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Cloud and Patriot Act: Microsoft likely to transmit data to the

SA©curitA© – Microsoft recognized that the donné be of its customers europé ens d’ Office 365 could ê tre transfé ré be in the United States, without assent or information pré alable, within the framework of l’ application of Patriot Act. Dé puté S europé ens seizes dé bldg.

That Na?? anything da has?? a sales point. Quite to the contrary. The donnA©es externalisA©es auprA¨s of Microsoft within the framework of its continuation in line Office 365 are likely da?? With? tre transmitted out of?? Union europA©enne towards the United States.

InterrogA© by ZDNet has  ?? occasion of launching on June 28 of the online service, the person in charge of the British subsidiary company of Microsoft, Gordon Frazer, that the donnA©es stockA©es in Cloud Na?? A©taient not has  ?? shelter of (the antiterrorist law and monitoring votA©e aprA¨s on September 11 under?? Bush administration).

the right europA©en N `is not a protection

With a siA¨ge basA© in the United States?? A©ditor (like his competitors, among which Google) is indeed liA© with the laws in force in the country. The autoritA©s amA©ricaines thus can has  Microsoft rA©clamant?? accA ¨ S.A.  donnA©es of its customers.

Microsoft cannot in my? me time to guarantee qua?? it will be in measurement, in these circumstances, to prA©venir the propriA©taires information thus transmitted. This problA©matique is da?? elsewhere dA©jA  taken into account by DSI D `undertaken whose information has a sensitive caractA¨re.

has “In a field like A©lectronique management of documents, oA? are documents stratA©gic for our activitA©, we have commencA© has  A©tudier?? externalisation before making machine arriA¨re. What it is in the United States, in China or elsewhere, certain laws pose concern has” dA©clarait thus Patrick Auvray, IT manager of Rhodia STI, at the time da?? on Clouda? ¦ organisA©e by Microsoft.

\#?? application of Patriot Act has  ?? opposition to nationals europA©ens however poses problA¨me with respect to the right europA©en in matiA¨re of protection of the donnA©es. This one prA©voit that the customers do have impA©rativement has? tre held informA©s dA¨s at the time their donnA©es leaves the Europe zone.

the United States obtains dA©jA  do banking informations

Several members of Parliament europA©ens thus have dA©cidA© da?? on this question of the transfers of donnA©es towards the United States. Does Patriot Act return obsolA¨te the lA©gislation in force among the 27? Obviously, the rA©ponse is yes.

the polA©miques ones has  rA©pA©tition around the banking ones towards the United States (within the framework of?? da agreement?? A©change TFTP) are an illustration. DA©jA  modifiA©?? agreement Na?? could succeed has  more transparency and has  a respect of engagements by the United States.

In 2009, prA©sident it of Cnil, Alex MT? rk underlined dA©jA  . With “the press amA©ricaine S `is made A©cho of modifications. We have constatA© then that the autoritA©s amA©ricaines rA©cupA©raient many donnA©es and qu `it N `A©tait not excluded qu `they transmit them has  D `other organizations. With”

In March 2011, aprA¨s the vote at the Parliament europA©en da is only a few months?? a new version of?? agreement, prA©voyant a contrA/le requests amA©ricaines by Europol. But to entrust this surveillance mission has  Europol is as “to entrust the guard of the …


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Tablettes Internet: sales in Bern in the first quarter 2011

Figures – In the first quarter 2011, the sales of shelves are avé ré be clearly infé rieures with the pré visions. IDC counts né anmoins on 53 million terminals livré S this anné E. Distribution by the opé rateurs would not owe guè Re to draw the marché pré IDC comes.

Does the shelf, a product have “hype has”? Not in terms of sales, in any case in the first quarter. The figures, on a world level, are indeed well infA©rieurs with the prA©visions notes the cabinet with 7,2 million shelves livrA©es in the first quarter.

Compared to the quarter prA©cA©dent, it is true dynamics, the sales are in fall of 28%. For IDC, this tendency has  to put on the account da?? a deceleration of the request, A©conomiques conditions and tensions logistic.

-28% compared to the last quarters 2010

For as much, malgrA© this bad – for the manufacturers – dA©but da?? annA©e, dA©sormais that they are 53,5 million shelves which will find taking in 2011. The cabinet thus re-examined has  the rise of 3 million its prA©vision.

Explanations? ?? arrivA©e of new actors on the marchA©. Da?? other manufacturers are indeed lancA©s in the race. Do the shelves under gain da?? elsewhere does ground have?? my? me if?? iPad da?? Apple preserves more than 50% of the marchA©.

Thus, the terminals under Android reprA©sentent 34% of?? together shelves livrA©es in the world. Ca?? is 8,2 points moreover qua?? with prA©cA©dent quarter. In the field of the distribution, the cabinet however warns the manufacturers.

has “We think that the salesmen who continue has  to concentrate on the channel of distribution of the opA©rateurs will be confrontA © S.A.  sA©rieux challenges has” comments on Bob O `Donnell, defect prA©sident Clients/Displays at IDC.

Pas of succA¨s for the shelf 3G auprA¨s of the opA©rateurs

IDC estimates indeed that the shelves commercialisA©es with fixed prices 3G/4G do not meet qua?? a succA¨s trA¨s modA©rA©, a©tant consumers to take out a subscription to acquA©rir a shelf.

last April, has  ?? occasion of the confA©rence Tablet in Company, Alexis Helcmanocki, analyst within cabinet GFK pointed dA©jA  ?? uncertainty as for  the connectivitA© wanted by the consumers.

has “the rA©alitA© C `is qu `one does not know. Aujourd `today, the sales on the B2C are little orientA©es towards the products in connectivitA© 3G. Is this a phA©nomA¨ne of request or D `offers? C `is the great question has” S `questioned it.

the consumers are not however if indA©cis since their acts da?? purchase translate a prA©fA©rence clearly has  ?? A©gard of the modA¨les Wi-Fi. At the end of 2010,72% of the purchasers had optA© for a shelf dA©nuA©e of 3G. The manufacturers would thus have in prioritA© miser on Wi-Fi terminals, and thus apart from the distribution system of the opA©rateurs.

the manufacturers lower the prices

the chairman of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang – of which the processors A©quipent many terminals of the marchA© – comparable in May, also insisting on the nA©cessitA© da?? price drops, so in particular of its?? to align on the price of rA©fA©rence dictA© by Apple (499 dollars).

has “the shelves should have a configuration in Wi-Fi and has? tre more accessible. They were sold more quickly than the 3G and the tabl …

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