from Atom to the Core processors from Intel

Technology – Acer and Samsung but also Asus would have pré seen throw of the versions more musclé be of Chromebook dè S the 4è me quarter. The manufacturers would choose then chips Sandy Bridge and either of the processors Atom d' Intel.

Available for a few weeks, the premiersA ChromebooksA have had reA§u a reception mitigA© in particular in
reason da?? a not very advantageous price ratio/performance. But that could change

Google would have validA© a new configuration for its Chromebook which would see
the passage has  an Intel processor of the Core family. Currently, modA¨les
da?? Does Acer and of embark Atom N570 doubles Ca? ur.

But both
manufacturers, thus qua?? Asus, would have prA©vu to launch new Chromebook has 
to leave the 4A¨meA quarter.

It is as probable as the price of A©volue has  lowers it because their current tariff is more A©levA© than that da?? one
netbook under Windows 7 then qua?? they Na?? do not offer my? my possibilitA©s in
da terms?? use. (Eureka Press)


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